You Can Now Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay as BitPay Adds Support

You Can Now Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay as BitPay Adds Support

Online and in-store purchases can now be made on ApplyPay with crypto and soon on Google Pay and Samsung Pay as well.

Apple’s direct integration of Bitcoin will be a real deal, but still, one step in making BTC and cryptocurrencies available to Apple Pay users is taken by BitPay. The cryptocurrency payment service provider BitPay, which was founded in 2011 announced,

“Exciting day for U.S. based BitPay Wallet app users. You can now add your BitPay Card to Apple Pay to make online and in-store purchases with crypto.”

The US cardholders of the BitPay Prepaid Mastercard can now add their card to Apple Wallet and spend with Apple Pay.

The firm is further planning to provide support for Google Pay and Samsung Pay as well but later this quarter. BitPay chief executive officer Stephen Pair said,

“We have thousands of BitPay Wallet app customers using the BitPay Card who are always looking for new places and ways to spend their crypto.”

“Adding Apple Pay and soon Google and Samsung Pay makes it easy and convenient to use the BitPay Card in more places from day-to-day items to luxury purchases.”

BitPay Card enables its customers to instantly convert crypto into fiat currency. Its wallet app currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH), along with four dollar-pegged stablecoins, USDC, GUSD, PAX, and BUSD.

To add a card to Apple Wallet, cardholders need the most recent version of the BitPay app, 12.1.0, which is available in the App Store.

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Apple Can Buy 145k Bitcoin With Just 1% Of Its $191 Billion of Dollars Held in Cash

Apple has a total of $191.83 billion cash on hand, down from quarter third of 2020, when it was $193.8 billion. Apple is known for having one of the largest cash piles among the companies.

At Bitcoin’s current price of $13,300, if the tech giant Apple, hypothetically, decides to buy as much BTC as it can with the cash on hand, it can gobble up 14,423,308 BTC.

Currently, 18,529,856 BTC is circulating in the cryptocurrency market.

This represents 88.24% of Bitcoin’s total 21 million supply but doesn’t include millions of coins lost forever.

Apple is the biggest asset by market cap of $1.9 trillion, while Bitcoin is just 13% of this with a $246 billion market cap at 21st place.

Follow in the footsteps of MicroStrategy

When it comes to other tech giants, Microsoft had $137.98 billion at the end of its fiscal first-quarter. In comparison, Google and Amazon had $121.08 billion and $71.77 billion, respectively, at the end of the second quarter.

With so much money sitting in cash and short-term investments at these big companies, it has captured the crypto community’s attention, especially following publicly listed MicroStrategy and Square replacing a portion of that with Bitcoin.

“Apple’s cash is decreasing in value. Perhaps they should follow in the footsteps of MicroStrategy and test the waters with even 1% percent in BTC,” wrote one trader.

Even with just 1% of its investment, Apple can buy 144,233 BTC.

MicroStrategy was the first one, and since then, others have come forward to announce Bitcoin as a reserve asset as a hedge against the debasing US dollar. MicroStrategy CEO Micahel Saylor actually revealed this week that he personally owns 17,732 BTC and has been running a full node of Bitcoin Core version 0.20.1 for over a month now.

Bitcoin is at the early stages still, and in 2020 it sees increasing adoption with PayPal, JPMorgan, and billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones all feeling its effect.

Compared to gold’s trillion market cap, this digital gold is just starting and has a long way to go.

“We’ve talked about $5T of cash sitting in public company corporate treasuries. What hasn’t been talked about is the $8.5T sitting in sovereign wealth funds, i.e., ‘the wealth of nations’ Their exposure to bitcoin is zero, their optimal portfolio will require it,” said on-chain analyst Willy Woo adding to the hopium.

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Apple is Censoring DeFi & ‘Stifling Innovation’ in Crypto Industry: Coinbase CEO

Apple having a row with developers and app providers is nothing new, but the tech giant seems to be especially targeting the cryptocurrency industry.

