SpaceChain Creates First Multi-Signature BTC Transaction From International Space Station

SpaceChain, a popular decentralized space agency, has made bitcoin history by executing a multi-signature bitcoin transaction in space. One of the researchers at the firm sent 0.01 BTC to two bitcoin addresses in space using the ground facility of International Space Station (ISS).

To make this transaction possible, Spacechain used a modified hardware blockchain located at the ISS. The blockchain used the hardware system to transmit the encrypted data using the ground station. Nanosatellites manufacturer GomSpace developed the hardware blockchain system. Niels Buus, CEO of GomSpace commented on their association with SpaceChain and the use of their hardware blockchain system in space and said,

“It’s an incredible honor to be selected by SpaceChain as the main supplier for its blockchain hardware wallet. The success of the first multi-signature blockchain transaction in space demonstrates the onboard computer’s capabilities in supporting decentralized constellations in space with unparalleled data processing performance.”

“This milestone has built momentum for the use of space systems and services in the commercial market, and we are excited to integrate our innovative technologies further to help SpaceChain achieve its goals in space and beyond.”

What is a Multi-Signature Wallet, and how Does it Work?

Multi-signature wallets work the same way as regular wallets, apart from the fact that they requires multiple signatures or approvals before a transaction can be processed. Multi-signature wallets ensure a higher level of security with a feature to create shared wallets so that numerous people have access to it, and the transaction is approved only if it is genuine. The co-founder and CTO of SpaceChain, Jeff Garzik commented on their recent feat and said,

“Executing the multi-signature transaction in space encapsulates our continuous efforts in building out an open-source blockchain-based satellite network that is secure and immutable. SpaceChain aims to be the one-stop solutions provider for the integration of blockchain and space.”

SpaceChain is supported by a European Space Agency under their “Kick Starr Activities” program and aims to create a new class of space products along with finding various use cases for future digital banks.

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Author: Hank Klinger

Ripple Records Largest Daily Active Address Creation for the First Time Ever

In Ripple’s six years plus history, this is the first time, it is seeing the current level of single day daily active creation. Crypto data provider Santiment noted,

Upswings in the daily active address created has been seen in July last year when the XRP price was declining. In December, the price bottomed out and started surging in 2020 and soon after addresses started picking up as well.

This month two such spikes have been seen, each one making a new record. XRP community and investors are surely getting ready for a bull market.

This past week, XRP price has surged nearly 16% while so far in 2020 it is up 70% trading at $0.325. The performance of the third largest digital asset was “only overshadowed” due to the rise in ETH price which is up a whopping 109% on a year-to-date basis.

Going forward, experts are still bullish on this cryptocurrency with trader Crypto Michaël expecting another over a 100% move.

Having broken the two year-old-downtrend and a retest, “Breaking above 3000 satoshis and likely continuation towards 3700 / 4400 and maybe even 6700 satoshis,” said the trader.

Meanwhile, trader Scott Melker has just two words for XRP, “Blast off.”

XRP bull Magic Poop Cannon made his appearance on Crypto Twitter after a long time, and only to share that “this could be the real deal.”

The XRP price chart, the analyst said looks identical to that of 2017, a bull rally of which XRP was the top performer, before the “massive rally.” Moreover, the resistance has also been “thoroughly destroyed” by the asset.

Now, it’s to be seen what will be the local top of this rally and wait for a new all-time high.

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Author: AnTy

Wall Street Hits Historic Highs in Record Rally, But The Real Winner Gained 8,990,000%

  • Nasdaq breached the $9,000 level for the first time in history, S&P 500 also surged higher
  • Amazon’s “record-breaking” holiday shopping season revealed strong consumer activity
  • Gold is back on the rise while Bitcoin is the top-performing asset of 2019

For the first time ever, the Nasdaq composite index broke through the 9,000 thresholds on Thursday. While Nasdaq snapped its 11-day winning streak, the longest streak since 1997, after showing some weakness, S&P 500 and the Dow made record closing highs as well.

With only two days left for the year, the benchmark S&P 500 climbed over 29% so far in 2019, its biggest annual percentage gain since 2013.

