Revisiting Amazon Move Into DLT With Quantum Ledger Database And Managed Blockchain

Amazon has recently provided some more information about two of its blockchain-related projects. They are the Amazon Managed Blockchain and the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database.

The preview of these new products points out that they are still in a very early phase, but that Amazon is getting consistently more interested in the blockchain technology and that it plans on using it more and more in the near future.

During the presentation, two aspects were especially showcased: the immutability and the verifiability of the blockchain technology. People can use it to enter immutable records and easily verify them in a decentralized manner. This trust aspect is why the company is so interested. Several other companies can use this technology for many purposes.

One caveat of the presentation is that Amazon keeps using the term “quantum ledger” while quantum technology is still not here, which means that it is more of a buzzword than anything else.

The so-called quantum product (see here) was created for cases in which a complete blockchain is not needed, only parts of it. In this case, some of the immutable technology can be used, but in a more centralized way, so that a single entity controls the data. What there is of something really new here is that the database allows for inserts, but not for deleting information.

Amazon Managed Blockchain, (see here) on the other hand, is the real thing. A complete core blockchain product that can be used by companies that are interested in private blockchains. This platform is set to initially have support for Ethereum and the Hyperledger Fabric technology. While Hyperledger is for companies that want to create a private network, Ethereum is better for creating open ones.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Is Now Still a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin? A Look at the Crypto Crystall Ball

  • In 2019, Bitcoin jumped more than 200% and is still up about 185%.
  • So, is it still a good time to buy Bitcoin?

“Compare the market cap of Gold with that of Bitcoin and you’ll see the upside potential. Enormous,”

said Bitcoin proponent Kim Dotcom.

Bitcoin has been regarded as the digital gold, some would even say it is better than gold itself as the yellow metal is heavy to carry around and can be seized by authorities and governments.

“Only 2% of all Internet users have ever used Bitcoin. As a store of value Bitcoin could surpass the value of Gold. It’s digital gold because of its architecture and limited supply,”

explained Kim.

In July, the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell himself compared Bitcoin with gold as he said,

“Almost no one uses bitcoin for payments, they use it more as an alternative to gold. It’s a speculative store of value.”

The reason for the same is the dramatic rise in its price.

BTC price has increased 759,999,900% in value since the last recession.

So, it makes sense that people don’t want to use it to pay for day to day activities when they know it is going to be worth much more than what it is today.

Gold has a market cap of about $8 trillion while the leading cryptocurrency is of just about $191 billion.

So, the upside is indeed “enormous” as Kim Dotcom said.

If we take a look at Bitcoin’s high in previous bull cycles — in 2011 BTC high was at $31.90, in 2014 it was $1,177, and then in 2017, BTC soared to almost $20,000 — we are making a new high every time.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $10,700 from the low of 2018 at $3,200. However, it is nowhere near the top we will be hitting this time.

As such this is definitely a good time to buy Bitcoin as we have yet to even hit 2019 high at $13,900.

According to analysts and traders of Crypto Twitter, we might still have to experience a few months of accumulation before we rally strong and hard.

In the coming months around the end of 2019 and the beginning of a new year, Bitcoin is further expected to jump and break above the ATH.

A historically bullish event, Bitcoin reward halving is also scheduled for May 17, 2020. This reward halving will decrease the miners’ reward from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC.


“Bitcoin offers freedom from censorship, seizure, and sanctions. It offers financial freedom and sovereignty for all.”

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Author: AnTy

Veteran Trader: Bitcoin may have Entered its Fourth Parabolic Phase, BTC Price Breakout Imminent?

  • Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $9,500
  • While one analyst says there is still more resistance, another one says we never had 3 red candles in a row in bull market
  • ”Possibility that BTC has entered fourth parabolic phase,” Peter Brandt

Bitcoin has turned green yet again but barely.

After tumbling to $9,300 level this week, the leading cryptocurrency has made its way upwards to almost $9,700.

At the time of writing, BTC/USD has been trading at $9,577 with 24 hours gains of 0.41%. However, daily trading volume has taken a drastic drop, currently, ten exchanges with real volume are registering just about $298 million, as per Messari.


Analyst and traders on Crypto Twitter have been expecting a drop to $8,000 level but this time as well, we failed to make it to that mark.

