Square’s COPA Takes Craig Wright to Court Over White Paper Copyright Claims

Controversial entrepreneur Craig Wright, known for publicly identifying himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin inventor, is being sued by the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) over claims to his ownership of the Bitcoin white paper.

Craig Wright Sued by Square’s COPA

COPA, the cryptocurrency group committed to patent sharing and headed by payments firm Square, filed the lawsuit against Wright in a High Court based in the U.K.

The group asks the court to affirm that Wright does not own the Bitcoin white paper and the use of the white paper doesn’t infringe on any copyright held by Wright.

COPA is also seeking an injunction that would restrain Wright from ever claiming he authored the document. The group also asks for an order that would require him to foot the bill for disseminating information that he is not the owner.

The Bitcoin white paper, titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,” was published by Satoshi Nakamoto under an MIT public license in 2008 and is distributed widely in many forms around the world.

Before this lawsuit, the Australian computer scientist who has claimed to be the pseudonymous Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto since 2016 had sent out a cease-and-desist notice to Square. The notice sent through Wright’s representatives and dated January 21, 2021, had demanded that Square stop hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper on its site.

COPA had responded on Square’s behalf, demanding Wright to prove that he was indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, the whitepaper’s creator. Wright did not respond with the proof by the February 19 deadline set by COPA.

Square was not the only one Wright sent letters to as he gave the same cease-and-desist notice to Bitcoin developers, Bitcoin.org and Bitcoincore.org.

While Bitcoincore.org’s hastened to remove the white paper from the site, Bitcoin.org’s pseudonymous owner Cobra refused to do so, arguing that the Bitcoin whitepaper was published under the MIT license, allowing for free distribution.

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin investor claims ownership of the whitepaper because he filed a copyright claim in 2019 with the US Copyright Office for the original Bitcoin code and the BTC whitepaper.

However, simply filing a claim does not necessarily mean that the assignation of ownership is final.

COPA Representing Bitcoin Developers In Case Against Wright

Wright seems to have been the one blowing the legal trumpet by sending out notices through his representatives. However, it looks like his legal crusade has taken a twist with this lawsuit filed by COPA.

Now, COPA represents the Bitcoin community, particularly developers in the fight against the white paper publication. The group said,

“We stand in support of the Bitcoin developer community and the many others who’ve been threatened for hosting the White Paper.”

Established in September 2020 by Square to prevent patent trolling, the members include crypto exchanges Coinbase, Kraken, OKCoin, MicroStrategy, Blockstream, BitPay, among others.

Beyond the white paper, Wright has also previously filed a lawsuit demanding Bitcoin developers give him access to stolen Mt. Gox funds.

He had alleged that 110,000 bitcoin was stolen from him through wallets connected to the Mt. Gox hack. Through his law firm Ontier LLP, Wright wrote a letter addressed to Bitcoin Core contributors demanding them to give him access to two wallets even though they had no control over the network’s wallets.

According to Wright, the stolen wallets were linked to the hack that gulped 800,000 BTC from the world’s then most popular bitcoin exchange in 2014, Mt. Gox.

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Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Turns Himself in To US Authorities

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Turns Himself in To US Authorities

Former chief executive officer of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, has turned himself into the US authorities on Tuesday in the case against the platform, him and other top executives, Benjamin Delo and Samuel Reed, for violating the Bank Secrecy Act.

Hayes, a Singapore resident, surrendered in Hawaii six months after federal prosecutors charged them with conspiring to skirt U.S. laws requiring the implementation of money-laundering controls.

As agreed previously, he appeared before a federal judge in Honolulu and was released on a $10 million bond.

Hayes’ lawyers said in a statement that the “self-made entrepreneur” had been wrongly accused of crimes that he didn’t commit. Having already voluntarily appeared in court, Hayes now looks forward “to fighting these unwarranted charges,” they added.

Launched in 2014, Seychelles-based BitMEX was first probed by CFTC in 2019 regarding whether the exchange broke the rules by allowing US customers to trade on the platform. Serving US customers requires registration with the agency.

Back in October, the same day charges were unveiled by the agencies; Reed was arrested in Massachusetts while Delo turned himself in March. Delo has vowed to fight the charges, calling them unfounded and an overreach by U.S. authorities. Both have been pleaded not guilty and released on bond.

Gregory Dwyer, the company’s first employee and head of business operations who was also charged, meanwhile remains at large. Dwyer’s lawyers said they have been in touch with the government and have informed them of his whereabouts as well. The lawyers said in a statement,

“They are also aware that he has every intention to defend himself in court against these meritless charges and is eager to do so.”

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Stansberry Innovations Report: Bitcoin and Blockchain Investment Research

Stansberry Innovations Report by Stansberry Research is a financial newsletter by Porter Stansberry himself that is priced at only $49 per year, when originally the cost was $200.

In short, one of the leading pioneers in the financial investment research newsletter industry, the Stansberry Innovations Report features two new special reports; Bitcoin and Blockchain Quick-Start Guide and Block-Wave Investor’s Guide.

