Investors Hoarding Cash in Anticipation of a Significant Drop in Stocks Next year But Bitcoin still the Best Option

  • Dow Jones and S&P 500 making new records
  • China injects $25.68 billion in the monetary system and lowest rate for the first time since 2015
  • Wealthy investors bracing for a recession by stockpiling cash, But UBS says cash might not be the best strategy
  • Bitcoin meanwhile outperforming every other asset class for the last 10 years

For the first time ever, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 28,000 while the S&P 500 index hit its fourth consecutive record.

These bullish sentiments some market commentators believe are here to stay. JC O’Hara, Chief market technician at MKM Partners said,

“The melt-up continues. While the market has entered ‘overbought’ territory, we are not seeing any intensity from bears at this moment. While an overbought pullback is always a possibility, we continue to like the intermediate-term prospects for equities.”

On Monday, for the first time since Oct. 2015, China’s central bank lowered the interest rate on the regular reverse purchase open market operations to boost market confidence and prop up the slowing growth. PBOC also injected 180 billion yuan into the monetary system.

According to state media agency Xinhua, the US and China had “constructive talks” on trade while the Trump administration is expected to grant a 90-day license extension to allow US companies to continue doing business with Huawei.

The Louder the Denials, the Greater the Odds

However, Charles Hugh Smith, the author of the popular blog “” isn’t buying it. He said,

“The financial media is loudly declaring the current blowoff top in stocks is not a blowoff top.”

“The delicious irony here is these denials are reliable markers of blowoff tops: the louder the denials, the greater the odds that this is, in fact, the blowoff top that many pundits have been expecting for some time, but always in the future.”

While referring to the US Federal Reserve injecting $60 million per month to manage the repo mass that Fed Chair Jerome Powell said “in no sense” is QE Smith said, “Calling QE not-QE doesn’t make it different than QE.”

Wealthy Investors Bracing for a Recession by Stockpiling Cash

Despite the new heights reached by the market, investors are preparing for a turbulent period ahead that can result in a “significant drop” in the equity benchmark.

According to a recent survey by UBS Wealth Management, 55% of wealthy investors are bracing for a drop in the market before 2020 ends.

In the backdrop of concerns about the US-China trade war and economic slowdown, cash is emerging as the king. As can be seen in the portfolio of high net worth investors, it is ruled by cash.

These wealthy investors are holding 25% of their portfolios in cash, which is much higher than the UBS recommended by 5%.

As a matter of fact, cash holdings have been growing since the financial crisis.

Hoarding Cash, not the Best Strategy, Bitcoin Boat still here

Last week, Axios reported that firms are trying to protect themselves from recession but the pullback in spending by these major companies can actually help in causing recession or intensify the downturn in the economy.

But in a note from September, UBS said stockpiling cash might not be the best strategy. “Cash is an inefficient way of managing portfolio downside risk over the long term,” wrote UBS.

“Cash reduces the portfolio’s return during bull markets, while also providing very little ’crisis alpha’ during market drawdowns,” added the UBS strategists.

Like Ron Paul, former Congressman from Texas concluded in his poll, the majority of the people prefer to hodl Bitcoin than gold, bonds or Fed notes for the next 10 years.

Also, as we reported, Bitcoin has been outperforming every other asset class, US stocks bonds, gold, real estate, emerging currencies, and oil, for its entire 10-year history. According to analyst Willy Woo,” it’s as performant today as it was in 2009, you haven’t missed the boat.”

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RippleNet’s Partner Finablr Sees 22% Boost In Revenue; Citing Samsung And UnionPay Collaborations

Several platforms that use Ripple’s technology are making progress recently. Finablr, a Ripple partner that uses the On-Demand Liquidity services of the technology firm, has recently posted some data about its revenue that confirms the idea that these companies are faring well because they use XRP.

According to the recent data published by the company, Finablr has reported earnings of $182 million USD this year, which means that the revenue went up 22% when compared to last year.

Even though Ripple is not directly cited in the report, the partnership between the two platforms was started this year and Finablr now runs on top of the XRP Ledger using the service that was formerly known as xRapid to get more liquidity.

