Seven-Time Superbowl Champ, Tom Brady, Is Launching an NFT Platform Called Autograph

Seven-Time Superbowl Champ, Tom Brady, Is Launching an NFT Platform Called Autograph

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is the latest one to join the non-fungible token (NFT) mania.

While NFTs are enjoying a boom helping artists make a fortune, Brady is no stranger to this. Recently, his rookie card sold for $2.25 million, the most expensive trading card in football history.

In the NFT realm, Brady is actually launching an NFT platform called Autograph, coming in Spring, which will also produce NFTs featuring the football quarterback.

The platform itself aims to bring together the biggest names from sports, fashion, entertainment, and other areas to create and launch NFTs and share “ground-breaking experiences to a community of fans and collectors,” said Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder, and CEO of Autograph.

The platform is also planning to have interactive offerings like physical product drop, live auctions, and in-person experiences.

Brady, along with entrepreneur Richard Rosenblatt will serve as co-chairs of the platform, which has also assembled an advisory team with names like Apple SVP Eddy Cue, DraftKings co-founders Jason Robins and Paul Liberman, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, Cameo CEO Steven Galanis, Spotify’s advertising business officer Dawn Ostroff, Warriors co-owner Peter Guber and DraftKings co-founder Matt Kalish among others.

McDonald France also showed interest in digital art this week and is putting its own NFT up for sale.

Amidst this, an offline exhibition for NFTs has been kicked off in Beijing, the world’s first offline exhibition for virtual crypto-art. It may be slow, but NFTs are gaining traction in China as well.

Sun Bohan, the CEO of a Chinese crypto art center, told the local publication that 2021 would be a breakthrough year for NFTs, especially in the US and Europe. NFT’s biggest innovation, according to him, is in optimizing art trading as it bypasses intermediaries.

Meanwhile, Wang Qinwen, the producer of “Virtual Niche,” attributes the NFT market boom to the COIVD-19 pandemic, as it has pushed everything online. While it will cool down after it peaks, she believes it underlines the expansion of blockchain technology.

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NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Partners With Opeansea to Launch ‘Superbowl’ NFT Collectibles

NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Partners With Opeansea to Launch ‘Superbowl’ NFT Collectibles

  • National Football League (NFL) superstar and Superbowl LV champion, Rob Gronkowski, is launching his own NFTs, with help from OpenSea on March 11.

The Tampa Bay tight end, better known as “Gronk,” announced the launch of his non-fungible token (NFT) collection on Tuesday. The NFT collection consists of five digital trading cards that celebrate his four Superbowl championship wins, a statement from Gronk’s team reads.

NFTs are quickly gaining mainstream adoption as celebrities, players, and artists launch their own collections. NFTs are a unique collection that can take the form of artwork, music, pictures, videos, and other collectibles that are publicly verifiable since there are only a limited number of them.

Gronk’s NFT collection was created by popular Brazilian digital artist Black Madre, who previously worked with Nike, Tanqueray, Cheerios, and Jonnie Walker.

The queen of the pile is a 1-of-1 card that highlights the Superbowl career of Rob Gronkowski – “Career Highlight Refractor Card.” According to the announcement, this card commemorates the four Superbowl wins by Gronk. Rob’s card is digitally signed and will give the buyer a chance to meet with the player and attend one of his games.

There will be 87 copies of each of the remaining four NFT collectibles, representing Gronk’s uniform number on the pitch.

This sets Gronk as the first NFL player to launch their own NFT, which could open up the field for other players to join the train. The rise of NFT marketplaces such as NBA Top Shot and OpenSea platform was key to Gronk launching his NFT cards; he said in a statement to BEG.

“Now fans will be able to get a piece of the action and share these iconic Super Bowl moments with me in this all-new digital format with my Championship Series NFT.”

The NFT collectibles will be sold for Ethereum on in partnership with OpenSea Drops, an NFT marketplace launched by OpenSea earlier in the year.

The auction for the NFTs starts on Thursday, 11 March at 7 PM ET and will run till March 13 same time.

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