US Congressman Buys Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Ethereum (ETH)

Alabama Representative Barry Moore bought Dogecoin (DOGE), Cardano (ADA), and Etherium (ETH) in the last two months, according to the trading disclosed filed with the clerk of the House of Representatives on July 2.

These filings are part of disclosure requirements mandated by the “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act,” or STOCK Act that requires reporting trades no later than 30 days and “in no case later than 45 days” receiving notification of any transaction required to be reported.

Etherium (ETH) was Moore’s first purchase on May 5, above $3,300, and near the $4,380 top on May 12. ETH -0.23% Ethereum / USD ETHUSD $ 2,317.95
Volume 22.41 b Change -$5.33 Open $2,317.95 Circulating 116.6 m Market Cap 270.28 b
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Moore made three purchases of ADA on May 10, 11, and 13 when its price was just above $1.70, just days before the $2.45 peak on May 16. Since then, ADA’s price is down 41.3%, currently at $1.43. ADA -1.05% Cardano / USD ADAUSD $ 1.40
Volume 1.35 b Change -$0.01 Open $1.40 Circulating 31.95 b Market Cap 44.82 b
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His most recent purchase was of DOGE on June 13 at around 3 cents. Unlike the other crypto purchases, this has been towards the decline. Still, the coin is trading around $0.2355, as of writing, down 62% from the $0.73 peak on May 8, according to Coingecko. DOGE -4.39% Dogecoin / USD DOGEUSD $ 0.22
Volume 1.15 b Change -$0.01 Open $0.22 Circulating 130.35 b Market Cap 29.21 b
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Moore is not alone in buying the meme coin; in early April, US Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) made two purchases of Dogecoin at around 6 cents.

The disclosure does not clear just how much of each coin was bought but rather mentioned a range of $1,000-$15,000 for each purchase. This puts his total crypto investment between $5,000 and $75,000.

However, there is no way to know if the congressman is still holding these crypto-assets or sold them over these last two months.

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Author: AnTy

Bitmain’s Wu Jihan, Micree Zhan Continue Spat As Mob Brawls With Co-Founder

Luyao Liu, Bitmain’s Chief Executive, and the former legal representative has been arrested for his part in a ‘mob-like attack’ conducted on Micree Zhan, the exiled co-founder of Bitmain.

Bitmain’s Beijing subsidiary business license was apparently stolen, and the police held Liu responsible for what happened, together with others. Zhan has been involved with Bitmain’s other co-founder, Jihan Wu, in a power struggle since October of last year.

What on Earth Happened?

A group of people with masks (due to COVID-19) hassled Zhan at the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce.

Zhan was there to obtain a business license for Beijing’s Bitmain subsidiary so that he could become the legal rep for the company. Liu got arrested soon after the altercation for being involved in the assault.

Bitmain Says Liu Is the Company Legal Rep

An announcement from Bitmain’s WeChat official account says Zhan no longer holds a position at the company since October 2019, adding that Liu Luyao is the legal rep of Bitmain Beijing. Even if there are documents who show Zhan is in fact occupying this position within the firm.

The documents were called by Bitmain a registration error. Wu abandoned his CEO post at the firm in 2018, yet he appears to have appointed Liu as a legal rep this year. In February, Zhan appealed the decision with the Beijing Haidian District Bureau of Justice and won.

The Power Struggle at Bitmain

In October last year, a power struggle between Wu and Zhan started because Wu decided to oust Zhan. Zhan’s position within the company at that point was of chairman and legal rep. Bitmain staff was forbidden by Wu to have any interaction with Zhan, who said back then that he was removed as a legal rep without him giving his consent.

Ever since, he filed many lawsuits against 2 Bitmain subsidiaries, trying to also restore his position within the company and to obtain a business license for Bitmain Beijing.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Bakkt CEO Expected to Be Appointed to Senate, But President Donald Trump Isn’t Too Happy

  • Bakkt is a platform developed by the Intercontinental Exchange.
  • President Donald Trump is wants to appoint U.S. Representative Doug Collins instead.

Kelly Loeffler is the CEO of Bakkt, the institutional Bitcoin futures platform launched by the Intercontinental Exchange. As Georgia Governor Brian Kemp aims to appeal to Republican women, reports indicate that he is expected to appoint Loeffler to a seat in the Senate next week. If she is nominated, Loeffler will make history for the state, becoming only the second woman in Georgia to ever serve with the US Senate. Local news outlet AJC reported on November 29th that it is even possible for Loeffler to finance GOP activities with her own funds alone, which could mean that some fundraising records will be broken.

