eToro Social Crypto Trading Platform Buys Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker App for $5 Million

The popular social trading platform eToro has recently decided to acquire Delta, a cryptocurrency portfolio management application. According to the reports from TechCrunch, the company was bought for $5 million USD, but the terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Delta is focused on helping investors who want to make more informed decisions about the crypto market. So far, Delta has been used to track more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies from a total of 180 different exchanges. The company claims that over 1.5 people have downloaded the app until today and that a good share of these users can be considered active on a monthly basis.

According to the CEO of Delta, Nicolas Van Hoorde, the acquisition makes sense because there is a very strong synergy between the two companies. They are both very focused on their communities and always innovating. Also, the two firms have been successful in creating a community that has a high level of engagement by using cutting edge technology.

Reports indicate that the team will continue to be primarily based in Belgium and that most of the team members will continue in their positions. What will change is that now the team will work together with eToro to provide solutions that will cater to the needs of the social trading platform as well.

eToro’s CEO Yoni Assia has recently affirmed that most fintech companies right now are not even targetting profitability yet, so he is happy that the firm has been profitable for a long time and that they have several good products.

This is the second time that eToro has bought another company in 2019. Back in March, eToro was able to acquire Firmo Network for an undisclosed amount of money.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Bitfinex Now Supports SegWit Addresses For Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawals

The popular crypto exchange Bitfinex has announced that it is going to add support for SegWit (bech32) addresses for withdraws on its site. The company affirmed that bech32 is a Segwit address that starts with the characters bc1 and consists only of lowercase letters.

According to the company, one of the main advantages of this format is that it can offer the clients more protection against errors while typing, especially because it does not use uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time. Also, as the bech32 addresses only exist in the Bitcoin network, there is no more possibility of cross-chain mix-ups happening, the company affirmed.

At the same time, the company also announced new tools that could give the users a greater insight on real-time historical data. According to Bitfinex, clients can have improved insights on the spread, funding rates, open interest, and liquidation fund balances, too. Also, clients can now connect their Twitter accounts to their profiles if they wish.

Binance Also May Support Segwit In The Future

Segwit is becoming popular. Earlier in October, the CEO of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Changpeng Zhao, confirmed that they could add Segwit support next year.

According to data extracted from, around half of the current Bitcoin traders and holders use Segwit, a number that is set to go up if Binance decides to add support.

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Author: Silvia A

Ethereum’s Blockchain is Growing, Rising Amount of Crypto Held in Decentralized Finance Apps

Decentralized finance (DeFi) apps are getting pretty popular these days and you can see that from the amount of Ethereum these apps are using. This week, the amount of ETH used reached an all-time high of $2.36 million ETH, around USD 420 million.

With the use of DeFi apps, you can lend money, borrow it or make several investments. Most of the time, for this to happen securely, the money needs to be locked up as collateral and this is why the number of ETH being locked in these apps is so high at the moment.

Smart contracts are generally used to only release the money at an appropriate time, so this means that nobody will lose out unfairly. The only issue is that by locking up that much ETH, the supply is considerably reduced. This means that the success of the app affects the network.

The effect is not 100% clear, however. Some people argue that reducing the supplies can push prices up, but others disagree with this and believe that volatility can go up and down.

From all these apps, MakerDAO is possibly the most famous. The stablecoin locks ETH to keep its price stable and this has worked out so far, despite how the ecosystem had to hike several fees at the beginning of the year, due to issues.

In MakerDAO alone, the amount of ETH locked went from $14 million only two months ago to around USD 25 million now. It seems that the DeFi segment is about to grow even more, especially if it depends on popular projects such as MakerDAO.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Opera Is the First Major Browser To Allow Bitcoin Payments and Integrates Tron (TRX) dApps

A new update has been recently announced by Opera. Now, the popular web browser will allow its users to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX) directly from it. According to the latest announcement, the users can now use cryptos on e-commerce sites and receive the tokens to the built-in crypto wallet of the program.

