Fidelity Increases Its Stake in the First Hong Kong Regulated Crypto Exchange, OSL

Fidelity Investments, a leading global asset manager interested in crypto, has increased its capital allocation to BC Technology Group. This firm runs the first crypto asset exchange to be licensed in Hong Kong, OSL. According to the regulatory filing, Fidelity increased its ownership stake from 5.29% to 6.29% after acquiring an additional 3.3 million shares at HK$52.3 million ($6.7 million).

Before this event, Fidelity’s shares at BC Technology stood at 17,795,500, an investment that the asset manager acquired last year at a rough figure of $14 million. The latest increment is a sign of the bullish outlook in being exposed to Hong Kong crypto markets where regulators seem to have been slowing capital inflows. Notably, BC Technology raised around $90 million in a top-up share placement last week.

Having received the Hong Kong license, OSL crypto exchange might be well onto the path of exponential growth. This much-coveted license is issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, which means that OSL now gives crypto exposure to both retail and institutions. The exchange recently touted its status as the world’s ‘first SFC-licensed, listed, digital asset wallet-insured, Big-4 audited digital asset trading platform for institutions and professional investors.’

Going by such fundaments, Fidelity’s capital scaling in Asia comes as no surprise; in fact, the firm recently invested in a Singapore regulated fund manager dubbed Stack Funds in a move that will enable investors to purchase and store crypto assets. Fidelity also launched a Europe based unit towards the end of last year; this particular entity was launched in the United Kingdom and will focus on extending Fidelity’s services to the larger European market.

Overall, Fidelity has had quite a good run in the crypto space; its CEO, Abigail Johnson, a crypto enthusiast, recently revealed that their custody operations have been ‘incredibly successful.’ Having launched its Bitcoin fund in early 2020, Fidelity targets investors who can invest a minimum of $100,000. Per the company’s latest updates, an estimated 36% of institutional investors have exposure to BTC or other crypto assets.

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Author: Edwin Munyui

Bitcoin Potential Investors’ Market Increases by 52% to 32 Million in 2020: Grayscale Survey

More than half of US investors are now interested in Bitcoin, up 19% from 36% last year, Grayscale’s latest survey revealed.

Interestingly, 83% of these who invested in the digital asset did so within the last year.

The Bitcoin Investor Study for the eventful year of 2020, in which the global pandemic was a key driver of Bitcoin investments, revealed 38% of Bitcoin investors invested within the last four months. Two-thirds of these reported ramifications of COVID-19 to be a factor in their BTC investing decision.


The important driver of interest continues the perception of Bitcoin as an asset offering a large growth opportunity, at 59% this year up from 51% in 2019. Similarly, the ability to start with a small amount is another driver, among 65% of respondents.

82% of those who expressed interest in Bitcoin said they would pursue safe-haven investments during market volatility or economic downturn compared to 38% of those who were not interested in the leading digital currency.

The online survey of 1,000 US consumers between the ages of 25 and 64 was conducted between June 26, 2020, and July 12, 2020.

A Huge Opportunity

The survey further found that the market of potential Bitcoin investors has increased to 32 million compared to 21 million a year ago. Bitcoin is basically moving towards mainstream acceptance as familiarity with BTC increases from 53% in 2019 to 62%. Almost half of them believe it will be mainstream by the end of the current decade.

However, the common characteristics of investors interested in Bitcoin remain consistent with last year as “the more formal education an investor has, the more likely they are to invest in Bitcoin.”

Still, there are twice as many (31%) male investors as females (15%). However, female investors that would consider bitcoin investment are up 4%, with 66% of those women interested in BTC would be more open to investing if they see evidence of a strong performance track record.


“The fact that the majority of current and potential Bitcoin investors haven’t even reached their prime earning years yet, coupled with the $68 trillion wealth transfer set to take place over the next 25 years, reveals a potentially huge opportunity for those who see the possibility for long-term growth in Bitcoin,” concluded Grayscale.

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Author: AnTy

Wealth Breakthroughs: Details for 9-Part Documentary Video Series Unveiled

For months, interested financial minded individuals have been anticipating the upcoming 9-part documentary video series called “Wealth Breakthroughs”. This was supposedly put together with the goal of helping each individual establish a healthy relationship with money. In order to achieve this, the world’s leading experts have been invited to share their experiences.

