Alibaba Offers Bitcoin Shopping Cashback Rewards Via Lolli App With New Partnership

The affiliate retail startup Lolli has started a new partnership with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Now, Alibaba will offer Bitcoin (BTC) rewards for clients who use Lolli to make purchases. Lolli is an in-browser app that is focused on allowing the users to get cashback in crypto and earn small rewards.

This new partnership was announced on Singles Day, a Chinese shopping holiday which is similar to Black Friday. As this is a major day for retail in the country, there are many people shopping, so it was the ideal day to launch the new project.

Aubrey Strobel, the head of communications at Lolli, has recently affirmed that China residents will, unfortunately, not be able to participate. Only Chinese-Americans, foreign students or travelers who are currently in the U. S. will be able to participate as Lolli cannot operate legally in China. Another reason is that all products need to be sent from China to the United States.

Lolli’s CEO Alex Adelman said that this partnership could be considered a milestone for the company and that Lolli had plans for an international expansion next year. He also noted that this was an important step to connect two important economies via Bitcoin and e-commerce.

Adelman acknowledged that the opportunity was only available for U. S. residents right now and claimed that the goal was to actually let anyone participate as soon as possible.

The industry of BTC cashback is growing. Companies such as Fold and SPEDN have also invested in this niche, so Lolli has a fierce competition to beat.

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Author: Silvia A

Permission Interview: New E-com Marketplace Compensates Users in Crypto for Time and Data, a digital marketing and e-commerce platform that has received more than $46 million in funding, recently announced the launch of its new online marketplace where merchants reward consumers for their time and data.

The platform connects users with products from over 1,000 retailers, including Target and Walmart. The company’s management says it’s planning to transform the existing digital marketing ecosystem in order to level the playing field for consumers. The Permission marketplace compensates users with its own native currency, called the ASK token, which may be used within the platform.

Charlie Silver, CEO of, has been building companies while also helping investors access liquidity for almost 30 years. Charlie was also the host of a radio talk show on KOGO, the biggest radio station in Southern California.

Silver recently shared his views and insights with BitcoinExchangeGuide. He explained how the platform works and how it’s different from traditional platforms that do not fairly compensate consumers for their contributions.

BitcoinExchangeGuide: On the website, you mention that instead of merchants paying third-party centralized platforms like Google and Facebook to reach consumers, merchants engage and compensate consumers directly with ASK. Please explain how this token economy works and tell us more about how your platform works.

Charlie Silver: “Ownership and data sovereignty are the guiding principles and rules of our token economy. All markets succeed or fail based upon well-understood and fairly-applied rules. Permission abides by the rule that the individual should always be compensated for their time and data, scarce resources that have been monopolized and exploited by the major platforms. Our Permission-based economy reverses that model and puts the individual back in control.

On our platform, merchants bid for customers’ time by offering them ASK to shop and click on their product ads. By ‘Asking Permission’ versus interrupting, merchants can build trust and long term relationships. As Merchants participate more and more on our platform, they will find more and more use cases for ASK. For example, email communication is essential for businesses to communicate with their customers. Instead of spamming, in our economy, businesses can obtain permission to engage their customers by offering them ASK to open emails.”

BitcoinExchangeGuide: Why should people invest their time and provide data to your platform given that they use so many other apps during their day like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. What’s unique about your platform and why should people take time out to learn about it?

Charlie Silver: “For years, the major platforms and the biggest companies in the world have been built on individuals’ time and data. That trend is reversing: people are becoming increasingly aware that they should be compensated for these assets. On Permission, our users are rightfully paid for the time and data that they currently give away to the major platforms for free.”

BitcoinExchangeGuide: On your FAQ page, you mention that ASK is a coin on the independent Permission blockchain. The Permission blockchain is a fork of Ethereum so ASK is much like Ether. Tell us about why you decided to fork the Ethereum protocol instead of simply issuing an ERC-20 compliant token.

Charlie Silver: “We created our own blockchain based on Ethereum because of the economics involved. If we used pure Ethereum, the price of gas / transactions would take away what the individuals on the platform can earn.”

BitcoinExchangeGuide: On your FAQ page, you explain why you use the ASK token instead of fiat money:

“Fiat currency is inherently opaque and subject to manipulation. ASK, powered by the Permission Blockchain, provides financial transparency and increases the efficiency of conducting business globally. Most importantly, ASK can be used in any transaction in which the asking and granting of Permission should be involved.”

Why not just use Bitcoin considering it is the most dominant and established cryptocurrency on the market?

Charlie Silver: “Using Bitcoin (BTC) or USD would not make economic sense, as it would take billions of capital in order to compensate users. Our goal is to create a new economy based on a new currency, where all the participants benefit from the growing network and utility of that currency.”

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Author: Omar Faridi

Overstock Rolls On State-of-the-Art Blockchain R&D Campus In Ireland, Over $1.1 Million Invested

US e-commerce and tech giant Overstock has announced that it has established a blockchain research and development center that will be based in Ireland.

In a press statement issued on Oct. 9, the company revealed that the new R&D base will be situated in ‘IDA’s flagship North West business park in Sligo’. The statement also stated that the center will employ its hundredth employee who will be Irish before the end of the year. At the moment, the center boasts of approximately 80 technologists.