This was not the only partnership that was started this year. Recently, Finablr also decided to team up with Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant. With this partnership, the services were embedded into Samsung’s cryptocurrency wallet, which was launched together with its newest line of phones.

Ripple Continues Its Partnerships

The prominent crypto company is continuing its efforts to make important partnerships. This year alone, Ripple started over 300 partnerships, which are considered essential for the success of the platform.

Flash FX, for instance, has been using Ripple’s ODL product to create payment corridors between the Philippines and Australia.

The ODL has also been successfully integrated into MoneyGram, a large payment service. Around 10% of all the remittances to Mexico are now using the Ripple-based service, partly because Ripple has started its integration with Bitso, the largest crypto exchange in Latin America right now.

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The Ideal Buying Zone Price for Bitcoin is Near the $6,700 Level: Crypto Twitter Analyst

The cryptocurrency market has been making some noise recently thanks to some positive new developments. Last week, China’s Xi Jinping stated that the country should focus on the future of blockchain technology, which bumped the coin up from its sideways movement. And more recently the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) stated that it would list The Bitcoin Fund on Canada’s stock exchange.

These news stories have breathed life once again into bitcoin and significantly boosted its price. But now analysts are thinking that the coin might be overbought, which could mean that it’s due for a reversal down to more realistic levels.

A popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter has revealed what he believes is bitcoin’s ideal price point. The analyst, called Dave the Wave, stated that the ideal buying price for bitcoin is near the $6700 level, which would mean that the coin’s current price of $9200 is considerably overbought.

Dave the Wave notes that the coin is in a downwards trend over the medium term and that the MACD histogram, which measures momentum, is also showing bearish qualities.

Dave the Wave states:

“Is the IDEAL buying price of 6.7K still a real possibility? Yes, but in practical terms I think you’d be buy in tranches/ average in once price hits the ‘buy zone’. Sailing close to the wind now….”

There is some additional evidence to give credence to the analysts claims. By using a volume profile indicator, which shows the level of demand of particular price points, the greatest concentration can be found near the $6500 area.

The logarithmic chart for bitcoin also affirms that bitcoin could be overbought. The chart with curved trendline shows that the support level is at $6300 and is slowly curving upwards. It’s therefore likely that the ideal price point for bitcoin is at or near the $6700 mark.

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Gorgon Group Unleashes MasterMana Botnet to Steal Crypto Assets from Wallets

A new Botnet, dubbed the MasterMana Botnet, is making waves with its sophisticated, cheap and straightforward design. The botnet was designed to steal personal information and cryptocurrency, using a phishing scheme to gain access to your systems. MasterMana is suspected to be made by the cybercriminal organization: The Gorgon Group.

Cybercriminals are always interesting things to talk about. A century ago, no one would be even able to conceive something like the Internet. Twenty years ago, things like Cryptocurrencies were merely nonexistent.

Now, we’re in an era where the Internet is a necessity for day-to-day life, and cybercriminals are a constant threat to your finances, personal information, and even your identity. It’s worth more, and at the same time far, far less, than what you would imagine.

Cybersecurity researchers had tracked MasterMana down to have started as early as December 2018. They suspect it’s financially motivated due to the indiscriminate nature of the attacks placed on businesses’ emails. They showed a specific intent to find cryptocurrency wallets.

It starts with a phishing email. Said email contains an infected document. Opening the document activates a sophisticated malicious code, broken down into layers to help prevent identification. It further avoids detection by using trusted third party mediums to deliver the code.

Things like Bitly, Blogspot, and Pastebin, common data-sharing platforms, are utilized to download infected pieces of code. Usually, attackers use their private domains to host this, making it relatively easier to track.

Cutting out this vulnerability makes the MasterMana botnet all the more dangerous. The code downloads ultimately culminate in an infected .NET dll file that in turn creates a backdoor into the system. The first attacks used Revenge Rat, a free Remote Access Trojan, but as the attack’s lifespan went on, they switched to Azorult, another well-known trojan software.

Azorult itself is a powerful trojan software, designed to steal usernames, passwords, web history, cookies, and even your cryptocurrency wallets. The software can upload and download files on the infected system, take screenshots, and enumerate the system.

