Alagoria Review: Shop Online Anonymously and Pay with Cryptocurrency

Alagoria Review: Shop Online Anonymously and Pay with Cryptocurrency

Alagoria is a digital P2P marketplace that allows people to purchase on or and receive a 10% discount when they pay in cryptocurrency.

Shoppers with unwanted gift cards can also earn cryptocurrency with Alagoria.

How Alagoria Works

  • A user finds a product he/she wants on or
  • Copy and paste the URL into the search bar on Alagoria
  • Alagoria sends the latest price and stock
  • A user adds to cart, checkout, and pays with a favorite digital currency
  • Alagoria places the order on retailer website within five minutes for submission—to guarantee a fast delivery
  • Alagoria notifies the user when the item is shipped and provides the tracking number
  • Most of the items are delivered within 3-4 business days
  • The shopper saves on average 10% b paying with crypto

Besides, Alagoria buys discounted gift cards from people who don’t want them and use them to fulfill orders.

Reasons to Trust Alagoria

To begin with, Alagoria extends a vote of thanks to clients who pay with crypto. Besides, the platform embraces honesty and security in all its dealings.

On the bottom of every page, users can see the platform’s reviews on TrustPilot. The reviews are from previous users who left the platform happy and satisfied. Alagoria also encourages new members to leave positive feedback about the platform. All the positive reviews and testimonials confirm that the platform is legit.

Importantly, when you place an order on Alagoria, the company provides tracking services such that you’ll be able to track your order in real-time.

In fact, they give clients tracking details from the retailer, which helps shoppers to see whether the item is at what stage of delivery. For any additional information, Alagoria has a dedicated customer support department that is ready to answer questions and assist clients.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Crypto Investor App Review: Safe Crypto Trading Signals App?

Crypto Investor App Review: Safe Crypto Trading Signals App?

Developers of Crypto Investor believe that digital currencies are experiencing hyperactive growth, volatility, as well as asset bubbles. Many users are minting extraordinary profits mainly by trading cryptocurrency contracts. They claim to be offering a personal service and smart tools to start earning significant returns.

The platform claims that it has a unique trading algorithm that identifies profitable trades regardless of whether the markets rise or fall, which, it claims, effectively minimizes volatility factors and uncertainties.

The platform claims to offer the ultimate investment opportunity and urge investors to use its critical analytics and actionable insights to make smarter and timelier trading decisions.

Crypto Investor pegs its operations on the sayings of Mark Mobius, the Co-Founder of Mobius Capital Partners. As reported by Forbes, the legendary veteran said Bitcoin will be “alive and well” in the future.

Platform Features

  • Zero Commissions: CI claims to be the ultimate trading machine with lower spreads, zero commission, instant executions, and quick withdrawals.
  • Cryptocurrency knowledge base: users can gain insight into crypto prices backed by data and analytics from the past, present, and future. They can also benefit from the next-generation trading tool wizardries to become smart traders.
  • Patented, trusted technology: Crypto Investor uses the latest and most updated engineering process to streamline operations and maintain consistent and profitable trading signals.

Crypto Investor Red Flags

Amidst everything that CI claims to offer, the platform contains red flags that put it in the same category with scams.

To begin with, Crypto Investor requires members to make an initial deposit of between 250 and 500 U.S. dollars, Euros, or Pounds. This deposit lands in the custody of an unregulated broker chosen by the platform. In that situation, the funds are likely to get lost without question.

Additionally, CI claims to generate up to 87% return on investment with its trading app. This is impossible under normal trading situations.

Overall, the project is a scam and investors are warned to stay away from it. It’s always advisable to work with genuine platforms that are regulated and allows users to conduct demo trading before they can invest with real money.

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Crypto Nation Pro Review: Is CryptoNation Plus Legit?

Crypto Nation Pro Review: Is CryptoNation Plus Legit?

Crypto Nation Pro is a digital trading platform that claims its members can make up to $800 a day from massive cryptocurrency surge.

