DapperLabs’ CryptoKitties Moves From Ethereum To Its Custom Made Flow Blockchain

  • CryptoKitties, one of the most popular crypto collectable games developed by Dapper labs is all set to make its move to the Flow blockchain from its current platform Ethereum.

CryptoKitties made headlines when it partnered with the NBA to create digital collectables for the NBA and players. It also crashed the Ethereum network when it was launched back in 2017. The game would remain interoperable with Ethereum but it would move to flow with new upgrades and game features.

The new features would include animated 3D attributes, scalable nature due to the custom-built blockchain and users could also use the digital assets of the game in other games on the Flow blockchain.

While scalability was one of the key reasons behind the move to Flow, the CEO of Dapper Labs, Roham Gharegozlou, also mentioned that the platform was getting costlier for generating new cats in the game. The CEO further explained:

“Everyone on Ethereum will be able to take their cat to Flow. They’ll get upgraded powers, and will be able to be used on all kinds of Flow applications. The vision we had with KittyVerse: Hats on Cats, Kitty Races…will be much easier to be created around the kitties, in a way that millions of people, hundreds of millions of people can actually play with.”

DapperLabs Aims to Make Digital Collectables A Valuable Asset

The move to Flow is seen as a small step towards a long term goal of making digital collectables mainstream and valuable. Dapper Labs aims to continue in its aim of providing its users with true in-game ownership, thanks to its underlying Non-fungible tokens. All of which can be traded, exchanged and used to play within the game and community.

Dapper Labs hopes that as development progresses, and people and developer communities realize the potential, more games with similar digital collectables will be launched on Flow, making it a complete ecosystem and a marketplace of its own.

In the past couple of months; in the run-up to the Flow launch, Dapper Labs made several new announcements and promotional events.

It also invited developers to its new platform PlayGround and created a new programming language called Cadence specifically meant to ease the process of developing new smart contracts for creating Non-Fungible Tokens on the Flow blockchain.

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Author: Silvia A

Samsung Galaxy Store Adds Support For Tron based Dapps for EU and US Users

Dapps developed on top of the Tron blockchain are now available via the Samsung Galaxy store on Samsung tablets and smartphones for users across the US and Europe. According to reports, a dedicated section within the Galaxy Store will allow users to easily download featured dapps.

Tron also indicated that on-chain games like Blockchain Cuties, as well as Super Player, will be available starting Monday while other dapps are set to be made available in the near future.

According to Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, the partnership with Samsung is progressing well and the two firms are now moving to the next level through the integration of both ecosystems together.

The two firms announced their partnership in October last year and launched a software development kit (SDK) which allows users to directly access Tron’s blockchain through their Samsung devices.

Sun also explained that the availability of dapps in one of the biggest app stores in the globe, Samsung Galaxy Store, offers an incredible opportunity for the Tron platform to access a new and expansive user base.

Sun also explained that the deal will allow Tron to access a user base that may not be from the blockchain space.

The Samsung Galaxy Store is an alternative app platform only available in Samsung devices. Apart from the Google Play Store which contains general Android apps, the Samsung Galaxy Store provides custom-designed apps for Samsung users only.

The new deal will see Samsung users based in South Korea, United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Philippines as well as “some countries within Europe”. This means that the dapps will not be available globally but Tron stated that the availability will vary by carrier, device, as well as the market.

Samsung is currently one of the biggest smartphones in the world with the firm shipping about 295 million smartphones last year which was more than 100 million above its arch-rival Apple.

Tron has been enhancing its market reach and recently, and controversially, acquired Steemit; leading many to believe it was a forced takeover.

Leading to a soft fork in Steem’s chain in order to protect the platform from giving Justin Sun to much power. This eventually led to a hard fork, forming new crypto called HIVE.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

New ‘Spider’ Crypto Routing Scheme By MIT Boost Blockchain Transactions By 4x

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed a fresh technology that they claim will help ease the congestion on the cryptocurrency payments networks, Cointelegraph reports.

Dubbed Spider, the new crypto routing scheme will provide enhanced efficiency for payment channel networks commonly known as PCN. In a press statement, MIT claimed that Spider will help in reducing the time used for blockchain-based transactions as well as boost profits.

As per the press release, transactions in PCN are done with little action from the blockchain network. PCN enables the users to charge various accounts with a selected amount of cryptos. The payments are then done through a linkage of similar accounts whereby its only the opening and the closing of the said accounts are registered on the blockchain network.

Although conventional schemes utilize the shortest paths available to conclude a transaction and do not take into account the user’s balance, the new PCN technology depends on bidirectional joint accounts. In this case, payments are only routed to the channels with enough funds to complete the transactions. This, as per the press statement, will help to avoid a case where users within a joint account deals with lots of transactions leading to zero balance and making it hard to route additional transactions.

The researchers also explained that Spider will help in splitting every completed transaction into different smaller packets that can be distributed across various channels at divergent rates.

One of the key researchers of Spider technology is Vibhaalakshmi Sivaraman. He explained:

“Shortest-path routing can cause imbalances between accounts that deplete key payment channels and paralyze the system […] Routing money in a way that the funds of both users in each joint account are balanced allows us to reuse the same initial funds to support as many transactions as possible.”

