Playboy Partners with Gemini-Owned Nifty Gateway to Enter into NFT Space

Playboy Partners with Gemini-Owned Nifty Gateway to Enter into NFT Space

The iconic brand sees “the digital asset revolution as an enormous business opportunity” and “huge growth potential in integrating tokens” into its business.

Entertainment magazine Playboy announced a partnership with crypto exchange Gemini-owned digital art platform Nifty Gateway on Tuesday.

According to the iconic brand, Playboy’s entry into the NFT space is its “long history of providing a platform for artists and creative self-expression.”

Besides art, Playboy’s NFT can further extend to tickets to a virtual mansion experience or interviews.

While the company is planning to receive cash for its initial projects, Rachel Webber, Playboy’s chief brand officer and president of corporate strategy, said they are open to expanding into cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method Playboy explores the digital assets space. Webber told Insider,

“We see the digital asset revolution as an enormous business opportunity.”

“We see huge growth potential in integrating tokens into our streetwear business, our live experiences, and events, creating a social token economy with our network of talent.”

This foray into digital art would be kickstarted with collaboration with two artists, Blake Kathyrn and Slimesunday, one featuring inspiration from their archive, and the other would be an upcoming Pride-themed curation this June.

“We are thrilled by all of the innovation and access the blockchain can bring.”

“We have much more in store as well, including curated NFT art collections from our nearly 70-year archive of art and photography.”

NFTs have exploded into popularity this year, with the market cap of related tokens growing past $27 billion and their trading volume soaring to $3.7 billion, as per Coingecko. According to data from CryptoSlam, more than $1 billion was spent on NFT collectibles in March alone.

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BTC Bull ‘Pomp’ Teams Up With TikTok Influencer Bryce Hall to Launch Capital University Podcast

Bryce Hall, a popular TikTok star, is all set to enter the financial realm with popular bitcoin proponent Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano. Teaming up to launch a podcast called “Capital University,” unlike Pomp’s main podcast, which solely focuses on business and promoting bitcoin, this joint venture is focused on reducing the generational divide.

The podcast would be a different exchange of ideas for both the individuals, where Pomp would try to understand how social media influencers earn money. In contrast, Hall will try to learn tips on investments and building generational wealth through smart investment strategies. Hall said,

“I just want to highlight the power and importance of diversification. I do believe crypto is its own asset class and one worth exploring.

It is definitely the Internet’s version of gold with the caveat of having a known finite amount of units.”

Hall raises to fame through the popular short video sharing social media platform TikTok and boasts of around 25 million subscribers across various social media platforms and currently boasts of $2 million in net worth.

Hall also mentioned on Twitter that the new podcast would be a new learning curve in life, especially in terms of finances. He also opened up that currently, he does not hold any cryptocurrency, nor does he have any prior association within the crypto space.

The TikTok star might not have any crypto holdings at present, but given his association with Pomp, it would not be a big surprise if the young social media influencer does eventually invest in digital assets.

Several big shots have already agreed to come on the podcast, including Mark Cuban and Gemini exchange founders, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Given Cuban as well as both of the brothers have made a name for themselves. They could also play a key role in helping the young influencer understand how digital assets work.

Hall also commented on his first guests for the podcast and said,

“When Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are engaging with your tweets and direct messaging you, you better take what they say seriously and reevaluate your investment positions.” He continued,

“Right now, when you’re at the top, this is when you’re going to be making the most money. You just have to find a way to sustain it.”

Even though the Podcast officially launched yesterday, it has already soared to the number one business podcast in the world. This sudden rise was probably due to Bryce’s 25 million combined social media followers.

You can catch the first cut episode on YouTube here:

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Will Bitcoin’s Price Over the Next Two Weeks Set the Pace for September’s Bulls or Bears?

As we enter the last week of August, several traders opine that the Bitcoin price’s performance over the next two weeks will determine if the value will drop below $10,000 or a positive surge will go on.

The week’s candle comes at a time when CME’s Bitcoin futures, as well as Deribit’s options contracts, are set to expire. This has the potential of setting the tone of prices for September. More so on whether Bitcoin will end the month above or below various key levels.