The press statement also stated that the new R&D center in Ireland is worth more than €1 million ($1.1 million). According to the firm’s vice president who also doubles as the site head, David Kenny, the company was excited with the opening of the new center that will see all the teams under the same roof. Kenny explained that the new center was a validation of Overstock’s preference of the North West as a friendly area for business and the creation of high-performance teams for software development.

He added that the blend of varied career paths as well as high-quality tech environment coupled work-life balance had gone won excellently with the techies. This, he stated, was an added incentive for the numerous individuals who have continued to be part of their team.

Here is his exact quote:

“We’re absolutely delighted with our new home and getting all our teams back under one roof. It further validates Overstock’s choice of the North West as a great place to do business and build high performance software development teams. The combination of a diverse career path, a cutting edge tech environment and a great work life balance has really resonated with the techies who continue to join our growing team.”

The press statement was also categorical in that the new center will not only focus on blockchain but also on emerging innovations within the e-commerce sector as well as the machine learning domain.

Despite the opening of the new center, not all is smooth with the company. The tech giant is embroiled in a controversy which has contributed to negative effects on its reputation. A fresh complaint has been filed in Utah alleging that the immediate former Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne as well as the former CFO Greg Iverson were in the middle of a securities fraud. In this case, it remains unclear whether the opening of the new R&D center will add to the company’s fortunes.

Cointelegraph reports that Overstock is following in the footsteps of IT firm Cisco which opened an innovative center in Singapore in February that also focuses on blockchain.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

Lolli To Add Lending Product And Maybe Even Issue Credit Cards

Lolli To Add Lending Product And Maybe Even Issue Credit Cards

A popular crypto e-commerce platform called Lolli is said to be creating a lending platform. The news was first reported by The Block Crypto, which interviewed the CEO of the company, Alex Adelman, during an episode of The Block’s The Scoop program.

The CEO of the company affirmed that lending was a very important industry and that it was important to understand Bitcoin, too. He affirmed that if the company doesn’t do it, other companies will, so it a matter of doing it first because there is definitely a market for this right now.

According to him, not only a lending platform is in the works, but the company also may be issuing its own credit cards in the future, too.

The idea is to be able to serve some needs which are currently not being met by most of the popular alternatives that people have in the market. However, before Lolli is able to start working with credit cards, there is still much work to be done first.

Lolli Will Have a New Mobile App

Lolli has also recently announced on its Twitter that it is rolling out a new mobile app in order to let its customers access its services from anywhere. The company has promised that the app will be focused on privacy and security, too, so the users can be protected when using it.

The first step for the launch of this app is to increase the number of clients that the company has. There are several initiatives being done to ensure that so that the launch will occur without issues.

In case you do not know Lolli, the platform allows the company’s users to get BTC rewards. By using the app, the users are said to be able to earn BTC on daily purchases for services such as coffee, food, etc.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Sesterce Mining: Legit Blockchain Investment Platform for Crypto Mining?


Sesterce Mining is the world’s biggest e-commerce mining platform with more than 2000 orders per month, more than 100 references, and shipment all around the world. Its cloud mining section allows users to earn cryptocurrencies with the best possible customer experience and in a totally secure way. No knowledge required to start mining cryptocurrencies.

Sesterce’s main objective is to set up a community around blockchain assets with an increasingly wide range of services. The group has created a real blockchain mining expertise and investment in the recent years. They have the biggest catalog of services around mining. The platform is a grouping by the alliance of several major players in Blockchain in Europe, with the intention of creating a global player and a real representative of Europe in this market.

What They Do

Sesterce is the best place to invest in crypto mining solutions, and help reinvent and open, free, and efficient financial model. It’s an all-round blockchain-based investment platform.

Sesterce believes in the ultimate transformation of banking. It believes the world is at a stage where the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies is massively disruptive and innovative. The platform offers a new way of joining the new paradigm of value transfer between people by allowing users to start mining cryptocurrencies with the best hardware available on the market at the best price.

Here are some of the benefits of the platform:

  • A complete offer on new blockchain investment models: Sesterce offers cloud mining, miners, masternodes, hosting, and pool. Its offer on digital asset infrastructures is both simple and complete.
  • A global actor with three offices worldwide: Sesterce offers services and delivery of products all over the world with a team dispatched between France, Hong Kong, and the U.S.
  • Reliable customer support: Its customer service based in France is focused on providing the best experience at any time. The French-based company operates under the law of European Union, with a willingness to always offer the best customer experience.

Complete Solutions for Crypto Mining

Sesterce is a trusted actor, positioned as a European player on the global mining scene with major partnerships and a significant market share. The company has more than 30 partners across the world. Some of the reasons why it leads include:

  • Dedicated, passionate, and professional services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Premium customer support
  • Scheduled, accurate, and timely delivery

Besides, the platform has awesome customer support that is willing to assist customers at any time. In case of any concern, simply contact they and they will help you solve your issues with any aspect of their services, their products, or any cryptocurrency-related questions.

The Main Seller of Hardware Mining Worldwide

With Sesterce’s cloud mining services, you can mine any cryptocurrency available in their catalog. Simply switch your mining power on the fly for all the coins using their Bitcoin mining website. Currently there are more than 20 different digital currencies for mining. There’s no need to set up the hardware, or do maintenance, as Sesterce takes care of everything.


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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team