Cryptojacking Rumors Force Nintendo Switch Game To Be Pulled After Launch

Rumors that the Nintendo Switch game Cooking Mama: Cookstar has had running cryptojacking malware in secret have appeared over this weekend.

While developers denied this had happened, Nintendo still pulled the game from the eShop. It was a Reddit post that said Cooking Mama is mining crypto in secrecy, whereas some other players mentioned their Switch heated up pretty badly and ran low on battery very fast while playing the game. Hours after the claims, Cooking Mama was pulled from Nintendo’s online store and the Reddit mods have been since removed.

Game’s Developer Vehemently Denies the Rumors

1st Playable, the game’s developer said:

“As the developers we can say with certainty there is no cryptocurrency or data collection or blockchain or anything else shady in the code. The Nintendo Switch is a very safe platform, with none of the data and privacy issues associated with some mobile and PC games.”

Ever since launched in 2016, the Cooking Mama franchise has included many titles, being available on both Nintendo and iOS. There has clearly been a problem with the game, seeing that it was removed from the eShop right after the crypto malware rumors.

Cryptojacking Is More and More Common

Crypto mining malware is a more common and very worrying matter. It’s done mostly on websites, as here it engages background mining secretly, while visitors are spending their time navigating the sites’ pages. There are also more sophisticated versions that install themselves in toolbars and on apps, mining the victims’ devices for an indefinite period of time. Therefore, it’s not surprising that video game consoles have been attacked as well.

A Solution Would be to Allow the Mining to Take Place

Being very difficult to prevent, cryptojacking has been suggested by some crypto enthusiasts to become legal by making restricted media content available to people in return for limited mining, something that could work very well with video games too. Since this practice is far from being implemented yet, the best way to fight cryptojacking at the moment is to be vigilant.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Villian, Carole Baskin at The Big Cat Rescue Accepts Crypto Donations

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) running rampant in the United States, Americans are drooling over the hot new docuseries on Netflix; “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” which features Carole Baskin as one of the costars. Baskin is the proprietor of Big Cat Rescue sanctuary which is based in Tampa, Florida.

Now Baskin and the Big Cat Rescue have announced that the public can donate towards its efforts of ensuring that big cats are not kept in captivity, and they can do so through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Source: Big Cat Rescue

Over the last couple of days, the television series has opened up a lid of rivalry between Tiger King and Carole Baskin. However, the interesting part of the intriguing story about the two is that they have used the internet to raise funds mostly from social media users for their goals.

Carole Baskin has been relying on the online community to keep her sanctuary afloat. Following the widespread publicity that the series has given Big Cat Rescue, the organization is now seeking to ride on the fame and is now accepting crypto donations through Bitpay.

Although Big Cat Rescue has been accepting crypto donations for a while now, people may not be willing to contribute to Baskin’s work after learning about some atrocities associated with her. Crypto enthusiasts may have been enlightened by the docu-series in regards to Big Cat Rescue’s main goal and may call upon other crypto users to shun away from the project.

Despite the series showing some negative aspects of Carole Baskin, she has come out to deny the allegations stating that facts were distorted. In fact, Carole is encouraging her supporters to come out in numbers and donate to save the exotic cats.

If you are persuaded to contribute to Big Cat Rescue’s agenda, the nonprofit outfit has made it even easier to do so. You can now donate Bitcoin, BCH or ETH through Bitpay.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

Ethereum Muir Glacier Update: Parity Upgrade Alert Due to Attack, 75.7% of Node Operators Ready

  • Those running Parity nodes are asked to update their clients “ASAP”
  • 75.7% of the node operators are ready for Muir Glacier
  • Down 92% from ATH, it is still one of the best performers of the decade, with nearly 18,000% gains

Just a day before Ethereum’s latest and unexpected network upgrade Muir Glacier, Ethereum client Parity came under attack.

Parity Ethereum took to Twitter to announce that on investigating the reports of some of the Parity Ethereum nodes not syncing, they came to believe there may be an attack underway.

Reportedly, valid blocks with manipulated directions, added or replaced, caused the client to stall, according to GitHub. Sergio Demian Lerner, a cryptocurrency security consultant, explained:

“The attack is simple: you send to a Parity node a block with invalid transactions, but valid header (borrowed from another block). The node will mark the block header as invalid and ban this block header forever but the header is still valid.”

New versions v2.6.8-beta & v2.5.13-stable have been released that will protect against this attack. As per this upgrade,

“Make sure to not mark block header hash as invalid if only the body is wrong.”