Mohit Sorout, Bitazu Capital founding partner, states that $11,800 is a crucial level for Bitcoin. He argues that an upsurge to $11,800 is likely to “put sellers to sleep.”

There are only a few days before the end of August and the Bitcoin futures sector has remained cautious. The number of long contracts in the market is more than the short-sellers with Bybt showing that longs are 53.36% of the total futures market. This indicates that traders are highly cautious and that a couple of scenarios might happen in September.

Bullish Short-term Scenario

In order for Bitcoin to continue with its upward trend in the short-term, traders state that Bitcoin’s price needs to trade above the $11,800 level. If this was to occur, traders forecast that Bitcoin is likely to trade above $12,500. Consequently, others believe that if Bitcoin trades between $10,900 and $11,500, then a bullish scenario is likely in the short-term.

Nunya Bizniz, a crypto analyst, explains that if monthly candle structure at the moment was to follow the previous ones, then a newfound bull run is likely in the short-term.

Bitcoin’s Stagnation Scenario

An alternative scenario, as advanced by some investors, is that the leading cryptocurrency may experience several months of low volatility or price remaining stable before a significant price surge. 10T Holdings co-founder, Dan Tapiero, explained that each price cycle has taken about 800 to 1,100 days for it to be complete. At the moment, the current cycle is not even 400 days old which means that Bitcoin’s price is likely to stagnate in the next one year. He said:

“Each upcycle takes longer to play out and is less extreme as absolute dollar value gets much larger. May or may not be another 6-12 months before price breaks up. It should not matter as the end price point obscenely higher. Holders rejoice.”

Historically, September has been a slow month for the crypto market, and as expected traders have mixed opinions on the next move for Bitcoin.

What’s your opinion on the next price move for Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments section.

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62k Bitcoin Options Expiring This Week with Institutional Investors Short-term Bearish

As we enter into the last week of August, it’s time for bitcoin derivatives to expire.

This week, 62,000 BTC worth about $730 million of Bitcoin options will be expiring on Friday.

June’s $1 billion bitcoin derivatives expiry was a non-event for the price of the digital asset. Now, it’s to be seen how the market will fare this time.

As we reported, open interest on bitcoin options has grown six-fold since the beginning of 2020 to $2 billion, last seen around July expiry.

Given that about a third of these will expire, it isn’t expected to have much of an impact on the market.

Deribit, which accounts for 80% of the bitcoin options market, has 46.6k BTC to be expired this week, but about 60% of them are out for the money and have no intrinsic value, as such reducing the selling pressure further.

When it comes to bitcoin futures, which will also be expiring this week, the open interest on them climbed to its all-time high of $5 billion last week.

The point worth noting is that CME data shows “institutional investors are short-term bearish.”

The number of leveraged funds longs has fallen 10.6% from their all-time high in the last two weeks, while the number of leveraged funds shorts rose 10.3%.

“This trend, reflecting net shorts, shows a lack of institutional confidence in Bitcoin’s short-term price growth,” notes OKEx.

The Bitcoin futures market is actually in contango with 3-months futures contracts at a 9% annualized premium.

However, the Bitcoin futures price at CME currently is at the same level as the spot market, unlike last week, which has been trading at over 1% premium.

This week has another major event, bigger than the expiration of the derivatives happening. The macroeconomic event coming this Thursday is Federal Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech about the inflation target at the Jackson Hole Forum, which is expected to affect bitcoin, gold, and the stock markets.

While BTC started on a positive note today to reach $11,800, the market sentiment remains of “extreme greed,” which has been ruling the market through this month.

The yellow metal also spiked 1.5% only to move back down to $1,940; meanwhile, the US Dollar index is uptrending.

S&P 500, on the other hand, is enjoying the gains by opening higher and continuing to make new highs — currently up over 1% from the ATH hit in February. Nasdaq also hit a new peak, a whopping 16.5% higher than pre-March crash levels.