Fortunately, more information regarding the Wealth Breakthroughs event has officially been provided, so let’s get right into business as we even hear rumblings of many of the experts willing to share their hot takes on bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptoassets future in the world’s economy.

What is Wealth Breakthroughs?

Wealth Breakthroughs is a 9-part video series that helps consumers wrap their heads around a fundamental question that remains unanswered: “why is it that the rich get richer and richer?” To get to the bottom of this, the creators of this event contacted and interviewed many of the world’s richest individuals. In doing so, they supposedly found out that wealth is not associated with where one comes from or the family they were born into, but simply, the knowledge one has surrounding money.

What is there to learn from Wealth Breakthroughs?

Through this educational event, one will come to learn of simple and life-changing steps that can contribute to growing wealth. In particular, individuals will better understand how to:

  • Attain financial freedom while living their life to the fullest
  • Have control over money
  • Make money in an easier manner
  • Get hold of little tips and moves that can help towards piling up money

That said, here’s the official Wealth Breakthroughs trailer teaser, followed by a complete breakdown on what each Wealth Breakthroughs episode entails:

Episode 1: Kevin Harrington, Kim Kiyosaki and Alexander Green

In the first episode, individuals will be introduced to the founder of Harrington Enterprises and the original shark from the show, Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington. He will share the steps he took to build his company from the ground up, a crucial skill that anyone can learn and how to take one’s business from $0 to $100 million.

Then comes the founder of Rich Woman and widely acclaimed speaker, author, investor, host and entrepreneur, Kim Kiyosaki who will explain essential steps to buying a rental property, how she grew to own over 6,500 rentals and this notion of making money while one sleeps.

To wrap up the first episode up, chief investment strategist of The Oxford Club, Alexander Green will go over the wealth secrets of an attendant at a Vermont gas station who left behind millions of dollars. In addition, he will disclose details about “the ultimate wealth blueprint” and how one can safely retire with as little as $190 per month.

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Episode 2: Dean Graziosi, Nomi Prins and Tim Sykes

Following the first episode comes the expertise of entrepreneur and NTY best-selling author, Dean Graziosi, former Wall Street executive turned entrepreneur, speaker, author and journalist, Nomi Prins and penny stock trader, Tim Sykes.

Graziosi will cover the importance of having the “right mindset” and how this is a determining factor of achieving a wealth breakthrough. Furthermore, he will address generalized versus specialized knowledge and how the latter is superior. Finally, he will share with everyone the same advice that allowed his daughter to achieve financial freedom.

Prins on the other hand will focus strictly on the financial world. In fact, she is anticipated to reveal information that Wall Street doesn’t want the general public to learn, how to overcome market crashes and how the world is on the brink of a “prolonged global depression”.

To end this episode, Sykes allegedly plans to share his own experiences on turning $12,000 to over $4.8 million in a matter of two decades, one trade that is likely to make 50 times the initial investment and the best time of day to trade stocks.

Episode 3: Kenneth Polcari and Carl Allen

Senior market strategist of SlateStone Wealth, Kenneth Polcari plans to discuss the ideal types of assets worth investing in, how one of the greatest investors of the past century, Peter Lynch approaches investments and the importance of picking investments that are poised to grow wealth over the long run.

Then comes entrepreneur and investor, Carl Allen, who believes that rather than trying to build a business from scratch, it is best to get one that’s already successfully up and running. In addition, he will share his secrets to spotting multimillion-dollar businesses within one’s area and the crucial role employees play.

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Episode 4: James Altucher and Garrett Gunderson

Episode 4 appears to compare and contrast losing and making money. Entrepreneur, investor, author and podcaster, James Altucher is anticipated to unveil the one side to making money that not many explicitly talk about: what he learned from losing millions of dollars. Most of all, he will share the steps he took to become a millionaire again.

Following Altucher comes NYT’s best-selling author and founder of Wealth Factory, Garrett Gunderson who plans to discuss matters on the “Rockefeller secret” and how it helped him build his own fortune. Other topics include where 1% of the world invest and why it is best to avoid retirement plans such as a 401(k) or the IRA.