Those running Parity nodes are asked to update their clients “ASAP.”

Parties involved were already unhappy with the situation as Ethereum chose New Year’s Day for the upgrade. And now Parity underwent an attack.

Moreover, currently, 75.7% of the node operators are ready for Muir Glacier, as per

Binance however, has announced its support for the ETH Muir Glacier upgrade. Because of which, deposits and withdrawals of ETH will be suspended.

When it comes to mining pools, only one, Ethermine is ready while the rest Sparkpool, F2Pool, Nanopool, Zhizhu, and MiningPoolHub still showing ‘no information’.

Earlier this month, the Ethereum network has its Istanbul upgrade and now they are ready for another. Ethereum was forced to have another update (EIP-2387) in less than a month due to a mistake and to delay the difficulty bomb feature that will slow down the Ice Age by about 611 days.

2020 to be the year of Ethereum?

The second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading at $131, down 92% from its all-time high of $1,570. Ethereum’s 2019 performance surely has turned negative by 3.50% but it is still one of the best performers of the decade, with nearly 18,000% gains.

For the next year, Ethereum might be in for some good time as it might have hit the bottom.

Trader Crypto Michaël also sees 2020 a good year for Ether as he says, “Each massive breakout of ETH in January showed a significant move.”

Historically, he says Q1 of the year has been a great period for altcoins and their dominance bottoming. So “Let’s rock in Q1 2020!”

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IOTA Foundation Fixes Mainnet Issue But Puts A Question Mark On Its Decentralization

  • Those running the IRI node need to update to version 1.8.3
  • The incident puts the network’s decentralization in question
  • IOTA tanks 55% in 2019, everyone is returning to Bitcoin

IOTA Foundation has fixed an issue related to its mainnet, announced the non-profit behind the IOTA network on Dec. 30. The Foundation has asked those running an IRI node to update to version 1.8.3, available on GitHub.

The issue here was that IRI didn’t account for a transaction that was shared between two distinct bundles. What led to a corrupt ledger state was that once the transaction was marked as “counted” on one bundle, it was ignored for the next bundle.

The decentralized ledger for zero-cost transactions for the Internet of Things was reportedly unable to process transactions for about 21 hours due to the issue.

Now that the issue is resolved, transactions on the network are back to processing.

Yesterday, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi that “temporarily suspended” deposit and withdrawals of IOTA due to mainnet upgrade has now resumed its services for the cryptocurrency.

IOTA’s Decentralization or the lack of it in Question

This incident however, has the community questioning the decentralized nature of the IOTA network. Jake Chervinksy, General Counsel at Compound Finance said,

“Is it fair to say IOTAholders are relying solely on the efforts of the IOTA Foundation to fix mainnet? Just wondering if that’s Howey can look at this situation.”

Back in 2017, Nick Johnson, a developer at the Ethereum Foundation said he finds IOTA “deeply alarming.”

At that time Tuur Deemester, Founding Partner Adamant Capital said,

“I’m not sure the IOTA team has the required cryptographic pedigree for long term success.”

IOTA tanks 55% in 2019, everyone is returning to Bitcoin

Instead of using blockchain technology like other cryptocurrencies, IOTA uses Tangle which is a stream of interlinked and individual transactions. The cryptocurrency uses DAG to store its ledger, with scalability as the main motivation.

Currently, the IOTA Foundation is working on Coordicide, the death of the Coordinator, to realize the “dream of a permissionless and scalable distributed ledger technology (DLT).”

Now coming onto the price part, IOTA is currently trading at $0.161, down 97% from its all-time high of $5.54, as per Coincodex. In 2019, to date, it is down by 55%.

This Mati Greenspan, founder of investment firm Quantum Economics says is because,

“People are realizing that many of the altcoins had exaggerated valuations beyond what the projects were worth.”

The market has moved beyond winter, summer, or spring and we’re currently in a period of “great consolidation” where everyone is returning to Bitcoin, said Greenspan.

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Bitcoin Turns 4,000 Days Old as Searches for “Bitcoin Halving” Rise Significantly Per Google Trends

Happy 4,000th day running to Bitcoin! That’s right crypto enthusiasts, the bitcoin blockchain network has been successfully going for 4,000 straight days since Satoshi Nakamoto released the first base layer software protocol back on January 3, 2009.

Today, being December 17, 2019, has saw four thousand days pass since and ironically two years ago today the price of bitcoin hit its all time high of $19,892 BTC/USD exchange rate value.




Now, next up on the horizon is the third halving cycle. More and more attention is being paid to the Bitcoin (BTC) halving that will happen in May, next year.

