Rokkex Exchange To Enhance Crypto Asset Security By Using Ledger Vault

Rokkex, a crypto exchange based in Estonia, has recently started a new partnership with the French Ledger wallet, which is known for its popular hardware wallets. The company will now integrate its services with Ledger’s wallet for enterprises: Ledger Vault.

The vault will be used to secure the assets of the company with highly advanced security measures.

The Estonian company was created last year as a fully regulated platform, so it will have wealthy clients that will want to protect their assets. According to the founder and CEO of Rokkex, Lukas Krikstaponis, the first tests with the technology were very successful. The head of Ledger Vault, Demetrios Skalkotos, has affirmed that they can provide full transparency and protection from attacks.

By using this product, the clients will retain full access but they will have additional protections such as cold storage and other guarantees. This is important because several exchanges have been hacked recently, meaning that security is now more important than ever. Many exchanges try to secure the assets themselves and

Ledger Wallet was first launched in May 2018 to be used as a security tool that could target institutional investors.

The product has a structure that helps most companies because it works with multiple authorizations, meaning that its governance infrastructure can be used by institutions that share the assets with different investors.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Largest Gift Card Marketplace In Japan, Amaten, Starts New Blockchain-Based Products with Aelf

Amaten, the largest gift card company in Japan, has recently started a new partnership with Aelf, a blockchain firm. Now, the two companies will band together in order to provide blockchain-based gift cards to their clients.

The plan is to create a framework that would be used to tokenize gift cards and let people use them via a blockchain-based platform. This way, people will be able to easily track them, which can end up decreasing fraud in the sector.

According to Tom Kanazawa, the chairman of Amaten, the current system was never really evolved. The digital revolution changed the world some time ago and the industry continued to be stale. Now, the company will have to evolve together to remain competitive and offer a better service to its customers.

Kanazawa also affirmed that the current system has some very basic flaws and that they make it really inconvenient for people to use the system. This is, he believes, the perfect use case for the blockchain technology.

The gift card industry is huge in Japan. According to the official data, it is a $21 billion USD industry locally. However, the global market is worth $340 billion USD. This means that Amaten will initially focus on Japan, but the company is ready to move forward internationally after some time.

With the upgrade, the company is expected to hold its position as the leader of the industry, its chairman affirms. At the moment, Amaten holds 70% of the market, so only extreme staleness could ruin the dominance of the company.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Israeli Crypto Traders Fight Bank Lockouts with a Freedom of Information Petition

Several Bitcoin and crypto traders of Israel are facing a problem with banks right now. Many banks are not very sympathetic with crypto traders and are closing their accounts. This has prompted several of them to start a series of lawsuits against the banking institutions, the Globes has recently reported.

The problems are pretty varied. Some people have tried to pay their crypto taxes, only to find that the banks do not accept their payments. Others have lost their accounts or were blocked from opening one.

According to the investors, the national central bank, the Bank of Israel, is not helping either. The bank is said to be protecting banks affirming that their policies to block customers or not are a “commercial secret”, so traders have nobody to turn to.

Jonathan Klinger, the legal advisor of the Bitcoin Association in the country, affirms that the institution started to take action against banks because the regulators seem to be completely ignoring the traders and their problems.

Now, a lawsuit is in place and the main target is the Union Bank of Israel. The bank, according to the petition, has refused to accept crypto clients without even examining the circumstances. If you deal with Bitcoin in any way, you are likely to be cut out of the banking system of Israel.

The Bitcoin Association does not trade BTC, but it was also denied the opportunity to open up an account only because of its promotional relationship with cryptos. The reason for that? Well, it has Bitcoin on its name.

The problem is so big that the government is expected to lose $85 million USD in taxes because of it and even in this case nobody actually seems to care enough.

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Author: Hank Klinger

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Awarded With The “Dumbest Crypto Tweet” By Community

  • Changpeng Zhao gets trolled for having a conversation with a 14-year old refusing to “discuss numbers in USD” rather insisting on BNB numbers
  • Meanwhile, just a day before this, Binance jersey Twitter got hacked while KYC hacker is “warming up” to release new leaks.

On Aug 17, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance got trolled for his tweet that actually sounds “dumb.”

Zhao apparently had a conversation with a 14-year old who is a fan of BNB — Binance’s native digital currency, Binance Coin.

This didn’t go well with the crypto community and they simply refuse to believe anything of this sort actually took place.

Popular cryptocurrency podcaster Dr. Peter McCormack hoped that Zhao referred the “14-year old” to the Binance’ terms of service.

As per Binance terms of use, a user must be 18 years old or of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable law.

“That was a bit forced marketing tweet but hey… Your company, your shills,” said a crypto enthusiast David Miller, former Deloitte executive and currently at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“I’ll take “things that never happened” for 50 BNB Alex,” trolled Mansa_Godson, Bitcoin accumulator and founder of Mutual Capital.

