Circle Gets Leaner As Digital Asset Broker Voyager Acquires Crypto Investing App

Circle Invest, the digital asset investment app of Circle Internet Financial Ltd., has been sold for an equity stake to Canada-based Voyager Digital Ltd.

Voyager will now issue to Circle common shares that represent around 4% ownership at Circle. It will also reimburse some costs to the Boston-based company. On Tuesday in New York, Voyager shares were traded at around 22 cents.

Circle To Focus on USD Coin (USDC)

First being focused on retail-oriented cryptocurrency businesses, Circle has started as of late to pay more attention to its own USDC stablecoin. Back in December 2019, they sold Circle Trade, an over-the-counter business based on trading that it owned to Kraken, the famous crypto exchange.

Voyager to Add Over 40,000 Retail Accounts

With the new acquisition, Voyager is going to add over 40,000 retail accounts, so its customer base is sure to reach more than 200,000 users, as a statement released by the company says. The transaction for the agreement is supposed to be closed by the end of next month.

As the partnership says, the collaboration is meant to deliver the companies’ joint customer base rapid and global payments at low costs. This is what Voyager’s chief executive officer, Steve Ehrlich, had to say about the matter:

“It’s transformative for Voyager in that we get to scale our business in an efficient way with such a great partner as Circle.”

Circle Invest’s Retail Customers Will Gain Access to Voyager’s Brokerage

Retail customers of Circle Invest will gain access to Voyager’s services for brokerage, including the 0 commission trading of over 30 crypto assets, digital transfers, secure omnibus custody portfolio, and wallet management tools and lock-up free interest yield for the popular coins. This is what Circle’s Director of Product Management, Rachel Mayer said about her company’s agreement with Voyager:

“We’re very happy to be able to provide Circle Invest customers with a broader depth of retail investment features through the transaction with Voyager.

This transition comes at a time when Circle is launching new platform services and products for businesses around the world to help them bring the benefits of stablecoins into their products and grow global commerce in new and innovative ways.”

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Author: Oana Ularu

Jeff Brown’s Timed Stocks Summit: The Biggest Money-Making Event of the Decade?

Jeff Brown’s Timed Stocks Summit is an online webinar to show consumers how to invest in stocks with the right timing to maximize profits. Potential users can only register on the official website for Bonner & Partners.

What is the Timed Stocks Summit?

The stock market is all about timing, consumers need to invest at certain price levels before the stocks rise in value. Their profits drop as the price drops, which is not an end result that any investor likes to see. According to Bonner & Partners, there are some stocks that are a little more complicated, and one in every 680 stocks has a timer programmed into it and that can signal when the share price will jump drastically, even by 23,200% in a single day, which Jeff Brown calls “timed stocks.”

Brown credits the timer to the federal government, stating that the moment that the timer reaches zero is when these prices spike. The principle that these types of stocks is founded on is already used by almost two dozen of the largest hedge funds in the world, he says, including the Founders Fund by Peter Thiel and Icahn Capital from Carl Icahn.

Timed stocks have already seen $97 billion in investments from venture capitalists, reducing in gains that are 10 times over what they invested. Insiders that know about this timer have managed to bring in profits as high as $4.6 billion, and five of these insiders have already been listed with Forbes as the richest Americans.

Right now, there are few investors that even are aware of the concept of timed stocks. However, Brown plans to release all of this information to anyone that is willing to watch the seminar, exposing the mystery of the stock market. He plans to discuss why these types of stocks have been kept a secret for so long, while showing exactly how to identify one of these stocks.

Currently, there’s a timer on the website associated with the stock that he will share, showing that a timer will reach that last second on February 9th at 4:30am EST. Brown states that consumers will be able to see the proof of this stock’s status by the time of the event. If consumers take advantage of the stock, they could end up making about $128,000 in the next few weeks, which Brown “all but guarantees.”

About Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is advertised as “America’s #1 angel investor,” according to Bonner & Partners. So far, the so-called “genius” has already invested in a total of 130 private deals, though all but nine of those deals made as much as 4,300%. Having recently wrapped up his post-grad work at Yale, which is now engraving Brown’s name on their wall of founders, has also received degrees from Purdue, Stanford, MIT, and the London Business School.

In his time in the financial industry, Brown has managed to predict the top S&P 500 stock two separate times and has also correctly picked out the top two small-caps of the Russell 1,000. Statistically, there’s not even a one in 500 million chance of this happening, showing how good Brown is with these odds.