Charles Hamel, the head of cryptocurrencies at Opera, affirmed that the idea is to open up the browser to more blockchain ecosystems, not only Bitcoin. He affirmed that the solution devised by the company is made for people who have cryptos and don’t want to just keep them there. This, he believes, will also help the market to become more well-known and popular.

Initially, some of the features present in the update were originally a part of the beta testing version of the software. At the time, however, the software was being tested with Ethereum.

Despite this being a huge update for the crypto community, however, it comes with a grain of salt. Opera only has 3% of the total browser market share, which is dominated mostly by Google Chrome. While this is an important update, it is also true that there is a long road ahead.

Opera Is Getting Ready For The Future

The company has been really focused recently on the so-called Web 3 and developing for it. For instance, Opera Touch, the mobile iOS version of the browser, now supports apps based on the Ethereum blockchain. The software also has the Web 3 explorer, which is used to make transactions on the web 3.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Tron Foundation Invests into Biscuit Game Maker with Plans to Relaunch EOS Knights

The Tron Foundation has recently become a new strategic investor and partner of, a popular game studio that became famous after releasing the game EOS Knights. The announcement was made by Justin Sun on Twitter. The game is currently the 9th most popular decentralized application (dapp) on Dapp Radar, which over 6,000 players use each day.

Now, the company has agreed to launch an upgraded version of the game on the Tron ecosystem. According to reports, the game will be released by December and called Knight Story after the remaster.

According to the game studio, the reason to move the game from the EOS network to Tron is that the performance would be considerably better there. The head of the company, Jay Lee, affirmed that the developers are pretty excited to work together with Tron on Knight Story and that this collaboration will be hugely important for the company to innovate more.

Obviously, it is impossible to ignore that Tron has invested a lot of money in the company, meaning that there is a clear financial motivation for the company to change platforms, as well. Now, the company is set to change its clients to Tron users and possibly move some of them away from the EOS network, which would certainly please the Tron community.

Recently, the Tron Foundation has also invested in other studios. They include EtherGoo (which was turned into TronGoo) and oxGames, which will launch a new game called oxWarriors.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Upbit Exchange’s Operator Dunamu Looks To Use Blockchain for OTC Securities Platform

Dunamu, the company which acts as the operator behind the popular crypto exchange Upbit, has recently affirmed that it would release a new app that could be used to trade unlisted securities in South Korea. This new service would be based on the blockchain technology.

The reports made by the Korea Herald affirm that the idea of using the blockchain comes to lower the costs of trading, as they are generally higher in over the counter (OTC) desks. These desks often need several manual processes for trades to be finished, so automating them can increase the efficiency of the platform.

By doing this, the operator believes that up to 4,000 securities can be traded every day using the platform. Samsung Securities is the company that was chosen to manage the trading activities.

The changes and the use of blockchain technology are going to be introduced next year. According to the company, all identity-based verifications and the post-processing of transactions will be done using the technology.

Dunamu’s Chief Strategy Officer Lim Ji-hoon affirmed that most transactions of unlisted assets have a lot of uncertainty related to them. They are either made via online communities or offline trades and sometimes the traders don’t know very well with who they are trading. Using the blockchain to manage the process will certainly improve this aspect of the situation.

This is not the first time in which a local company uses the blockchain for trading unlisted securities. Koscom and the KEB Hana Bank have recently affirmed that they would develop an OTC platform as well for this same goal.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Leading Bitcoin Expert: This Crypto Market Bull Run Is Just Getting Started

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency expert, Teeka Tiwari, is all set for hosting his free live crypto event tonight, at 8PM EST / 5PM PST about “5 Coins to $5 Million“.

Here’s why you should attend.

Yes, the single-most networked investor in crypto land is Mr. Big T. Teeka is easily one of the world’s most-renowned cryptocurrency expert who has made his readers fortunes through crypto recommendations and now is going to be sharing his latest research findings about the next bull market rally coming.

Now, let’s talk about bitcoin heading back to its all time highs .. and the three factors that are bound to drive its prices higher.

First, Teeka has been in the space since 2016 and bought his first Bitcoin at $428 (and Ethereum at $9 USD). On March 18, 2016 is when Teeka first recognized this global phenomenon and recommended it publicly to all of his followers and readers.



