Danone Launches ‘Track & Connect’ Putting Baby Formula Supply On Blockchain Technology

Danone is applying for the first time blockchain, aggregation and serialisation technologies for its infant formula packs. David Boulanger, the company’s senior VP of operations, said a new Track & Connect service for the Aptamil, Karicare, Nutrilon and Laboratoire Gallia is going to be introduced. The service will combine the blockchain, aggregation, serialisation and QR codes technologies for boosting traceability from the farm to the fork.

More People Want to Know Where Their Food Comes From

Boulanger said this comes as a response to the consumers’ demand to know where the food they’re consuming is coming from. These were his exact words about this:

“They want to know how their food is made and where it comes from. Based on what we hear from our consumers and retail partners, shoppers value information on where, when and how we make our baby formula products.”

Danone Uses Blockchain Technology for the First Time

Boulanger also mentioned that this is the first time Danone uses blockchain technology in this manner. The Track & Connect service is based on the diary giant’s strategy for manufacturing. Here’s how Boulanger explained the process:

“What’s unique is that Danone carries out this manufacturing process in-house by using a global code repository. Here, QR codes are created, managed and validated, before being printed onto packs and scanned by consumers.”

The QR code on the outside of the package can be scanned before or after the product has been bought. It gives information about the batch and the unit numbers of the product, revealing the logistical information on how it went through the supply chain. When it comes to the inner QR code, this is behind a seal that’s tamper-resistant. This code can be scanned only after the product has been bought and provides:

“a route through which Danone can ultimately offer shoppers customized after-sale support and services such as access to health and nutritional mobile apps and information, useful how to parenting videos, access to customer helplines or online e-commerce services.”

People Want to Protect Themselves Against Adulteration

In the past few years, people have grown more concerned about safety when it comes to infant nutrition. Last year, the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) had suspicions baby formulas may have been behind the Salmonella Poona outbreak in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. Besides, in July 2018, Danone’s Aptamil was believed to have caused a few children in the UK to become ill. Boulanger had this about food adulteration and fraud:

“In the past, this has been an issue that industry, together with other partners, has worked on to address.”

The traceability service promises a lot and may restore Danone’s reputation in the dairy industry.

Not only Danone’s tamper-resistant seal is informing about food-safety processes and monitors the product’s quality, it also adds more safety to it.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis (February 16)

Key Highlights

  • Lately, there was a slow-increasing mote in the BCH/USD trade worth.
  • As at the time of writing, the crypto’s value looks being under a falling pressure.
  • Neither the bulls nor the bears of the BCH/USD market have had a stronghold of the crypto-trade.

Major distribution territories: $520, $560, $600
Major accumulation territories: $400, $360, $320

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis

Initially, the trade worth of the BCH/USD line had been in a slow-increasing mote until about the last trading sessions on February 14. In a weak appearing manner, on February 15, the crypto’s price begun to fall gradually against its trading SMA indicators.

The crypto’s valuation, to a degree, seems to be an under selling pressure as it is presently traded below the trading indicators.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Indicators Reading

The 50-day SMA trend-line lies underneath the 14-day SMA indicator more pointing towards the north-east direction. The 14-day SMA has seemingly bent down towards the bigger SMA. That shows the pace at which an upward price movement has lost lately in the BCH/USD market.

The downward movement of the pair has affirmed by the Stochastic Oscillators as they are now a bit below range 40. And, presently, they attempt to close the hairs around the range region. That may eventually lead to witnessing a level of variant range price movements for a while.


The BCH/USD market operations have not been in an actual sense see a high level of up rise or being in a severe falling mode. The BCH/USD market bulls have only in the recent past succeeded in pushing the value faintly and closely around the buy signal line of the smaller SMA trading indicator. Like wisely, as at the time of writing, the bears are seemingly making a reversal formation at a $440 market territory. That suggests that the BCH/USD market may have to experience a chain of range price movements further.

Disclaimer: The presented information is subjected to market condition and may include the very own opinion of the author. Please do your ‘very own’ market research before making any investment in cryptocurrencies. Neither the writer nor the publication (bitcoinexchangeguide.com) holds any responsibility for your financial loss.