In the last few years, Brown has already managed to track a total of 119 timed stocks, and every single one of them started going up when their metaphorical timer ended. At the peak, the gain was 27,245%, which means that a $5,000 investment would’ve turned into $1.3 million.

Will These Timed Stocks Work?

Realistically, there is no guarantee that any investment will work. However, Brown has a wealth of experience in the financial industry that suggests that his advice is both authentic and effective. Brown will explain through the event how these timed stocks have been hidden through the years, and what consumers need to do to find them for their own investments.

Along with the event, consumers increase their likelihood of success with access to a series of exclusive training videos, which are only available to the people that sign up for the summit.

When is the Timed Stocks Summit?

If all of this information is enough to entice consumers to get involved, all that is needed is for the interested parties to input their email address on the official Bonner & Partners website for the event. The summit will take place on January 22nd at 8:00pm EST.

Participation costs nothing, and the only investment consumers have to make initially is their time to attend. Consumers are provided with an incentive beyond the promises of profits to attend the event in the form of a “special gift.” This gift, according to the website, would put $6,003 back in the participant’s pocket, which would be enough to purchase 448 shares of the timed stock that Brown is featuring, or any other stock.

After booking a spot for the summit, consumers will get access to the training videos that they were promised. They will also receive further instructions on what will happen at the summit.


Consumers that want to see major improvements in their financial portfolio stand to gain a lot from listening to what Brown has to say. While the investment will end up costing them money, the actual participation in the event is entirely free. Consumers have nothing to lose by getting involved, but they could miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime without it. Anyone that happens to be free on that Wednesday night coming up may want to consider staying in with their computer to see what Brown has to say.

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North Carolina Republican Congressional Candidate Wants to ‘Invest Wisely’ in Bitcoin in 2020

Republican candidate for US Congress Pete D’Abrosca thinks it’s very wise to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) in the year that’s about to come.

D’Abrosca wants to be elected to the North Carolina seventh district. This is what he said on Twitter about investing in Bitcoin and ammunition:

While it’s unlikely for him to win the election against Republican Congressman David Rouzer, who’s the incumbent at the moment, it’s still good there are more crypto supporters in the US politics.

Former Bakkt CEO to Become Interim Senator

People in the crypto industry seem to forget the former CEO of Bakkt, a major Bitcoin futures exchange will be the interim Senator for Georgia. During the introduction ceremony held for her, Governor Brian Kemp said she will stand by President Trump’s side and vote against his removal from office. Here are Kemp’s exact words:

“Kelly Loeffler will stand with our president, Senator Perdue, and their allies in the House and Senate to keep America great.”

If she wants to remain on the seat, Loeffler will have to run for the 2020 election. Kemp thinks she’s the right person to win back the trust of Republican female voters.

President Donald Trump Not a Fan of Crypto

In spite of the fact that many members in his party are open to cryptocurrency, President Donald Trump isn’t. The hope is that there are many crypto supporters in the Democratic party too, seeing that Andrew Yang, who occupies the 4th position in popularity for Democrats, announced he’s accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other cryptocurrencies for funding his July 2018 campaign. More than this, Tulsi Gabbard disclosed in her federal filings that she has crypto holdings.

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1 Billion XRP Transferred from Escrow Wallet To Ripple, Then The $219M Gets Locked Up Again

  • Ripple states that it was not dumping XRP but using it to invest in new companies.
  • The current price of XRP is $0.220599 each, dropping by almost 1% in the last 24 hours.

Whale Alert is a profile on Twitter that is known for its real-time reports of massive cryptocurrency transactions. On December 2nd, the profile recorded a rather interesting transaction, 1 billion XRP tokens, coming straight from the Ripple escrow wallet.

The volume was moved in two transactions, worth about $219. However, in just seven minutes, the same number of tokens was moved back to the Ripple escrow account, moved in three separate transactions. Perhaps the fact that this isn’t the first time that Ripple has performed such a massive transaction.

The practice is relatively frequent by Ripple, though it has left some of the community worrisome that Ripple is intentionally dumping the crypto asset and crashing its price in the process. There was even a petition filed on in August on the matter titled “Stop Ripple dumping.”

Another petition was published in September, albeit with a little more sarcasm as it called for Ripple to increase the dumping instead by saying “unleash the utility.”

Previously, the community of XRP had essentially threatened a takeover of the company, if these issues do not get the attention that they deserve. However, the company has stated that the purpose of the massive XRP sales is to invest in new companies to expand on the ecosystem for additional operations.

Through the last few months, the price of XRP has been dropped, even with a few new partnerships set up. MoneyGram, the money transmission network, only just announced the completion of its commitment, involving a $20 million investment.