Historically, Q3 has been projected to be a bad month for the crypto market and that’s what happened. Now, we still have another month left in this quarter but some are getting bullish yet again.

“This month i expect a green candle, not a huge one, for the simple fact that in a bull market we never had 3 red candles in a row,”

said market analyst, CryptoWolf.

But analyst The Crytpomist believes, “there is still one more touch on resistance.”

A New Bull Cycle?

2019 has been a bullish year for Bitcoin after the winter of 2018 as BTC price soared more than 200% but the last two months (July and August) have been bad for the flagship cryptocurrency and by extension the entire crypto market.

However, Bitcoin is still up over 159% till date in 2019 after bottoming out in December 2018 at around $3,200.

According to veteran trader Peter Bradt, it is possible that bitcoin has entered into its fourth parabolic phase.

”Possibility that BTC has entered fourth parabolic phase,

Source: PeterLBrand

If we take a look at the Bitcoin rate of return in each cycle, 318,864% return was registered in 2011. Then 20% of that returns that is 58,474% was seen in 2014 and similarly 11,960% of that in 2017 at $20,000.

As per this standard, the potential return in the next cycle, that could be around 2022, would be around $78,500.

However, according to some experts, we might go beyond this level.

With Bitcoin halving just a few months away, the market is getting excited and the price is getting ready for a new all-time high.

In the light of gains recorded by BTC in 2019, it could be said that Bitcoin has finally entered into its fourth parabolic phase as many experts are also pointing towards.

What’s left to be seen is how high we will go this time!

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Author: AnTy

Wealthy High-Net Worth Indians Consider Cryptocurrency For Their Investment Portfolios

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular around the world as more investors gain knowledge about the digital assets and the benefits they come with.

The development of various applications for cryptocurrency has placed them as a viable option on investment markets as the digital assets angle for mainstream adoption.

Cryptocurrency as an Investment Option

A recent study by Huru India revealed that there is a growing number of wealthy Indians that are interested in placing their investments in cryptocurrencies. About 10% of the surveyed individuals said that they are considering investing in cryptocurrencies in the near future.

This number makes cryptocurrency the fourth most preferred investment class, and given that these assets are relatively new on the market, it shows that they have made strides in gaining popularity among investors.

Most investors said that they would place their funds in real estate. Property remains the most attractive investment, and it is preferred because it is safe and maintains value over time. Stock and fixed income assets make the second and third places in terms of preferred investments as wealthy individuals prefer these traditional forms of investment.

It is worth noting that half of the surveyed individuals did not have a clue about what cryptocurrencies are.

Bitcoin remains a Top Investment option among Crypto Assets

The word cryptocurrency is usually associated with Bitcoin, and it isn’t without reason. The survey showed that individuals who are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency would pick Bitcoin as the digital asset they place their investment in.

30% of the respondents say that they would go for Bitcoin while 9% said that they would prefer Ethereum. 7% of the surveyed group said that they would go for XRP, which is one of the fastest-growing crypto assets on the market.

Bitcoin’s dominance over other cryptocurrencies has been going on for years as the leading cryptocurrency remains the most valuable crypto asset. As money markets experience low volatility, many investors are moving their funds into Bitcoin as they consider the cryptocurrency as a safe haven asset. Bitcoin’s desirability has driven its price to new heights, and crypto markets as a whole have benefited from this.

Indian Regulators and Cryptocurrency

India has one of the biggest crypto communities in the world, but the country’s authorities have expressed negativity towards cryptocurrencies.

The central bank of India ordered all financial institutions in the country to not engage in business with crypto related businesses. The government is considering a bill that would make crypto trading illegal in the country.

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Author: Ali Raza

Peter Schiff Claims Recent Bitcoin Drop of 7% is Doom and Gloom for Safe Haven Asset Class

The gold bug Peter Schiff has attacked Bitcoin once more on social media. Now, he is claiming that Bitcoin is no safe haven asset because the token lost 7% of its value recently. His main argument is that the dip below $10,000 USD proved that Bitcoin is not the asset that most people believed it to be.

He affirmed that BTC has “failed the test” and that gold still reigns supreme, which is pretty convenient to him as he has a company that is focused on gold investments. Schiff claimed that investors saw the market pluging and jumped to the real safe haven assets: Japanese yen, Swiss franc and gold. All of these assets went up while BTC went down.