The platform claims there are already thousands of members using it and earning a fantastic income from its crypto profit signals that make it easier to make money with digital currency.

However, on a closer look, Crypto Nation Pro is simply a scam project, meant to extract money from unsuspecting investors.

What Does Crypto Nation Pro Do?

It claims to be a trading bot for digital currencies that produce signals. According to the creators, the bot can help members earn as much as $800 per day.

In another section of the website, they say the bot can help members to make $500 per day. These two conflicting statements make the website questionable and simply indicate that the person marketing the website does not know it very well.

Under normal trading circumstances, no one can win 99.8% of his or her trades, regardless of the assets traded, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. This implies that Crypto Nation Pro, in reality, is a scam project designed to make money.

Fake Media Endorsement

On their website, the creators of Crypto Nation Pro claim that their media partners include Time, Forbes, CNN, and Financial Times, which is false. Everything about the program is fake—it has never won any awards and no mainstream media has ever covered it.

Genuine trading platforms are backed by positive customer feedback and reviews on the internet. The so-called trading bot here has no customer feedback on its site or anywhere else. This shows that in the bot has never featured anywhere in the news.

Unrealistic Profit Potential

The figures shown on the platform are highly exaggerated and impossible to realize in a normal trading situation. No trading robot can earn $800 per day. This is a tactic to lure investors to register with the platform. In the end, they risk losing all their investments.

The crypto space has many such programs whose main aim is to swindle investors of their money. It’s always advisable to check the background of a company, read reviews, and ascertain whether it’s legit.

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Circle Pay, Circle’s Mobile App, To Be Shut Down This September to Focus on Stablecoins


Circle Pay, Circle’s Mobile App, To Be Shut Down This September

Circle has made an announcement that saddened some of its users today. Circle Pay, the mobile app of the brand, is ready to be discontinued. On a blog post, the company affirmed that the service would be shut down on September 30.

People who still have funds on the app will be able to withdraw them, but starting from July 8 onwards, they will not be able to deposit anything on their accounts anymore.

The spokesman of the company, Josh Hawkins, talked directly with Coindesk. According to him, Circle Pay was a popular app and it had significant growth, so it was not possible to call it a failure.

However, now the company is considerably more interested in focusing more on other wallet services. Stablecoins will be a bigger focus for the company right now, hence the decision to take this important step forward and start this transition to a new view in the company.

This, he affirmed, could make the company become closer to its vision of having a free and open global payment network that could deliver to the clients what they needed the most.

While it is clear that Circle is focused on its stablecoin, you should remember that the company owns Poloniex, a crypto exchange, so it will not completely focus on it, as the other branches of the company are focused on similar apps and trading.

Poloniex recently acquired SeedInvest, a regulated trading system and there are some rumors floating around that Circle might be looking for a banking license, but nothing is solid yet.

The company announced the tragic news after CENTRE, a consortium created together with Coinbase, was launched.

Circle also faced 30 layoffs recently, so the situation in the company is far from secure and clear to everybody involved. The reason for the layoffs was the “regulatory climate” in the U. S. The company was supposed to wait some time before investing in some other areas as the market was considered somewhat unstable.

Another sign that the company might not be facing the best of times right now is that it has lowered its fundraising goal of $250 million USD to only $150 million USD recently.

About Circle

Circle has a lot of experience in the area. The company was created in 2013 with the goal of making crypto payments easier and inspired by companies such as Venmo. The company was pretty successful, as it was the first one in the crypto industry to get the valuable New York BitLicense to operate in the state back in 2015.

The first BTC wallet of the company was launched in 2014. This wallet became the foundation of what the now doomed Circle Pay app was. Back in 2015, the CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, affirmed that the service was useful because you could easily turn BTC payments into USD and vice versa, so people could hold whatever they wanted.

Until now, Circle Pay was available in 29 different countries, including the U. S., the U. K. and some countries in the European Union.