These two companies recently collaborated to work on cross-border payments and forex settlements with digital assets, kicking off a two-year partnership. The agreement states that MoneyGram has the ability use up to $50 million from Ripple, exchanging for equity in the company.

Right now, XRP is still the #3 cryptocurrency asset by market capitalization, but it is having a weak moment. The yearly low of the asset was just $0.219, compared to the current price of $0.220599 at the time of writing, which isn’t much higher. The token has lost almost 1% of its value in the last 24 hours alone.

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Litecoin Foundation Set To Allocate Unknown Amount Of Treasury To Celsius Network

Litecoin Foundation is set to invest its capital in another crypto lender to earn interest. According to CoinDesk, Litecoin Foundation is partnering with Celsius Network, a crypto lending firm, to become its ideal crypto wallet.

According to the partnership agreement, the Foundation is set to set aside an unknown amount of its treasury to Celsius Network whereby LTC holders are poised to earn about 10.53% per year back to their crypto holdings as well as dollar loans at about 4.95 percent annually.

According to Celsius Network CEO, Alex Mashinsky, the partnership will go a long way to validate the platform that says that it gives back almost 80 percent of the revenue generated to depositors.

The CEO hailed the deal as a great milestone for Celsius saying that this was the first time that the crypto community is identifying Celsius as major utility provider in the crypto sphere. Mashinsky said that this was a ‘huge event’.

Celsius generated $50 million during its initial coin offering that took place last year and so far the company has already completed about $2 billion in terms of loans. Additionally, the company has held about $350 million per year in terms of customer deposits and provided more than $3.5 million worth of interest.

Speaking to CoinDesk, crypto custodian company, BitGo, said that they held about $1 billion with Celsius crypto deposits in the last one year which represents more than double the amount that has been locked away in decentralized finance platforms.

Litecoin Foundation has been seeking partners in the last one year and has managed to add Miami Dolphins as a major partner and now has bagged Celsius into the partners mix.

In the last one year, Litecoin Foundation has been under intense scrutiny following the news that it was struggling to pay its employees. However, the foundation managing director and Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee has reteriated that he will continue funding the Foundation until its fully financially stable.

Lee has clarified that the partnership with Celsius was for the benefit of the investors as they will earn interest per year. The director also revealed that the Foundation has no intention of seeking out collateral based loans offered by Celsius.

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Two out of Five Millenials Look At Crypto During A Recession, eToro Survey Discovers

A new survey has discovered that 40% of the Millenials in America would rather invest in crypto assets than any other kind of asset during an upcoming recession. According to the study, which was conducted by eToro with 1,000 online investors in the U. S. recently, Millenials are the most open investors to crypto.

According to the data, two-thirds of the investors are afraid of a recession, but their solutions for how to handle it are different. While 40% of Millenials have chosen crypto, 50% of Generation Z had chosen real estate. Generation X is more inclined to invest in commodities, with 38% of them choosing this kind of asset.

Another trend is that fractional ownership interest has spiked. 92% of the investors affirmed that they would like to own pieces of artwork during a recession while 55% of them were eager to sell a portion of their current portfolios if they could find new investments that could be more profitable than the ones that they have right now.

Finally, the study also concluded that high net worth individuals are more likely to invest in Bitcoin than any other kind of crypto asset, as it is the most famous and powerful one.

The managing director at the company, Guy Hirsch, affirmed that during a recession most portfolios would end up shrinking. The main difference now is that crypto provides a true new path. The investment would not be confined only to people with a high net worth. Retail investors and not only institutional ones could gain money during the recession.

Hirsch also affirmed that current investors want more freedom besides just following the status quo of investments and they see an opportunity in Bitcoin.

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South African Crypto Ponzi Scheme Affirms It Has No Money To Pay Duped Investors

South African Crypto Ponzi Scheme Affirms It Has No Money To Pay Duped Investors

There is one reason not to invest in Ponzi schemes: you will be scammed. Sure, you can believe that you will have a degree of success in case you go in and get out pretty quickly, but the truth is that you will generally only lose money. This is exactly what happened to the investors of Bitcoin Wallet, a lucrative South African Ponzi scheme with a pretty uninspired name.

According to the Ladysmith Gazette, hundreds of South African investors put their money on the company and expected a high return on investment. They obviously were not able to get it. As of July 4, the company basically shut down.

Bitcoin Wallet promised returns of over 100% for investors in only two weeks. Despite how absolutely fishy this sounded, a lot of people were attracted to the investment.