And by the end of 2017, the world’s first blockchain-based crypto-asset had shot up to $19,873 BTC/USD.

While today Bitcoin hovers around $10,200 range, that is a 2,300% gain from when The Crypto Oracle first suggested to buying BTC as a store of value portfolio. But there is no need to worry about missing out on those gains (as so many already do), because Mr. Big T believes the stars are aligning for Bitcoin to take out its all-time high.

And at writing, bitcoin trades for $10,263. That’s a 2,298% gain from when Teeka added it to the model portfolio.

As Teeka’s highly-respected colleague Bill Bonner echoed, bitcoin is ‘honest money’. Second, bitcoin is a safe haven asset class that can act as an ‘escape hatch‘ in the war on cash. Third, Wall Street is getting in the game and is coming with full force.

While Teeka will 100% be recommending you at least take a small stake in bitcoin, even if its $100 at a time, the important caveat is to capture the near-inevitable gains to come ahead. Getting your feet wet is a great way to get acquainted with the crypto space and will gear up for the main focus of tonight’s free live crypto event titled 5 Coins to $5 Million.

The must-see can’t miss spectacle will be focusing on five ‘altcoins’ that could turn $500 into $5 million and is going to be covering it all in his first live training session of the calendar year.

At last update, there are over 60,000 investors registered and signed up to attend.

Now, let’s look at the three biggest drivers that will be sending bitcoin to new heights.


Bitcoin has many differences from its fiat counterparts. The most glaring variation of Bitcoin compared to the dollar, euro, yen and other government-issued currencies is that it has a mind of its own, not subject to the whims of central bankers and politicians.

The US Dollar used to be held to the gold standard but was cut off in 1971 by President Nixon and we all know Uncle Sam can create new dollars to his liking. The Fed (America’s Central Bank) can take a computer keyboard and with a few strokes essentially print new dollars into existence and begin circulating to whomever, whenever they choose.

Bitcoin, on the other side of the token, is a hard asset class like gold. It’s fixed supply of 21 million is capped. Each new coin costs time and resources to ‘mine’.

While Bitcoin might be labeled an energy hog, it is for its own protection and security (as well as yours). Why does the bitcoin network need so much power and electricty to exist?

Well, these complex math puzzles will not solve themselves. The bitcoin miners require intense amounts of computer processing power that compete with all other miners on the network. Some might consider this a drawback or bug within the bitcoin algorithm – but it’s actually one of its most vital, foundational features that make the whole no-third party money work.

This is what gives Bitcoin its honesty as money. It’s what separates it from its filmsy currencies that governments issue and control.

As the new saying goes, “fake money is a form of fake news.” It tells a false narrative that isn’t true. Money becomes unreliable when it is not based in the real world of resources and time. Like all the pitfalls of fake information, it opens the floodgates to bad investments, frauds, mistakes, wrong decisions and overall corruption that quite literally destroys wealth. At its core, this disrupts the basic fairness of the financial system and transactions.

And this is why Teeka believes bitcoin’s reliability is only going to be more valuable in the future as government-made currencies sway in uncertainty.

2) Bitcoin is an ‘escape hatch’

In what seems to be an inevitable shift into a cashless society, the digital economy is upon us. While governments cant trace cash transactions, when all of your money is digital, it becomes easier to be herded like a pig to slaughter with no other available options to come.

Many believe it won’t be long before the US adopts an ‘e-dollar’ and replaces the current systems of today. We have already saw this in China who is working on releasing their own digitaly-only version of the renminbi, as well as plans in Britian, Norway, Canada and Sweden to launch national crypto-currencies.

And here’s the thing – it will likely share many of the same characteristics as bitcoin – being able to send, receive and store it through an app on your mobile phone. It will exist on a ‘blockchain’ but the catch is, it won’t be honest money. It will depend upon a third party, someone who oversees its supply and value. While these crypto-fiat hybrids may sounds like a plausible concept, they will be subject to whatever crackpot ideas the government wants, enabling them power to monitor and track every payment made in the digital surveillance state that concerns all individuals.