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BabelFinance: We Have Given Out $110 Million in Crypto Loans Mostly to Chinese Entrepreneurs


BabelFinance, a crypto financing firm reported on Wednesday that it had given out about $110 million in form of crypto loans since inception in July 2018. The company says that most of its loans have been offered to Chinese entrepreneurs.

The company has majorly focused on the Asian markets and has seen its fortunes increase especially after it changed its name from BabelBank to BabelFinance. The statement from the company indicated that at one day a total $18 million crypto loans were issued in a single day. The financial institution indicates that it currently has an outstanding loan balance of $88 million.

Flex Yang, BabelFinance founder and CEO, said that there is an increase of demand for cryptos in the world, especially in Asia. Yang explained that there has been a drastic increase in speculative borrowing in the last few months both by institutions and individuals. The CEO says that the trend signifies that the majority of crypto traders expect the prices to go high in the coming days.

The Booming Crypto Financing Companies

BabelFinance is based in Hong Kong and provides various crypto related services such as digital assets management, handling deposits as well as loans. The company has developed tremendously and is a major household name among crypto enthusiasts. Due to its growth, various renowned crypto investors are now swimming the region to get a piece of the pie. The key names in the region comprise of ZhenFund, NEO Global Capital as well as Lightspeed China Partners.

Crypto lending firms are just a few crypto-based players that have gone against the bearish year long crypto market and recorded increased returns. There is an increased demand for loans against cryptos in the world as the trend in Asia can be seen in other regions.

BabelFinance is not the only crypto lending firm to register positive results this year. According to Finance Magnates, Genesis Global Trading gave out $425 million worth of loans to its customers in the first quarter of 2019. Totally, Genesis has written $1.8 billion in loans from March 2018.

BabelFinance expects the demand for crypto loans to keep rising. Yang explained:

“We anticipate to loan out more than a $1bn, or even $2bn, by the end of the next bull strike run.”

In efforts to expand in the crypto industry, BabelFinance is contemplating opening a branch that will deal with decentralized finance research. The company says that this will help in bridging the gap that exists in traditional finance and the crypto economy.

Yang believes its the company’s corporate responsibility to back innovation in the sector with good financial tools as well as solutions. The founder believes that the crypto market is on the rise but there is a need for better tools to lure mainstream support and adoption. He says that the rebranding of his company is not only meant for a name change but also increase the number of services offered.

Do you think the current bull run in the crypto market is fuelling the appetite for crypto loans? Share with us in the comments section.

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Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Group Believes Bitcoin’s Bear Market Winter Is Ending

  • Barry Silbert believes that the surge in crypto asset prices is a sign that the winter is ending.
  • Tone Vays contradictorily believes that the surge is due to inside capital and that the crypto winter will continue.

As the cryptocurrency market has evolved, it has already gone through some bearish and bullish trends. For 2018, the bear market took over, creating a “crypto winter,” but there are many people who say that the recent rallies of Bitcoin are an indication that the crypto winter is ending, like Barry Silbert. Silbert, the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, recently spoke with Bloomberg Technology of June 11th, expressing the cyclical nature of Bitcoin.

Explaining, Silbert told Bloomberg Technology that Bitcoin naturally experiences ups and downs in a pattern, which he believes is an indication that the crypto prices are meant to continue rising. The crypto investor discussed how the price dynamics of Bitcoin have been, in recent years, “quite a roller coaster,” considering that the price has taken an 80% to plummet four times in the last eight years, though it has reached all-time highs as well.

Considering these details, along with the surge in the market in 2019 so far, Silbert said that the current market “looks like, perhaps, we are coming out of a crypto winter and we’ve entered a crypto spring.” The executive added that there is a recent increase of institutions in the market, which shows that Bitcoin has come a long way since the bull market of 2017 after nearly reaching $20,000. Bringing attention to initiatives from traditional institutions, like Fidelity’s Bitcoin custody offering, Silbert explained that the contrast since 2017 is “really night and day.”