A new online marketing campaign for the newsletter mentions a “once in a generation wealth shift” set to occur in America in the near future.

stansberry innovations report research

“2 Nobel Prize economists predicted this once-in-a-generation wealth shift…will you be left behind?”, begins the new marketing campaign.


The video and text presentation describes how a “new trend” is creating millionaires across the country, although some people will be left behind. By buying bitcoin, you can avoid being left behind.

That new marketing campaign is offering Stansberry Innovations Report at $49 for your first year, down from the usual $200 per year.

What is this “new trend”? What is Stansberry Innovations Report? Is Stansberry Innovations Report the right choice for you? Let’s take a closer look today at everything you need to know about Stansberry Innovations Report and its new online marketing campaign.


What is the “New Trend” Creating Millionaires Across America?

Stansberry Innovations Report begins its new presentation with a discussion on socialism and slavery reparations:

“Pardon me for saying something “politically incorrect,” but I don’t think anyone alive today was ever a slave or a slaveholder. And, if you think we owe the descendants of slaves lots of money, imagine the bill Native Americans will soon present!”

How are slavery reparations connected to socialism? It’s not totally clear, although the presentation claims some left-wing politicians in America are advocating for slavery reparations.

Slavery reparations and socialism, according to the official website, will extinguish “the light” inside all Americans:

“In regular places all over America, the “lights” are going out… No, I don’t mean the street lights or any other kind of electrical gizmo. I’m talking about a vastly more important kind of light… the kind that comes from within. I’m talking about how, all over the country, Americans are losing hope in our most basic social agreement… This kind of light is developed from living with a purpose, learning how hard work leads to success…”

As you can tell, the new Stansberry Innovations Report sales page is marketed to a specific demographic: older, conservative people – but the message is universal and the steps are to directly buy bitcoin and read their Block-Wave Investor’s Guide. Stansberry Innovations Report is one of the first big pushes in recent times about bitcoin and blockchain investing as the 2020 decade starts off strong for the number one cryptocurrency in the world.

While the presentation is lengthy, and does criticize the digital economy, claiming that thousands of people are losing jobs at brick and mortar stars while “Uber, Google, or trucking companies are able to reap billions of extra profit” by “sucking every penny out of America’s heartland and pouring it into still more expensive housing in places like Seattle and San Francisco”, – there is quick a top-down viewpoint being constructed by Porter.

For those that do not watch the whole ‘Will You Be Left Behind?’ video, after an hour-long presentation, you finally get to the focal point of Stansberry Innovations Report’s new special investment report: in essence, Stansberry Innovations Report wants you to buy bitcoin.

“In the near future, Bitcoin will not be worth the $7,000 to $10,000 range it’s trading in today… it will be worth at least 10 times that amount.”

As proof, the presentation cites Moore’s Law, the historical value of gold, and other factors. The presentation also describes the usefulness of blockchain technology, including why “big corporations are terrified” of bitcoin and blockchain.


The presentation also recommends subscribing to the Stansberry Innovations Report to learn more investment tips.

Watch the Stansberry Innovations Report Presentation Here

What is the Stansberry Innovations Report?

The Stansberry Innovations Report is an email newsletter that offers alternative financial advice, crypto investment news, and more. The newsletter is named after Porter Stansberry, the founder of Stansberry Research.

Stansberry Innovations Report is led by editor John Engel and a team of technology experts. The newsletter identifies pioneering and disruptive technologies, then tells you how to invest in those technologies.

Priced at $200 and now only $49 per year, you receive one issue per month (on the third Friday of every month). The newsletter is catered to beginner investors, and it’s recommended that you start with around $1,000 in your portfolio, aiming to hold the funds for 3 to 5 years.

Who is John Engel?

John Engel is the editor of the Stansberry Innovations Report.

Prior to becoming editor, Engel worked as Stansberry Research’s in-house biotechnology analyst. He also contributed regularly to Stansberry Venture Technology and Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

Engel has a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University. He also has hands-on experience in the biotechnology industry and “personally developed several early stage drug therapeutic candidates”, according to the official Stansberry Research website. Engel spent several years as bench scientist in a drug discovery lab at one of America’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Today, Engel uses his experience in pharmaceuticals and biotech to identify innovative technology companies, including opportunities “with moderate risk but outsized upside potential”.

Stansberry Innovations Report Bonus eBooks

If you sign up for the Stansberry Innovations Report today, you’ll receive several bonus eBooks and other products, mostly related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Bonus #1: Stansberry Research Bitcoin and Blockchain Quick Start Guide: This guide explains the basics of bitcoin, including how digital currencies work, how bitcoin works, and “how the wealthy and regular folks are buying bitcoin” today.


Bonus #2: The Block-Wave Investor’s Guide: This eBook teaches you everything you need to know about investing in blockchain innovations, including the #1 publicly traded company that owns a big group of blockchain companies, a company that keeps a significant portion of its cash in bitcoin, and other small and large companies dominating the blockchain space.