Episode 5: George Gilder, Greg Guenthner and Ray Blanco

Episode 5 is THE episode for anyone interested in sole investments. It will feature the founder of Discovery Institute, investor and author, George Gilder, and Seven Figure Publishing’s chief trading expert and editor, Greg Guenthner, and Ray Blanco respectively.

Gilder is one of America’s celebrated futurists who predicted smartphones and streaming companies. In Wealth Breakthroughs, he will make the case as to why “the old internet is dead” and what will replace it, along with his take on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Guenthner will cover the basics of trading, why investors need to study momentum and a simple method that makes identifying profitable stocks achievable in a matter of minutes. Finally comes Blanco, who will unveil his secrets to investing into the future; whether it be technology or cannabis stocks.

Episode 6: Andy Tanner, Alan Knuckman and Tom Wheelwright

Author, investor, and entrepreneur, Andy Tanner is said to share blueprints and methods that he strongly stands by. These include his four steps to building the ultimate model portfolio that can bring massive payouts, and unraveling Warren Buffett’s wealth secret.

Market floor veteran, Alan Knuckman, who also will be focusing on investments, will cover everything there is to know about trading options, why now is the best time to invest and indicators that helped him spot winners. To complete this episode, best-selling author and CPA, Tom Wheelwright will dive into the ins and outs of lowering taxes.

Episode 7: Jim Rickards and Adam Barrata

When experts like Jim Rickards and Adam Barrata think of investments, they lean more towards minerals and this is the entirety of episode 7. Lawyer, speaker and precious metal expert, Jim Rickards wants to discuss details regarding a top-secret CIA project, the potential gold has as an investment, and why Japan has the worse economies in today’s society.

Speaking about a similar field is author and co-founder of Advantage Gold, Adam Barrata who will not only list best-performing assets but common trends among them as well. In addition, he plans to argue why the dollar is expected to drop.

Episode 8: Zach Scheidt, Rich Schefren and Verne Harnish

Episode 8 brings unique perspectives on generating income. For instance, St. Paul Research’s chief income expert, Zach Scheidt will share his viewpoints on higher education, why it is important to have several streams of income and stocks that are sure to generate guaranteed income.

Then comes the founder of Strategic Profits, Rich Schefren, who will discuss everything there is to know about starting a business; this includes assessing competition, the differences between $1 million and $100 million businesses and how shifting some aspects of a business onto the internet increases one’s odds of generating profits.

Finally, individuals will be introduced to the author of Scaling Up and the founder of Entrepreneurs Association, Verne Harnish, who will share his personal experiences garnered from Steve Jobs, along with steps to building a business and how hard work is overrated.

Episode 9: Michael Bernoff, Aaron Kennard, Jason Katzenback and Michael McClary

For a complete experience on financial freedom, episode 9 brings together founder of Humans Communications Institute, Michael Bernoff, passive income coach, Aaron Kennard, CEO and co-founder and CPO of, Jason Katzenback, and Michael McClary respectively.

Bernoff will focus on the notion of working hard and hardly working, the importance of personal development and self-help, and the #1 skill everyone should master to ensure wealth. As a passive income coach, Kennard will obviously discuss income generating potentials, and rental properties and income.

Duo, Katzenback, and McClary, like select individuals making an appearance in Wealth Breakthroughs, see no reason to work hard. In fact, they associate growing wealth with working smart. As a result, the duo will address selling products on Amazon and how to actually create a product worth selling.

Which speakers have been invited to take at Wealth Breakthroughs?

Although 46 experts were expected to appear on Wealth Breakthroughs, it looks like 40 made it through. Here is the complete list of speakers:

