Dash Releases App for Retail Commerce Payments Using DASH Token

Dash Releases App for Retail Commerce Payments Using DASH Token

The developers of the DASH cryptocurrency have launched a retail-focused app that will help customers to spend the cryptocurrency at retail and online shops across the United States.

In a press release shared earlier this week, the blockchain-based payments network confirmed that its app – called DashDirect – will help improve commercial payments and, most importantly, grow adoption for the asset.

DashDirect – Payments With DASH Made Easy

As the release explained, DashDirect will allow customers to shop at over 155,000 physical store locations and 125 online platforms across the United States.

Some big names – including Home Depot, BestBuy, Chipotle, and Staples – are part of those that will allow the service’s use. Speaking to news sources, Marshall Greenwood, DashDirect’s chief executive, explained that it will also offer sizable savings on products purchased through its interface.

As the executive explained, DashDirect is a non-custodial app. By leveraging Dash’s payment technology, the app will offer instant, low-cost payment capacities – especially for crypto micro-transactions.

So customers will be able to hold and control their DASH tokens from the app. It will also include a tipping feature and a dashboard for users to track their savings and expenses.

Greenwood pointed out that all users have to do is enter the amount of money they would like to pay on DashDirect. Immediately, the platform calculates a discount of up to 12 percent. Greenwood added that the primary objective is to make it as easy to spend DASH as it is to spend the dollar – whether physically or online. But, with DASH offering efficient and low-cost transactions, customers will enjoy impressive savings that aren’t available with the American fiat.

The CEO also pointed out that they are expanding their partner retailers, languages, and customer support.

Dash Working on Seamless Payment Integration

DashDirect is the latest in Dash’s efforts to boost adoption of the asset and optimize payments. Back in January, the Dash Core Group announced several updates to its smartphone app and the DashPay smartphone wallet.

DashPay is a social crypto payments wallet with human-readable addresses. As the January announcement explained, the development work for v0.17 of the app had been moved to the testnet phase. The Dash Core Group had been looking towards releasing the app before 2020, but delays in employment had pushed the work back.

Dana Alibrandi, the Head of Product at Dash, explained that DashPay is the biggest deployment of the Dash Platform. Its release will mark the biggest milestone in Dash’s long-term ambition for mainstream adoption.

With v0.17 now in testnet, Dash is looking towards v0.18 and some additional items on its agenda. The upgrade will feature more protocol involvements for light clients and greater functionalities for its Android and iOS apps.

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Author: Jimmy Aki

DASH Usage Doubles In Q1 Across Latin America As Privacy Concerns Build

The privacy-enabled cryptocurrency, Dash, is seeing widespread adoption across the globe with countries in the Latin American (LATAM) region leading the charge. A Q1 2020 report from Dash Core Group (DCG), a non-profit organization leading the development of the blockchain, shows that overall commercial payments using DASH across the LATAM region spiked 104% in this quarter.

DASH adoption blooms in LATAM region

One of the most impressive adoption rates has been in Venezuela, where Burger King started to accept the cryptocurrency, in light of the country’s hyperinflation. Speaking to Finance Magnates, the CEO of DCG, Ryan Taylor said,

“Probably our greatest success story has been in Venezuela, where we have thousands of merchants that accept it, and they see users walking in the door and using it.”

The number of DASH wallets on mobile devices has also explosively grown over the past year – recording a 210% increase from May 2019 to 101,747 wallets on mobile devices. DASH’s price against the dollar has also witnessed a healthy rise year to date spiking over 60% to trade at $77.25 on major exchanges.

The crypto is silently gaining widespread adoption in the real world allowing overstressed economies to privately and instantly send and transact funds. Ryan said the DASH adoption curve extends to other continents and regions including countries in Asia and in Africa. Notwithstanding, the crypto is gaining ground in the gaming industry as well. He added,

“We’ve seen some usage within certain verticals: one of those is gaming. We’ve recently been integrated into a platform called ReadyRaider.”

The positives in the LATAM market are however masked by the exit of one of the biggest promoters of DASH in October last year – Latam, which operated in 8 countries and 20 cities in the region.

The privacy question?

