Coinbase Wallet Users Can Now Earn Interest From DeFi DApps Directly In The App

The Coinbase Wallet has just integrated with decentralized finance (DeFi) apps in order to allow its users to lend crypto assets and track the growth of their interest straight from the wallet app.

As an announcement made by Coinbase on Wednesday says, Coinbase Wallet users are already putting millions into DeFi platforms through the wallet’s Dapp browser and WalletLink. Still, Coinbase wants to make their experience even more enjoyable. Until now, they didn’t have the option to compare rates from different providers, nor were they able to see the total of their balance with these providers with out leaving the app itself.

What Does the New Feature Bring?

According to the Coinbase announcement, the new wallet feature allows users who own a Coinbase wallet account to interact with lenders such as dYdX and Compound, which are both DeFi platforms. They can choose their coin and a smart contract provider in order to invest as much crypto as they want into one of the DeFi products.

As said before, they can view how much interest they’re earning and their total balance without having to exit the wallet. iOS users will have the new feature this week, while Android users will still have to wait a few more weeks.

DeFi Products Are Risky

Coinbase wanted to warn investors about the fact that DeFi products are quite new and present a risk. Caution was advised when using them. Here’s what the announcement reads exactly:

“Before you get started, please be aware that DeFi lending apps are relatively nascent and come with risks.

DeFi apps are programs running on the blockchain, and like any computer code they can potentially have bugs that cause you to lose money. Returns are not guaranteed and your deposits are not insured.”

Basic information and the definitions of minimum collateral or contract’s assets under custody are being provided for the wallet’s users to know better what contracts to choose. However, they’re still advised to do their own research in order to understand how the apps work and the risks they’re about to take.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Chiliz and Decentralized Oracle Powerhouse Chainlink Partner on Real-Time Sports NFTs

The leading sports and blockchain-based fan engagement digital currency Chiliz (CHZ) has integrated Chainlink, the secure decentralized network from Oracle that enables the auto-execution of smart contracts based on real-world events and data.

With this integration, Chiliz will get to mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in real time for partners on, after using data provided by Chainlink. Furthermore, Chiliz will introduce and support a CHZ/USD Chainlink Price Reference Contract to provide the most accurate on-chain prices for conversions between $CHZ and USD.

FC Barcelona and Juventus Among Partners

The platform already has FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, A.S. Roma, Atlético de Madrid, Galatasaray, CA Independiente and the back-to-back OG champions of Dota 2 esports as partners. Chiliz is thinking to partner up with 50 IPs in the sports, entertainment and esports industries till the end of this year. The latest integration makes it possible for Chiliz to create dynamic and real-world sporting events responsive NFTs while minting collectible tokens with limited availability. For example, it can mint a certain number of tokens when Lionel Messi breaks another goal-scoring record.

Chiliz, a New Player for Branded Collectibles

At the beginning of last month, Chiliz made its entrance into the branded collectibles world, after announcing its partnership with Enjin, in order to mint Ethereum (ETH) -based collectibles for About the latest Chainlink integration, Chiliz and’s co-founder and CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, had this to say:

“NFTs will be key to expanding the utility of $CHZ in 2020 and beyond. The Chainlink integration enables us to be responsive to real world sporting events in real time, allowing us to mint limited availability NFTs to commemorate moments that can’t be predicted or recreated, giving these tokens real collectors value.”

Chainlink Makes a Move into Sporting

It’s the first time Chainlink integrates with a sporting platform. Until now, it has been busy with all sort of blockchain projects that provide accurate and secure feeds, not to mention that it has most recently become a standard protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi) apps. What it surprised with is its integration with other sectors, such as the ones of gaming, sporting and insurance.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Crypto Wallet And Exchange Now Supports Turkish Lira (TRY)

One of the most appreciated providers of crypto products,, has announced that it integrated the Turkish Lira (TRY) on its exchange.

This means Turkish users will be able to buy crypto in only 5 minutes from now on, without using a third-party payment processor. On the Exchange, they are now able to deposit, use and withdraw TRY if they want to purchase BTC, ETH and USDT or to convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency at a very good rate.