Last month, Epic games and Apple got into a legal battle when the Fortnite creator launched its own in-app payment system, which also involved the use of bitcoin and cryptos, to circumvent Apple’s “monopoly over in-app payments on iOS.”

As a fact of fact, Apple doesn’t allow to add the ability to earn money using crypto and access Defi apps or Dapps in their iOS apps, said Brian Armstrong, CEO of crypto exchange Coinbase, which has regularly come under fire for taking up the authorities’ side against their customers.

“Why would Apple want to prevent people from earning money during a recession? They seem to not be ok with it, if it uses cryptocurrency,” he said.

According to market participants, tech giants want to be everyone’s bank, and as Podfather Adam Curry told Joe Rogan, it is how they control people.

Stop This!

In a Twitter thread, Armstrong shared the struggles Coinbase is also going through with Apple, which end up creating a “worse” experience for customers.

Besides the company’s Coinbase Earn program, Apple doesn’t let them provide a list of decentralized apps, “which are really just websites” to iOS users.

In the past couple of months, the DeFi sector has exploded, reaching almost $10 billion, amidst the central banks’ quantitative easing and interest rate cuts, which have been devaluing the fiat currencies around the world.

“DeFi and Dapps are a major area of innovation in financial services that has seen rapid growth lately,” and has “enormous potential.”

But Apple doesn’t let companies help the “unbanked and underbanked” on the grounds that the “app offers cryptocurrency transactions in non-embedded software within the app, which is not appropriate for the App Store.”

According to Armstrong, Apple is “holding back progress in the world” by censoring the features and further protecting competition.

He likened Apple’s actions with Microsoft forcing users to use Internet Explorer on Windows, which “led to all their antitrust issues.”

“Apple, it’s time to stop stifling innovation in cryptocurrency. We would like to work with you productively on this. Some day, cryptocurrency could even be integrated into IAP to give people in emerging markets better access to the financial system globally,” said the Coinbase CEO.

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MetaMask Rolls Out Mobile Wallet on iOS and Android; Buy Ethereum Directly with Apple Pay

  • MetaMask launches its mobile app allowing users easy access to wallet services.
  • Available on Apple iOS and Android

Following the launch of its public V1 version, ConsenSys (who purchased MetaMask recently) announced on Thursday the launch of its MetaMask Mobile app. The app aims to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use wallet for Ether (ETH) and Ethereum-based tokens on the phone. The mobile app will now be available to both iOS and Android users.

According to a statement obtained by BEG, the MetaMask Mobile version will provide similar services to its web version without compromising on the security of the token vaults. However, unlike the web-based version, the mobile version is a native cryptocurrency wallet that will interact with dApps installed on the phone or entering the dApp URL on a built-in web browser.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that functions as a web browser extension allowing users to connect to web-based dApps directly easily. The platform securely stores ETH and Ethereum based tokens allowing easy and frictionless transactions on any dApp.

The MetaMask mobile version also comes with an easy payment gateway for those who want to purchase ETH and ERC-based tokens. A report from Mashable confirms the mobile crypto wallet will allow users to buy crypto using Apple Pay, debit cards, or other payment methods (depending on the country).

MetaMask remains the DApp wallet of choice even in the rise of DeFi, with ConsenSys stating the wallet has over 4 million users. The MetaMask Mobile app was released in a closed beta version back in 2019, with 135,000 users testing it.

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Epic Games Sues Apple for Preventing Fortnight from Using Bitcoin as Alternative Payment Option

Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite has filed a lawsuit against Apple after the company removed the popular video game from their app stores after it implemented its own in-app payments.

According to the lawsuit, Apple’s anti-competitive conduct eliminates alternative payment options like Bitcoin to be used in the game.

Epic Games wants to use alternative payment processing tools beyond Apple’s In-App purchase to spur innovation and provide its users with lower prices and better service. The document reads:

“These innovations could include, for example, alternative means to pay for in-app purchases of in-app content—which Apple does not offer—such as billing to the customer’s cellular carrier, using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, offering rewards points to customers, or providing more than one in-app payment processor.”