3) Betting on the Greed of Wall Street’s Wealthy

Aside from the nearly 35 million crypto investors compared to almost 500 million stock market investors, there is no way Wall Street is going to stay sidelined in this asset class for too much longer.

As most know, nearly all Wall Street folks have one thing in common – they are driven by greed.

It’s the third influencial factor that will almost certainly drive bitcoin to $20,000 and beyond.

This is what Teeka was calling at the top of the year when Bitcoin was idling in the mid $3,000s, after a long 2018 crypto winter, and is now saw as high as $14,000 in 2019.

While the price has been pretty quiet since its December 2017 high, until Q2 of 2019 – one thing that was not was the infrastructure being built to attract professional investors into the crypto market. These innovations will be sending a rush of new money into bitcoin and other top crypto assets.

This is the focal point of tonight’s 5 Coins to $5 Million free live event by Teeka.

A prime example of this is Bakkt. Now that they have received regulatory approval to start trading physically-settled bitcoin futures, it is going to open the floodgates for otherwise-stationary investors to get in the game. The same company who owns and operates the New York Stock Exchange also is heading Bakkt. Let that sink in.

This platform is going live next week, and will be focused on buying bitcoins on the open market and provide custody storage options on behalf of its customers. This is a first-ever.

We have also reported on Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, who said institutional investors are now depositing over $200 million to $400 million per week in crypto to their custody service. And now Coinbase Custody has over $1 billion in controlled assets.

There was also news in the Bitcoin ETF world between VanEck and SolidX who are looking to help onboard more institutional buyers with the release of a new bitcoin fund. This is catered towards accredited investors only and will be subject to less regulatory hurdles.

This smart custody and smart money is all part of the whole that is ready to spark another crypto boom. Teeka believes this is one of the true last chances to get in before the prices really take off like they did in the second half of 2017.

And, while Bitcoin is on everyone’s radar – Teeka believes the real golden opportunity will be to start dabbling into altcoins right now. And it would not be wise to bet against Teeka Tiwari’s proven track record in the space. He has proven time and time again to pick the right winners when it matters most.

Even in the Palm Beach Research Group’s Palm Beach Confidential membership program, even after the dreaded bear market crypto winter of 2018, his top three coins are up 729%… 2,089%… and 7,139% today.

And the best part – he believes these gains are only beginning now.

That’s why tonight is a must see event. The live crypto training session is absolutely free and will be diving deep into the 5 Coins to $5 Million. He will be revealing his top five coins that stand to make the biggest gains in the upcoming rally and believes you can take $500 and turn it into $5 Million in as little as 10 months from now.

He will also be covering the lucrative phenomenon that is guaranteed to happen and won’t be a thing again until 2024.

As it will be made very clear, bitcoin is growing up before our very eyes.

As it matures in size, the volatility will shrink and become more stable. And that’s why he believes now is the right time right place mentality that getting positioned with where the market stands today will have dramatic effects on where the price and value of the crypto market is in the next 9 months.

Find out more and reserve your spot here.

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Mastercard Teams Up With R3 To Develop Cross-Border Payment Solution Using Corda Blockchain Platform

Popular payments services provider Mastercard is teaming up with blockchain company R3 to create an international payments solutions, CoinDesk reports.

In a press statement, the two companies will develop and pilot a fresh blockchain-based cross-border platform. The payments solution will aim at linking world’s faster payments platforms, schemes as well as financial institutions majorly banks.

As per the press statement, the partnership is part of Mastercard’s plans to enhance its international payments network adding on its latest acquisition of an international payments firm Transfast at the beginning of this year.

The teaming up with R3 is a ploy by Mastercard to provide a wide range of payment solutions for its clients in efforts to allow them to decide how their money should be moved across the world.

Mastercard’s executive vice president in charge of new payment platforms, Peter Klein, stated that development of a high-quality cross-border payments platform will help the company enhance its connectivity around the world which is a key ambition for Mastercard. Klein went ahead to explain that Mastercard’s goal is to provide worldwide payment infrastructure and the partnership with R3 will help the company to achieve its vision.