Bonus #3: Our Next 1,000% Winner: This eBook from altcoin expert Eric Wade describes a new asset that “could trade at levels 30-times higher than today’s current price”. Eric’s model portfolio has purportedly seen gains of 501% to 530% over the last 12 months. Stansberry Research cautions that this investment advice is “risky” and “speculative”, although it could also generate huge returns in the next year.


10 Other Special Reports: By subscribing today, you’ll gain access to ten bonus reports, including The Tax-Free Way to Make 500% Gains in American Today, The 3 Assets You (Legally) Do Not Have to Report to the Government, and The Great Disruptor – How to Make 10-Times Your Money on the Medical Breakthrough of Our Lifetime.

Stansberry Innovations Report Pricing

Stansberry Innovations Report is priced at $200 per year.

As part of the recent online promotion, however, the newsletter is priced at $49 for your first year. You pay $49 today. Then, one year from now, your credit card will be automatically charged $200.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by phone at 1-888-261-2693, or online here: https://stansberryresearch.com/stansberry-research-charge

At checkout, you can also select a free 90 day trial of Commodity Supercycles, an investment newsletter focused on precious metals like gold and silver.

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a financial analysis firm that provides actionable investment advice from across multiple industries. As of May 2020, the company has 500,000 subscribers worldwide, 70,000 lifetime subscribers, and 175+ years of combined analyst experience.

Stansberry Research was founded by Porter Stansberry in 1999. The company offers several paid email newsletter subscriptions. Newsletters focus on alternative investments, precious metals, technology stocks, and other fields.

You can contact Stansberry Research via the following:

Final Word

Stansberry Innovations Report is an email newsletter from Baltimore-based Stansberry Research. The newsletter provides actionable investment recommendations from editor John Engel and his team of analysts.

Stansberry Research has launched a new marketing campaign for Stansberry Innovations Report discussing “a terrifying new trend” and “once-in-a-generation wealth shift”. In a video and landing page, Stansberry Innovations Report claims that socialism and slavery reparations will “create thousands of new millionaires”, and that many people will be left behind. By buying bitcoin today, you can enjoy 10x gains and avoid being left behind and be apart of the Digerati, the new class of digital millionaires and billionaires, or the “group of people who have been getting rich while most Americans are left far behind”.

Stansberry Research’s Stansberry Innovations Report focuses on the digerati, which Porter says is a huge network of Americans who have been developing new technology for decades, getting even richer as a result – and now have built their own currency (bitcoin). The story is unique, entertaining, and if entertain opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to bitcoin and blockchain finance, it is worth watching the Stansberry Innovations Report.

As part of that marketing campaign, the Stansberry Innovations Report is available for $49 for your first year, down 75% from the usual $200. To learn more or to subscribe to the Stansberry Innovations Report today, visit StansberryResearch.com

Watch the Stansberry Innovations Report Presentation Here

disclosure: *links contained in this research report review may result in a referral reward, which helps manage the site’s activity and livelihood and has causes no change in the cost.

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Craig Wright to Take the Stand Soon for Kleiman Lawsuit Hearings Regarding Bitcoin’s Creation

  • Craig Wright has continued to claim to be the true creator of Bitcoin.
  • He will be calling himself as a witness in the Kleiman vs. Wright lawsuit.

The case of Kleiman vs. Wright has been going on for quite some time, and new reports show that Craig Wright will be calling witnesses at the June 28th deposition. Wright has consistently stated that he is the creator of Bitcoin, and he will be calling two expert witnesses, a fact witness, and himself to the stand. Ultimately, since Wright will already be on the stand, he opens himself up to cross-examination.

There is already a chance that Wright will end up being placed in contempt of court after he failed to provide the list of Bitcoin holdings that he kept before the end of 2013, according to CoinDesk. This failure could lead him to trouble at either the civil or criminal level.

The chief scientist for nChain had allegedly mined over 1.1 million Bitcoin with Dave Kleiman between 2009 and 2011, believed to be stored in the “Tulip Trust.” Though Kleiman has since passed, his sister Ira is suing on behalf of his estate, asking for the fair market value and rights to the intellectual property.

The court documents say that Brett Roberson will be offering his testimony regarding digital forensics and PGP signature. His experience also covers theft of intellectual property, analyzing the activities found on a computer through a specific range of time, and recovering files that have already been deleted. All of this experience can be found in his CV, which is being used as Exhibit 1.

Kevin Madure is the second expert witness, who is the former IBM consultant and VP of cybersecurity at AlixPartners. He will be testifying to cryptography, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency, specifically in reference to how it affects this case.

The fact witness will be Steve Shadders, who is the CTO of nChain. Previously, Shadders posted a blog titled “On the Satoshiness of Dr. Craig S. Wright.” The blog discusses the reasons that Shadders believes that Wright could be the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. His statements are based on his experiences with Wright, even though he claims to have decided against seeing conclusive evidence.

To ensure that he has some kind of control over the narrative, Wright is calling himself as well. Palley, a lawyer that is following the case but is not directly involved, tweeted about the issues, saying that “criminal contempt” is still on the table.

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Author: Krystle M