Youtuber Casey Neistat: Mining Bitcoin ‘Yielded More Heat Than the Lava on Mustafar’

YouTuber Casey Owen Neistat took to Twitter on Thursday to share with his 2 million followers that he had mined Bitcoin in the past.

While sharing his story of running the Bitcoin mining operation, the filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of the multimedia company Beme further commented on the mining machines’ extreme heat. He said,

“I once ran a bitcoin mining operation of questionable legality out of a NYC office building. I had to eventually shut it down because it sounded like I had a dozen lawnmowers running 24/7 and it yielded more heat than the lava on Mustafar.”

Neistat also shared that Sam Sheffer, who has worked at Engadget, Verge, and Mashable, was his accomplice in the Bitcoin mining endeavor.

This is not the first time Neistst shared his love for Bitcoin and all things crypto.

Earlier this month, the day the digital asset was trading above $15,000, he tweeted “BTC.”

The same day, he shared that he is also an investor in the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, which he bought at $40 in 2017 and is “still holding.”

The crypto market has been on a rampage for these past two months; while Bitcoin ran-up over 85% to hit $19,500, ETH jumped to $620. However, this week, cryptos are experiencing a pullback, with BTC trading around $16,880 and ETH at $509.

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Author: AnTy

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