Former Disney Star Lindsay Lohan Joins NFT Mania With Exclusive Collectibles on Tron Network

Former Disney Star Lindsay Lohan Joins NFT Mania With Exclusive Collectibles on Tron Network

After Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban launched a non-fungible token (NFT) for his motivational quote on Mintable, American actress Lindsay Lohan is joining the NFT mania.

NFTs To Change The Narrative For Creatives

The actress and singer plans to launch her own NFTs through a Tron- based auction marketplace. According to the announcement, the exclusive 1 of 1 NFT collectible would be available on Justin Sun’s blockchain project. Her NFT proposal would find itself on the newly launched TRC-721 protocol by Tron. The digital collectible would be available for bidding on March 20.

In anticipation of the NFT sales, Lohan would host a Clubhouse chat session with Justin Sun, founder and CEO of Tron blockchain, and BitTorrent and T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

NFTs have become immensely popular in the last couple of months.

With the digital collectibles niche becoming something of a fad, many artists, celebrities, athletes, musicians, companies, and even entertainment-focused businesses are looking to tap into the NFT market. This comes as popular digital artists Beeple posted record sales of his digital artwork earlier this month.

The TRC-721 protocol has been touted to be a viable alternative to Ethereum’s ETH 1.70% Ethereum / USD ETHUSD $ 1,815.85
Volume 21.25 b Change $30.87 Open $1,815.85 Circulating 115.12 m Market Cap 209.04 b
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expensive and often congested network. Tron and a slew of alternative smart contract platforms like Polkadot DOT 6.27% Polkadot / USD DOTUSD $ 38.27
Volume 2.49 b Change $2.40 Open $38.27 Circulating 921.9 m Market Cap 35.28 b
6 h “Dark Horse”: BNT Burn Is Around the Corner As A Swiss Bank Embraces Bancor 7 h Former Disney Star Lindsay Lohan Joins NFT Mania With Exclusive Collectibles on Tron Network 2 d “Just the Beginning,” says Charles Hoskinson as Coinbase Listing Helps Cardano (ADA) Become the 3rd Largest Crypto
are rolling out cheaper and faster solutions to attract NFT fans.

Sun’s Tron is creating an entire experience for the NFT community as fans will be allowed to interact with content creators in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Another Publicity Stunt by Sun?

In a statement made soon after Lindsay Lohan announced her Clubhouse show, Sun described her as a “true icon” who was driven by blockchain and crypto’s transformative potential.

Sun has always courted the public’s attention to drive visibility for his blockchain project. Earlier this month, he tried buying Jack Dorsey’s first-published tweet of March 2006. He lost the bid to Oracle CEO Sina Estavi, who paid a reported $2.5 million for the tweet.

In another instance, he came close to snatching up Beeple’s Everyday: The First 5000 Days artwork, which went for almost $70 million. He lost the bidding session hosted by UK auction house Christie’s by $250k.

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NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Partners With Opeansea to Launch ‘Superbowl’ NFT Collectibles

NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Partners With Opeansea to Launch ‘Superbowl’ NFT Collectibles

  • National Football League (NFL) superstar and Superbowl LV champion, Rob Gronkowski, is launching his own NFTs, with help from OpenSea on March 11.

The Tampa Bay tight end, better known as “Gronk,” announced the launch of his non-fungible token (NFT) collection on Tuesday. The NFT collection consists of five digital trading cards that celebrate his four Superbowl championship wins, a statement from Gronk’s team reads.

NFTs are quickly gaining mainstream adoption as celebrities, players, and artists launch their own collections. NFTs are a unique collection that can take the form of artwork, music, pictures, videos, and other collectibles that are publicly verifiable since there are only a limited number of them.

Gronk’s NFT collection was created by popular Brazilian digital artist Black Madre, who previously worked with Nike, Tanqueray, Cheerios, and Jonnie Walker.

The queen of the pile is a 1-of-1 card that highlights the Superbowl career of Rob Gronkowski – “Career Highlight Refractor Card.” According to the announcement, this card commemorates the four Superbowl wins by Gronk. Rob’s card is digitally signed and will give the buyer a chance to meet with the player and attend one of his games.

There will be 87 copies of each of the remaining four NFT collectibles, representing Gronk’s uniform number on the pitch.

This sets Gronk as the first NFL player to launch their own NFT, which could open up the field for other players to join the train. The rise of NFT marketplaces such as NBA Top Shot and OpenSea platform was key to Gronk launching his NFT cards; he said in a statement to BEG.

“Now fans will be able to get a piece of the action and share these iconic Super Bowl moments with me in this all-new digital format with my Championship Series NFT.”

The NFT collectibles will be sold for Ethereum on in partnership with OpenSea Drops, an NFT marketplace launched by OpenSea earlier in the year.

The auction for the NFTs starts on Thursday, 11 March at 7 PM ET and will run till March 13 same time.

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BTC Bull ‘Pomp’ Teams Up With TikTok Influencer Bryce Hall to Launch Capital University Podcast

Bryce Hall, a popular TikTok star, is all set to enter the financial realm with popular bitcoin proponent Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano. Teaming up to launch a podcast called “Capital University,” unlike Pomp’s main podcast, which solely focuses on business and promoting bitcoin, this joint venture is focused on reducing the generational divide.