According to R3, the new payment platform will be developed on top of Corda Enterprise, which is the commercial version of the Corda blockchain, and not on the open-source Corda platform.

The new cooperation is set to take advantage of R3’s blockchain development expertise and Mastercard’s global network and payment platforms. The two companies are hopeful that the partnership will allow them to eliminate various industry challenges such as high processing fees, management of liquidity and problems associated with domestic clearing systems.

This is not the first time the two companies are teaming up for a project. At the start of this month Mastercard officially became a member of Marco Polo trade finance blockchain platform that was started by R3 in collaboration with TradeIX.

Cointegraph reports that in the recent past, Mastercard has been angling to enter the crypto industry and in August the payments giant advertised for new job for blockchain as well as crypto -related products.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

Bitcoin Cash Can’t Mine Blocks Over 2 MB, Developer Suggests

A developer of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network has recently talked about the mining capabilities of the popular cryptocurrency. Amaury Séchet, a prominent developer of the community, has recently suggested that the network could not mine any block larger than 2 MB.

Séchet is known for being the lead dev behind the first implementation of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin ABC. For him to admit this is a big deal, especially when we remember why BCH and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) split. Roger Ver, the creator of BSV, has championed bigger blocks as the cure for all the problems that could be found in Bitcoin.

Some people, such as “Grubles”, the engineer from Blockstream, affirmed that it was not really a big deal, but others seemed concerned about the problems that could arise from the newly found limit.

AvatarX, the forum moderator of Bitcoinated, claimed that BCH was not even able to maintain blocks of over 1 MB for 30 days straight, so it was not really that surprising to find out that the network actually had problems to go other the 2 MB mark.

Recently, BCH has been falling in comparison with BTC, so this reveal is certainly not getting people any more bullish. One of the reasons why BCH was created was to actually have big blocks that could be more efficient, so not being able to provide an answer for this problem can certainly become a problem for the network in the long term.

Ever since its latest hard fork back in November last year, the BCH team has been facing more and more difficulties, so its future is uncertain right now.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Wealthy High-Net Worth Indians Consider Cryptocurrency For Their Investment Portfolios

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular around the world as more investors gain knowledge about the digital assets and the benefits they come with.

The development of various applications for cryptocurrency has placed them as a viable option on investment markets as the digital assets angle for mainstream adoption.

Cryptocurrency as an Investment Option

A recent study by Huru India revealed that there is a growing number of wealthy Indians that are interested in placing their investments in cryptocurrencies. About 10% of the surveyed individuals said that they are considering investing in cryptocurrencies in the near future.

This number makes cryptocurrency the fourth most preferred investment class, and given that these assets are relatively new on the market, it shows that they have made strides in gaining popularity among investors.

Most investors said that they would place their funds in real estate. Property remains the most attractive investment, and it is preferred because it is safe and maintains value over time. Stock and fixed income assets make the second and third places in terms of preferred investments as wealthy individuals prefer these traditional forms of investment.

It is worth noting that half of the surveyed individuals did not have a clue about what cryptocurrencies are.

Bitcoin remains a Top Investment option among Crypto Assets

The word cryptocurrency is usually associated with Bitcoin, and it isn’t without reason. The survey showed that individuals who are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency would pick Bitcoin as the digital asset they place their investment in.

30% of the respondents say that they would go for Bitcoin while 9% said that they would prefer Ethereum. 7% of the surveyed group said that they would go for XRP, which is one of the fastest-growing crypto assets on the market.

Bitcoin’s dominance over other cryptocurrencies has been going on for years as the leading cryptocurrency remains the most valuable crypto asset. As money markets experience low volatility, many investors are moving their funds into Bitcoin as they consider the cryptocurrency as a safe haven asset. Bitcoin’s desirability has driven its price to new heights, and crypto markets as a whole have benefited from this.

Indian Regulators and Cryptocurrency

India has one of the biggest crypto communities in the world, but the country’s authorities have expressed negativity towards cryptocurrencies.

The central bank of India ordered all financial institutions in the country to not engage in business with crypto related businesses. The government is considering a bill that would make crypto trading illegal in the country.

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Author: Ali Raza