Digibyte (DGB) Still Tradeable on Poloniex Exchange Days After Threatening To Delist It

  • Days after Poloniex announced it was going to delist Digibyte (DGB) following its founder’s criticism of of TRON’s Justin Sun as well as Binance, the crypto is still tradable in the crypto exchange platform.

According to Beincrypto, Poloniex had announced its intention to buy Tron but later removed the announcement from its Twitter account. The crypto exchange firm had stated that it was going to delist Digibyte from its platform but its now eight days later since their announcement and nothing has changed.

Rudy Bouwman, Digibyte Foundation vice chair, asked Poloniex to clarify the issue in a tweet account. Rudy also indicated that Digibyte was ranked 15th on the exchange on the basis of trading volume.

Poloniex did not give a substantive reason as to why it was planning to delist Digibyte only saying that the crypto does not meet its listing standards. In addition, the crypto exchange platform did not reveal it listing standards and why Digibyte did not meet them. The exchange has also failed to give any update on the matter after the delisting announcement. This has led to speculations that it is a punishment for the crypto’s founder criticizing Sun.

The delisting announcement has led to massive transfer of DGB assets from Poloniex. Recently, more than 100m DGB coins have been drawn from Poloniex. Despite the mass exodus, about 500m DGB coins still remain in Poloniex’s wallets. Majority of people within Digibyte community are urging more users to transfer their funds from Poloniex and make the exchange suffer more than the users.

Some DGB users and holders have expressed concerns that coins stored in Poloniex may be subjected to freezes or manipulation leading to future problems. To avoid this, the users are urging for quick withdrawals and transfer to other exchanges.

To date, Poloniex has remained silent on the issue after it issued the threats last week. It is anticipated that DGB could be delisted before the end of the year. However, their silence could be taken as a sign that they are rethinking their earlier announcement.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

Binance Removes Multiple Trading Pairs, Opens Account Registration for Puerto Rico Residents

Binance is making several changes to its list of assets recently. The company decided to delist several trading pairs from its list. Curiously, some of the assets that were removed include some of the tokens that were launched via the Binance Launchpad.

According to the exchange, the trading pairs will be removed to improve the liquidity of the platform and improve the overall trading experience of the users.

A total of 30 trading pairs were removed, including the famous BitTorrent Token (BTT) /Bitcoin (BTC) trading pair. Now, BTT can be only be traded with stablecoins such as Tether, Paxos Standard (PAX), TrueUSD and USD Coin (USDC).

This may have happened partly because the BTT token was a huge disappointment. It was one of the most hyped launches on the platform and still, its price fell quite substaintially. It was being traded for 35 Satoshi after the launch against only 5 Satoshi now.

Binance also delisted trading pairs including the Elrond Network (ERD), WINk (WIN) and Harmony (ONE). All of these tokens still have some trading pairs on the platform, only with less variety now.

The company affirmed that part of the reason why the delisting happened is that some of the trading pairs were considered to be causing too much volatility to the tokens because they were illiquid markets.

Most of the delisted trading pairs include ANKR, BCPT, BTT, DENT, DOGE, ERD, FTM, FUEL, GTO, LUN, NCASH, NPXS, ONE, PHB, TFUEL, WAVES and WIN tokens against Bitcoin or stablecoins.

Binance.US Opens Up Registration For Puerto Rico Residents

The U. S. version of Binance, known as Binance.US, also has updates. Now, people from Puerto Rico, a region under the control of the U. S., will be able to open up accounts. These users will have the same level of access as the U. S. residents from the states in which trades are already happening. Puerto Rico residents also get special zero trading fees for a month as part of the launch.

Binance.US went live on September 24 and it currently offers 13 trading pairs.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Binance Closedown for US Customers is Bullish for Bitcoin

Binance Closedown for US Customers is Bullish for Bitcoin
  • Binance to stop providing services to US customers, Bittrex to delist 32 altcoins by June end
  • Bearish for small cap altcoins, bullish for bitcoin & major cryptos

Recently, Binance.com announced that it will no longer cater to US customers while stepping up their KYC/AML game. This news came after Binance announced that its Binance US will be launching soon as well.

The news sent shockwaves across the crypto community that deeply affected its native token Binance Coin (BNB) which as yesterday down more than 10 percent but since then has recovered and currently in the green by 1.70 percent in the past 24 hours as it trades at $33.34.

Recently, we also reported of Bittrex exchange delisting a long list of cryptocurrencies, 32 altcoins for the US customers effective from June 28, 2019.

“Like other industry participants, we will continue to advocate for laws and regulations that foster innovation,” wrote Bittrex.

Any open orders will be canceled on the date the change will take place but users will be able to hold and withdraw tokens from their Bittrex wallets as long as they are still supported on Bittrex International. Non-US customers are unaffected and will still be able to trade all of the affected tokens.

Another exchange that is ramping up its KYC protocol apart from Binance and Bittrex is Bitfinex which is seeking information from certain users.

Bearish for Small Cap Altcoins, Bullish for Bitcoin & Major Cryptos

A Twitter thread what Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao attributes as an “interesting take,” shares how Binance already sees this coming as they already had time to build a DEX and prepare Binance.us.

However, with Binance US, just like its other initiatives in Uganda and Singapore, Binance is most likely to roll with the top cryptos only. As for the DEX, it only trades Binance Chain related tokens, so in the near future, they don’t seem to offer any silver lining for altcoins.

Winter seems to be calling for altcoins, shares economist and trader Alex Kruger but this he says will be bullish for major cryptocurrencies, especially for Bitcoin.

In the short term, Kruger explains, for those exiting Binance.com uses Bitcoin the most and this gives larger players a perfect excuse to move the market.

Bitcoin has already seen the greens as after the release of this news BTC jumped over 5 percent, adding $600 in less than 24 hours.

“Other majors is stage #2, tied to re-balancing demand,” as the major alts will eventually follow.

The small cap altcoins will be affected and experience the bears more so as Bittrex is also ready to delist them. Though getting red initially after the news, as Bitcoin surged to $8,780 levels, altcoins followed the world’s top cryptocurrency.

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Author: AnTy