This has the Dumbest Tweet Hub, a Twitter page featuring the daily dumbest tweets from crypto Twitter nominating Zhao for the “Dumbest Tweet of Crypto Twitter,” that he finally won.

“Had an interesting chat with a 14yr old Today. He refused to discuss numbers in USD, and insisted on Pokémon monster values instead. The next generation will catch them all,” wrote the Dumbest Tweet Hub.

A Series of Hacks

A day before Zhao took to Twitter to share his experience of talking to a 14-year old about BNB, Binance Jersey’s Twitter account was hacked by an anonymous user called @LightningNetwo9.

Per the tweets posted by the hacker, the individual is a security researcher claiming to have done so with altruistic motives.

The Twitter hacks came about three months after the successful hacking of Binance’s exchange that cost them over 7,000 BTC and around 10 days after a hacker exposed KYC images of 10,000 Binance users on Telegram, demanding 300 BTC in exchange.

Binance said in a statement it was false KYC leak and that there was no evidence that confirms the images obtained are actually from Binance.

In the latest series of Tweets, the hacker is “warming up” for another set of KYC leaks.

The hacker with the Twitter account ‘Bnatov Platon’ is preparing to release further material that “will be released day by day” while asking people to “be aware of scammers” as he is not asking for BTC from them.

While no time frame has been provided for the KYC release, the hacker also shared records of Telegram chats, with a user described as a member of Binance’s customer service team.

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Author: AnTy

More Than Five Million Thai Merchants Can Accept Zcoin Payments Now

Zcoin, privacy crypto, can now be used by several merchants in Thailand. With the help of the new QR code system created by the Satang App, these merchants can start receiving the assets.

The announcement was made this week and it will see 50 million the users of the Satang App now connected with these merchants. To use Zcoin, they just need to have it in their balances and then scan the QR codes, meaning that they can make the payments offline as well.

All the transactions settled via this system will be paid in the local fiat currency to the merchants, which makes the life of the people using crypto to buy them much easier.

This, the company believes, solves what is often considered the main problem that merchants have with crypto. They consider these assets to be too volatile and believe that they need something more stable. Some people use stablecoins for that, but Satang App decided to use this system, as it lets people use a privacy coin and the merchants to receive in fiat currency.

In related news, the Zcoin team has recently decided to donate $24,000 USD to the Binance Charity Foundation. The funds will be used in order to support the children and teachers of a school in Kampala. Binance Charity is a program that is used to help children in vulnerable situations in Africa.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

CoinGecko Joins Forces with Coinfirm In an Effort to Fight Against Scams and Hacks Among Others

Coin market ranking chart application, CoinGecko joins forces with blockchain-based financial ecosystem and global leader in regtech for digital assets, Coinfirm. As per the claims made, two things will arise from this partnership:

  1. bettering the former’s exchange, i.e. Trust Score Algorithm
  2. ensuring that users are given the necessary tools to report scams and hacks.

The latter is deemed possible with the help of Coinfirm’s AMLT network and platform, which as per the firm’s guide is described as:

“The first of its kind system where users can report nefarious cryptocurrency addresses related to ransomware, hacks, scams and other fraud, plus also receive protection from further actions by bad players.”

Simply put, said information will be provided to Coinfirm, who will then implement it to its AML platform and block any suspicious users and funds. This system has been created for not only crypto exchanges but also payment processors, wallets, data mining pools, crypto funds and crypto users to name a fraction.

As for how the duo’s partnership will help with the Trust Score Algorithm, CoinGecko plans to make use of Coinfirm’s AMLT Token Network, and its Analytics and AML Platform to strengthen its ranking abilities.

Co-Founder of CoinGecko, Bobby Ong has since expressed that transparency is a vital aspect to the crypto space and, with Coinfirm’s AMLT Network and data, this can be fortified. Furthermore, Ong said:

“Our users will be better able to make judgements on exchanges while also helping provide data to bring even more transparency and security. With this initiative, we hope exchanges will continue improving their practices to ensure a safe trading experience for all users.”

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Author: Nirmala Velupillai

Binance Jersey’s Twitter and Website Was Hacked by Security Researcher; Will Collect Bug Bounty

Binance is not having a good time with hackers lately. The company, which was allegedly hacked and lost some Know Your Customer (KYC) data recently, has just seen its Binance Jersey Twitter account be hacked as well.

An anonymous user known only as @LightningNetwo9 hacked the account claims to be a security researcher. According to him, his motives were not evil, he just wanted to expose how easy it was to take over the account and show that criminals could easily do the same in this situation.

According to him, it would be fairly easy for a skilled hacker to have made a successful attack and to use the profile for phishing scams.