  • Aaron Kennard, Passive Income Coach
  • Adam Barrata, Author and Co-Founder of Advantage Gold
  • Alan Akina, CEO, and Co-Founder of 101 Financial
  • Alan Knuckman, Market Floor Veteran
  • Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club
  • Andy Snyder, Founder of Manward Press
  • Andy Tanner, Author, Investor and Entrepreneur
  • Ann Wilson, Founder of The Wealth Chef
  • Brian Page, Founder of BNB Formula
  • Carl Allen, Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Dave Blanchard, CEO of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute
  • Dean Graziosi, Entrepreneur and NYT Best-Selling Author
  • Erik Van Horn, Founder of Franchise Secrets
  • Garrett Gunderson, NYT Best-Selling Author and founder of Wealth Factory
  • George Gilder, Founder of Discovery Institute, Investor and Author
  • Greg Guenthner, Chief Trading Expert at Seven Figure Publishing
  • James Altucher, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author and Podcaster
  • James Rickards, Lawyer, Speaker and Precious Metal Experts
  • Jason Katzenback, CEO and Co-Founder of
  • Michael McClary, CPO of
  • Jeff Walker, Founder, and CEO of Internet Alchemy Inc.
  • John Briggs, Founder of Incite Tax
  • Kenneth Polcari, Senior Market Strategist at SlateStone Wealth
  • Kevin Harrington, Founder of Harrington Enterprises and Original Shark from Shark Tank
  • Kim Kiyosaki, Founder of Rich Woman
  • Krisstina Wise, Founder of Wealthy Wellthy
  • Marc Lichtenfeld, Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club
  • Marco Santarelli, Founder, and CEO of Norada Real Estate Investments and Podcaster
  • Matthew Carr, Chief Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club
  • Michael Bernoff, Founder of Humans Communications Institute
  • Nomi Prins, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Journalist
  • Ray Blanco, Editor at Seven Figure Publishing
  • Richard Schefren, Founder of Strategic Profits
  • Rick Sapio, Entrepreneur and CEO of a Financial Holding Company
  • Scott Stewart, Investor
  • Tim Sykes, Penny Stock Trader
  • Tom Wheelwright, Best-Selling Author, and CPA
  • Verne Harnish, Author of Scaling Up and Founder of Entrepreneurs Association
  • Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of MindValley
  • Zach Scheidt, Chief Income Expert at St. Paul Research

How to get started?

To onboard this train of experts, individuals can sign up here by entering an appropriate email and first name. Once this has been completed, immediate access to a blueprint that showcases a brief overview of the speakers will be sent.

When will Wealth Breakthrough take place?

Wealth Breakthrough has been scheduled to take place starting Tuesday, June 30th at:

  • 8 pm EDT
  • 6 pm MDT
  • 5 pm PDT
  • 7 pm CDT

Final Thoughts on Watching Wealth Breakthroughs

Wealth Breakthroughs is finally here, and the pool of knowledge seen above is incredibly diverse. Based on the episodes breakdown, individuals are likely to realize that 1) there are many routes to making money, 2) working hard isn’t as effective as working smart, 3) relying on one income stream is less like to grow one’s wealth, and 4) anyone can grow wealth with the right mindset.

And one of the biggest reasons why there is so much excitement brewing about the release and ability to watch episode 1 of the Wealth Breakthroughs documentary series by Revealed Films is the global macro perspective that will be shared on bitcoin and blockchain-based cryptoassets.

Above all, consumers should not worry about falling down because what counts the most is getting back to one’s feet. Ultimately, this is one event that is likely to motivate, enlighten, and potentially change one’s viewpoints on money so that financial freedom can be attained.

Watch All of the Life-Changing Wealth Breakthroughs in the New Documentary Film Here!

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Bitcoin Doesn’t Need Mass Institutional Adoption, Just 1% Would Do the Trick

Institutions are increasingly getting interested in bitcoin, about a third of big asset managers currently own bitcoin, revealed a recent survey by Fidelity. Also, just last month, billionaire Paul Tudor Jones divulged that he has about 2% of his portfolio in bitcoin.

These are growing times where people recognize the world’s digital currency as the hedge against inflation, fiat debasement, and unprecedented money printing.

The white whales of cryptocurrency, institutional investors, have “long been considered the most significant barrier between Bitcoin and a multi-trillion dollar market capitalization,” said Messari analyst Ryan Watkins.

In anticipation of their hopeful arrival, firms are investing billions of dollars in building infrastructure to serve them, and partnerships are picking up “as the perfect storm appears to be brewing for investment in Bitcoin.”

According to him, a horde of large institutional investors isn’t necessary to take bitcoin to the moon, just one percent is enough to pump its market capitalization to over $1 trillion and price to $50,000.

Currently, institutions have invested only a small percentage of their assets in bitcoin primarily due to regulatory uncertainty along with hacking, fraud, and unpreparedness of the infrastructure. In his latest analysis, Watkin tested a hypothetical scenario,

“What would inflows from a 1% institutional allocation to bitcoin look like?”