Now, these investors want to know what was done with their money because the company affirmed that there is no money anymore and simply shut down. The founder of the project, a man named Sphelele “Sgumza” Mbatha, affirmed that he simply has no cash to pay the investors, so he had no choice but to shut down the business entirely.

The business was reported to receive over $2 million USD in deposits daily. In fact, there were so many people trying to get the money that they limited investors if they weren’t able to offer at least $350 USD (5,000 rand).

When asked how this happened, the founder of the Ponzi scheme only affirmed that he “didn’t know what was going on”. Far from an acceptable answer, obviously.

Also, there are suspicions that the license of the company was forged and that the creators knew right from the start that they would eventually scam the investors, which is basically the least surprising rumor ever.

In order to run its scam, Mbatha took a 10% “administrative fee” over the money deposited, which was possibly how he got so rich by fooling others and eventually ran out of money as, like in any Ponzi scheme, he was probably using the money that entering in order to pay the investors that were cashing out.

Mbatha, which has stated that he was only a “manager” of the project, affirmed that he has stopped working and that he was using an “online system” to get the money and was also awaiting for payments just like the other investors.

People are obviously pissed with him now, especially as Mbatha basically turned into a local celebrity after the success of the scam, but they will probably never get their funds now.

This is why it is important to never invest in Ponzi schemes. If something has a return of 100% in only two weeks, wouldn’t everybody invest in it?

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Ripple’s xCurrent-Based Money Tap Gains Seven New Banks as Equity Holders


Ripple has recently made the news for announcing that it would invest $50 million USD on MoneyGram and SBI Holdings, a Japanese financial services company. Now, the company is on the spotlight again and, fortunately, it is because of good news once more.

The company has recently announced that seven new banks are onboard of its Money Tap initiative, which is powered by the company’s xCurrent technology, based on the XRP Ledger.

Money Tap, in case you are not familiar with this technology, is a payment app launched by Ripple in order to make payments more seamless and faster. With the app, users can transfer money almost instantaneously whenever they want to.

The app also allows for transactions with bank accounts, using QR codes to pay and cross-border transfers. At the moment, only two banks were fully compatible with the system: Suruga Bank and the Suminobu SBI Net Bank.

Now, the Fukushima Bank, Towa Bank, Toho Bank, Chubuko Bank, Shimane Bank and Ashiga Bank, as well as a yet unnamed bank, are all using the Money Tap system, too. The number of banks which have invested in the technology, counting the ones that do not use it, is at 20 now. These banks include Shimizu Bank, Shiga Bank, Hiroshima Bank, Fukui Bank, Shinsei Bank and others.

As you may have perceived, basically all these banks are based in Japan. The Money Tap is becoming pretty strong locally, so there is no doubt that Japan is the main target that Ripple has for this project.

The current goal at the moment is to allow other organizations to participate in this consortium as well, which may bring benefits to them and to their customers. No names were announced, but some financial institutions are already interested in being a part of the new project.

All of Today’s Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis, Chart Forecasts and Industry News

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Allianz Global Strategist: I Wouldn’t Buy Bitcoin, It’s a Figment of Everyone’s Imagination

  • Allianz global strategist believes Bitcoin is an imagination
  • He said that he would not invest in Bitcoin
    Neil Dwane, portfolio manager and global strategist at Allianz, said that he would not purchase Bitcoin (BTC). He explained that his decision is related to Bitcoin being a “figment of everyone’s imagination.” Nonetheless, there are other analysts at the company that are in favour of Bitcoin.

Analyst and Portfolio Manager At Allianz Would Not Buy Bitcoin

According to the Wall Street Journal reporter Steven Russolillo, Neil Dwane does not believe in Bitcoin. On Twitter, he quoted him by saying that he would not purchase the digital currency and that there is no evidence that investors can get their money out of the system.

This is just another individual that, as he does not understand how Bitcoin works, decides to attack the crypto network and space. There are other critics such as Warren Buffett or Jamie Dimon that have also criticized Bitcoin and digital currencies.

During this year, Bitcoin was able to surge and reach the highest level in more than 8 months, becoming one of the best-performing assets this year. There is an increased interest in digital currencies from larger investors and other companies that helped the virtual currency reach $9,000 a few weeks ago.

According to Allianz, positions within the company can change, especially when looking from an insurance or asset management point of view. At the same time, they said that investors should decide for themselves whether they think Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are a predictable store of value.

There are other companies such as Fidelity Investments and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), that have been paying close attention to the crypto market and are now developing their own services and products for crypto enthusiasts and investors.

All of Today’s Bitcoin Price Analysis, Chart Forecasts and Industry News

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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