Cloud Storage Platform Sia Launches Decentralized CDN, Skynet, For File Sharing

Nebulous has launched the Skynet platform for enabling low-cost and high-speed file sharing and content distribution.

It should be noted that developers at Nebulous have also created the Sia decentralized cloud storage network. The Sia network was established back in 2015 and offers decentralized storage. David Vorick, Nebulous’ CEO says the Sia network has somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 users who have stored more than 4 petabytes of data in more than 1 million storage smart contracts.

Skynet Is Built on the Sia Network

The Skynet file-sharing platform is built on the Sia network. It allows users to upload data and to share the URL that’s generated with anyone else. The file can be accessed by end-users without full nodes having to be run. Instead of centralized solutions such as Amazon Web Services, decentralized app (dapp) developers can use Sia to be their storage layer. Here’s how Vorick explains the system:

“Anyone can run a server that allows them to touch the link. It’s not like Amazon’s cloud or Apple’s cloud, and the person who uploaded the file doesn’t need to seed the file. What it means is that you have this substrate for data where so long as a single person thinks that a file has a right to exist, that file is available to the entire world.”

The Platform Doesn’t Have the Final Say

Different from centralized solutions, in the decentralized ones, the platform doesn’t have the final say on whether the content should be published or not. Vorick says Skynet is also more rapid and less costly, as users pay about $5 per month for each terabyte of stored data, much less than what Amazon charges. When it comes to speed, the downloads from Skynet are at 1 gigabit per second.

Integration with Skynet to be Made Easier

Moving ahead, Nebulous wants to help developers integrate with Skynet more rapidly and effortlessly for them to start building apps. At the moment, the development kit supports the Python, Go and Nodejs programming languages, allowing users to make uploads and downloads. However, the team is working on more features. Nebulous recently came to a resolution with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to pay about $225,000 in disgorgement and penalties for conducting securities sales in 2014 and 2015.

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Author: Oana Ularu

Steemit’s New Partnership Will Bring Steem DApps and 20 Million Users to TRON

The blockchain-based social media platform that pays its users to create content and known as Steemit has closed a partnership with TRON so that Steem users and dapps will be available to TRON.

The announcement was made on Friday and says the developers for both companies are going to oversee the migration to the TRON network while the STEEM token is going to be replaced with a version from TRON. A timeline for the migration wasn’t yet released.

Steem Has Over 1 Million Users

According to a press release, Steem, which was founded by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, has over 1 million users. This is how Scott described Steemit, Steem’s platform:

“Steemit is the original conception of forums meeting cryptocurrency to achieve mass adoption – where cryptocurrency could be distributed as easily as ‘likes’ and ‘upvotes’ and this high powered distribution mechanism would bring adoption and appreciation to the currency and the social network.”

The partnership comes at the same time as the Larimer-backed social media network VOICE was launched in beta.

Steemit Pays Its Content Creators in STEEM Tokens

As said before, Steemit is different from other social media platforms because it rewards its users with STEEM tokens for creating content, upvoting or commenting. Here’s why the STEEM tokens have value, according to Steem:

“Steem is a game system where users compete for attention and rewards by bringing content and adding value to the platform. The rewards people earn are tokens that have market value and are readily tradable. It is similar to how someone playing a video game could obtain a limited item or currency by playing the game. If the currency or items are transferable between users, then they can sell or buy them on game item markets.”

Justin Sun Wants to Create a New Era of Decentralizes Social Networking

Talking about the new partnership with Steemit, TRON Foundation’s CEO and founder Justin Sun had this to say:

“We are very excited to welcome Steemit into the TRON ecosystem. Together we will usher in a new era of decentralized social networking.”

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Author: Oana Ularu

Pornhub To Pay Performers In Crypto Using Tether (USDt) Stablecoin Via TronLink Wallet

Adult content provider, Pornhub has added a new payment option for its actors which includes Tether (USDT) stablecoin, CoinDesk reports. On Thursday, the adult content firm announced that it will now let its performers be paid using USDT and will use TRONLink wallet for all USDT transactions. TRON has been Pornhub’s partner since June 2018 after the firm announced that consumers can pay for content using TRX token.

Pornhub also indicated that the new payment method using USDT which is pegged on the US dollar will allow performers to enjoy instant payments with zero fee.

For the pornhub actors to receive payments in the form of Tether, they will need to download and install TronLink wallet app which can be found in Google Play as well as Apple Store, Pornhub stated. Apart from Tether, Pornhub also announced that it is supporting a fresh payment processor named Cosmo Payment, meant for the adult content industry, comes with prepaid cards in which to receive funds.

Justin Sun, TRON CEO, said in a tweet,

The new developments comes just a few days after PayPal terminated its support for actors payouts without a prior warning in November. During that time Pornhub expressed its disappointment with the termination stating that over 100,000 actors who used PayPal services had been affected. The PayPal’s decision left the adult content firm providing payouts through direct deposits in various regions as well as bank checks which are faced with different challenges and scrutiny.

Pornhub has been aggressive in promoting the use of cryptocurrencies on its platform owing to the lack of money trail which many people don’t want to leave. Last year in August, the firm inked a deal with crypto payment firm PumaPay to allow consumers to easily pay through crypto. As Cointelegraph reports, Pornhub also partnered with Verge (XVG) in 2018 to easily accept the cryptocurrency as payment for its premium offering.

