Blockstream CEO: Bitcoin Dominance Will See 90% Again, Altcoins Were Temporary Feature

Adam Black, the CEO of Blockstream, has recently affirmed that Bitcoin dominance is set to rever to around 90%, which would mark the end of the altcoins’ supremacy era. According to him, the historical heights will be achieved once more at the expense of the altcoins.

He affirmed this during a recent debate with Dovey Wan, the co-founder of Primitive Fund. Initially, Wan asked about how Bitcoin was quickly decoupling from altcoins and rising in price alone. Adam Black answered that this was a “reversion to mean” and that the process would continue. At the moment, the dominance of BTC is around 70%, but he believes it will grow.

Last year, Bitcoin had less than 40% of the whole market cap, but the situation is changing quickly. Black affirmed that the whole reversion of the trend will last for around two years and a half and that the dominance will be huge when the process stops. Before 2015, BTC dominated 90% of the market and he believes that this will happen again.

This obviously gives some power to the narrative that Bitcoin is here to take the place of the altcoins completely. Vocal critics of altcoins have been very prominent lately by affirming that they are mostly doomed, with maybe only a handful of them surviving the future.

The Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser, for instance, affirmed that the altcoins will never recover from their losses and that Bitcoin will continue to be the king in an even more undisputed fashion now. Is he right? Hard to say, but the trend if clear, Bitcoin is growing and the altcoin market is struggling to follow.

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Author: Osahon Okodugha

IMF Chief, ECB President Candidate Advocates for Crypto Regulation Transparency

The chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, has recently affirmed that central banks should find the balance between protecting the customers and being open to innovation. She specifically cited cryptocurrencies as some of the innovations that the regulators should be more open to.

According to her, the banks have to be more open to these “opportunities”. Cryptocurrencies are a new technology. This has good and bad sides. They are more prone to be used for criminal activities because they are not so regulated, but they can also bring social benefits with its innovative practices, so shutting them down is a major mistake.

The Campaign For President of the ECB

At the moment, Lagarde is running to be the new president of the European Central Bank (ECB). She affirmed that, in case she becomes the new president, she would prioritize the agility, diversity, and inclusiveness of the institution to improve it.

Another important promise is that she would help the banking institution to be more in tune with the rapidly changing future and to adapt to the current challenges that the financial world faces.

On another occasion, she also talked about the regulation of the crypto assets. According to her, it is inevitable that these assets should be properly regulated. They are too important and too disruptive to be simply be left aside while the world is changing so much.

Cryptos are indeed changing the world, so it is a good idea to take them into account when thinking about any possible future. Nobody expected the blockchain technology to have such an impact ten years ago (except Bitcoin diehards, obviously), so the world has to be prepared.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

Bithumb Adds TRX, WIN and BTT Trading Pairs with BTC and USDT Options

Bithumb Global, one of the subsidiaries of the famous Korean crypto exchange, has recently affirmed that three new tokens will start to be traded in the platform: Tron (Tron), BTT (BitTorrent) and WIN (WinToken).

According to the company, the announcement was part of something called the Tron Week, a campaign that will add tokens related to the Tron Foundation to the exchange. Trading is set to be started on September 3, at 3 p. m. (UTC+8). Deposits are already available.

Tron and BitTorrent tokens will have two trading pairs: TRX/BTC, TRX/USDT, BTT/BTC and BTT/USDT. WIN, however, will only be present in the WIN/USDT trading pair.

Despite the listing, TRX is suffering in the market. Each token costs $0.015 USD at the moment, with the token down almost 10% in the last 24 hours. The market cap of Tron tokens is $1.05 billion USD.

The Tron Foundation, Justin Sun And A Successful Run So Far

Justin Sun and his Tron Foundation are important figures in the crypto market. He launched Tron, which received its own mainnet last year, and has been very successful since then. Tron came out of nowhere to become a fierce competitor in the blockchain scenario, taking on projects such as Ethereum (ETH) and EOS and winning sometimes.

Last year, the Tron Foundation acquired BitTorrent and has started a partnership with WINk, a gaming platform. With this success, it is no surprise that Tron is so famous and huge companies such as Bithumb Global are having their “Tron Weeks”.

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Author: Lillian Peter

Swiss Private Bank Affirms It Has 400 Clients Are Inquiring About Crypto Offerings

Maerki Baumann, a Swiss private bank, has recently affirmed that 400 new clients are currently interested in crypto and blockchain offerings. According to the bank, which is based in Zurich and has around $8.2 billion USD under its management, the blockchain is the way to “rejuvenate” the business.

The CEO of the company, Stephen Zwahlen, affirmed that the bank is used to looking for clients, so they were surprised when around 400 clients knocked on their doors wanting to invest in crypto.

Most of them were between 30 and 40 years and struggled to access the financial world. Now, they wanted a shot at it and believed that Bitcoin could be their investment.

According to Zwahlen, the bank is now looking to become the go-to private bank when it comes to crypto investments. Most banks do not support the technology but he believes that the nascent industry can bring a lot of benefits for the institution and its clients.

Now that the company has been properly approved to offer crypto services, it is looking to establish the right partnerships that could help it to offer the best products for its clients.