Besides the antitrust lawsuit that sought to establish Apple’s App store as a monopoly, Epic also aired a protest video on YouTube calling on gaming fans to support its fight against Apple.

Apple confirmed in a statement to The Verge that they removed the game from their app because it violated the App store guidelines regarding in-app payments. The company also said that they would work with Epic to “resolve these violations” but has no intention to create a “special arrangement” for the company.

Epic also implemented its own payment system in the Android version of Fortnite, leading Google to remove the game from the Play Store as well. However, Android users can still download the game from Epic’s own app launcher as the “open Android ecosystem lets developers distribute apps through multiple app stores.”

As for the iOS users, those who have already downloaded Fortnite can still access the game, but new downloads are disabled. Users meanwhile can still use Epic’s in-app payment system.

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Orchid Protocol Launches New Decentralized VPN on Apple App Store With Easy Onboarding

Orchid, a peer-to-peer decentralized bandwidth market company, launched its crypto-enabled VPN app on the Apple Store. The launch comes at a time when demand for VPN apps and services is at its highest. Apple users can simply download the app and start using it primarily in countries like Dubai, China, and Hong Kong.

Using Orchid crypto enabled VPN incentivizes the bandwidth provider in the native digital token, OXT. The CEO of Orchid Labs, Dr. Steven Waterhouse, commented on the motivation behind the launch and expansion of its VPN service across various platforms and said:

“Orchid’s mission is to enhance the global human right to internet privacy. Orchid has been available to the crypto industry for some time, so the launch of the app is really about bringing privacy to a wider audience. The app even allows users to make in-app purchases of the crypto-backed credits needed to access the network, so it’s no longer required for users to bring their OXT (although they still can).”

Orchid VPN and Various Use Cases of Native Token OXT

With the latest iOS release, users won’t have to buy the native OXT token from an exchange. Instead, the purchasing option will be made available within the application. The CEO of the firm said that their next focus would be to bring the app to more users and expand its customer base. He said:

“Orchid users can now use Apple Pay to purchase the OXT-backed credits needed to access bandwidth. Having our own digital asset, we can create incentives for our community to grow as well as solve technical hurdles like nano payments. We are growing our communities globally and have expanded our reach with listings on Coinbase, Gemini, OKEx, Bittrex, Kraken, CoinDCX, MXC, and others.”

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Former Apple Card & Pay Lead Joins Santander To Head Global Digital Payments

An Apple payments products executive, Trish Burgess, has joined the Spain-based bank Santander’s peer-to-peer (P2P) global payments team.

As an announcement from Thursday says, Santander is looking to expand it digital payments services in order to make them global. Burgess’ LinkedIn profile indicates she worked at Apple for 4 and a half years, where she helped to lead the launches of Apple Pay and Apple Card.

Burgess Has Worked for Santander Before

Burgess isn’t a stranger to Santander, as she previously held the position of being responsible with the securities offered by the bank. Burgess was employed between 2007 and 2010. After 2010, she was a senior executive for BNP Paribas and Visa. When it comes to education, she studied marketing and finance with electronics, focusing more on telecoms.

Back at Santander, she will report to the Santander Digital Payments’ global head Chirag Patel. The bank says its Digital Payments team is in charge with improving the users’ experience and the adoption of an international payment network as far as P2P payments goes.

Santander is Committed to Deliver the Best Payments Solutions

Patel said Santander wants to provide customers the best payments solutions. This is what he mentioned about Burgess’s role at the bank:

“Trish’s appointment as head of P2P highlights our commitment to delivering best-in-class payments solutions for our customers. We know that innovation is powered by the most talented people, and we welcome Trish’s wealth of payment experience.”

Last year, Santander dedicated about 20 billion Euros for investments in digital payments technology. Back in 2018, it introduced a blockchain-based mobile app that uses Ripple’s xCurrent technology. The app is called One Pay FX and was first rolled out for the bank’s customers from Spain, the UK and the US. Later, One Pay FX was made available for customers residing in Latin America.

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Brave Blockchain Browser iOS App Set to Integrate BAT Rewards, Possibly in November?

