ConsenSys’ Ethereum Suite, PegaSys Added to Microsoft Azure Marketplace

  • ConsenSys’ partnership with Microsoft grows stronger as developers can now access a full suite of tools to build an enterprise Ethereum network on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • These Include Hyperledger Besu, PegaSys Plus, and PegaSys Orchestrate
  • Microsofts Blockchain Dev Kit for Ethereum Support for Hyperledger Besu

In a statement to newsrooms earlier on Friday, May, 8, the ConsenSys owned PegaSys Ethereum Suite will now be available on the Microsoft Azure platform.

This sees PegaSys join a list of blockchain companies on the platform including Microsoft Enterprise Blockchain, Kadena ConsenSys’ Truffle, and Parity Technologies.

PegaSys Suite, which includes three major components including Hyperledger Besu,​​ PegaSys Plus, and PegaSys Orchestrate, allows Ethereum developers to deploy their multi-node networks with the blockchain explorers, monitoring dashboards and even development studio on Azure.

According to Dan Heyman of the PegaSys team, the suite has already been downloaded over 130,000 times with over 200 enterprise Ethereum networks built using the Hyperledger Besu platform.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace offers development kits, software licenses and Web 3.0 development tools to allow blockchain developer to easily build their products.

Furthermore, Yorke E. Rhodes III, the head program manager of blockchain engineering at Microsoft, added:

“Continuing to advance the enterprise quality and tooling for blockchain networks and development is core to serving the needs of customers using Azure. In combination with the VS Code Blockchain DevKit for Ethereum, a new standard for blockchain development has been set.”

ConsenSys and Microsoft have held a partnership since 2017. Both were founders at the launch of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance creating a client service currently used on Hyperledger Besu. Heyman believes adding PegaSys to Azure marketplace will open up a gateway to more partnerships with Microsoft in the future. He stated:

“Our close collaboration with Microsoft improves our performance on Azure as well as lays the foundation for deeper collaboration on future Ethereum offerings.”

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Author: Lujan Odera

Binance Giving Away 10,000 BNB (Over $223k) on the Launch of Two Futures Testnet Platforms

  • Battle of Binance Futures
  • 10,000 BNB and 50% trading fee discount for a full month up for grabs

Binance has announced the launch of two Binance Futures Testnet platforms and conducting a competition to allow its customers to choose one.

In this “Battle for Binance Futures,” the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange is giving away a total of 10,000 BNB to users that participate in each of Futures Test Platform. Binance’s native token BNB is currently trading at $22.34, that means $223,400 is up for grabs.

Moreover, users that vote for the winner will receive a 50% trading fee discount on the official Binance Futures Platform for an entire month.

Battle for Binance Futures

This battle for Binance Futures commences from September 3rd, 2019 and will last for less than a week, ending on September 8, 2019.

As per the Simulated Trading Competition, where the winner gets 10,000 BNB, all the participants will be allocated 1000,000 USDT, in simulated funds, of course, on each of Futures A and Futures B.

The participants will be ranked in terms of the total USDT trading volume transacted including both buys and sells on each of their Binance Futures accounts.

In order to receive 50% trading fee discount for a full month, participants will have to vote for their favorite Futures platform. The rewards for the same will be issued by the exchange within 2 weeks after the competition ends.

It has been further clarified that participants must use the same email account to register on both the platforms.

With this battle of Binance Futures, the exchange has given the futures in its customer’s hands!

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Author: AnTy

The Coordinated Crypto Crackdown Continues: NASAA Has 130 New Cases This Year

Bitcoin’s Use In Illegal Marketplaces Expected To Rise in 2019, Chainalysis Predicts $1 Billion Spent

Operation Cryptosweep is moving forward at full speed. It seems that the people at the Administrators Association (NASAA) are really taking seriously their latest operation to sweep unlawful cryptos out from the market.

According to the organization, 130 new crypto-related cases were opened and are being investigated in 2019. At the beginning of the year, the agency only had 35 cases open.

The Operation Cryptosweep was originally launched last year and the aim was to go after illegal ICOs in the U.S. and Canada.  NASAA representatives have recently confirmed that their latest investigations involve mostly securities fraud and scammers.

Michael Pieciak, the President of the NASAA, blames Facebook for the “environment” that is being created right now. According to him, the eminent launch of Libra is calling the attention of several bad types who are promoting illegal investments and scams across the country.

The president also affirms that people should be extremely careful when dealing with ICOs and cryptos, as there are many scammers out there. His advice was to always check with the authorities before any money is invested.

Crypto Companies Are Moving Away

As part of this effort to put down any kind of operation that is now fully regulated, most crypto companies are leaving the U.S. This is, obviously, both a good and bad thing. For instance, it means that the NASAA is doing a good job and weeding out the scammers. On the other hand, innovation is possibly stifled when there are so many companies leaving for overseas markets.

According to data presented by the NASAA, most companies are now choosing to move to Malta, the so-called Crypto Island. Other popular locations are Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Author: Hank Klinger

Crypto Community Donates Over 200 Books on Bitcoin in a Single Day to Educate Congress

Crypto Community Donates Over 200 Books on Bitcoin in a Single Day to Educate Congress
  • #BitcoinForCongress campaign is in full effect as in just over 24 hours 200 books on Bitcoin has made their way to the members of congress
  • The goal is to reach all 535 US legislators and educate them about Bitcoin

As part of ‘Bitcoin For Congress’ campaign, the crypto community has donated more than 200 books on Bitcoin to the Congress in just over 24 hours.

This campaign was started by enthusiast and the author of the children’s book “Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money,” that goes by the moniker, The Bitcoin Rabbi on Twitter. His goal is to reach all 535 US legislators and educate them on the concept of Bitcoin.

On July 18, he took to Twitter to announce this campaign called ‘Bitcoin For Congress’ after the congressional hearings on Facebook Libra that extended to the cryptocurrency market.


This week, US lawmakers grilled Facebook on its cryptocurrency project. Last week, Bitcoin took center stage when first the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell compared Bitcoin with gold calling it a store of value.

However, soon after the US President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary chimed in but the remarks weren’t as good as Powell’s, at least until you analyze it deeply like the cryptocurrency community.

While Trump tweeted that he is not a fan of Bitcoin and cryptos, adding that Bitcoin is not money, is highly volatile and based on thin air, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said they are a “national security issue.” Both are concerned about cryptos use in

“illicit activities like cyber crime, tax evasion, extortion, ransomware, illicit drugs, and human trafficking.”

“It is clear that the lawmakers in Washington need a lot more education about Bitcoin,” wrote The Bitcoin Rabbi.

Let’s Educate the Congress

Per this campaign, to participate, you have to pay $8 and The Bitcoin Rabbi will send a copy of “Bitcoin Money” to any congress member your choice on your behalf. The book will also involve a “respectful letter” to help explain Bitcoin. You can also order multiple books for multiple representatives.

As for why the children’s book, he says there are already great books and educators that have a “powerful effect” in DC, but they need a basic

“children’s level understanding of Bitcoin.”

“Lets flood Congress with Bitcoin education, one book at a time,” he added.

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Author: AnTy