Another crucial aspect of Spider is that it enables the queing of transactions when the accounts are congested rather than being rejected. The team also came up with an algorithm which will help in identifying the congested accounts.

The implementation of the Spider technology is scheduled to start before the end of this month.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

Despite A 2020 Launch, Facebook’s Libra Has No Solid Strategy To Be Rolled Out

According to a member of the board responsible to oversee the Libra project, a solid strategy is yet to be developed on how and where the Libra cryptocurrency will be launched in the coming year, Reuters reports.

Patrick Ellis who is a board member of the Libra Association which is tasked to issue as well as govern the operations of the virtual currency, revealed that the launching of the Libra crypto, anticipated to be in June, will depend on the outcome of the negotiations with the regulators.

Ellis stated that currently there was no set strategy either for the markets as well as the cryptocurrency itself on how it will be launched.

The Libra project has rattled the financial regulators and authorities from across the world due to the prospect that it could be used by Facebook’s 2.4 billion users. The authorities are nervous that it has the capacity to change the world’s financial landscape.

The Libra project which is led by Facebook among other notable firms was unveiled in June this year. Since its inception, the project has faced numerous challenges from policy makers across the world which could lead to a delay in its launching.

Ellis stated that it was still too early for the board to come up with an elaborate strategy as they still have lots of issues to work out with the regulators before they can come up with a fine launching strategy.

The Libra project has faced various hurdles led by the US Congress who are questioning how the users data will be handled and whether it will be safe following the recent controversies that have rocked Facebook. The Congress has urged for a halt of the project until all the raised issues are resolved conclusively. On Wednesday Lael Brainard, Fed Governor, added the latest voice against the project stating that it was facing crucial legal as well as regulatory challenges. Brainard also stated that the concept of the stablecoin is still unclear and unproven.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

DeFi Lender Nexo Is Now Offering Instant Credit Lines for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Nexo is one of the most successful crypto lenders on the market and has developed the BCH lending service in collaboration with Bitcoin.com. By making BCH-backed loans available on their platform, it enables BCH holders to take loans against their assets instead of having to sell when needing liquidity. This increases the utility of the asset and makes the BCH holding easier for the long term.

Nexo’s Interests Rates Added

The Nexo’s amazing interest rates starting at 5.9% APR plus the greatly tax-efficient service available in more than 40 fiat currencies and 200 jurisdictions have been added. This is what the Nexo’s managing partner, Antoni Trenchev, had to say about the Bitcoin.com partnership:

Providing exceptional crypto lending services worldwide is fundamental for Nexo, and an underlying part of realizing this goal is ensuring our platform supports a vast selection of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin cash, being one of the most widely used crypto assets, significantly increases Nexo’s addressable market. Together with bitcoin cash, Nexo is thriving in its mission to grow the utility and adoption of cryptocurrencies, and bring quality banking services to all corners of the world.”

Bitcoin.com is a promoter of the BCH adoption when it comes to peer-to-peer electronic money, wanting the BCH ecosystem to develop. This is what Stefan Rust, its CEO, said about the partnership with Nexo:

“More and more companies are seeing the ever-rising activity on many fronts around BCH and wish to take part in the action. It is great to see Nexo joining the foray with such interesting and compelling new financial services.”

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Author: Oana Ularu

11 South Korean Firms set to Launch Blockchain Based Identity Certification Service

South Korea, a developed country known for actively promoting the use of blockchain technology in various sectors like education, finance and many more. Now a consortium comprising of 11 major companies in South Korea is now commercially offering a Blockchain mobile identity certification service, named Initial.

The use of blockchain for issuing important Identification related certificates would ensure the safety of the personal data of users. The group was established late this fall and comprises of major tech firms like Samsung Electronics, and three other major telecommunication operators as well as few top tiers banks.

The consortium was created with a goal towards improvement of digital information services that are not just safe but also very easy to manage.

How Would new Blockchain-Based Identity Certification Service Work

The consortium would debut a mobile app in 2020, which customers can upload and download several certificates. The identity the customer will not be kept with any centralized body but on a blockchain, which would ensure that only the owner of the account can access their personal info.

The consortium is planning to offer at least 70 digital certificates via the mobile application. The use of blockchain for managing sensitive personal data has seen many use cases in recent times, and more countries are looking to implement similar use cases to protect the user’s privacy.

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Author: Hank Klinger

Bakkt CEO Expected to Be Appointed to Senate, But President Donald Trump Isn’t Too Happy

  • Bakkt is a platform developed by the Intercontinental Exchange.
  • President Donald Trump is wants to appoint U.S. Representative Doug Collins instead.

Kelly Loeffler is the CEO of Bakkt, the institutional Bitcoin futures platform launched by the Intercontinental Exchange. As Georgia Governor Brian Kemp aims to appeal to Republican women, reports indicate that he is expected to appoint Loeffler to a seat in the Senate next week. If she is nominated, Loeffler will make history for the state, becoming only the second woman in Georgia to ever serve with the US Senate. Local news outlet AJC reported on November 29th that it is even possible for Loeffler to finance GOP activities with her own funds alone, which could mean that some fundraising records will be broken.