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Author: Ben Jordan

Ripple Records Largest Daily Active Address Creation for the First Time Ever

In Ripple’s six years plus history, this is the first time, it is seeing the current level of single day daily active creation. Crypto data provider Santiment noted,

Upswings in the daily active address created has been seen in July last year when the XRP price was declining. In December, the price bottomed out and started surging in 2020 and soon after addresses started picking up as well.

This month two such spikes have been seen, each one making a new record. XRP community and investors are surely getting ready for a bull market.

This past week, XRP price has surged nearly 16% while so far in 2020 it is up 70% trading at $0.325. The performance of the third largest digital asset was “only overshadowed” due to the rise in ETH price which is up a whopping 109% on a year-to-date basis.

Going forward, experts are still bullish on this cryptocurrency with trader Crypto Michaël expecting another over a 100% move.

Having broken the two year-old-downtrend and a retest, “Breaking above 3000 satoshis and likely continuation towards 3700 / 4400 and maybe even 6700 satoshis,” said the trader.

Meanwhile, trader Scott Melker has just two words for XRP, “Blast off.”

XRP bull Magic Poop Cannon made his appearance on Crypto Twitter after a long time, and only to share that “this could be the real deal.”

The XRP price chart, the analyst said looks identical to that of 2017, a bull rally of which XRP was the top performer, before the “massive rally.” Moreover, the resistance has also been “thoroughly destroyed” by the asset.

Now, it’s to be seen what will be the local top of this rally and wait for a new all-time high.

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Bitcoin Network Achieves A New Milestone, Processing Its 500 Millionth Transaction

Bitcoin Network today reached a new milestone of processing 500 million transactions. For the first time since it went live in 2009, the network crossed the threshold of 500 million transactions today.

In Sept. 2017, the network had processed 250 million transactions and since then it has been on an incline. The growth rate as per the data site Satoshi didn’t show any signs of slowing come bear or bull market.

At this rate, in the next two years, we will be celebrating another milestone of crossing 1,000 million transactions on the Bitcoin network. Casa CTO Jameson Lopp commented about the importance of this block:

“Today, as of block 00000000000000000001145bf2e7cb7f04df55feaf3b55d9f6511522bbbf333f at height 616064, Bitcoin surpassed 500 million transactions confirmed on the blockchain.”

Bitcoin enthusiast Rhythm Trader also notes how Bitcoin has kept on going without stopping all this time.

“The 500 millionth transaction was just sent on the Bitcoin Network. No government, bank or third party had to verify these half a billion transactions, nor could they have stopped them if they wanted to. The power of bitcoin.”

On February 3rd, the Bitcoin network also saw $3.5 billion changing hands for the first time since the bull run of 2017. A big chunk of it, $1.7 billion was because of one cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex which changed addresses.

These highs and milestones are being made irrespective of the Bitcoin price which has been through serious ups and downs during these times.

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4,040 ($37.7 Million) Bitcoin to Be Auctioned by US Marshals On February 18th

The US Marshals Service is going to auction almost $40 million in Bitcoin (BTC) for the first time since 2018.

It looks like about 4.040 BTC are going to be auctioned, which is at the moment worth $37.7 million. The bidders will be able to register until February 12, the Marshals Service press release says. The auction will take place on February 18, as the same press release writes:

“The auction will take place during a six-hour period Feb. 18. Bids will be accepted by email from pre-registered bidders only.”

$200,000 Deposit to be Made by the Bidders

The bidders will be required to make a deposit of $200,000 before they are able to make a bid. If they lose their bids, they will get their deposit back. The BTC are to be auctioned in 4 lots of 40.54069820, 500, 1,000 and 2,500 BTC each. The last 3 lots will be split into blocks that will have their own BTC set.

The BTC Comes from Over 50 Administrative Legal Cases and Forfeitures

According to the Marshals website, the BTC for the auction come from over 50 administrative legal cases and forfeitures. Marshals have been auctioning BTC ever since 2015. Its most recent auction of 660 BTC was in November 2018, raising more than $50 million in auctions that year.