This allocation involved billions of dollars in double and triple digits from endowments & foundations, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and mutual funds.

This much inflow could see an impact of 2x to 25x increase in the price of bitcoin and take the flagship cryptocurrency to a new all-time high of $50,000 and into the trillion market cap category.

But as we saw over the past decade, in which bitcoin has been the best performing asset, there were no institutional investors, and bitcoin has made new highs thrice purely on retail interest.

So, bitcoin may not even need institutions to succeed in the future, and retail is already increasingly jumping in amidst the economic and currency crisis. This coronavirus pandemic, political risks, and fiscal policies will also drive the institutions to it.

Moreover, retail will come rushing back and start FOMOing once the market begins seeing typical BTC moves.

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Author: AnTy

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Drafting Policy Framework to Regulate Digital Currencies

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) is interested in regulating digital currencies and has already started drafting a policy framework.

This move came weeks after India curbed the ban imposed by the reserve bank of India on banks and financial institutions preventing them from dealing with individuals and businesses dealing with cryptos.

Bitcoin has also been recently recognized as money in Germany and France while being officially made legal in South Korea.

Now, Zimbabwe is gearing up to regulate cryptocurrencies. Although the central bank has warned residents of deceitful actions while trading cryptos when using unregulated exchanges in the past, it has conceded that the reality is, this is becoming a trend and there is a need to regulate the space in the country, as per local media reports.

A Regulatory Sandbox

Zimbabwe has been recently witnessing a surge in demand for bitcoin and fintech growth in trading, payments, and insurance. Now, with regulations, the country’s officials want to ensure crypto companies are vetted. RBZ deputy director financial markets and national payment systems, Mr. Josephat Mutepfa, during a Sound Prosperity Economic Forum in Bulawayo on Friday said,

“We have already started to come up with a fintech framework because in regulation everything should be well structured. The framework, which is a regulatory sandbox, will be assessing the crypto-currency companies as to how they are going to operate.”

The sandbox he explained will be an “experimenting zone,” which will involve an application criterion. Entering the sandbox means the company will exist as a legitimate product or will be guided in forming a partnership with a bank, mobile money platform or will need to be licensed.

Helping Fintech Grow

The idea behind establishing the sandbox is the capital challenge the crypto market is facing. Mutepfa said,

“The crypto-currency market is largely tapped by the young generation and in most cases, they are facing challenges of having capital. The challenge is that in the past the currency was a prerogative of central banks although it has been taken over by the digital currency who also operate within the currency of the country, which, therefore, minimises loans coming forward.”

Meanwhile, the government has to deal with the,

“Interpretation of the monetary policy into all the official languages in order for the financial sector to blossom.”

This new development is a positive movement in the current fearful market running red with price losses and fear. These regulations, Brian Maseva, a business advisor at, local crypto-based trading consortium SPURT which has about 50,000 users said will help the crypto market grow. Maseva said,

“Meeting with the central bank will help us grow and attract the public to join the digital currency, which is fast taking over the financial sector. We are now aware that there is a policy, which elaborates more on fintech guidelines that we need to follow.”

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Author: AnTy

IBM To Launch ‘Thank My Farmer’ A Seed-to-Store Blockchain-Based Coffee Tracking App

A new blockchain app from IBM will make it possible for coffee consumers who are interested in sustainability to trace the coffee they’re drinking.

The app is called Thank My Farmer and allows people to learn things about the coffee places from where they have gotten their so loved beverage and the farm where their coffee has been grown. Built in partnership with Farm Connect and using IBM’s blockchain, Thank My Farmer was unveiled in Las Vegas, at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s supposed to launch this year.

10 Important Organizations in the Coffee Industry Supporting the App

The app is supported by 10 of the most important coffee organizations like The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and Beyers Koffie. It’s also very appreciated because it supports consumers to more informed decisions when it comes to their coffee choices, not to mention it helps with the promotion of coffee suppliers that are using environmentally friendly processing methods.

Not the First Blockchain Initiative for the Coffee Supply

It isn’t the first time that blockchain technology is being used to make things transparent when it comes to the coffee supply chain, as Starbucks has said in May 2019 that it will use the Azure blockchain technology from Microsoft to inform consumers about their coffee, while the government in Ethiopia is exploring how blockchain tech could be used to track the country’s coffee exports.