This, in turn, leaves it open for more vulnerabilities. Things like cryptominers and ransomware one of many things they can decide to put on your system.

Guerrilla Warfare’s New Front

The most staggering fact about all this isn’t the coding itself, while sophisticated. It isn’t even the risk of financial loss, while considerable. It’s the price tag on an operation like this. Countless amounts of funds are spent every year by major companies to ensure their vulnerable data stays secure. Billions of Dollars of research, development, and hard work have been put into the cybersecurity sector.

This attack operates on an estimated $160 in its entirety.

Using a single virtual private server and using free online services like Pastebin, these criminals managed to thwart a billion-dollar industry. They achieved this by just creating something that kept them ahead for a while. As time goes on, this attack will doubtlessly become less and less effective, but it shows how cheap you can go if you know what you’re doing.

For the sake of your safety, please be suspicious of any and all files attached to emails. Please be aware that these things only need one moment of lack of focus to get into your system. Keep your cybersecurity up to date, and above all, be safe.

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Author: Ali Raza

Binance Removes Multiple Trading Pairs, Opens Account Registration for Puerto Rico Residents

Binance is making several changes to its list of assets recently. The company decided to delist several trading pairs from its list. Curiously, some of the assets that were removed include some of the tokens that were launched via the Binance Launchpad.

According to the exchange, the trading pairs will be removed to improve the liquidity of the platform and improve the overall trading experience of the users.

A total of 30 trading pairs were removed, including the famous BitTorrent Token (BTT) /Bitcoin (BTC) trading pair. Now, BTT can be only be traded with stablecoins such as Tether, Paxos Standard (PAX), TrueUSD and USD Coin (USDC).

This may have happened partly because the BTT token was a huge disappointment. It was one of the most hyped launches on the platform and still, its price fell quite substaintially. It was being traded for 35 Satoshi after the launch against only 5 Satoshi now.

Binance also delisted trading pairs including the Elrond Network (ERD), WINk (WIN) and Harmony (ONE). All of these tokens still have some trading pairs on the platform, only with less variety now.

The company affirmed that part of the reason why the delisting happened is that some of the trading pairs were considered to be causing too much volatility to the tokens because they were illiquid markets.

Most of the delisted trading pairs include ANKR, BCPT, BTT, DENT, DOGE, ERD, FTM, FUEL, GTO, LUN, NCASH, NPXS, ONE, PHB, TFUEL, WAVES and WIN tokens against Bitcoin or stablecoins.

Binance.US Opens Up Registration For Puerto Rico Residents

The U. S. version of Binance, known as Binance.US, also has updates. Now, people from Puerto Rico, a region under the control of the U. S., will be able to open up accounts. These users will have the same level of access as the U. S. residents from the states in which trades are already happening. Puerto Rico residents also get special zero trading fees for a month as part of the launch.

Binance.US went live on September 24 and it currently offers 13 trading pairs.

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Swindling Advertisements on Facebook Try to Con Investors About Joining TON Investment

Fake news has been making rounds on Facebook about being part of the Telegram Open Network platform.

Kommersant, the Russian news outlet reported that ads were appearing that promoted a certain “Successful Investor” account on Facebook. Upon clicking the ad, you are directed to a website that purports to be Russian economics and technology media outlet RBC.

You will find a publication that resembles an investigation article; it has links to a website. The site has got a video that shows “unique scheme” of getting cash and also provides you with a registration form that is allegedly for TON platform.

A domain search service, Whois says that the domain for that website was registered back on Aug 30. The scheme promises users that they could take home $150 to $235 on a daily basis after they have given out their telephone numbers and email addresses. It is to be treated as a fraud because TON platform is yet to be unleashed.

However, as we drew close to the end of August during the $1.7 billion initial coin offering for Telegram, three anonymous investors said that Telegram was prepared to sell the foremost Gram tokens by October of this year.

TON Platform

Telegram unleashed its node software and TON testnet explorer on its website earlier this month. This is already 2 months ahead of the scheduled instigation of the digital currency (Gram).

Cointelegraph in April said that Telegram had granted access to a testing version that was to be discreet on the TON blockchain to several developers. The blockchain platform had extremely high transaction speed according to the anonymous test developers. This meant that the technology would be useful and ease out stress on lengthy transactions.