Earlier in 2019, Silbert said that he believes that the majority of digital tokens won’t be holding onto their value over time. He added that nearly every initial coin offering (ICO) that has been launched was

“just an attempt to raise money but there way no use for the underlying token.”

Tone Vays, a current researcher on blockchain and a former executive with JPMorgan, recently made comments that appeal skeptical that the crypto winter is over. In a stark contrast to Silbert’s opinion, Vays believes that internal capital was the primary support for the recent surge in crypto prices, which is not as confidence-inducing as the idea that external money is coming in.

According to recent data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin is presently priced at $8,161.73, rising by 3.72% in the last 24 hours. Most altcoins in the top 100 cryptocurrencies have seen gains in the same timeframe.

All of Today’s Bitcoin Price Analysis, Chart Forecasts and Industry News

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Azerbaijan Government Inks a Deal with IBM to Use Blockchain Technology for Customs Processes


Azerbaijan’s State Customs Committee and IBM are set to sign a new agreement that will see blockchain technology being used in customs processes. The new deal signifies the developing cordial relationship between IBM and Azerbaijan government.

In October last year, Azerbaijan’s central bank inked an agreement with IBM which will effectively mean the bank can use blockchain technology in different areas for a period of five years. The new says that IBM will deploy its blockchain technology targeting cargo transportation.

The deal was made public by State Customs Committee chair, Safar Mehdiyev, during a press meet that was held to update the country about the ongoing IT/TI Conference and Exhibition of the World Customs Organization (WCO) that is being held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Mehdiyev told the reporters that IBM blockchain technologies will be used to manage cargo transportation in the country and will be implemented before the end of the year. He explained that blockchain technology will permit sending of information about container shipments to the database. He explained:

“It will be possible to obtain the necessary information from the database online, without outside interference,” Mehdiyev stressed. “It will be useful for both entrepreneurs and customs authorities, as it will improve the quality of customs services provided.”

Blockchain For Seamless Custom Procedures

Majority of governments across the world are acknowledging the advantages of blockchain technology in customs processes. One of the governments implementing blockchain technology in its customs is the US which unveiled a trial scheme that is custom built on blockchain technology in August 2018.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan looks forward in advancing blockchain technology outside its borders with an immediate target on its neighbors. Mehdiyev added that his committee was working on agreements to boost bilateral cooperation that will allow the use of the technology with different countries. The chair said that Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia are under consideration presently.

“In this direction, we are implementing a project with Ukraine with the support of Georgia and Moldova,”

Cointelegraph quotes the chair.

Azerbaijan is proving to be friendly to blockchain based technologies with key government departments embracing the technology. Notably, Justice Ministry of Azerbaijan has also conveyed its interest in using distributed ledger technology to carrying out its day-to-day proceedings. It will be interesting to see whether other key governmental departments will embrace the technology in efforts to offer seamless services to the public.

Do you think adoption of blockchain technology by government agencies will improve service delivery? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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TRCE Exchange Review: The Real Cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

TRCE Exchange

The Real Cryptocurrency Exchange (TRCE) is a digital platform that originated from Seychelles, with its headquarters in Buenos Aires in Argentina. The company plans to launch new offices in the UK and Singapore in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

TRCE aims to narrow down the access gap that exists in the cryptocurrency market worldwide. It plans to achieve this by focusing on emerging markets.

Contrary to what happens in most exchanges where users have limited fiat options, TRCE seeks to initiate a highly flexible fiat onramp for all users worldwide. By doing so, users will be able to conduct seamless fiat-to-crypto transactions in their local currencies and provide easy access as well as mainstream adoption.

Supported Currencies

TRCE targets fiat currencies in the emerging markets including:

  • Argentine Peso
  • Brazilian Real
  • Peruvian Sol
  • Colombian Peso
  • Turkish Lira
  • Venezuelan Bolivar
  • Mexican Peso
  • Polish Zloty
  • Russian Ruble
  • Ukrainian Hyrvnia
  • Vietnamese Dong
  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Nigerian Naira
  • South African Rand
  • USD
  • Euro

Judging by the selected currencies, TRCE will be dealing with 16 currencies in its first year of operation. By 2020, the company plans to reach out to Korea, UK, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Kenya, Thailand, and Ghana.

