BitPay Starts Requiring Identification For Purchases of Over $3,000 Worth of Bitcoin (BTC)

The famous crypto payment company BitPay has recently decided to take new measures in order to stop money laundering activities. Starting now, all users from the company who wish to buy over $3,000 USD worth of Bitcoin (BTC) or get a refund of over $1,000 USD will need to pass a verification process first.

According to the company, the change in the process will happen together with the implementation of the new BitPay Dashboard page, which will be the new “home page” of the users.

This process will be done by posting an identification document with a picture on the site. The information will be protected, obviously. Fortunately, the identification will need to be done only once. In case the user does not comply, the money will stay in the account, but will not be able to be withdrawn.

As it is known, the crypto community is very skeptical of this kind of measure. Most people distrust these companies as custodians of their information because they are often hacked and their personal documents may be leaked. BitPay was hacked in 2015, which does not add a lot of legitimacy to the move. At the time, 5,000 BTC from clients were lost to hackers.

The company has promised that it will use highly secure ways to store the data, but the doubts continue. Unfortunately, as regulation starts to get more strict in the industry, users do not have several choices but to comply or to keep changing the services they use, as more of them start to demand identification every day.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Mike Tyson’s New Startup ‘Fight to Fame’ Will Mix Up Entertainment with The Blockchain

Mike Tyson, the famous American boxer star, has recently decided to create a new startup. The platform is set to be an entertainment platform for fighters that will be called Fight to Fame.

This new platform is set to use the blockchain technology to create the conditions that will help aspiring fighters to reach success.

According to Tyson, the platform, which will have Farzam Kamalabadi as CEO, will fulfill one of his goals, which was to be a mentor for new generations of boxers. He affirmed that he’s interested in helping them to find success and real compensation in their careers, so this platform will be his pet project.

Kamalabadi affirmed that the blockchain will be important because it will enable the participants to solve problems that were simply impossible to solve before. This way, fighters can use fan tokens to get money other than the fees that they normally get in the industry.

In this model, the fans can also gain money if the value of the tokens goes up, which can help the fighters and the communities of fans which are created around them.

The new platform is set to be “fully immersive” and use the blockchain to provide a completely new experience. It was also affirmed that the project can be important for the blockchain industry as well. Tyson is a very famous figure, so his endorsement of projects like this one will certainly be important for them to be successful in the future and can drive adoption up.

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Author: Hank Klinger

New Sun Network Will Go Live This Week With Unlimited Capacity, Will Tron’s TRX Benefit?


Justin Sun, the famous founder of the Tron Foundation, has recently announced the launch of a new solution that will be called Sun Network. This is set to be a new scaling solution devised for the Tron network. It is set to be released this week.

According to Justin Sun, this new version will bring considerable improvements for the community as it can bring scalability up to 100 times. This, he affirmed, will be very important in order to help the developers who work in the creation of decentralized apps.

The official site of the new Sun Network affirmed that the fees can be as low as 100 times and that there will be some free transactions, as well as confirmation times that will be considerably improved.

What is actually the main announcement, though, is that the new technology will be used in order to allow unlimited growth for Tron. As with any current blockchain, Tron is prone to several issues with scaling, so if the solution is as good as advertised, the network will finally be ready for exponential growth.

Tron is far from the only company that has tried to invent new scaling solutions. Bitcoin has the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Ethereum has several new initiatives which are set to do the same. So far, none of them was completely successful. If Tron is actually able to do it, it can gain an important advantage when compared to other similar projects.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Austrian Post Creates Crypto Collectible Stamps to be Authenticated via Blockchain

Austrian Post Creates Crypto Collectible Stamps to be Authenticated via Blockchain

Many people collect postal stamps. While this hobby may not be so famous as it once was, the Austrian Post office has decided to modernize it a little bit, releasing a line of crypto collectible stamps, which was revealed via a press release.

The press release stated that the new collection will be the first one to ever be authenticated using the blockchain technology. A total of 150,000 copies will ever be sold and each one of them will cost $6.90 EUR.

After you buy your stamp, you will notice that it will come in two parts. One part is basically the actual stamp, which you can use whenever you want to send mail and the other one is the credential that is used for blockchain authentication. This is basically the part that makes it unique and more interesting, as it changes how people will actually store their stamps.

Crypto Collectibles Are Getting Popular

Everybody remembers Crypto Kitties, right? Crypto collectibles are a huge market. Many people liked the idea of having something unique that nobody else will ever have and storing it forever on something like the blockchain is one of the most secure ways to hold it with your forever.

This led to the so-called Crypto Kitties mania that was so strong until last year, in which the app turned into the most popular Ethereum app and several others appeared as well.

Recently, for instance, a virtual car called “1-1-1” car was auctioned for the blockchain racing game F1 Delta Time. The car actually cost $110,600 USD for the buyer, which just highlights how huge this market has become.

F1 Delta Time, in case you are not familiar with the product, is a competitive racing game in which you have several cars and you can bet on races using their unique stats to see which one wins.

The game is very focused on trading cars, which are all non-fungible ERC-721 tokens, just like Crypto Kitties. They were, like all kind of collectible, only produced in small quantities, which raised their value in the market.

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Author: Gabriel M

Bitcoin Bulls and Mainstream Media Not on the Same Page as Headlines and Price Shows Divergence

Bitcoin Bulls and Mainstream Media Not on the Same Page as Headlines and Price Shows Divergence

Bitcoin is more famous now in 2019 than it ever was before. The recent price spike caused the newest wave of people investing in the asset today. Traditional financial investors, giants from social media and even retail companies such as Starbucks are all talking about cryptos, this is a fact.

However, most of the mainstream media outlets flat out affirm that Bitcoin can be known as a fool’s gold, not digital gold. According to them, the whole thing ranges from a scam to a bubble, something that the investors know that it is not the truth (although eventual bubbles do happen and they end bursting like last year).

Also, while die-hard crypto fans hold their own keys and praise the decentralization of the ecosystem, several crypto users are simply not that much excited about the whole idea. They often do not care about nodes, private keys and cold wallets, they just want a trustworthy company to hold their digital money for them.

This interesting new Reddit post created by u/atc2017 has tried to correlate how the notoriety of crypto and Bitcoin is going up with how prices go up and down. The main reason for creating this was to understand how rise and fall in prices are correlated with exposure and awareness, a theory that is pretty popular in the BTC community.

Tooling to analyse Bitcoin/Crypto exposure in mainstream media, exposure is increasing from CryptoCurrency

The graph shows in green the positive mentions of BTC and crypto, the negative ones in red and neutral in gray. Unfortunately, even as the prices increase, most of the news is either neutral or negative and almost none of them are positive.

With the graph, it can be clearly seen that the media continues to be skeptical even as the crypto bulls are making more and more money. Even when the big price increases happen, the token is not really appreciated by the media outlets, as the price bumps may be comparable to more news about it, but not necessarily positive exposure.

When the prices go down, however, negative exposure tends to go up, which clearly shows the negative bias that the traditional media has against BTC.

What could actually be surprising is that most of the time the news is generally deemed to be fairly neutral. This shows that it does not really mean whether prices are going up or down, the media also does not seem to hate BTC that much. Also, this year the negative views have somewhat diminished.

Are these trends ever going to chance? We have to wait and see. Negativity will certainly continue for a long time, at least until the ecosystem is fairly well-regarded around the whole world.

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Author: Gabriel M