Despite him being a clear Bitcoin naysayer, his point is not entirely wrong. Bitcoin is failing to live up as a true safe haven asset just yet. In the last few weeks, it was one of the greatest losers of the market while gold and silver had good gains.

Some people have disagreed, though, affirming that U. S. bonds are an actual safe haven, not gold or Bitcoin, which are actually a store of value. As the government of the U. S. is currently even considering ultra-long bonds of 50 to 100 years, they are a clear choice.

The fall in the price of Bitcoin was most likely caused by market manipulation, it seems. And, given that the asset has high volatility, a loss of 7% is far from an ominous sign, as BTC may well go up 20% by next week.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

Bitcoin Records Its Lowest Volatility In the Past Two Months with Only Modest Price Movements

After the bull run has cooled down a bit, Bitcoin’s price has become more stable lately. This week, volatility has reached its lowest point since June. The 30-day volatility of the token fell to only 64 recently, according to data provided by Digital Asset Data and Blockforce Capital.

During its peak in July, the volatility reached 131. The current figures are 50% below that. The monthly range of BTC has also dropped a lot recently, which is coherent with the lack of volatility. This topic has reached its lowest value since March, as shown by the market data.

It was a long and volatile road until here, though. Bitcoin went up by 200% this year. The bull run happened mostly between April and June when the token reached the price of $14,000 and then went back to the $10,000 USD mark.

Ever since this happened, the volatility has remained low. There are some spikes up and down but the market is currently consolidating a strong bottom at the $10,000 figure.

David Martin, the CIO of Blockforce Capital, affirmed that Bitcoin has consolidated its price. Joe DiPasquele, from BitBull Capital, also gave his opinion on the matter. According to him, the prices are getting stable because there is still a lack of retail investors in the market.

He believes that the market has not yet fully accepted the $10,000 psychological barrier and if prices go down, they might plummet quite quickly. This is the main reason why investors are afraid.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Dev Affirms That a Change of Name Would Get Other Cryptos “Rekt”

Would Ethereum Classic (ETC) be more popular if it removed Ethereum from its name? A developer seems to think so. Stevan Lohja, one of the devs from the ETC team, has recently affirmed on social media that other altcoins with a higher market value would be “rekt” if ETC decided to change its name.

The name Ethereum Classic was created after the hard fork in which some ETH users decided not to change the protocol after the DAO scandal back in 2016. The association with Ethereum, however, seems to be a problem for the token now.

Because of this, some people have started to affirm that the Ethereum name should be completely removed and that a rebrand is needed. Yaz Khoury, the director of the ETC Cooperate, agrees with that. He affirms that he has “always advocated” for the token to change its name because it needs a proper identity.

The best opportunity to discuss this further would be at the ETC Classic Summit, which is already set to happen in Vancouver, Canada, on October 3 to 4.

Names are important. It was proved that cryptos with three-letter symbols which are easier to remember will tend to fare better and that companies that associate their business with Bitcoin or blockchain tend to get more profits.

Because of this, a rebrand might be the way to go forward. At the moment. ETC is the 21st token by market cap, so the name change might not put into the Top 10 tokens as the developers seem to believe, but it may bring some important freshness to the brand.

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Author: Daniel W

Peter Schiff Attacks CNBC After Network Gave More Attention To Bitcoin (BTC) Than Gold


Bitcoin is on a bull run recently, so it is normal that the crypto asset will get more attention from the media than assets such as gold, right? Well, that is not what Peter Schiff believes.

Schiff, who is a well-known investor of the gold industry, was pretty pissed recently because CNBC is giving more attention to gold than it does for crypto. He accused the network of pumping Bitcoin by devoting far more airtime to it than gold. As it Bitcoin is not infinitely more interesting as a topic and investment than gold these days.

He also claimed that it is not the Chinese who are buying the Bitcoin, but speculators instead because they know that the market may bring some high returns pretty quickly and can be used as a safe haven.

Several media outlets are reporting that the price of BTC going up might have something to do with the current U. S.-China trade war, but Schiff remains considerably skeptic about it. He believes that the Chinese are not a part of the bull run and that this is all just fake news. When we consider that China actually banned crypto assets, that is not really an impossible theory.