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Renaissance’s $10 Billion Medallion Hedge Fund Permitted to Enter into Bitcoin Futures Market

As per regulatory form filled on March 30, 2020, Renaissance Technologies is permitted to enter the Bitcoin Futures market for cash-settled contracts.

The company’s Medallion hedge fund is currently in the news for having its best years ever. Up 24% year to date it recorded impressive 9.9% gains in March, one of the worst months in modern financial history.

They are well ahead of the broader stock market, which is down over 11% since the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic. March’s gains came even after charging hefty investor fees including a cut of 36% of all trading gains and 5% of all money invested.

Cash-settled Bitcoin Futures contracts

Now, Jim Simons founded company has been permitted to enter into bitcoin future transactions, “which Renaissance will limit to cash-settled futures contracts traded on the CME.”

The Form ADV mentions that the underlying commodity, bitcoin is a relatively new and “highly speculative” asset and is extremely volatile, as such “investment results may vary substantially over time.”

It further cautions that these instruments involve much larger risk and potential for loss compared to conventional financial instruments.

“Investments of this type should be considered substantially more speculative and significantly more likely to result in a total loss of capital than many other investments.”

Significant Risk

Renaissance further lays down a list of risks associated with bitcoin including its limited history, the absence of any recognition of bitcoin as legal tender by any government.

Bitcoin’s substantial price volatility, its susceptibility to forking, and possible correlation to the price volatility of other distributed ledger assets are other risks.

What the crypto community hails as the biggest strength of Bitcoin, no central authority to issue or control the world’s leading digital asset is also taken by the company as one of the risks.

Bitcoin’s susceptibility to manipulation by malicious actors or botnets, spot exchanges to fraud, manipulation, and other malfeasance, and the enhanced basis risk in futures compared to other types of investment vehicles are also mentioned.

Moreover, it mentions the undeveloped and evolving nature of regulation amidst the increased regulatory scrutiny of participants in the crypto space.

There is also the possibility of exchanges or FCMs’ imposing other requirements or limitations on bitcoin futures trading.

And any of these factors could “materially and adversely” affect the value of the Fund’s investments, reads the form.

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Coinbase Pro Prepares to Launch Digital Privacy Network Orchid (OXT) As Next Digital Asset

  • OXT will enter transfer-only mode on December 13th at 10:00am PST.
  • Transfer-only mode will last for 12 hours.

Coinbase Pro continually strives to serve customers by bringing them cryptocurrency assets that they want to use. One of the latest to be added to the platform will now be Orchid (OXT), according to a recent blog by Coinbase.

As with all of the newly listed tokens on the platform, customers will be entering four separate stages as the integration is implemented on Friday, December 13th. The first stage is a transfer-only state, allowing customers to send inbound transfers to the OXT/USD order book from “supported regions,” though the orders will be in a pending state for the entire 12 hours of this mode, beginning at 10:00am PST.

The second stage is the post-only mode, allowing customers to post limit orders without completion. Minimum wait time for order books at this stage is one minute, though a maximum time is not listed.

During the third stage, limit-only, Coinbase allows limit orders to match and complete, but customers will not have access to market order submissions. This mode will last at least ten minutes for order books. Once these three initial stages take place, OXT/USD order books will enter the final stage, full trading. Services for limit, market, and stop orders will be available at this point.

Orchid was created in 2017, pushing for a more open and accessible internet for all. With its decentralized VP (virtual private network) service, individuals are linked with a group of bandwidth providers around the world. The providers can share their extra bandwidth by staking Orchid tokens, essentially functioning as network nodes. The nodes are stored as a list in an Ethereum smart contract that anyone in the world can access, and users pay the cost of their bandwidth with OXT, an ERC-20 token.

To use Orchid, consumers will need to download the Orchid app, register for a Web3 crypto wallet, and purchase OXT.

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Mall of America To Open Crypto-Related Store; Featuring Winklevoss Backed Flexa SPEDN Payment App

The Mall of America, the largest mall in the United States, has recently decided to enter the crypto world. According to the mall’s announcement, a new store named Modern Retail Collective is going to showcase the technology there.