TON Labs, a software startup, is allegedly developing a solidity compiler for this technology. The Labs is currently managed and run by token offering investors for Telegram. Solidity compiler is a programming language that is also used in unfolding smart contracts on Ethereum platform. This, therefore, makes the Ethereum DApps compatible with the TON blockchain technology.

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Department of Energy Dedicates $1.05 Million for Creating a Blockchain Energy Management Platform

  • The DOE has shown a keen interest in making use of novel technological solutions related to A.I. and blockchain in the past.
  • For example, back in April, the government body announced that it was entering into an agreement with a Colorado-based security firm Taekion’ in order to deploy a blockchain-based security module for one of its power-plant facilities

As per an all new press release issued by energy provider ComED a couple of days back, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) has just released a number of grants (estimated to be worth $1.05 million) for organizations working to create a blockchain-based energy transaction platform.

ComEd is one of the 4 firms to have been given monetary support by the DOE. The others include the University of Denver, Virginia Tech and BEM Controls.

It is rumored that the new platform will be devised using BEM Controls’ existing research data that is related to energy efficiency and utilization.

According to a representative for BEM Controls, the reason for building such a platform is to enhance tx security as well as make accounting easier for large-scale energy providers.

With this latest initiative, the DOE is looking to promote blockchain-based energy marketplaces across America. It is expected that a beta version of the platform will go live by the end of 2022.

Talking about the role blockchain technology can possibly play within the energy sector, Amin Khodaei from the University of Denver, was recently quoted as saying that owing to the proliferation of distributed energy resources, it is imperative that we now start to move towards management systems that support peer-to-peer communications (while being fast, scalable and secure). He then went on to add:

“Now is the time to develop and demonstrate the technologies that can make a more sustainable and resilient future possible.”

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Tron (TRX) blockchain Introduces Just.Game and Eggie.World as the Count Reaches 519 dApps


Tron Foundation are making it a routine to publish weekly reports on the progress in decentralized applications (dApp), technical developments, price state of TRX, partnerships, acquisitions, and user interactions. The practice is keeping the Tron community relaxed as they follow through with the developments of their favorite platform.

Recently, Tron Foundation celebrated the first anniversary of Tron’s migration from the ERC 20 standard to the TRC 20 standard. by releasing the long-awaited Bit Torrent Speed and Bit Torrent File System. The report further confirms the network has a total of 513 dApps, with two new gaming dApps announced too. We further look at the progress of the TRX token in the charts as the market continues to bleed following Bitcoin’s drop below $12,000 USD.

Tron Blockchain Report: The dApp Review

Tron (TRX) is experiencing massive growth, not only in price but in development and community interaction as well. The blockchain has registered over 30 decentralized applications in the past month, crossing the 500 marks at the end of June – currently at 519 dApps.

Steady increase in number of dApps on the Tron network (Image:

The dApps racked in more than $11.5 million USD in the past 24 hours signaling a 45% increase in the volume transacted in the past 24 hours. The number of users also sharply increased in the past day with over 8,000 users added to the network in the past 24 hours – a total of 46,700 users across the dApps.

Tron blockchain shows healthy growth in a number of smart contracts launched on DappRadar with a total of 1033 smart contracts in the past week.

New dApps on Tron

Games and gambling sports are the top dApps on Ethereum (ETH), Eos (EOS) and Tron, the three largest dApp platforms in the world. Two more were added to the ecosystem as Tron welcomed – created by Team JUST – and is a unique game combining an economic mechanism with a novel game mechanism to ensure the fairness of the game is upheld. The creators of the game are well known for creating the FOMO 3D game. released its beta version on the website earlier this week revealing a collection game that requires the players to take care of an egg till it hatches. The egg can be trained and fed using any Tron based token.

TRX Financial Performance

The market is bleeding following Bitcoin’s price plummeting below $11,200 USD on Sunday 14th, 2019. TRX currently places 10th on the Coinmarketcap listings. The token trades at $0.028837 USD, representing a slight 1.5% drop in price in the past 24 hours. The market capitalization stands at $1,922,886,033 USD.

