TipJar Micropayments Platform to Close Service Due to Low Interest from Crypto Users

A crypto micropayments platform called TipJar is due to be shut down soon. The service, which is built on top of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, will cease its activities due to low activity. The platform’s goal was to support ETH-based micropayments on Reddit using a bot.

The announcement was made on Reddit. The developer that created the service affirmed that it was great to see the community using it, but that the low activity made it harder for the service to continue to pay for itself. The developer had to pay for server fees in order to maintain it, so if nobody uses the service, there is no point in continuing to support it.

He also affirmed that, after the service is no longer running, he intends to make the code open source so that other people can continue his work if they intend to. Some people asked for this before, but he never did it because he was afraid of how secure the code was.

The developer affirmed that the service is no longer usable as of the moment of the announcement. People could still visit the site until April 10, 2010, when it will no longer be available.

All users should withdraw their funds as soon as possible so that they do not forget to and because they will not be able to get them back after the main site is shut down. He also affirmed that any person who is interested in reaching out should contact him on Reddit.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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