Last week, the gold investor appeared on CNBC, ironically, on Ran Neuner’s crypto program. There, he once again bashed the crypto asset during a debate with the founder of the Morgan Digital Bank bank, Anthony Pompliano.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Venezuela Sets New Bitcoin Volume Record As Inflation Rises To Over 10,000,000%


The dire economic situation in Venezuela continues to drive its inhabitants to use more and more Bitcoin. Last week, the country has achieved a new all-time high trading volume and has traded more bolivars, the local fiat currency, for Bitcoin than ever before.

This data comes from Coin Dance, which tracks Localbitcoins, Bisq, and Paxful, some of the most popular P2P trading platforms available in the local market. According to the data, last week hit record highs as 57 billion bolivars were traded. In the previous week, 49 billion bolivars were traded.

Does this mean that the country is using more and more Bitcoin? Not exactly. The main reason why the numbers keep going up is that the country’s fiat currency is suffering from hyperinflation. The bolivar’s inflation has reached 10,000,000% recently, a number that was never seen before in the local economy.

As people got their salaries and lost almost everything, most of them are trying to use new ways of storing value and Bitcoin is the perfect answer for that.

Another reason why people decided to go for the decentralized solution is because the local crypto trading might not be officially supported, but foreign currency suffers from embargoes, so it is easier to use decentralized P2P solutions instead of buying dollars, for instance, because you have alternate channels which are easy to use.

It should be noted, though, that there is a plain catch here: while the volume on the bolivar side keeps growing, less BTC is being bought. This means that the trading is actually going down despite the numbers going up. This says more about the local fiat currency being really weak than about Bitcoin being strong there.

In any case, it seems like we are far from a time in which Venezuela will actually stop using Bitcoin. The economy does not seem to be getting better at all and there is no solution in sight for the rampaging inflation.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Sesterce Mining: Legit Blockchain Investment Platform for Crypto Mining?


Sesterce Mining is the world’s biggest e-commerce mining platform with more than 2000 orders per month, more than 100 references, and shipment all around the world. Its cloud mining section allows users to earn cryptocurrencies with the best possible customer experience and in a totally secure way. No knowledge required to start mining cryptocurrencies.

Sesterce’s main objective is to set up a community around blockchain assets with an increasingly wide range of services. The group has created a real blockchain mining expertise and investment in the recent years. They have the biggest catalog of services around mining. The platform is a grouping by the alliance of several major players in Blockchain in Europe, with the intention of creating a global player and a real representative of Europe in this market.

What They Do

Sesterce is the best place to invest in crypto mining solutions, and help reinvent and open, free, and efficient financial model. It’s an all-round blockchain-based investment platform.

Sesterce believes in the ultimate transformation of banking. It believes the world is at a stage where the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies is massively disruptive and innovative. The platform offers a new way of joining the new paradigm of value transfer between people by allowing users to start mining cryptocurrencies with the best hardware available on the market at the best price.

Here are some of the benefits of the platform:

  • A complete offer on new blockchain investment models: Sesterce offers cloud mining, miners, masternodes, hosting, and pool. Its offer on digital asset infrastructures is both simple and complete.
  • A global actor with three offices worldwide: Sesterce offers services and delivery of products all over the world with a team dispatched between France, Hong Kong, and the U.S.
  • Reliable customer support: Its customer service based in France is focused on providing the best experience at any time. The French-based company operates under the law of European Union, with a willingness to always offer the best customer experience.

Complete Solutions for Crypto Mining

Sesterce is a trusted actor, positioned as a European player on the global mining scene with major partnerships and a significant market share. The company has more than 30 partners across the world. Some of the reasons why it leads include:

  • Dedicated, passionate, and professional services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Premium customer support
  • Scheduled, accurate, and timely delivery

Besides, the platform has awesome customer support that is willing to assist customers at any time. In case of any concern, simply contact they and they will help you solve your issues with any aspect of their services, their products, or any cryptocurrency-related questions.

The Main Seller of Hardware Mining Worldwide

With Sesterce’s cloud mining services, you can mine any cryptocurrency available in their catalog. Simply switch your mining power on the fly for all the coins using their Bitcoin mining website. Currently there are more than 20 different digital currencies for mining. There’s no need to set up the hardware, or do maintenance, as Sesterce takes care of everything.


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