Working to get the Republican vote in her favor, Loeffler expressed that strengthening the border is a goal of hers, as well as shutting down the trafficking of humans and drugs. Loeffler wants to see healthcare costs lowered for the public, and she has shown the desire to protect the national interests of citizens. In her own statement, Loeffler added,

“If chosen, I will stand with President Trump, Senator David Perdue, and you to Keep America Great.”

Presently, the seat that Loeffler would occupy is possessed by Johnny Isakson, who is facing health problems that are forcing him to step down. Officials from the Republican Party, though unnamed, stated that a public announcement on Loeffler’s appointment is expected from Brian Kemp at an upcoming press conference, planned for next week.

Despite Kemp’s apparent intentions, Trump and other party leaders reportedly are set on appointing U.S. Representative Doug Collins, rather the Loeffler. Collins has strongly supported Trump, as well as anti-abortion efforts and gun rights, which have been many of the deciding factors for Republican leaders getting behind the representative.

Loeffler, as the president and many loyal followers, see her, is too moderate. Though Kemp recently met with both Loeffler and the president last week for approval, he was unsuccessful in his efforts.

Even with this setback, Bakkt recently set a new record for daily volume of their Bitcoin futures contracts at $42.5 million on November 28th.

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Author: Krystle M

Former Amazon Employee Hacked Capital One Bank and Used its Servers to Mine Cryptocurrency

In one of the most significant data breaches to ever be documented, former Amazon Web Services representative, Paige Thompson, is thought to be the brains behind the data violation of Capital One bank.

According to the charge sheet leveled against her, Thompson is believed to have not only breached Capital One bank information but also utilized its serves to secretly mine cryptocurrency. Apart from Capital One, Thompson is also being charged for infringing security protocols of other 30 companies where she managed to gain access to user information.

Federal agents arrested the 33-year-old Thompson for the crimes leveled against her, disclosing that the software engineer expert managed to compromise the country’s seventh most significant financial institution to access the private information of millions of applicants and customers.

According to an indictment that was unsealed on Wednesday, Thompson is facing a buffet of allegations leveled against her by the American government. Thompson was arrested Mid-July for her illegal activities that are said to have also affected more than 100 million Capital One customers who had applied for credit cards. The user information is said to have been stored on a defenseless Amazon server that was misconfigured by the bank.

Ex Amazon Employee Allegedly Managed to Hack Capital One

According to media outlets, Thompson was an employee of Amazon who also served as a system engineer for another cloud hosting company that used to service Capital One. While the cloud hosting company remains anonymous, Amazon Web Services representatives came out publicly to confirm the news of Thompson being a former employee of the company. Even though Thompson used to work for Amazon, she left the company three years before executing the hack.

It is believed Thompson managed to gain access to Capital One’s database by taking advantage of a misconfigured web application firewall.

How Thompson Hacked Capital One Bank

According to the government report, Thompson managed to pilfer Capital One’s computer login details from Amazon servers to gain him access to the company’s user information and servers. Thompson would later abuse the administration rights that she had learned over the company’s servers to both steal user information and use up server capabilities to mine virtual currencies. According to the indictment, such mining activities are usually known as crypto-jacking.

If found guilty, the 33-year-old cross-dresser who lived in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood will be imprisoned for 25 years in prison on one count of computer fraud and abuse and one count of money transfer fraud.

According to the accusations leveled against her, Thompson infringed user information from 30 institutions that include a US state office, an open research college, and a telecommunication combination. This is apart from the accusations of gaining illegal entry to Capital One bank servers and using their computer to mine cryptocurrencies for personal benefit.

Although court records remain dainty on Thompson’s crypto-jacking activities, the amount she earned from her illegal dealing is rumored to be hefty and substantial going by her Slack messages. It appears Thompson was very successful in her crypto-jacking activities going by her boasting cryptographic money messages that have since gone viral.

“I will be in operation soon. In the event I had a helper, I could have allowed them to do the heavy lifting over my crypto-jacking efforts and retire as a stay at home worker,”

Thompson boasted under a nom de plume.

In a move of arrogance and confidence, Thompson posted yet again assuming a different alias on June 26 saying:

“For reasons not known to me, it has come to my attention that I have lost a complete fleet of excavators all simultaneously. Am suspecting one if you guys are onto me.”

After a few weeks, the information hack was noted by Capital One bank prompting them to zero in Thompson’s hacking spectacle.

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Author: Ali Qamar