All three major Wall Street indexes are posting record closing highs on the back of optimism over US-China trade relations and Amazon’s record-breaking holiday sales and a year-end stock-market rally.

The holiday sales figures revealed strong consumer activity and growing popularity in online shopping.

What’s behind this rally?

Shares of Amazon spiked 4.5% after a Mastercard report showed that US shoppers spent more online during the holiday season than in 2018, with e-commerce sales making a record high.

“Billion of items were purchased,” said the e-commerce giant with “tens of millions of Amazon devices” bought worldwide. More than 5 million new customers started paid memberships or Prime free trials, the company said in a statement.

US-China’s cooling trade tension as Beijing said it is in close contact with Washington about an initial trade agreement has also been fueling the last leg of Wall Street’s record rally.

Also, a Labor Department report showed the number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell, a sign of ongoing labor market strength.

Gold and Digital Gold meanwhile…

It wasn’t just equities index that soared, gold is also having its best week in the last four months. A popular hedge for investors expecting increased market volatility broke through the key psychological barrier of $1,500 per ounce.

The precious metal is up 17% year to date, which puts it on pace for its best yearly performance since 2010.

Digital gold meanwhile is the winner. While, Nasdaq Composite is up over 8,800% since its launch in the early 1970s, BTC gained 8,990,000% in its decade long life span.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset of 2019 with more than 90% gains recorded to date this year. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $7,300 after climbing to $13,900 in June.

Moving into 2020

As we enter into 2020, strategists are expecting single-digital gains for the stock market as in most presidential elections. But these gains could be threatened if President Donald Trump’s victory is in doubt.

For Bitcoin, the next year brings the reward halving, which is a historically bullish event. With this supply shock, many are predicting the crypto asset to make a new high while others project this event to not have any effect on the price.

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Author: AnTy

After Raising $80 Million for TenX ICO, Founder Is Seeking $7.5M for New Project DeFiChain

In the backdrop of Dr. Julian Hosp’s history, accused of dumping 2.2million PAY tokens and involved with the Australian pyramid scheme Lyoness, CT is warning from investing in DefiChain or any of his projects.

Dr. Julian Hosp, the founder and president of TenX (PAY) is now seeking to raise $7.5 million from institutional and accredited investors for his new product Defi Blockchain, as per his tweet on Nov. 14.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a traditional financial tool built on a blockchain. Currently, dominated by Ethereum blockchain, DeFi has been making waves following the surge in products and platforms that offer DeFi services such as MakerDao.

With DefiChain, Hosp is reportedly planning to bring “DeFi to Bitcoin.”

Leaving TenX & Suspected of Dumping 2.2M PAY Tokens

But Crypto Twitter is not happy with Hosp’s plan to raise funds for another project after being suspected of dumping of 2.2M PAY tokens.

A Redditor accused Hosp of the same that started with Hosp announcing his departure from TenX. Hosp responded to the speculation of dumping PAY tokens stating that the amount was sold to offset his income tax contributions.

The project, one of the largest ICOs ever that raised more than $80 million, that was developing a crypto-linked Visa debit card and mobile wallet.

TenX token holders regularly complained on Reddit and other online forums that they have yet to receive the debit card they were promised with the delivery dates being put back constantly.

In a video following his departure, Hosp didn’t share any exact reasons for stepping down just that “the only way forward is to mutually part ways.”

Launched in July 2017, the token PAY jumped to its all-time high at $6.21 next month during the bull run in August. Since then, it has lost 98.8% of its value and is currently sitting at $0.079, hitting a fresh low last month at $0.065.

Part of a Pyramid Scheme

Hosp was accused of nefarious things before even creating TenX. A video surfaced online, now no longer available due to copyright claim by Julian Hosp, he was involved with the Australian pyramid scheme Lyoness.

TenX responded to that controversy by issuing a statement explaining Hosp was a “writer, public speaker and motivational coach” and involved with many projects before joining TenX and had severed its ties with Lyoness in 2015.

Now, Hosp is coming with a new project which is planning to release the code and strike partnerships in December as per its whitepaper.

Given Hosp’s history and the details of the current project has the crypto community vehemently warning from investing in DefiChain or any of his projects.

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Author: AnTy