Right now, Binance Jersey has regained control of the profile and deleted the tweets created by the hacker. You can see the deleted links below, originally saved by Coindesk.

It looks like it was mainly someone trying to get a job because he says that he needs work and passes a profile that people should use in case they want to contact him. He also asked the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, to message him.

Binance Jersey, as you may one, is one of the branches of the crypto exchange, together with Binance Malta, Singapore and Uganda.

The case can highlight how easy it is to take advantage of social media accounts that are not very protected. In these days, you really have to protect your social media accounts very well if you work for a high-profile company such as Binance.

Binance later came back to comment to say they have awarded the white hat hacker with a bug bounty

“We were able to restore the domain name within a few minutes and the Twitter handle a couple of hours later. We will issue a security bug bounty to the white hat hacker, as well as investigate the incident further with our service provider. […] All funds on Binance.JE are safe. No data was compromised.”

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Author: Hank Klinger

Artwork-Painted Lamborghini Aventador S Is Certified Using Salesforce Blockchain Technology

A Lamborghini Aventador S painted with a custom art will be the first vehicle of its kind to have an official blockchain certification. According to the press release, Salesforce Blockchain will use its technology to catalog and certify the car.

This unique car is currently being exposed at the 2019 Monterey Car Week, which is happening right now. It was created by Lamborghini, which manufactured the car, and the painting was made by Skyler Grey, a very prominent street artist. Grey is only 19 and it is already being considered one of the big names of his generation. He was even featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 back in 2017.

Katia Bassi, the current head of communications at Lamborghini, affirmed that the company is very close to the world of art and that this is a brand new approach that will unite the art of a famous painter with their product.

This is all a part of the Lamborghini Sicura project. The idea is to use the technology for the authentication of the asset so that the buyers will be sure that it is the real deal when they are buying it. This is set to protect investors against counterfeiting and increase the perceived value of the product with the public.

Lamborghini and Bitcoin

Old Bitcoin investors may have memories of the memes regarding Bitcoin and Lamborghinis. Several newly rich BTC investors decided to buy these cars when they got rich and several others would ask “When Lambo?” as a joke as they waited for the prices of crypto assets to go up so they would get rich.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

Survey Reveals Four Out of Five Colombians Are Open To Cryptocurrency Investments

A new survey has recently revealed that 86.5% of Colombians are familiar with Bitcoin (BTC) and that around 80% of them are actually open to investing in this market. The survey was made by the P2P Bitcoin platform Paxful together with Toluna Insights.

According to the information presented by the survey, at least half of everyone between the ages of 25 and 40 has already expressed at least some mild interest in buying cryptos. Most of them wanted to buy Bitcoin (79%). Ethereum, the second-largest token of the market, had only 3% of the people interested in it.

32% of the people who participated in the survey affirmed that they had already participated in crypto transactions and 59% believed that the adoption of the technology would continue to grow in the near future.

Curiously, 91% of the people who responded seemed to be aware that cryptos could change the future of finances forever. 86% affirmed that the technology would need to be properly regulated in the country, as they believed that the current legislation was probably not suited to handle it.

However, only 20% of the respondents actually used crypto at least once. The P2P trading volume in the country is growing a lot recently, although there is no clear explanation for why except the fact that cryptos are getting more mainstream adoption recently.

In the U. S., around 11% of the population have bought Bitcoin, recent research has shown. Most of them have between 18 and 34 years. Despite only a small percentage of the people have ever used it, 89% have heard about it at least once.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Cardano Starts Partnership With Berlin-Based Konfidio Blockchain Studio To Boost ADA Adoption

The Cardano Foundation has recently started a new partnership with a German company called Konfidio. The main goal of this partnership is to help Cardano to get more adoption in crypto markets.

According to the official announcement, real business use cases will be built on top of the Cardano network. The first focus of the initiative will be to create new use cases for banking institutions, logistics and the pharmaceutical industry. After that, cases more focused on public services and the government will also be created.

Nathan Kaiser, the chair of the Cardano Foundation, has affirmed that the location of Konfidio is also very important. The company is based in Berlin, known as a major blockchain center that has a great relevance to the market. This will provide a strategic advantage to the Cardano Foundation.

The CEO of Konfidio, Mervyn G. Maistry, affirmed that the company is also very interested in this partnership. According to him, their current goal in this partnership is to increase the awareness of the protocol.

Konfidio intends to make sure that all corporations and startups in the region know about the potential of the Cardano tech and to help the community grow this way.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain and Cardano as well, is the current CEO of IOHK, one of the companies that helps the foundation to run the Cardano protocol. He has recently affirmed that the version 1.6 of the token will be released soon and that this will improve the protocol in several ways.

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Author: Gabriel Machado