Working to get the Republican vote in her favor, Loeffler expressed that strengthening the border is a goal of hers, as well as shutting down the trafficking of humans and drugs. Loeffler wants to see healthcare costs lowered for the public, and she has shown the desire to protect the national interests of citizens. In her own statement, Loeffler added,

“If chosen, I will stand with President Trump, Senator David Perdue, and you to Keep America Great.”

Presently, the seat that Loeffler would occupy is possessed by Johnny Isakson, who is facing health problems that are forcing him to step down. Officials from the Republican Party, though unnamed, stated that a public announcement on Loeffler’s appointment is expected from Brian Kemp at an upcoming press conference, planned for next week.

Despite Kemp’s apparent intentions, Trump and other party leaders reportedly are set on appointing U.S. Representative Doug Collins, rather the Loeffler. Collins has strongly supported Trump, as well as anti-abortion efforts and gun rights, which have been many of the deciding factors for Republican leaders getting behind the representative.

Loeffler, as the president and many loyal followers, see her, is too moderate. Though Kemp recently met with both Loeffler and the president last week for approval, he was unsuccessful in his efforts.

Even with this setback, Bakkt recently set a new record for daily volume of their Bitcoin futures contracts at $42.5 million on November 28th.

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Author: Krystle M

If Softbank’s Yahoo Japan And LINE Merge, Will Ripple’s MoneyTap Get A Boost From SBI-PayPay?

  • MoneyTap’s app was adopted by four Japanese banks in September 2019.0
  • SBI Holdings was developed by Ripple and MoneyTap as a financial company.

Yahoo Japan by Softbank is the leader in search and shopping departments. Recent reports from CNBC reveal that the company is now launching with a leader in local messaging called Line, adding more to the many features of the Softbank Group.

While CNBC is reporting this merger as a certain thing, the official statement from Line is that the deal is still not done. Even though Softbank already has secured a majority stake in the mobile unit that Line runs in 2018, the company has recorded three quarters with massive losses, struggling to start making a profit.

Now, a recent tweet with the XRP Research Center states that it is possible for Line to take advantage of MoneyTap’s PayPay integration. The XRP Research Center watches the developing Ripple ecosystem for updates. PayPay is the e-payments app that Softbank and Yahoo already own.

SBI Holdings, a Tokyo-based financial company that was developed between MoneyTap and Ripple, recently signed a deal with PayPay. Line Pay, in the meantime, has still reached 82 million users over time, which means that Ripple’s technology could realistically be used by the two biggest payment apps that use QR code.

Even though the fifth-largest bank in Japan, Resona, has snubbed MoneyTap, the company still has managed to rise in popularity in the country. The system, which relies on the blockchain technology offered by Ripple in their bank-to-bank transfers, has already been adopted by for additional Japanese banks back in September.

SBI Holding established an alliance with Fukushima Bank on November 11th. Fukushima Bank has stated that they want to integrate MoneyTap as well to improve profitability.

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Telx Technologies Rolls Out World’s Inaugural Cryptocurrency-Facilitating Sim Card Wallet

Cryptocurrency and telecommunications payments company Telx Technologies, has developed the first cryptocurrency SIM card wallet – which will allow Telx customers to send cryptocurrency transactions via SMS to any phone number around the world.

Telx does this by providing the customer with a SIM card and a phone number that have cryptocurrency wallets linked to them.

The agenda behind the project is to enable people to send money internationally without the need for a smartphone, Internet connection or wallet app/address. According to Telx, its launch will be the world’s first such SIM card used for this purpose. In a Medium post, the company announced the launching of the sim card:

“Send crypto via SMS with the first cryptocurrency sim card and phone number wallet.”

Telx seems to be catering to the non-technical audience in the cryptocurrency community. The company claims that SIM cards work in over 180 countries and can be used with any phone having an open SIM card slot. The company has a catalog of worldwide enabled phone numbers from which the customer will choose and use as their new wallet identity. This replaces long, confusing public keys.

Telx customers will be able to send cryptocurrency transactions to Telx phone numbers, regular phone numbers or cryptocurrency addresses themselves.

Because the Telx SIM card works over telecommunication networks instead of internet networks, there is no need for an internet connection, smartphone or application. This allows users who are in parts of the world with an unreliable internet connection to participate in the fast-growing blockchain industry.

Telx seems to be borrowing from a similar service for fiat currency exists called “M-Pesa” which allows users to send money to other phone numbers via SMS. Since the launch of this product, it has grown quickly at becoming the most widely used phone-based peer to peer money transfer system. Telx is determined to be the cryptocurrency version of this service but with global unfettered access.

According to Cointelegraph, Telx sim card supports Bitcoin, DASH, Zcash as well as Bitcoin Cash. The company promises to prevent SIM swapping and phone number porting, to accept transactions originating only from the proper SIM card, to protect the wallet with a dedicated PIN number and to provide backup keys in case of a theft or loss.

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