TRCE aims to bring crypto trading to emerging markets on a broader scale, which is the reason for accepting fiat in the selected currencies. The company has an experienced team of experts that support its operations in the selected geographic regions. This gives it a greater advantage over other exchanges that only deal in a few foreign currencies.

Top-notch Customer Service

TRCE aims to initiate premium quality service that all users will enjoy. It seeks to achieve this by implementing all-time customer service and a reorganized approach to KYC onboarding.

Importantly, TRCE aims to enhance its user experience by empowering its user base and the overall cryptocurrency community. This will be made possible through the organizational events that will guide users and create consistent educational content. The platform is currently generating USD$5 million on its seed-funding round. Tech will launch in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Platform Features

Worldwide: its vast relationship with leading local banks will open opportunities in many countries worldwide.

Simple: combined with great customer service, TRCE will have improved user interface and funding options. This will help make cryptocurrency trade execution a seamless experience.

Accessible: a global presence and fiat on-ramp solutions will advance crypto adoption and liquidity worldwide.

Innovative: with an emphasis on fulfilling the global access gap, TRCE is committed to creating a positive social impact with digital assets to help eliminate barrier to entry.

Additionally, TRCE comes with real-time streaming of market data with TradingView integration. Users can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash fiat currency. The platform simplifies the cryptocurrency trading process through advanced trading functions that limit risks and increase execution speed. It provides users with a wide range of options to buy or sell various cryptocurrencies of their choice with many to be included soon.

Mobile App

TRCE is at your fingertips. You can buy, sell, deposit, or withdraw crypto and fiat currencies from your mobile device at any time. Get it on Google Play or download it on the App Store.

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dClinic ICO (VIC Token) Review: Blockchain Healthcare Vitality Coin


dClinic is the world’s first blockchain-based platform that seeks to a holistic healthcare for consumers worldwide and drive positive healthcare outcomes by utilizing the blockchain technology and combining real-world property assets such as clinics and hospital with a transformative digital healthcare platform.

The platform seeks to address the shortcomings of the present healthcare system, based on extensive market studies and research.

The current healthcare systems use a narrow approach when it comes to patients’ healthcare journey and the possible outcomes. The systems often place the healthcare provider at the center of the patient’s care and often limit the patient’s interaction to just a single provider.

Expanding Patient Interaction

The patient’s data is often restricted to a hospital’s registry or a clinical system such as General Practice system, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), or the Patient Registration System (PAS). Unfortunately, only a few people can access such information points.

This system restricts patients’ data, as other relevant healthcare providers cannot provide any input that may improve the healthcare outcome. Therefore, the current healthcare systems hinder the contributions from other relevant agencies such as wellness and vitality service providers, which could lead to a positive healthcare outcome.

Introducing the Blockchain Technology

dClinic embraces a fresh solution that operates on the blockchain technology to enable collaborative efforts that revolve around the patient. The new system integrates various healthcare providers, families, and friends for contributions that could facilitate recovery.

The technology will provide secure storage, retrieval, updating, and exchange of health information among various relevant health entities. This will create a holistic healthcare approach that expedites patient recovery.

dClinic aims to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare to patients in emerging markets through the provision of positive healthcare outcomes at a reduced cost. To realize this vision, the platform has initiated its own facilities, as well as a technology platform in various geo-locations.

It also collaborates with local expert healthcare providers to deliver healthcare services to everyone.

Some of the partners in the approach include Vitality Life Management (VLM), an Indonesia-based company that will purchase, build, or retrofit some hospitals and clinics in Indonesia, powering them with the blockchain healthcare platform. dClinic also engages other healthcare facilities and hospitals in other countries for the same purpose.