2Tron (TRX/USD) price chart since January 2019 (Source: Coinmarketcap)

Marcus Zhao, the technical director of the Public Chain Division of Tron (TRX) recently announced that the development team are closing in on releasing the anonymous payment system earlier this week This announcement comes a day after TRX gained addition on the Opera browser on Android alongside Bitcoin.

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CRYPTO.COM CHAIN Price Prediction Today: Daily (CRO) Value Forecast – June 25

  • CRO/BTC market has now been making attempts to push northwards.
  • The sudden spike may be a signal to expect more bulls’ potentials as long as the B0.000005 price point isn’t broken southwards.

CRO/BTC Medium-term Trend: Ranging

  • Supply levels: B0.000009, B0.00001, B0.000011
  • Demand levels: B0.000004, B0.000003, B0.000002

Between June 22 and until about formation of two 4-hour candlesticks of early trading sessions today, the CRO/USD market moved notably in a range. The third emergence of the 4-hour candlestick has come up with a violent spike that broke out of the range spot to average B0.000009 mark.

Not too long, the pair made a quick correction to now hover around upper range spots depicted at B0.000007 and B0.000006 price levels. The Bollinger Bands are located underneath the 50-day SMA. But, the Bollinger Upper Band has touched the SMA indicator from below. The Stochastic Oscillators have crossed to point north within ranges 40 and 20.

The crypto-market has now had a selling wall between the B0.000009 and B0.000007 points. Therefore, the bulls are not expected to push the market line beyond the B0.00009 mark in a near trading time of the CRO/BTC market.

CRO/USD Short-term Trend: Ranging

A spike that occurred earlier in the CRO/BTC market in the short run has led it into entering upper range zones afterward. Yesterday’s trading sessions witnessed its series of ranging market movements around lower zones as compared with the present.

The crypto-market has now been fluctuating around B0.000007 and B0.000006 price lines. The Bollinger Bands have opened wider around the B0.000007 and B0.000005 marks with the 50-day SMA located a bit under the Bollinger Middle Band’s trend-line. The Stochastic Oscillators have conjoined hairs to move along range 40.

There are indications that the bulls in the market of CRO/BTC are likely to gain the market’s advantage in the short-term run. Therefore, the bears may not have the possibility of pressing down the market retest a low point at B0.000005 mark.

The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect that of and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Comparing Bitcoin To US 10-year Treasury Shows Its Use Case As Hedging Asset


Bitcoin has been making its case an uncorrelated, safe-haven asset. Bitcoin’s store-of-value characteristics that are similar to real assets like gold, as well as hard-money attributes like immutable scarcity.

New data shows that Bitcoin closely tracks inverted US 10-year Treasury (UST10Y) performance. This increases its hedging use case manifolds.

Stock Board Asset founder and CEO, Alastair Williamson notes:

However, this data is only of the last 6 months.

The 10-year Treasury note yield soared 6.5 basis points to 2.066%, trimming the benchmark rate’s weekly decline to 2.6 basis points. It staged its biggest daily yield increase since April 1, a day after falling below the 2% level to a two and half year low.

Bitcoin As A Safe Haven

Grayscale’s industry-famous research department recently released a report titled “Hedging Global Liquidity Risk with Bitcoin”. In it, the firm explained how the leading cryptocurrency is becoming used as a hedge in financial crises and periods of geopolitical turmoil. They looked into how the asset can be used during bouts in which there is high liquidity risk, the risk of a real decline in wealth resulting from an imbalance in the amount of money and credit relative to debt in a given economy.

While it is still very early in Bitcoin’s life cycle as an investable asset, there is proof supporting the assumption that it can serve as a hedge in a global liquidity crisis, particularly those that result in subsequent currency devaluations.

We can see this everywhere in the world where there is an economic turmoil, namely Venezuela, Iran, and more recently Hong Kong. Protests against a controversial extradition law resulted in Bitcoin trading at a premium in Hong Kong. BTC has been trading between $75 and $160 over the global average on local exchange Tidebit, with many experts believing an even bigger premium will follow.

All of Today’s Bitcoin Price Analysis, Chart Forecasts and Industry News

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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