Turkey is Accustomed with Crypto

According to a 2019 Statistica Global Consumer Survey, a fifth of the people residing in Turkey know about crypto and have somehow been exposed to it. Another ING survey from 2015 discovered that 45% of all Turkish people think cryptocurrencies are the future when it comes to online spending, this percentage being the largest in Europe. Exchange Is the Most Trusted of Its Kind

Ever since it has launched in August, the Exchange has earned a great prominence for being especially trustworthy when it comes to buying and trading crypto. More than this, it still continuing to launch new assets and futures, not to mention that it supports withdrawals and deposits in the British pound, the US dollar, in EURO and now, in TRY. It’s available for residents from 190 countries. This is what the company’s CEO and co-founder, Peter Smith, had to say about the TRY integration:

“Turkey is one of the countries leading the charge to embrace cryptocurrencies, but its traders have only been met with high fees and poor service. is dedicated to providing a fair, global market for Turkey’s crypto traders, and setting a new standard for the service they should not only expect, but demand from exchanges.”

Trading Fees for Depositing TRY Reduced

As a celebration for the launch, offers reduced trading fees for an entire year to those who make TRY deposits onto its Exchange. There are Tier 3 fees of .08% maker and .18% taker for the first 1,000 TRY deposited, whereas the next 1,000 deposited TRY get Tier 2 fees of .10% maker and .20% taker.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Bitcoin Payment Processor BTCPay Launches New ‘Vault’ App With Multi-Wallet Interoperability

BTCPay, a Bitcoin (BTC) payments processor integrated its new Vault app to its platform according to an official report by the company. The app will allow users to directly connect their desktop wallets and hardware wallets on the platform without giving up the private key. It enables communication with BTCpay using its node to increase user experience and satisfaction while still keeping users security and privacy as its top priority.

The official BTCpay blog stated that the vault wouldn’t store the users’ private keys but rather directly connect the user to multiple wallets on their desktop to allow transaction without giving up their private keys, which the users will have total control over.

The vaults main objective would be providing a cross platform that enables compatibility with more external wallets while improving the hardware wallet user experience. With all funds being verified against users Bitcoin full nodes, users can transact on the platform without having to give up their private keys.

BTCPay extends Compatibility

The initial internal wallet that was launched by BTCPay was only compatible with external wallet options such as Ledger Nano S and ColdCard. However their newly launched product extends compatibility with other external wallets such as Digital BitBox, KeepKey, Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Trezor Model T and Trezor One cited the blog.

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Author: Lujan Odera

Blockchain Card Game to Be Launched by Eidos and Microsoft, Based On 1980s “The Way of the Tiger” Gamebook

  • Blockchain technology has been integrated to other online games as well, including F1 Delta Time and Gods Unchained.
  • The new game will be called Arena of Death.

Blockchain technology is being used in a substantial number of industries, and the gaming sector is revving up to combine this fintech with a retro gamebook. The Way of the Tiger, which was a best-selling gamebook in the 1980s, has earned recent attention from the Fabled Lands gamebook firm. Now, according to reports from Cointelegraph, Microsoft and Eidos are working with the firm to launch a blockchain card game, based on the gamebook.

The press release, which was published on Sunday, December 1st, states that the card game will be based on this best-selling book by Jamie Thomson and Mark Smith. Players will be able to engage in fantasy-based card battles in “Arena of Death,” the new title of this game. Features of the game will include details that were found in the original series.

Thomson, the CEO of Fabled Lands, chose blockchain tech as the basis for the new game because he believes that it provides better means for his goals within his program than what a traditional video game provides.

He commented, “We were going to relaunch the series in to a computer game format but this new technology (blockchain) just made more sense. Imagine playing Magic the Gathering but knowing, if you owned a card, it really does belong to you. Or if we say there are only 100 editions of an item or skill, you know there really are only 100 editions.”

The Vechain blockchain, which has been used in both supply chain management and the management of enterprises, will make it possible for gamers to use non-fungible tokens (NFT). In doing so, ownership of in-game items is easy to track. Thomson noted that the use of this blockchain will allow for in-game items and cards to be created, but “without having to deal with all the crypto stuff.”

There are many companies and games starting to integrate tokenized assets for games. Towards the end of November, F1 Delta Time recently auctioned F1 car-branded NFTs for their series. F1 Delta Time is known for their world-renowned Formula 1 racing series that ethey licensed.

A trading card game, Gods Unchained, is based on Ethereum, and they’ve managed to surpass the volume of CryptoKitties. Their surge past CryptoKitties correlated with a censorship problem with Blizzard, a game developer, leading them to nearly half a million NFT transfers daily.

