Enjin Rolls Out Minecraft Plugin, EnjinCraft, to Drop Blockchain Assets into the Game

One of the most popular video games in the world, Minecraft, now has a plugin that lets its players spawn blockchain assets.

The plugin is called EnjinCraft, and has been built by Enjin, a well-known gaming startup. EnjinCraft is open-source and allows players to place blockchain assets in the Java Edition of Minecraft without the need for any code.

When it comes to how the tool works, users put the file ‘EnjinCraft’ into the players server folder for plugins, where the integration and distribution of blockchain assets as tokens can begin.

It’s Not the First Minecraft Plugin by Enjin

EnjinCraft is the second Enjin release for Minecraft. The first Minecraft plugin by Enjin was released in 2013 after a collaboration with Bukkit. It’s called DonationCraft and has reached 5.1 million downloads, as it allows Minecraft players to grow their servers through the creation of a donation store and server website.

With this new offering, server hosts can create localized Minecraft economies. Providing players with tangible ownership over currencies and in-game items. Furthermore, they can securely trade assets in the peer-to-peer (P2P) manner on the server, via chat rooms or in the Enjin Marketplace, which is a digital trading platform.

Enjin Also Released a Java SDK

Enjin has also released a Java open-source development kit (SDK) that allows developers the ability to implement the blockchain into Java-based web, mobile or desktop apps. Here’s what the company’s CTO and co-founder, Witek Radomski, had to say about what’s happening at Enjin at the moment:

“EnjinCraft is the beginning of a new era for sandbox games. Players now have a tangible stake in their gaming worlds, and server owners can create new kinds of addictive experiences by using branded collectibles and items with scarcity and value in the digital universe.”

Expansion into Asia

Back in February, Enjin introduced its development platform on Ethereum to allow developers the integration of their crypto assets into apps and games without any blockchain coding.

The startups gaming project became active this year. In April this year, Enjin said it’s going to open its crypto wallet in China, as it wants to expand into Asia and already asked for the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s approval to do so.

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Author: Oana Ularu

DapperLabs’ CryptoKitties Moves From Ethereum To Its Custom Made Flow Blockchain

  • CryptoKitties, one of the most popular crypto collectable games developed by Dapper labs is all set to make its move to the Flow blockchain from its current platform Ethereum.

CryptoKitties made headlines when it partnered with the NBA to create digital collectables for the NBA and players. It also crashed the Ethereum network when it was launched back in 2017. The game would remain interoperable with Ethereum but it would move to flow with new upgrades and game features.

The new features would include animated 3D attributes, scalable nature due to the custom-built blockchain and users could also use the digital assets of the game in other games on the Flow blockchain.

While scalability was one of the key reasons behind the move to Flow, the CEO of Dapper Labs, Roham Gharegozlou, also mentioned that the platform was getting costlier for generating new cats in the game. The CEO further explained:

“Everyone on Ethereum will be able to take their cat to Flow. They’ll get upgraded powers, and will be able to be used on all kinds of Flow applications. The vision we had with KittyVerse: Hats on Cats, Kitty Races…will be much easier to be created around the kitties, in a way that millions of people, hundreds of millions of people can actually play with.”

DapperLabs Aims to Make Digital Collectables A Valuable Asset

The move to Flow is seen as a small step towards a long term goal of making digital collectables mainstream and valuable. Dapper Labs aims to continue in its aim of providing its users with true in-game ownership, thanks to its underlying Non-fungible tokens. All of which can be traded, exchanged and used to play within the game and community.

Dapper Labs hopes that as development progresses, and people and developer communities realize the potential, more games with similar digital collectables will be launched on Flow, making it a complete ecosystem and a marketplace of its own.

In the past couple of months; in the run-up to the Flow launch, Dapper Labs made several new announcements and promotional events.

It also invited developers to its new platform PlayGround and created a new programming language called Cadence specifically meant to ease the process of developing new smart contracts for creating Non-Fungible Tokens on the Flow blockchain.

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Author: Silvia A

Blockchain Card Game to Be Launched by Eidos and Microsoft, Based On 1980s “The Way of the Tiger” Gamebook

  • Blockchain technology has been integrated to other online games as well, including F1 Delta Time and Gods Unchained.
  • The new game will be called Arena of Death.

Blockchain technology is being used in a substantial number of industries, and the gaming sector is revving up to combine this fintech with a retro gamebook. The Way of the Tiger, which was a best-selling gamebook in the 1980s, has earned recent attention from the Fabled Lands gamebook firm. Now, according to reports from Cointelegraph, Microsoft and Eidos are working with the firm to launch a blockchain card game, based on the gamebook.

The press release, which was published on Sunday, December 1st, states that the card game will be based on this best-selling book by Jamie Thomson and Mark Smith. Players will be able to engage in fantasy-based card battles in “Arena of Death,” the new title of this game. Features of the game will include details that were found in the original series.

Thomson, the CEO of Fabled Lands, chose blockchain tech as the basis for the new game because he believes that it provides better means for his goals within his program than what a traditional video game provides.

He commented, “We were going to relaunch the series in to a computer game format but this new technology (blockchain) just made more sense. Imagine playing Magic the Gathering but knowing, if you owned a card, it really does belong to you. Or if we say there are only 100 editions of an item or skill, you know there really are only 100 editions.”