The US Marshals Service Handles Many Types of Assets

The US Marshals Service is one of the United States’ oldest law enforcement agency. It started functioning in 1789, when President George Washington made an appointment for the first 13 Marshals. It manages many types of assets, from real estate to cash, financial instruments, art, jewelry, vehicles, collectibles, antiques, even aircraft and vessels. What it does more precisely is handling the distribution of payments and proceeds to third parties and victims of crimes.

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“It’s finally time for XRP,” Claims Traders as the Digital Asset Jumps Over 7%

  • “Time to say bye-bye to 750 days of bear market,” says analyst as XRP climbs above $0.260
  • XRP seeing lot of traction in Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia

Today’s winner of greens in the crypto market is XRP.

The third largest cryptocurrency has been failing to see much action despite Bitcoin recording substantial gains since we entered into 2020. Even altcoins like Bitcoin SV (BSV), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash, Cardano (ADA), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and IOTA has been climbing up crazy

But today, among the top 15 cryptocurrencies, XRP is the top performer with 7.15% gains recorded in the past 24 hours while trading at $0.257, a level last seen in November. In the BTC market as well, XRP is up by 6.32%.

According to trader Scott Melker, “It’s finally time for XRP,” as bullish divergence on daily finally plays out.

“Alarms went off,” he continued as XRP breaks through key resistance at 0.00002533 against BTC. A close above the descending line at 0.00002709 and a potential retest here at support, he said would be “positive” for the digital asset.

Any “dips are for buying!

Ever since hitting its all-time high at $3.93 in early January 2018, XR price has been on a decline, putting in a new low. Last month, the digital asset went as low as $0.179 level. But looks like, the best performing asset of 2017 bull run is getting ready for a new bull run.

Trader XO also feels there is an uptrend coming as he said, “Wouldn’t short this,” which means any “dips are for buying!”

Previously, he shared a chart portraying a Wycoff method according to which XRP could have experience spring with another lower leg before taking off but it looks like the digital asset is skipping it this time and had enough of the losses.

XRP Gaining Traction

Meanwhile, the XRP community is also enjoying the amount of traction XRP is seeing in Mexico, the Philippines, and Australia, where Biso, MoneyGram, and other partners of Ripple are facilitating cheap and fast cross border payments via the digital asset.

Another positive news doing the rounds is an official document of the partnership between Indian bank Federal Bank and Ripple.

Dated March 2019, the document states the reason for the partnership, “accelerate cross border remittances.” This partnership, Federal Bank said would help it explore new corridors where Ripple is “aggressively pursuing new partnerships.”

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Bitcoin Now Following A Trend That Previously Kicked Off The Start Of A New Bull Market

  • 40% of all BTC has not been moved for at least 2 years, the last time this happened, a new bull market started
  • Top riches 7 entities are all exchanges that collectively hold 13% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply
  • A healthy and consistent adoption of Bitcoin over the past 10 years as only 21 days in its history was negative growth

Bitcoin’s price is looking strong and enjoying good greens. Today, we jumped above $9,500, making yet another new high of 2020 and a level last hit in early November.

But interestingly, this surge in price has no effect on the HODLers.

According to the on-chain analytics firm, Glassnode, HODLed Bitcoin has been rather increasing “sharply” as we move into 2020. This could be because of the upcoming reward halving in May, which has been a historically bullish event of which investors have bullish expectations. Glassnode notes:

“Currently, over 40% of all BTC have not been moved for at least 2 years. Previously, we’ve seen this behaviour kick off new bull markets by restricting circulating supply and increasing demand.”

About 23 million entities own BTC

In another of its analysis, Glassnode found that 1910 entities hold more than or equal to 1,000 BTC while 75 entities hold equal to or more than 10,000 BTC.

The richest ones out there are 7 entities that hold equal to or more than 100,000 BTC which are all exchanges with Coinbase leading the pack, holding about 983 BTC. Coinbase is then followed by Huobi (369,100 BTC), Binance (240,700 BTC), Bitfinex (214,600 BTC), Bitstamp (165,400 BTC), Kraken (132,100 BTC), and Bittrex (118,100 BTC).