The privacy of DASH, however, is being brought to question following the addition of DASH and Zcash (ZEC) to Chainalysis, a blockchain compliance monitoring analytics firm. In the statement released by Chainalysis, the DASH PrivateSend feature was compared to a simple iteration of Bitcoin’s coin mixers stating over 99% of transactions on the blockchain is not private.

However, Ryan explained that the mixing feature enhances the overall security and privacy of the users. He further believes that Chainalysis will bring safer transactions to DASH.

“Ultimately, both [Dash and Chainalysis] promote the safe use of cryptocurrencies, while ensuring access to legacy financial markets, so I’m pleased that Chainalysis has chosen to implement Dash into their platform.”

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Author: Lujan Odera

Dash Price Analysis (May 3)

• The price of Dash is likely to encounter a price breakout or a price breakdown in view of a range-bound movement.
• A bullish break at the $136 will make the crypto rally above the resistance level.
• A bearish break at the $36.80 will depreciate the crypto to a low below support price level.

DASH/USD Medium-term Trend: Ranging

Key levels

• Resistance levels : $140, $150, $160
• Support levels: $30, $25, $15

DASHUSD remains in a range-bound market in its medium-term outlook. The bullish momentum at $83.83 in the resistance area is lost during yesterday’s session.

Today’s daily open candle at $83.32 in the support area which is bearish returns the cryptocurrency back within the range.

The coin is initially down at $81.65 in the support area. Price is above the EMA-50 and the stochastic signal pointing up at around level 60% in the overbought region implies the coin is in an uptrend within the range.

DASHUSD is in consolidation and trading between $136.16 in the resistance area and $36.80 in the support area of the range.

A breakout at the upper resistance area or a breakdown at the lower support area may occur; hence patience is required to allow this to happen before a position is taken.

DASH/USD Short-term Trend: Ranging

The coin continues in a range-bound market in its short-term outlook.

The 4-hourly session opens today with the formation of a bullish inverted hammer opening candle at $83.32 in the resistance. An indication of a trend reversal, hence seller’s brief return.

Price of DASHUSD further drops to $81.65 in the support area within the range. A gradual return by the bulls now pushes the crypto’s price up at $82.87 in the resistance area within the range.

Price hovers around the two EMAs; this is an indication of an undefined trend in the context of the market between the buyers and sellers.

Thus, the stochastic signal pointing down at around level 59% suggests that there may likely be a change in trend of DASHUSD in the days ahead in the short-term.

DASHUSD is in consolidation and trading between $89 in the resistance area and at $67.10 in the support area of the range. A breakout at the upper supply area or breakdown at the lower area followed by a retest may occur hence patience is required to allow this to happen before a position is taken.

Disclaimer: The presented information is subjected to market condition and may include the very own opinion of the author. Please do your ‘very own’ market research before making any investment in cryptocurrencies. Neither the writer nor the publication (bitcoinexchangeguide.com) holds any responsibility for your financial loss

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Dash Price Analysis (February 16)
• The overall outlook of the coin market is bullish in trend.
• The bears may have a temporal control.
DASH/USD Medium-term Trend: Bullish

• Resistance levels : $140.00, $150.00, $160.00
• Support levels: $30, $25, $15

Dash is in a bullish trend market in its medium-term outlook. The bulls lost momentum at $134.45 in the resistance area; the large bearish candle at $115.57 returns the price to the support area before the end of the session yesterday.

Today’s daily candle at $120.80 in the support area opens on a bearish note, as the bears dictate the market.

The momentum in price continues down south as the bears drop the price to $99.79 in the support area as the bears are returning in a grand style to the market.

Price is above the two EMAs with its wick touching the EMA 9, an indication of an uptrend in price of the crypto, thus, the stochastic signal pointing down at 50% suggests the Dash may likely encounter a change in trend in the future in the medium-term perspective.

DASH/USD Short-term Trend: Bearish
The cryptocurrency is in a downtrend in its short-term outlook. The bullish candle at $120.80 in the resistance area opens the 4-hourly candle today. Bulls further push the price up to $124.39 in the resistance area.

Formation of a doji candle $120.40 signals the return of the bears. Price drops to $111.02 in the support area.

Bears’ exercised pressure further drops price of the coin to $99.79 with its wick breaking the support line.

Price is below the two EMAs, this implies downward momentum in price of Dash.