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Author: Joseph Kibe

CT Boycotting YouTube to Protest Against Google’s Unexplained Crypto Censorship

  • YouTube banning crypto content a “massive blow” to the industry
  • Removing videos, on the front end likely pales in comparison to the back-end updates to algos
  • Why the ban? “Most people equate a strong crypto with a weaker fiat”

Founder of Quantum Economics and former eToro analyst, Mati Greenspan took to Twitter to announce his stance on the latest unexplained and unexpected ban on crypto content on YouTube.

“In protest of Google’s new unexpected and unexplained censorship of crypto content I will be boycotting YouTube until further notice,” said Greenspan.

Dozens of videos of the crypto and blockchain creators have been removed or striked without issuing a warning first on YouTube. Some of these videos have been online for over five years.

A Massive Blow to the Industry

CNBC Host Ran Neu Ner calls this a “massive blow” to the industry.

The leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance also took a step in this direction, calling for the crypto community to unite.

Last year, Google and Facebook had imposed a crypto advertising ban that has been long since reversed. But there was no prior warning or an explanation released after the incident from Google or Youtube.

However, major crypto channels like CNBC’s Cryptotarder are unaffected which Greenspan in his Wednesday newsletter explained this could be a way to control how people think.

“Whatever they’ve done on the front end by removing videos, likely pales in comparison to the back-end updates to the algos and how people find crypto content on the platform,” guesses Greenspan.

Could this be because Google is afraid of crypto?

According to Tzvi Shapiro, co-founder at First Israel Mortgage it isn’t “surprising” because “Most people equate a strong crypto with a weaker fiat. Companies who have assets valued in fiat don’t want to lose value. Google being one of them.”

Also, it needs pointing out that YouTube has changed its Terms and Services earlier this month stating the platform “is under no obligation to host or serve content.”

However, with no way to know for sure yet the reason behind this and as Greenspan says “it would be quite a stretch to assume that Google is deliberately deploying censorship as a way of staying competitive.”

What’s the Alternative, Anyway?

As for how to proceed further, Mati is clear on that as he announced the boycott, which has been his knee-jerk reaction.

However, this certainly sheds light on the blockchain-based solutions that don’t get close to the level of experience that YouTube offers, which is the second most visited site on the web by Alexa ranking, with an estimated 28 billion monthly visitors.

As Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said,

“It may be time the crypto community takes a stab at its own blockchain-enabled censorship-resistant social media platform. Lots of challenges though, spam, scam, trolls, incentives, copyright, token economics, governance, stickiness, privacy… But It’s about time!”

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Author: AnTy

Tim Draper: More Fluctuations on BTC’s Road to $250K Plus, BTC Over Libra Hands Down

In a recent crypto content covered by the ‘Cryptocurrency’ channel, Tim Draper shared his viewpoints on Bitcoin [BTC] from all aspects, including price predictions, banks and others’ negative standpoints as well as a comparison between Facebook’s Libra and BTC.

BTC Anticipated to Reach 200K+ by 2022

Draper trusts that BTC is, “going to be 250,000 by 2022 or 2023,” adding that the process will witness an array of fluctuations before actually getting there. He trusts that said moves may be impacted by naysayers, primarily the banks, who are finding ways to prevent BTC from taking over.

He noted that BTC’s use of blockchain and how it is transparent are some among other factors that are surely to leave “banks threatened”, forcing them to find ways to “try to change it”. But, at the end of the day, Draper argues that “technology wins all wars.”

Draper Overturns Claims that Cryptos Lack Security

When Draper was asked about economist, Nouriel Roubini’s viewpoint on cryptocurrencies, especially in relation to the lack of security, the former argued that the economist was wrong.

While it is true that if traders lose their keys, there really isn’t a way to retrieve funds, Draper argued that we cannot expect banks to help retrieve large funds. More specifically, he said:

“For one thing, [Roubini]’s wrong because if you have more than $250,000, no bank is responsible for refunding your money. […] The bitcoin blockchain has never been hacked, but the banks are being hacked all the time and they are playing whack-a-mole with hackers trying to keep them away while their technology gets older and older.”

He seems to have emphasized on technology, as the bitcoin blockchain is constantly getting worked on to one day house the best security it possibly can, while banks still stick to their traditional and outdated means of practice.

“Between Bitcoin and Libra, I want Bitcoin”

Finally, with all talks surrounding Libra in recent times it was bound to be question directed towards Draper.

The latter has since shared that he’s more comfortable with crypto assets that have been rigorously tested, which is something Libra lacks.

“I always welcome innovation […] I think that you have a tried, and true and tested currency in Bitcoin and Libra is new so there is some risk to it and they haven’t been tested, […] but the other thing I’m concerned about is that Libra is centralized […] You just have trust Facebook to be a good operator, and I think I would under Zuckerberg, but if he ever moves out and if there is another CEO, I wouldn’t trust them.”

Bitcoin’s price is $10,480.85 BTC/USD exchange rate today. The real-time BTC market cap of $186.88 Billion currently ranks #1 with a chart dominance at 65.07%, daily trading volume of $6.48 Billion and live coin value change of BTC -3.94 in the last 24 hours.

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Author: Nirmala Velupillai