The Vechain blockchain, which has been used in both supply chain management and the management of enterprises, will make it possible for gamers to use non-fungible tokens (NFT). In doing so, ownership of in-game items is easy to track. Thomson noted that the use of this blockchain will allow for in-game items and cards to be created, but “without having to deal with all the crypto stuff.”

There are many companies and games starting to integrate tokenized assets for games. Towards the end of November, F1 Delta Time recently auctioned F1 car-branded NFTs for their series. F1 Delta Time is known for their world-renowned Formula 1 racing series that ethey licensed.

A trading card game, Gods Unchained, is based on Ethereum, and they’ve managed to surpass the volume of CryptoKitties. Their surge past CryptoKitties correlated with a censorship problem with Blizzard, a game developer, leading them to nearly half a million NFT transfers daily.

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Author: Krystle M

ITAM Games Review: Blockchain Solution Where You Play to Earn

ITAM Games Review: Blockchain Solution Where You Play to Earn

ITAM Games is a solution based on blockchain technology where players get to do what they love, while at the same time earning. Thanks to the blockchain ecosystem, they now get to ensure that games are not only entertaining but that the games in question also remain transparent.

Game developers in different parts of the world are always in search of ways that they can entertain their legion of fans. Players, on the other hand, believe that they ought to have access to their gaming data.

ITAM Games has a mission to support the broad array of games developers in existence today do what they love most. They have provided a platform that developers can easily use to integrate the games already present in their catalogs. Gamers can now make sure that their games are available in the blockchain ecosystem using this solution.

For users, they get to create value through the efforts they apply when playing online.

The Gaming Experience Offered by ITAM Games

ITAM Games is providing games and game developers with an opportunity to experience a whole new world powered by the blockchain ecosystem. It is an eco-system designed to provide a gaming environment like no other.

Benefits of Using ITAM Games

As mentioned earlier, ITAM Games seeks to provide a solution that will wow both developers and their gaming fans. These benefits include:

  • Earning in-game crypto assets that get stored on a digital wallet as opposed to having them stored in centrally located game servers.
  • Gamers get to retail complete ownership of their crypto assets
  • Platform users can easily trade their assets with other gaming fans on the platform
  • Fair gaming powered by the blockchain ecosystem
  • Public transparency when it comes to displaying achievements made by each user. The transparency extends to game ranking, high scores, and in the leaderboards.
  • Users have complete access to the gaming history allowing them to track all their movements from the time they sign up on the platform.

For the developers, they get to:

  • Create games based on the blockchain system without having to learn how it works
  • Receive full node EOS.IO support
  • Receive in-game payments in their digital wallets after every two weeks

Importantly, ITAM Games will provide support for as many cryptocurrencies as possible to ensure that they do not lock out any player.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

Crypto Enthusiast, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit, Leads $3.75 Million Round in Horizon Games

Crypto Enthusiast, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit, Leads $3.75 Million Round in Horizon Games

Horizon Games on July 17 revealed that Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and husband of lawn tennis great Serena Williams is leading the raise of $3.75 million in seed funding to take on ‘’Magic: The Gathering’’ and Hearthstone.’’

The funding is also getting high-level support from some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, Inovia Capital and other exchanges within the crypto space.

Healthy Rivalry

With the proliferation of talents in the gaming sector, rivalries are bound to ensue, and each player must sit tight or lose its spot. Not one to be left behind, Horizon Games, announced that the available funds have been used to scale-up production on a new Ethereum-powered game called ‘’Skyweaver’’ and also on a gaming platform called Arcadium.

The Skyweaver project, according to the company is a ‘’Trading Card Game from Another Dimension’’, which will change the whole gaming narrative. Commenting on the whole new concept by the gaming platform, the CEO of Horizon Games Peter Kieltyka stated that:

‘’ I wanted to introduce a product on blockchain technology. We wanted to deliver something my friends could use.’’

The major zeal behind the great enthusiasm being shown by entrepreneurs like Kieltyka in the gaming industry is to compete favourably with big-time players like ‘’ Hearthstone’’, who have dominated the market for a while and can boast of over 100 million registered players on the platform.

A Huge Market

Quite a number of entrepreneurs are currently drooling over themselves and salivating at the huge potential lying ahead in the gaming industries, which is why the industry is so full of a lot of products.

‘’We realized this was a huge market, it is a huge idea, Cryptokitties had come out, and we could see the movement,’’ he concluded.

Horizon is a multifaceted platform that combines as both a gaming studio and a platform that enables the distribution of blockchain games.

The ‘’Skyweaver’’ game project by Horizon has been on the cards for close to a year now, the game involves players engaging in one-on-one contests with other players using collectable cards. The infrastructural concern that arose in the build-up to the game, led to the firm developing the Arcadeum platform and hopes that other game makers will find useful.

The firm posits that the Arcadeum platform solves a number of scalability issues, maintaining that ‘’You can’t make a blockchain game stack unless you make a game and you know it fits the mould.’’

Blockchain games are becoming hugely popular in the crypto space, and quite a number of new concepts are dished out every day. Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported that a new blockchain game called Baer Chain is a distributed online platform for the ecological game.

The game operates directly, connecting elements on the game’s ecological chain in an organic way to realize direct docking, zero-loss circulation, and secure the storing of individual values.

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Author: Ogwu Emma