With IBM’s Thank My Farmer, people will be able to scan QR codes from coffee jars and find out more about where their product is coming from, not to mention they’ll be able to make additional payments to coffee farmers. Founder and president of Farmer Connect, David Behrends explains,

“After scanning a QR-code, consumers are taken straight to a product page that gives details about the coffee they are drinking. Below that description is an interactive map that shows the journey the coffee has taken. We say you can travel the world through a cup of coffee, and we’d like to help consumers visualize that.”

Only Selected Brands in the US and Europe for Now

While the app will be initially available only for some brands in Europe and the USA, IBM is looking to bring in other coffee producers and to create additional support pages for making donations to the communities from areas in which the coffee has been grown.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Coinbase is Eyeing Algorand, Cosmos, Dash, Decred, Matic, Harmony, Ontology and Waves Assets


Coinbase has recently announced on its official blog that the crypto company is interested in adding more assets to its international clients. According to the crypto exchange, the long-term goal is to be able to access at least 90% of the whole crypto market cap by using Coinbase.

However, in order to achieve this, the company has to determine which assets are the most important ones first and which ones can be up to its security and compliance measures.

Eight Assets Are Under Review

Coinbase has revealed that there are currently eight assets which are being reviewed by the company: Waves, DASH, Cosmos, Algorand, Ontology, Matic, Decred and Harmony.

At the moment, the company is studying each asset in order to determine how to proceed with the process. Only the ones that do not represent any compliance issue, have a secure technology and are deemed as decent investments will be available on the platform.

Tokens Will Only Be Accessible From Some Jurisdictions

The crypto exchange is adding several tokens to its list of assets recently. The process started a few months ago and the list continues to grow. As expected, some of these tokens will not be available on all the jurisdictions at launch. As each country has different laws, the company is often not able to launch its products in all of them at the same time.

Some U. S. states, specifically, will possibly not be able to receive these assets, especially New York, which is known for its tight regulation.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Blockchain Center Miami Celebrates in Style with Big Crypto Community Gathering

Blockchain Center Miami Celebrates in Style with Big Crypto Community Gathering

If you are based in Miami and you are interested in the blockchain world, we have good news for you. The Blockchain Center Miami has been finally inaugurated after months of planning. The center is set to be an important blockchain hub for the people of South Florida.

The building where the Blockchain Center Miami is based is on downtown Miami and it is set to serve as a venue for events in the community.

This new space was launched with a party full of drinks and food. There was even a DJ (DJ Yissel), according to the organizers of the event. The party attracted a lot of people from the local industry who were curious to see what the new place was all about.

Even the mayor of Miami attended the event, which can be considered a success. He cut the ribbon in order to inaugurate the place and presented the directors of the new center with a Certificate of Recognition.

As announced by the press release, the core team of the new blockchain center will include names such as Nick Spanos, Eryka Gemma Flores and Scott Spiegel. The organization will be focused on both global and local blockchain events and will cater to the local Florida crypto communities.

This is not the first blockchain center created by Spanos, though. Far from that. He first launched one back in 2013 when Bitcoin was not even five years old. The first center was located in New York and this story is featured on Banking on Bitcoin, a documentary that you can see on Netflix right now.

The New York-based center is located only 100 feet from the New York Stock Exchange, so you can bet that it is pretty well located (and that Spanos has a lot of money to invest).

During the launch, Spanos affirmed that one of the goals of the new center is to help to “unleash the minds” of Latin American youths. As you may know, Florida has a large Latin American population, so he is interested in influencing them.

Flores also talked about the launch, which she described as “exciting and surreal”. She affirmed that even as the company is pushing the decentralization of the world forward, having a physical space is very important because they are changing the narrative and creating important opportunities for the locals.

After the party happened, an afterparty event exhibited the Banking on Bitcoin movie, which was seen by the people present on a massive screen that was also able to see be seen from the street. The idea was to also involve the people passing on the street. In the future, a screen will show the projection of crypto price movements and news.

The organized also affirmed that the new center was created to be the go-to Bitcoin-related place for events in the city and the surrounding region. Not only it has a nice view but it also has offices and even entire floors that can be rented by local and international crypto companies that might want to use the space.

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