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Author: Krystle M

CoinMarketCap Pricing Data is Now Integrated into Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance, known as a large U.S. financial media company has recently integrated its site with CoinMarketCap (CMC). Now, the visitors of the news site are able to see data about crypto prices provided by the largest company in the field. The partnership was announced today, November 21, by Verizon Media, which owns Yahoo Finance, and CMC.

According to the official reports, the new page will show 118 tokens, including the most important ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Tether. These prices account for over 90% of the global, as most of the tokens listed are the ones with a bigger market cap, therefore being the valuable ones. Right now, CMC has almost 5,000 tokens listed, but most are “dead” tokens.

The media site will also add crypto indices now, the Crypto 200 and the Crypto 200 EX.

CMC Will Also Provide Educational Sources for Yahoo

Another important aspect of this partnership is that CMC will provide educational information about the markets for Yahoo Finance. The daily newsletter will be integrated into Yahoo’s news stream because of this.

The general manager of technology at Verizon Media, Joanna Lambert, affirmed that the partnership with CMC will be important to get reliable information about the crypto market that will help the media group to meet the needs of its sophisticated audience.

Yahoo Finance has been focused on the crypto world for quite a while, reporting on it since before 2017. Last year, the company even integrated BTC, ETH and LTC trading on its official platform.

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Author: Silvia A

Algorand Utilizes New PARSIQ Technology for Analyzing the Biggest Blockchains

Algorand is all set to obtain the ability to analyze the largest blockchains on the market now. The platform will be integrated with the PARSIQ monitoring system. This system is a tool that can be used by compliance professionals, researchers and market analysts to discover insights about the market and track activities in real-time.

The CEO of Algorand, Steve Kokinos, affirmed that the new upgrade will help the users who want to get a broader view of the market, especially for large blockchains. He believes that there is a current need to simplify the experience of dealing with the blockchain. People want to deal with technology, but they clearly need some help.

By using PARSIQ, the experience can be simplified and made easier, which can obviously impact in a positive way the work of the developers who work using the Algorand platform as a base.

Another positive point about PARSIQ, he affirmed, is that it is one of the only tools on the market right now that can analyze very large networks. Normal tools often fail in properly doing this. The Bitcoin network’s current size is 242 GB. That’s a lot and you need special tools to achieve the best results.

Most of the functionality for this new platform comes from ParsiQL, its specific language. The founder of PARSIQ, Andre Kalinowski, affirmed that the language was created with this goal already in mind, so it is highly devised to be useful in these situations.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Fidelity Investments-backed Fireblock Adds 5 Crypto Exchanges; OKCoin, OKEx, Korbit, Bithub and HitBTC

Fidelity backed blockchain security solution, Fireblocks integrated five cryptocurrency exchanges to its network including OKEx, OKCoin, Korbit, Bithub, and HitBTC. The official announcement further confirmed over 20 exchanges were currently under the security solution following the expansion of Huobi Global API and Deribit.

A Blockchain Security Solution

Fireblock is a risk management platform that allows users to minimize the risk of deposit address spoofing and credential theft for deposit, withdrawal, and rebalance of assets between exchanges. Furthermore, the platform offers users a secure platform to transfer their digital assets across OTC, prop traders, market makers and wallets.

Since the cryptocurrency boom in 2017, cryptocurrency exchanges and funds have been subject to hacking attempts leading to a loss of $2 billion USD in crypto asset. Fireblock is developing simple and effective solution to ensure safer platforms as the sophistication of hacking gets better.

A Safer World for Institutional Investors

The crypto industry is welcoming the massive capital from institutional investors but before that, there should be a “stronger and more secure foundation […] to hold accountability over its clients’ funds” said Idan Ofrat, CTO and Co-Founder of Fireblocks. Commenting on the addition of the new exchanges, Idan said,

“We are continuously pushing the envelope to securely connect the institutional ecosystem, linking more and more venues, endpoints and market participants. We’re confident that as we grow our connectivity layer across each touch point, the industry as a whole will become more secure.”

Earlier in June, Fireblock raised over $16 million in a series A funding round led by Fidelity Investments. Tenaya Capital, Eight Roads, and Cyberstarts all collectively confirmed that they are investing the amount in Fireblocks to increase the safety of crypto transactions across exchanges.

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Author: Lujan Odera