Together these exchanges control over 2,35,000 BTC, approximately 13% of the circulating supply of Bitcoin. Overall,

“as of January 2020 the number of entities holding Bitcoin is ~23.1 million. This is 18.5% less than the current number of non–zero addresses (~28.4 million).”

Instead of going with addresses, Glassnode chose entities because as it points out Bitcoin addresses can hold funds for more than one individual such as exchange addresses and a single entity can also own and control multiple addresses holding BTC.

The daily net growth of entities has also been a positive and strong one because there have been only 21 days so far in Bitcoin history in which the net entity growth was negative.

“This is a clear indication of a healthy and consistent adoption of Bitcoin over the past 10 years,” states Glassnode.

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Darknet Markets Account For Only 0.08% of All Incoming Crypto Transactions: Chainalysis

  • In 2019, darknet sales increased by 70% and for the first time, it surpassed $700 million
  • Active markets collected more revenue than ever, except in 2012 and 2013
  • Chainalysis expects more darknet markets to accept privacy coins like Monero in 2020

In 2019, cryptocurrency prices weren’t the only ones that saw an increase but the darknet market also grew. Its transaction activity actually hasn’t been influenced by the ebbs and flows of the crypto markets and other seasonalities.

According to Chainalysis, after a decline in 2018, the total darknet sales increased by 70% in 2019 to more than $790 million worth of cryptocurrency.

This has been the first time that the sales surpassed $600 million and for the first time since 2015, darknet market share of overall incoming transactions increased, doubling from 0.04% in 2018 to 0.08% in 2019.

Darknet markets total share of incoming activity remains “extremely low” but Chainalysis states,

“recent increased volume speaks to the resilience of darknet markets in the face of heightened law enforcement scrutiny.”

The trend that remained intact was that the vast majority of these transactions flow through exchanges. Exchanges are the most common service customers use to send cryptos to vendors and then sending these funding to cash out.

Active Darknet Markets Collected Huge Revenues

In 2019, eight of the darknet markets closed but eight new ones took their place, keeping the total number of active markets steady at 49. Each of these active markets also collected more revenue than ever, except during the height of Silk Road’s heyday in 2012 and 2013.

This revenue was driven by more purchases rather than larger ones. While the median purchase size remained constant in USD value, the number of transfers jumped yet again from 9 million to 12 million.

“This suggests that either more customers bought from darknet markets in 2019, or that old customers are making more purchases.”

Darknet Markets Implement Safety Features

In the darknet markets, drugs remains a popular choice. Markets specializing in other illicit goods also bring in sizable funds.

Chainalysis report finds that some of these darknet markets have begun implementing user safety features such as multi-signature technology and wallet-less escrow also knowns as direct deposit. Some are even adopting new infrastructure to avoid shutdowns by law enforcement.

Going forward, Chainalysis expects more darknet markets to accept or mandate the usage of privacy coins like Monero as used by Empire which it says “could change in 2020.”

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Most people will be able to afford just Satoshis not a whole Bitcoin – Nexo Founder

  • Halving will push BTC to $500k this year just like last time when BTC shot up 4,000%
  • Anything that comes close to the level of BTC gains has been the rise of US Dollar
  • Bitcoin as a payment option “failed to materialize,” the new narrative is that it is the new gold
  • CBDC will “revolutionize the way we bank” and question the supremacy of the dollar

In 2019, the first two quarters have been positive for Bitcoin, with 10.34% and 161.50% gains recorded in Q1 and Q2 respectively. The last two, however, have been red with a loss of 25.11% in Q3 and 10.30% in Q4.

Now in 2020, although we made a good start we are down 0.22% to date while trading at $7,320 at the time of writing.

But according to Antoni Trenchev, co-founder of Nexo, a platform that allows users to borrow fiat currency against their crypt holdings, Bitcoin could go as high as $50,000 this year, based on the numbers they have crunched.

“I think that, very easily, we could see Bitcoin going up to $50,000 by the end of this year,” Trenchev told Bloomberg on Friday morning.