However, the stochastic oscillator signal pointing downward at 21% in the oversold region suggests the price of the coin may likely experience a change in trend in the days ahead in the short-term.

Disclaimer: The presented information is subjected to market condition and may include the very own opinion of the author. Please do your ‘very own’ market research before making any investment in cryptocurrencies. Neither the writer nor the publication (bitcoinexchangeguide.com) holds any responsibility for your financial loss.

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Author: Ben Jordan

Dash Core Group’s CEO Releases Plan To Improve Market Performance – PoS Coming?

In a recent presentation at the Dash Evolution Open House in Arizona, the CEO of the Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor, explained that they are working in order to improve Dash’s market performance. One of the possible solutions is to move to a proof-of-stake (PoS) network if the community decides to do so.

Ryan Taylor Presents New Plan To Improve Dash

Mr. Taylor has released a new plan in order to help Dash improve its performance in the cryptocurrency market when comparing it to other digital currencies in the space. He mentioned that several price crashes and spikes were highly related to specific initiatives and incentives in the network.

Dash reached its highest point in the market at the end of 2017 when many other cryptocurrencies were reaching their all-time highs. Moreover, during 2017 Dash had a very high BTC price that started to fall in early 2018 without being able to recover part of the price it lost.

Ryan Taylor wants to improve Dash attributes as a store of value, which is going to be a very difficult task considering the digital currency lost a large part of its value in the last few years. Indeed, Dash is making new lows in several years with a price per coin of $50. This represents a decrease from it’s all-time high of over 96% when it was traded close to $1,550.

Mr. Taylor explained that the financial incentives are used to pay for labor, electricity and mining equipment. This makes the profit margins very small for miners, a very important part of the whole blockchain network.

At the same time, Taylor said that the coin is affected by boom-and-bust cycles that can be related to the fact that the cryptocurrency works with Masternodes that require 1k in Dash in order to run.

The CEO of the Dash Core Group proposed a series of changes that could massively change the way in which Dash works.

For example, block rewards going towards PoW mining could be reduced and minimize the pressure on Dash’s price or the PoW consensus algorithm could be changed for PoS relying on the masternode network. Nevertheless, the community will have to debate these changes and whether they are going to be implemented or not.

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Author: Carl T

Binance US Adds Privacy-Centric Coin Dash Including US Dollar Trading Pair

On Wednesday, the US branch of Binance crypto exchange announced it has listed privacy-centric cryptocurrency Dash in its platform, Finance Magnates reports.

The exchange which was started last month offering crypto-fiat services announced it will offer trading services for Dash against three forms of currencies comprising of Bitcoin, USDT as well as USD. the addition of Dash now means that the platform now lists 15 cryptos.

Notably, the crypto exchange listed Dash/USD trading pair which means that traders can buy Dash using fiat USD instead of having to buy a different crypto like BTC then buying Dash. The exchange stated that while customers will be able to buy Dash immediately using USD, deposited funds will be held for 10 days before they can be withdrawn.

The listing by Binance US is a major boost for the Dash community. Although the global version of Binance supports Dash there were concerns on whether the US branch with its own regulatory framework would support the privacy-centric crypto.

The addition is also important given that various crypto exchanges have in the recent past delisted Dash due to concerns about the utilization of the privacy-centric cryptocurrency. Previously, OKEx Korea announced delisting of the crypto but rescinded its decision saying that its reviewing Dash’s compliance with the requisite legal requirements.

In the recent past, Dash has made tremendous progress when it comes to being listed in major crypto exchanges. At the start of this month the cryptocurrency was listed in BitMart as well as Bibox. Similarly, Binance’s major domestic competitor Coinbase also added Dash to its offering last month.

The announcement by Binance US stated that the crypto exchange will continue its pursuit to offer access and trading among different digital assets and the exchange is continuously evaluating several coins, tokens as well as trading pairs that can be offered on its platform. In order to attract clients in its new market, Binance is providing various promotional offers to US clients comprising exemption of trading fees until Nov. 1.

The addition of Dash/USD trading pair was hailed by Dash as it will help in reduction in dependence on Bitcoin for trading purposes.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

DASH CEO: Dash is the Most Secure Cryptocurrency, More Secure Than Bitcoin with Latest Updates


The Dash cryptocurrency, by the Dash Core Group, has recently effected a new protocol which ensures better security for the network. Specifically, the new protocol called Chainlock will make the Dash network immune to a 51% attack or a chain reorganization.