According to a Google Trends research that was released on December 17, the “Bitcoin halving” searches have increased significantly in 2019, even when there was more than a year until the halving.

The first chart shows the recent rise in bitcoin halving interest:

Searches for “Bitcoin” Have Decreased

Here is the interest in bitcoin keyword searches according to Google Trends:

The interest in the halving is increased also as a result of the past 5 years’ context. There was only a short period during the 2016 halving when the global search volumes were higher. Opposed to the interest in the halving, “Bitcoin” searches have declined lately, mostly because the cryptocurrency’s price has declined so much. Both terms have been the most searched in late November, during the period in which the Bitcoin markets had a short growth period.

Many See the Halving as a Price Catalyst for the Bitcoin

Analysts didn’t allow the halving to go unnoticed, especially since it has such a heightened profile. Looking and the data and analyzing it, the co-founder of Adamant Capital Tuur Demeester said many people consider the halving to be a price catalyst for Bitcoin. This is what he tweeted on Tuesday:

“It’s very clear that retail interest in BTC is nonexistent and investor sentiment is pretty bad right now. Question is whether the halvening could provide a bullish narrative – the Google trends data imo suggests it could.”

Everyone is Focusing on Miners

The halving is referring to all the new Bitcoins miners have claimed for transaction blocks that have decreased under 50%. In the year that’s about to come, the 12.5 BTC reward will become 6.25 BTC, which will increase the competition said by some to affect the miners’ behavior. Recently, the BTC/USD has only conformed to the fact that miners are defending a price floor corresponding with the $6,500 cost of production. There are many 2020 bitcoin halving overviews to study up and see how the 2012 and 2016 events transpired, but there is no doubt many are in agreement that the third halving event will bring fireworks in some form or fashion as the daily issued BTC coins will be reduced from 1,800 to 900 within the next five months or so.

Stay tuned as the BTC/USD value has continued its recent decline as many wonder how bitcoin will fare in the build up to the highly anticipated block mining reward event. Oh, and congrats to bitcoin again for being alive and turning 4,000 days old today.

Latest Bitcoin Price News and Crypto Market Updates

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Congressional Candidate Wants US To Embrace Crypto Assets and Blockchain

Agatha Bacelar, an engineer from Stanford, is running for Congress and she wants to convince her fellow lawmakers that America should be focused on cryptos. Now, she wants to challenge the U. S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her position in the 12th district of California. Pelosi has been involved in Congress since 1987, so this will certainly be a difficult challenge.

Bacelar, a Democrat who is still only a candidate hopeful, is looking to change how the government looks at blockchain industry and is hoping to raise $1 million USD in order to do it.

She claims that the future was once bright for the crypto industry in the country, but that this has changed a lot recently due to how the federal intervention is pushing innovation backward.

The candidate hopeful believes that the blockchain can be the key to creating a live democracy while promoting human rights, so it is a necessity that the government should let this field innovate and grow.

Right now, Bacelar is trying to raise $1 million for her campaign via Coinbase. She has already been able to raise $5,000 USD at the moment. People can donate using Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and USD Coin (USDC).

Politicians who are interested in the crypto world are actually far from rare. Andrew Yang, a presidential candidate, for instance, is known for his pro-crypto stance. He is generally focused in creating laws and regulations that will help the industry flourish.

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27-Year-Old Congressional Candidate Raises $1 Million in Bitcoin & Crypto Assets

Agatha Bacelar is running for Congress and aiming to raise $1 million, “equal to the amount of stock Nancy Pelosi has in Facebook,” in cryptocurrency.

She has received $47,681 till now in crypto donation, with the next goal being $75k and ultimately $1,000,000 USD.

For receiving crypto donations, she is using Coinbase and accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.

A Stanford engineer and designer, she is only 3% of Representatives in the House with a STEM background.

She is asking for support to

“help elect someone who understands the importance of this breakthrough technology (crypto), and that the US cannot be left behind.”

Baclear is calling for the need for a future where we are able to use the “incredible people-power” of blockchain technologies to build an innovative, better, and more just society.

“The once-bright future for crypto in America has been dimming,”

she said.

Federal intervention has been pushing innovation out of San Francisco, which she said was once a headquarters for the crypto industry, and out of the country.

Regulatory inaction and policies meanwhile are favoring big tech companies and allowing monopolies that block out competition that “the next web would bring.”

“We need her in Congress creating a viable future for cryptocurrencies and bringing the American crypto industry back home,”

reads her donation page.

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