Bitcoin halving will push BTC to the skywards

The catalyst for this bull rally will be Bitcoin reward halving to occur on 13 May 2020.

“It is just a hell of a ride, it’s the halving coming up, the rewards for miners are dropping,” said Trenchev.

This would be the third such event that would cut down the miner reward from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 coins. Bitcoin’s inflation rate will also fall from the current 3.69% to 1.80%.

“The last time this happened, Bitcoin rallied 4,000%,” pointed out Trenchev.

Bitcoin is also an incredible asset that is mostly uncorrelated to the overall market. And anything that has come close to anything like the flagship cryptocurrency, Trenchev says has been the rise of the US dollar against the German papermark in the 1920s.

Bitcoin narrative has evolved to be a new gold

As for the fact that Bitcoin hasn’t grown as a payment option, Trenchev says this isn’t the main selling of Bitcoin anymore. It has evolved over the year, he said.

The initial idea he explained was to pay for coffees with BTC but that “failed to materialize.” But now, the narrative that is “much more productive is that Bitcoin is the new gold.”

He also pointed towards the 8% spike in BTC price in the aftermath of the US airstrike that killed Iranian general Qaseem Soleimani. The geopolitical tension in the Middle East drove the demand for safe-haven assets that propelled gold prices upwards as well.

Trenchev added that the BTC price would climb to $50k if the digital asset takes over 10% of the gold market. And then eventually, people will be able to buy only satoshis than a whole BTC, as there are only 21 million BTC.

Nexo CEO also touched upon the central bank digital currency where China he said is “full steam ahead” which will “revolutionize the way we bank and it will question the supremacy of the almighty dollar.”

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Wall Street Hits Historic Highs in Record Rally, But The Real Winner Gained 8,990,000%

  • Nasdaq breached the $9,000 level for the first time in history, S&P 500 also surged higher
  • Amazon’s “record-breaking” holiday shopping season revealed strong consumer activity
  • Gold is back on the rise while Bitcoin is the top-performing asset of 2019

For the first time ever, the Nasdaq composite index broke through the 9,000 thresholds on Thursday. While Nasdaq snapped its 11-day winning streak, the longest streak since 1997, after showing some weakness, S&P 500 and the Dow made record closing highs as well.

With only two days left for the year, the benchmark S&P 500 climbed over 29% so far in 2019, its biggest annual percentage gain since 2013.

All three major Wall Street indexes are posting record closing highs on the back of optimism over US-China trade relations and Amazon’s record-breaking holiday sales and a year-end stock-market rally.

The holiday sales figures revealed strong consumer activity and growing popularity in online shopping.

What’s behind this rally?

Shares of Amazon spiked 4.5% after a Mastercard report showed that US shoppers spent more online during the holiday season than in 2018, with e-commerce sales making a record high.

“Billion of items were purchased,” said the e-commerce giant with “tens of millions of Amazon devices” bought worldwide. More than 5 million new customers started paid memberships or Prime free trials, the company said in a statement.

US-China’s cooling trade tension as Beijing said it is in close contact with Washington about an initial trade agreement has also been fueling the last leg of Wall Street’s record rally.

Also, a Labor Department report showed the number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell, a sign of ongoing labor market strength.

Gold and Digital Gold meanwhile…

It wasn’t just equities index that soared, gold is also having its best week in the last four months. A popular hedge for investors expecting increased market volatility broke through the key psychological barrier of $1,500 per ounce.

The precious metal is up 17% year to date, which puts it on pace for its best yearly performance since 2010.

Digital gold meanwhile is the winner. While, Nasdaq Composite is up over 8,800% since its launch in the early 1970s, BTC gained 8,990,000% in its decade long life span.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset of 2019 with more than 90% gains recorded to date this year. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $7,300 after climbing to $13,900 in June.

Moving into 2020

As we enter into 2020, strategists are expecting single-digital gains for the stock market as in most presidential elections. But these gains could be threatened if President Donald Trump’s victory is in doubt.

For Bitcoin, the next year brings the reward halving, which is a historically bullish event. With this supply shock, many are predicting the crypto asset to make a new high while others project this event to not have any effect on the price.

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