This was revealed by the Dash CEO, Ryan Taylor, during a recent TV interview where he spoke extensively on a few of the firm’s endeavors including Chainlock, Dash Investment Foundation, New InstantSend, Dash Platform, and a few others.

Taylor spoke about issues being faced by all chains based on Proof-of-Work. Basically, if one miner or a group of miners control at least 51% of a particular network’s mining hashrate, they would easily be able to make damaging changes to the network. Also according to Taylor,

“PoW-based chains follow the chain that has the most amount of work associated with it. This then means that “when they see two potential blocks, they look at the one they saw first.”

Taylor then continued, explaining that some networks make use of checkpoints. According to him, these are

“from a centralized server that dictates to the network which chain to follow, but that carries its own risks and challenges.”

This problem has however been solved with Long Living Masternode Quorums (LLMQs).

According to Taylor, the network now sort of votes on itself through “Master Nodes”. These Master Nodes exercise some sort of authority by trying to form a quorum of 400 different nodes, randomly chosen. Doing this helps to validate a block before it fully becomes a part of the network. Taylor then explains that:

“If 60% or more of them agree that this is a valid block, that means that the majority of the network did see that block first and it broadcasts a message to the rest of the network that says at this height, this is the valid block and any other blocks will be rejects. So that certainty develops in about four to six seconds.”

Taylor also spoke about what exactly makes it a tad more difficult for a 51% attack on the Dash network. According to him:

“The cost of attacking the Dash network for an hour isn’t just rent some hashrate like it is for all other cryptocurrencies. You have to control 20, 25 percent of the coin supply before you could even attempt it. That makes Dash, probably, the most secure cryptocurrency, even more so than Bitcoin.”

Furthermore, Taylor then explains that InstantSend now makes it very easy to purchase the DASH from a supported ATM and use it almost immediately without having to worry about waiting, however long, for confirmation from the network. He also boasts of how cheap it is and how it can be used in certain places where the fees that come with other networks like Bitcoin is too expensive for people in those places. Taylor said:

“It’s less than a penny per transaction and makes it very usable in places like Venezuela where they can’t afford transaction fees in Bitcoin, even to open a Lightning Channel, that’s outside of what they can afford to do.”

Even though it’s still PoW, the Dash network is considerably different from other PoW networks like Bitcoin. Its specific structure stood out at the beginning, and this gave it quite a bit of attention. Now, Taylor is sure that Dash is still a trailblazer.

“Using ChainLocks and InstantSend together, the Dash network enables exchanges and merchants to instantly credit user accounts without risk, which dramatically improves the user experience by eliminating the delay for transaction finality from which Bitcoin and other networks suffer.”

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Author: Tolu

Dash Warns About Security Vulnerability In MyDashWallet, Suggesting Not To Use It

  • Dash warns about a vulnerability that affected My Dash Wallet users
  • The wallet informed that the issue has been solved

The team behind Dash, one of the most popular digital currencies in the market, is warning about a vulnerability they found at My Dash Wallet. According to a recent Tweet released by Dash, they found a vulnerability and urge the community not to use the wallet until further notice.

Dash Warns About My Dash Wallet Vulnerability

According to Dash, the third party wallet My Dash Wallet is affected by a vulnerability that could be harmful for users. Apparently, an externally loaded script was sending users private keys to a server. At the same time, the official Twitter account of Dash mentioned that other wallets such as Coinomi and Jaxx are safe.

My Dash Wallet informed that the external library has been already removed and the external site fixed itself back on May 13th. In addition to it, they explained that there was no browser getting the hacked script. Nevertheless, they recommended creating  a new HD Wallet and move funds there.

As mentioned before, Dash is one of the most popular digital currencies in the market. Indeed, it is currently the 15th largest and it has a market capitalization of $1.28 billion. In addition to it, each Dash coin can be purchased for $145.

Wallets and crypto exchanges have had many different vulnerabilities that have affected their credibility and ended up with users losing their funds. This is why there are many investors that do not trust the whole crypto space and prefer to remain on the sidelines until these services become more mature.

A few months ago, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance was affected by a hack in which they lost around 7,000 BTC.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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