What Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert and Bitcoin Have in Common: The “Late Show” on TV

“Late Show”, a late-night American satirical show hosted by Stephen Colbert made headlines in the crypto-verse after he mentioned bitcoin in his rant against the US President Donald Trump.

The mention of Bitcoin came around when Colbert was listing things he would do rather than attend a Trump rally. Colbert said he would rather see a dentist or have a conversation with someone who knows a lot about Bitcoin and many other things over attending a trump rally.

He said,

“The DMV, the dentist, someone else’s child’s clarinet recital, a Soviet gulag, covered in honey and staked to an anthill, sliding down a 50-foot razor blade into a bathtub full of gin, and in conversation with someone who knows a lot about Bitcoin.”

He also went onto mention blockchain technology as well. Colbert has come around from his early days in 2017 when he invested $1000 in Bitcoin but admitted that knew nothing about the internet phenomenon back then.

2019 has been a significant year in terms of awareness about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. The decision by Facebook with almost 2 billion in combined user base from WhatsApp Instagram and Fb decided to venture in the digital currency space with its pet project Libra gave mainstream attention to the crypto space. Thus, the mention of Bitcoin on popular American late night show is only a proof of growing popularity of the cryptocurrency space.

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Author: Daniel Jimenez

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