The podcast would be a different exchange of ideas for both the individuals, where Pomp would try to understand how social media influencers earn money. In contrast, Hall will try to learn tips on investments and building generational wealth through smart investment strategies. Hall said,

“I just want to highlight the power and importance of diversification. I do believe crypto is its own asset class and one worth exploring.

It is definitely the Internet’s version of gold with the caveat of having a known finite amount of units.”

Hall raises to fame through the popular short video sharing social media platform TikTok and boasts of around 25 million subscribers across various social media platforms and currently boasts of $2 million in net worth.

Hall also mentioned on Twitter that the new podcast would be a new learning curve in life, especially in terms of finances. He also opened up that currently, he does not hold any cryptocurrency, nor does he have any prior association within the crypto space.

The TikTok star might not have any crypto holdings at present, but given his association with Pomp, it would not be a big surprise if the young social media influencer does eventually invest in digital assets.

Several big shots have already agreed to come on the podcast, including Mark Cuban and Gemini exchange founders, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Given Cuban as well as both of the brothers have made a name for themselves. They could also play a key role in helping the young influencer understand how digital assets work.

Hall also commented on his first guests for the podcast and said,

“When Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are engaging with your tweets and direct messaging you, you better take what they say seriously and reevaluate your investment positions.” He continued,

“Right now, when you’re at the top, this is when you’re going to be making the most money. You just have to find a way to sustain it.”

Even though the Podcast officially launched yesterday, it has already soared to the number one business podcast in the world. This sudden rise was probably due to Bryce’s 25 million combined social media followers.

You can catch the first cut episode on YouTube here:

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Gene Simmons of KISS is into Bitcoin & Crypto

Rock star Gene Simmons seems to be endorsing bitcoin.

The frontman of the legendary band KISS, Simmons responded to crypto exchange Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss’ tweet where he talks about buying crypto. Winklevoss said,

“It’s easier to buy Bitcoin and Ether if you are already in the old system. If you don’t have a bank account, it’s hard to get funds into crypto. We need to change this.”

“I will. I am,” responded Simmons.

The musician who also has other titles; singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, author, and actor to his name didn’t elaborate on it despite several attempts by the crypto community.

Per Simmons’s previous comment about bitcoin, he is surely into digital assets.

“I am interested in Bitcoin, but only as a piece of the [investment] puzzle,” he said in an interview in late 2017 with The Street.

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What Is Bitcoin? Jeopardy’s G.O.A.T. Tournament Features BTC Ransomware Question

Bitcoin (BTC) was the star of Jeopardy! Last night, after the 3 contestants were left fighting for the “Greatest of All Time” place were given a quiz on cybersecurity.

The $800 question was tweeted by a viewer:

James Holzhauer, the professional sports gambler contestant, knew the answer is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and won the contest.

Many Other Questions on Cybersecurity

While the BTC question was referring to the 2018 situation in which the City of Atlanta had to pay over $2.6 million to have its computers unlocked by hackers who were asking for a $52,000 BTC ransom, the other questions in the cybersecurity category were on white hat hackers, website certificates that use encryption, the BYOD policy and keylogging platforms.

Not the First Time Jeopardy! Uses BTC-Related Questions

Jeopardy! has a history with cryptocurrency, especially since it introduced a special category on this technology in 2018. It even had questions about the supposedly oil backed Petro token from Maduro, the CoinYe inspired by Kanye West and the KIN cryptocurrency from Kik messenger.

However, crypto enthusiasts may think it’s frustrating BTC was used for a question about ransomware because critics of the crypto space are often saying governments should make more efforts and even restrict the industry’s technology.

Bitcoin Ransomware Was Everywhere in 2019

Unfortunately, Bitcoin ransomware was everywhere last year. For example, the malware campaign Ryuk attacked private enterprises and government organizations from all over the world, demanding payments of millions of dollars to be made in BTC for the data encrypted maliciously to be released.

What’s even worse is that things don’t seem to slow down, as this week, the Sodinokibi malware strain had been reported to have hit the foreign exchange Travelex, with hackers asking for $6 million in cryptocurrency for returning the access.

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Mike Tyson’s New Startup ‘Fight to Fame’ Will Mix Up Entertainment with The Blockchain

Mike Tyson, the famous American boxer star, has recently decided to create a new startup. The platform is set to be an entertainment platform for fighters that will be called Fight to Fame.

This new platform is set to use the blockchain technology to create the conditions that will help aspiring fighters to reach success.

According to Tyson, the platform, which will have Farzam Kamalabadi as CEO, will fulfill one of his goals, which was to be a mentor for new generations of boxers. He affirmed that he’s interested in helping them to find success and real compensation in their careers, so this platform will be his pet project.

Kamalabadi affirmed that the blockchain will be important because it will enable the participants to solve problems that were simply impossible to solve before. This way, fighters can use fan tokens to get money other than the fees that they normally get in the industry.

In this model, the fans can also gain money if the value of the tokens goes up, which can help the fighters and the communities of fans which are created around them.

The new platform is set to be “fully immersive” and use the blockchain to provide a completely new experience. It was also affirmed that the project can be important for the blockchain industry as well. Tyson is a very famous figure, so his endorsement of projects like this one will certainly be important for them to be successful in the future and can drive adoption up.

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