Brave users on iOS set to receive rewards as leaks of the new Apple based application surfaces on Reddit. A Reddit post on BATProject, offers a glimpse on the new privacy focused Brave browser mobile application for iOS users.

According to the post, Apple users will now be able to reward their favorite curators on the app using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) in the coming weeks. The applications integrates crypto based rewards on the application following a long wait on the feature to be added on iOS devices.

Ready for iOS brave rewards and ads ? from BATProject

Back in March, the Brave browser developers announced the launch of rewards on the Android application promising an iOS application before the end of 2019. The company seems to be staying good to its word with the application expected to be released in November. The team will probably make the official announcement in the coming fortnight.

The application is set to launch with the Brave Ads program, a feature that allows users to earn dollars for viewing ads on the platform. The browser does not collect data on the ads the consumer views, which preserve’s  the users’ information privacy.

In August, Brave browser partnered with Yubico, a hardware security provider, to offer secure Phishing-resistant authentication on iPhones and iPads.

A huge following on Brave browser

Brave browser is gaining quite a following and reputation as big market figures praise the platform in light of privacy developments. The browser was ranked as the number one browsing app in Japan by App Brain beating Firefox and Opera to the crown.

Furthermore, Wikipedia joined a list of over 290,000 verified publishers on the browser as the overall number of users skyrocketed to over 8 million as of October 17.

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Binance’s App Returns To Apple Store as CEO Documents Tough Process to Get Accepted

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has finally listed its trading app on Apple store again. This happened months after the app was taken off the service. The CEO of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, commented about the victory on Twitter.

According to him, it was a very difficult process that allowed the company to list its iOS app there again. The app was listed after the company followed a long process of adhering to all the rules that Apple required

“without complaints”.

Zhao joked that it was actually harder to be listed on the Apple Store than having a token being listed on Binance. The joke was because Binance is said to be considerably hard to get in. Many altcoins providers want the fame that Binance can provide them, but have a tough time being listed.

Not only the app has returned to the store, but Binance also launched Venus this week. Venus is a stablecoin backed by the company. The idea was to use Venus in order to make the Binance DEX (decentralized exchange) even more decentralized than it is right now. Before Venus, Binance launched BTCB, which pegged to Bitcoin (BTC) and BGBP, pegged to the British pound (GBP).

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Apple to Introduce New CryptoKit Tool for Blockchain Developers at WWDC Event


According to a recently released event program, tech major Apple is planning to bring out a new tool meant for crypto developers at this year’s edition of Worldwide Developers Conference. The program for 5th June 2019 includes a session titled “Cryptography and your Apps”, which will witness the unveiling of a new tool called the “CryptoKit”. It will soon be introduced as an update on iOS 13.

CryptoKit will primarily be meant for crypto developers, allowing them room to experiment with tools and add more robust security features to crypto apps under development.

To quote the event description provided in the program:

“System frameworks encrypt both data at rest and data in transit in a transparent way for you. This functionality is available by simply setting an attribute. However you may want to do more to protect your users’ data.”

To enable such expansive functionalities, developers can use the new Swift framework, CryptoKit. They can use it to perform cryptographic operations simply and securely, regardless of whether they need to do something simple like compute a single hash or wish to run a more sophisticated protocol.

The ongoing edition of the Worldwide Developers Conference comes in the wake of people’s increasing scrutiny of Apple’s crypto strategy and it seems that the giant is finally warming up to the pros of digital assets industry. Crypto insiders were particularly enthused about Apple’s inclusion of the Bitcoin (BTC) logo in its in-app San Francisco font earlier and the latest development comes as a welcome move from one of the frontrunners of the tech world. Last month, Apple also introduced the option to make crypto payments over Apple Pay last month, further cementing its newly acquired place in the crypto world.

[Author Alert] The author’s opinions above are solely based on their own self-conducted research. Assume any and all authors are using, holding, trading and/or buying cryptoassets mentioned as a portion of his or her financial portfolio. Use information at your own risk, do you own research, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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