Crypto Investor App Review: Safe Crypto Trading Signals App?

Crypto Investor App Review: Safe Crypto Trading Signals App?

Developers of Crypto Investor believe that digital currencies are experiencing hyperactive growth, volatility, as well as asset bubbles. Many users are minting extraordinary profits mainly by trading cryptocurrency contracts. They claim to be offering a personal service and smart tools to start earning significant returns.

The platform claims that it has a unique trading algorithm that identifies profitable trades regardless of whether the markets rise or fall, which, it claims, effectively minimizes volatility factors and uncertainties.

The platform claims to offer the ultimate investment opportunity and urge investors to use its critical analytics and actionable insights to make smarter and timelier trading decisions.

Crypto Investor pegs its operations on the sayings of Mark Mobius, the Co-Founder of Mobius Capital Partners. As reported by Forbes, the legendary veteran said Bitcoin will be “alive and well” in the future.

Platform Features

  • Zero Commissions: CI claims to be the ultimate trading machine with lower spreads, zero commission, instant executions, and quick withdrawals.
  • Cryptocurrency knowledge base: users can gain insight into crypto prices backed by data and analytics from the past, present, and future. They can also benefit from the next-generation trading tool wizardries to become smart traders.
  • Patented, trusted technology: Crypto Investor uses the latest and most updated engineering process to streamline operations and maintain consistent and profitable trading signals.

Crypto Investor Red Flags

Amidst everything that CI claims to offer, the platform contains red flags that put it in the same category with scams.

To begin with, Crypto Investor requires members to make an initial deposit of between 250 and 500 U.S. dollars, Euros, or Pounds. This deposit lands in the custody of an unregulated broker chosen by the platform. In that situation, the funds are likely to get lost without question.

Additionally, CI claims to generate up to 87% return on investment with its trading app. This is impossible under normal trading situations.

Overall, the project is a scam and investors are warned to stay away from it. It’s always advisable to work with genuine platforms that are regulated and allows users to conduct demo trading before they can invest with real money.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team