New Partnerships

dClinic has secured some new major partnerships including the government and investors in Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the U.S. Besides, it has started buying properties to establish dClinic Wellness and Vitality centers.

Importantly, the dClinic project has achieved its softcap target and will soon list on at least two mainstream exchanges. The platform will be allocating to airdrop and bounty recipients as soon as it gets listed on the exchanges. The Vitality Coin (VIC) will be listed at USD$0.10/VIC.

The dClinic team has many years of experience in the healthcare sector and it’s clear from their numerous worldwide implementations that the patient should be at the center of the care.

The project will focus on making the Shared Care Plan the main consumer and providing a clinician portal that will be used to access consumers’ clinical and non-clinical data. The platform will considerably assist the healthcare sector by giving the Care Team accurate and real-time information that holistically relates to the patient, thereby driving better healthcare outcomes.

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DAPS Project Review: Decentralized Anonymous Blockchain Payment System


DAPS is a planned privacy blockchain that focuses on security, scalability, and absolute privacy. The main objective of the DAPS protocol is to create a fully anonymous staking coin and payments system that embrace a trustless governance structure that operates on the latest technologies drawn from Monero and PIVX.

This is a first in cryptocurrencies, with chain verification and consensus models based on PoS nodes and PoA miners.

The platform aims to achieve the objective by carefully selecting certain tested protocols and utilizing the features to create a private blockchain network. DAPS aims to offer the most complete anonymity package in any protocol with an on-chain solution to the “Trust Problem.” It seeks to initiate the Proof-of-Audit as the keystone to its protocol, to solve the “Trust Problem.”

DAPS Protocol Development

Bitcoin and Libzerocoin: Libzerocoin is a privacy-focused development fork of Bitcoin. The coin was later used as the base for Zero Cash (now Z-Cash) and the Zero Coin protocol.

DASH and Masternodes: DASH, which operated on Bitcoin, created the “Masternodes” protocol. These “Higher” nodes were an innovation that allowed several on-chain privacy features to be implemented on the Bitcoin protocol.

Node Privacy—Partial Obfuscation: coins like Monero expanded on the privacy ideas and created a full suite of privacy features that included RingCT.

Another equally innovative project, Spectrecoin, integrated mandatory Tor relays for nodes backed up by OBFS4 obfuscation. The measures were never used completely since a fully private chain has no way to verify supply in a Trustless manner.

The DAPS Protocol—Total Obfuscation

DAPS aims to continue the legacy of innovation by integrating the previous successful, stress-tested privacy methods. To succeed in this mission, it needs masternodes, full obfuscation, and Trustless governance. Many projects have stopped short of full obfuscation due to the Trust issue, which DAPS project seeks to address.

The path of future privacy is in their Proof-of-Audit feature combined with complete obfuscation. This allows absolutely private blockchains and maintains a standard of Trustless decentralized governance, pioneered by Bitcoin.

How will DAPS Achieve This?

In order to prevent double spending and other exploitations from being untrackable, Bitcoin is a fully public chain. DAPS seeks to initiate a fully-private blockchain that will address the double-spend problem.

Importantly, it will implement the world’s Trustless Masternode-powered, fully-private blockchain.


In traditional blockchains and various anonymity chains, the users are exposed to analytics and malicious attack vectors.

Many around the world use the exposed data to exploit cryptocurrency users. DAPS aims to preserve every person’s right to control their finances as they choose. This is possible by merging successful and tested privacy protocols in a bid to create the most private blockchain to date.

What Makes DAPS Different?

The Proof-of-Audit idea and DAPS Protocol implementation, known as HARPOCRATES Protocol, will be the new industry standard. The platform will utilize the following key technologies:

  • RingCT
  • Bulletproof
  • Stealth addresses
  • Stealth transactions
  • Proof-of-Audit

DAPS aims to achieve complete obfuscation for all users and transactions. The mix of features, which they call “The Harpocrates Protocol,” creates a completely trustless and anonymous blockchain network.

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