Bitcoin is Now on Former Hedge Fund Manager Jim Cramer’s Investment Menu

On the latest episode of The Pomp Podcast, Anthony Pompliano tried to convert the guest Jim Cramer into a Bitcoiner.

CNBC’s Mad Money fame, Cramer is a former hedge fund manager who back in 2016 showed his bullishness towards BTC by calling out for $1 million only to get his bears out the following year when the digital asset went under $6,000.

But this time, the co-founder of got a much-needed lesson to understand Bitcoin, and now he believes buying bitcoin is actually “prudent.”

What changed his mind is the three billion dollars that the central bank printed, which he said: “changed everything.” “I am concerned that I am not being prudent, and I now think that Bitcoin is prudent,” said Cramer.

His idea is to have his inheritance in something his kids will be comfortable with, and it isn’t gold but cryptocurrency.

“I’m going to buy it [Bitcoin] in stages…” he said and that he would keep it untouched for his kids until 2030.

On his investment menu, he had the traditional assets – gold, masterpieces, mansions, and real estate. But what his inflation handbook didn’t have was crypto.

He said gold and crypto belongs to the same category and that one has to “have one or the other.” Cramer said in the light of the current macro environment.

“We’re on a collision course, which makes me feel great about the gold I own, but I do feel that it’s perfectly logical to add crypto to the menu.”

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EMJAC Review: A Sustainable Future Empowered by DLT?

EMJAC Review: A Sustainable Future Empowered by DLT?

EMJAC is actively working towards a digitized platform that will help convert global waste into renewable energy. In its quest to achieve this objective, the platform has become a global R&D leader focusing on recycling tires collected from around the world and transforming them into Clean and Renewable energy sources.

In the process of achieving all this, the company has developed an operating mission aimed at driving all its activities. The mission covers aspects such as:

  • Leveraging upcoming blockchain technology to help it solve the current tire stockpile collected from around the world
  • Providing a trading platform and solution that targets waste tire suppliers. The solution aims to address matters pertaining to the sourcing of products, supplies, and logistics.
  • Creating value from the tire waste to reduce illegal dumping of used tires
  • Enhancing the volume of global waste tires recycled each year. Its recycling initiative intends to do this in a manner that is eco-friendly.

The Blockchain Project

In an attempt to achieve what other companies have tried to achieve with no success, EMJ intends to integrate the ETH blockchain environment. The integration is crucial, as it will assist in the running and operations of smart contracts. It will also help the platform protect and bridge the existing gap between its token holders and EMJ tokens.

By relying on the decentralized nature of the blockchain ecosystem, EMJ will finally get to improve traceability and transparency as far as management of global waste tires goes. Importantly, the project will make it possible for the project managers to do away with the illegal dumping of waste tires.

Besides, it aims to:

  • Enhance the accountability of production and logistics
  • Improve environment protection practices
  • Guarantee that the carbon and energy trapped in all waste tires gets reused and fully recovered

The marketplace created by EMJ will facilitate direct and improved trading for both B2B and P2P collection, shipping, and procurement of global waste tires. Apart from production, it is also expected to help enhance the shipping and sale of recycled tires across various countries across the world.

It is a digital project aimed to assist in solving an ongoing set of problems. The project leaders have identified the following set of problems.

Problems to solve

Did you know that more than 2 billion tires get produced each year? The number continues to increase with each passing year. What is worrying is that despite the production numbers increasing, no efforts are in place to increase the recycling of the waste tires. Statistics indicate that less than 30 percent of all tires produced each year gets recycled.

The numbers are worrying as it means that all these tires eventually end up in landfills where their previous owners poorly dispose of them. EMJ wants to ensure that more tires get recycled. The efforts instituted by EMJ through its digital platforms will help make sure that as many tires as possible get recycled.


By integrating the blockchain ecosystem, EMJ is in a position to reduce the volume of tires filling up landfills. Recycling also ensures that less global waste is redirected to third world countries or is illegally dumped in the oceans.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team