One of the goals of this store will be to showcase blockchain and crypto technology to people and it is being organized by companies such as McKinsey and Flexa, a crypto startup focused on helping people to use cryptocurrencies.

This new store will test how blockchain technology works for retail users. Praveen Adhi, from McKinsey, affirmed that the business will show how retailers can use crypto and cutting-edge data to create and define their own visions on how to create a store.

A representative from Flexa affirmed that the company will showcase solutions that will help companies to save costs and to really profit using what the technology has to offer.

There will be space for non-crypto technologies as well. Digital signage, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality are some of the technologies that will be showcased at the store.

Flexa will also display its own app at the store. Called SPEDN, the payment app, which uses the FXC cryptocurrency, is backed by the Famous Winklevoss Twins’s Gemini Exchange and can function as a crypto wallet. At the store, the staff will show clients how to use the payment app in order to boost crypto adoption. The app is marketed as having “no chargebacks” and “no fraud”.

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Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange Will Enter Singapore Market Via Local Platform BitHolic

Bithumb Cryptocurrency Exchange Will Enter Singapore Market Via Local Platform BitHolic

Bithumb, a prominent South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, is set to enter the crypto market of Singapore soon. According to a local media outlet called News1 Korea, the company has acquired a regulated company in the country to buy its entrance in the market.

The selected company is BitHolic. The media outlet affirmed that BitHolic has recently changed its name to Bithumb Singapore, which is pretty much a great hint of what happened.

An anonymous source who was interviewed by News1 Korea, the equity structures of the deal were not revealed, but Bithumb is trying to advance to international markets and it will start with this close market by acquiring the other company and using it as a base to quickly enter Singapore with licenses already in place.

Part of the reason for choosing BitHolic might because of Park Jeong Hun. He worked as a director on the South Korean company some years ago and now represents the Singaporean company, so he probably acted as the bridge during the deal.

This is a clear move in a very popular trend: move internationally to get more clients because crypto is getting popular. Several companies such as Coinbase and Binance are doing it, so the South Korean giant could not lose this chance.

Despite the expansion, Bithumb is far from being in its best year ever. Earlier in 2019, the company was hacked and it lost USD 19 million, mostly on XRP and EOS tokens. The hack was smaller than the previous one, though, which saw the exchange losing around USD 30 million.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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ZILLIQA Price Prediction: Long-term (ZIL) Value Forecast – July 4

  • ZIL/USD market may enter other near range zones in the upper or lower outer marks.
  • The ZIL/USD market bulls need to break out resistance at $0.0165 price level to affirm bullish potential in the market.

ZIL/USD Medium-term Trend – Ranging

  • Resistance levels: $0.018, $0.019, $0.02
  • Support levels: $0.014, $0.013, $0.012

The current medium-term trend of ZIL/USD market, it’s observed that lower range moving mode has prevailed over lower high. Quite a while, the market has been ranging down under the trend-line of the 50-day SMA trading indicator. The core range zones are seeable around $0.017 and $0.016 price levels.

An outer extension of the upper range mark has found at $0.018 mark, and that also represents the immediate resistance level of the market. In a similar outlook, the lower range line posses an outer mark at $0.015. The Bollinger Upper Band and the 50-day SMA indicator are located around $0.017 mark. The Stochastic Oscillators now consolidate around range 40.

Most of the indicators show that the ZIL/USD market may continue to hover around its current choppy spots. And, there’s the possibility of seeing the market entering other near range zones in the upper or lower outer marks as mentioned above.

ZIL/USD Short-term Trend – Ranging

There have critical range price movements in the short-term trend of the ZIL/USD market today. Initially, the market was falling almost out of the range zones while it touched a low mark at $0.0153 or thereabout. It has slightly rebounded in the range to hover around $0.0165 mark.

The indicators now point to the east. The 50-day SMA indicator is located between the Bollinger Upper and Middle Band trend-lines. The Stochastic Oscillators have closed the hairs below range 80.

The pair appears struggling to push northwards. But, it has to break out resistance at $0.0165 price level to affirm bullish potential in the market. However, a chain of price touches at that point would most of the result in lowering the market value afterward.


The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect that of and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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