Bitcoin is Now on Former Hedge Fund Manager Jim Cramer’s Investment Menu

On the latest episode of The Pomp Podcast, Anthony Pompliano tried to convert the guest Jim Cramer into a Bitcoiner.

CNBC’s Mad Money fame, Cramer is a former hedge fund manager who back in 2016 showed his bullishness towards BTC by calling out for $1 million only to get his bears out the following year when the digital asset went under $6,000.

But this time, the co-founder of got a much-needed lesson to understand Bitcoin, and now he believes buying bitcoin is actually “prudent.”

What changed his mind is the three billion dollars that the central bank printed, which he said: “changed everything.” “I am concerned that I am not being prudent, and I now think that Bitcoin is prudent,” said Cramer.

His idea is to have his inheritance in something his kids will be comfortable with, and it isn’t gold but cryptocurrency.

“I’m going to buy it [Bitcoin] in stages…” he said and that he would keep it untouched for his kids until 2030.

On his investment menu, he had the traditional assets – gold, masterpieces, mansions, and real estate. But what his inflation handbook didn’t have was crypto.

He said gold and crypto belongs to the same category and that one has to “have one or the other.” Cramer said in the light of the current macro environment.

“We’re on a collision course, which makes me feel great about the gold I own, but I do feel that it’s perfectly logical to add crypto to the menu.”

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Author: AnTy

WV’s ‘Military Mobile Voting Solution,’ Had An Unsuccessful Hacking Attempt in The 2018 Election

In an official address by the Secretary of State, West Virginia, someone tried to infiltrate the blockchain-based voting system used by the state in the 2018 election cycle.

Unsuccessful Attempt at Breaching Blockchain

According to the official report by the Secretary of State, West Virginia, Mark Warner, the hackers were unsuccessful at gaining access to the voting system. The hackers tried to infiltrate the system during the pilot program of a “military mobile voting solution,” a decentralized application that allows eligible voters from overseas to vote for their preferred candidate remotely.

Developed by Voatz, an Overstock Medici Ventures backed blockchain firm, the voting app is a secure and safe portal for voters to make their ballots, gather information and protect the sanctity of the voters’ identities. The matter is currently under FBI investigation to locate the hackers hence much information cannot be shared.

“Although the details of the investigation cannot be disclosed, we can say that no votes were altered, impacted, viewed or in any way tampered with. […] There’s not a shred of evidence that even a single vote was changed in the 2018 election.”

A Democratized Voting Application

In June this year, Voatz raised $7 million USD in a Series A funding led by Overstock’s Medici Ventures. The funding has been used to develop over 30 voting decentralized applications boosting the security and transparency of elections, mainly in the US.

The voting app developed by Voatz, uses blockchain technology to verify and record voters’ ballot receipts and biometric security identification verification to make sure the right vote is counted. Since its launch, the case with West Virginia amounts to the first case of attempted breach of the system, but it was easily detected and reported to relevant authorities.

Following successful trials in West Virginia and Denver, Colorado the company launched voting for the municipal primary election in Utah in August.

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Author: Lujan Odera