The CEO affirms that the third part of the plan will be to advise the clients and manage their resources in the blockchain market. According to him, big demand is expected, as crypto assets will be significantly more important in the future and are maybe even surpassing the more traditional ones.

However, the company will not be dealing directly with Bitcoin. Instead, it will outsource crypto trading, clearing, and settlement and only manage it via third-parties.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Blockstream’s Samsom Mow: Bitcoin May Be Bad For Payments, But Lightning Network Can Fix It

Samson Mow, the CSO of Blockstream, has recently affirmed that the Lightning Network solves one of the major problems of the Bitcoin network on a recent interview.

According to him, the whole idea behind BTC is not really to be a currency to be used in everyday activities. The way he sees BTC, it is all about a great way to store value digitally. It is, therefore, a medium for the transfer of wealth, not really a currency. He believes that affirming this has made several people dislike him and affirm that he hates Bitcoin, but that’s far from the truth.

His view is only that BTC was created for that purpose, not to be money. Fortunately, he affirmed, the Lightning Network was created in order to give BTC a shot at becoming the kind of currency that can be used any day.

The LN is pretty fast and the fees are very low. It was created exactly with these payments in mind. One the network reaches mainstream adoption, it can change Bitcoin. No longer people would need to wait hours before transactions are complete.

He also affirmed that something that was interesting about Bitcoin was that the token had some kind of “virgin birth”. Unlike the altcoins that came later and copied its concepts, it was really decentralized and unable to be controlled by a single group. All the times that people tried, hard forks happened.

In related news, Mow has recently affirmed that Facebook’s Libra would be screwed if people decided to make the right choice and use BTC instead.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: Bitcoin Is A Great Safe Haven Asset, Can Reach New All-Time Highs This Year

Tom Lee, one of the senior analysts of Fundstrat Global Advisors, has recently affirmed that Bitcoin is the “genuine safe haven” asset during a recent interview for Fox Business.

According to him, whenever there is political turmoil, crypto prices tend to go up a lot. This happens because people are trying to protect their assets from devaluation, so they use Bitcoin. The premium in markets such as Hong Kong right now is proof of that.

Bitcoin Is Good For A Diverse Portfolio

The investor also affirmed that BTC has been doing great this year. After the bear market, the asset was worth only over $3,000 USD and now it has surpassed $10,000 USD and stayed there. The future is set to be even better, he believes, and the all-time high can be broken before the end of the year.

Lee affirmed that BTC is a great strategy for diversification mainly because it is not really correlated with the rest of the market, so it does well when the traditional market is not doing well.

He believes that investing at least 1 to 2% of your portfolio in BTC is the best bet for times such as the one we are in.

The crypto community surely wants Lee to be right. The market was very popular when prices were going up a few months ago and most people still believe that BTC will rise more and take the whole altcoin market together to the moon.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

US Federal Reserve To Offer Fast Payments With “FedNow” as Ripple Community Gets Excited


The U. S. Federal Reserve has recently affirmed that it would start to create a system that could be used to make faster payments. Despite having the technology to do it for years, the Fed has not been able to move forward for a while.

During the most recent speech of the Fed board member Lael Brainard today, though, he affirmed that the Fed is looking into

“real-time payments”.

The new service is being called FedNow for the moment and it is used for settlements that can be done almost instantly in the future.

Obviously, some people believe that the Fed might use blockchain technology to do it. The technology has been on the spotlight for quite some time now and it is definitely one of the main technologies that can be used for this kind of situation.

Could This Be An Answer To Facebook’s Libra?

During Brainard speech, he talked about companies which are looking to start their own payment systems. He could not be talking about any other company than Facebook, obviously.

As soon as Facebook’s new product is launched, the world will come to expect real-time payments. If banks are not able to provide them, they will lose to the competition. Because of this, he affirmed that banks will need to focus more on innovation in the coming days in order to continue to be relevant in the market.

The announcement was endorsed by the executive director of Financial Innovation Now, a group that includes companies such as Apple, Google, PayPal, Amazon, and Square. Brian Peters affirmed that this is a bold step into the future and that real-time payments will be the foundation of innovation in the U. S.

XRP Community Bets Fed Will Use Ripple Technology

Despite nobody at the Fed affirming that they would use Ripple, the people from the XRP community seem to be pretty sure of that. Some people on social media are affirming that this new system will be based on technology. That is very unlikely, though. Some private banks may use XRP, but it would be really surprising to see the U. S. government using it.

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Author: Daniel W

Esports Betting Platform Hero Has Over 260,000 Users

Esports Betting Platform Hero Has Over 260,000 Users

Hero, a new esports platform that is based on the Ethereum blockchain, has recently affirmed that it managed to get over 260,000 users since the launch of its program back in January 2019. How did the company manage to get this success? By decentralizing the nature of betting even more.

The main selling point of this product is that Hero ditches the old bookers and lets the community create its own betting hubs. Users can place wagers together with their friends instead of using bookmakers, considered an antiquated concept by the company.

Hero is focused on esports betting, so games such as Counter Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends are the most popular ones there. There are, at the moment, over 5,000 contests happening and the monthly growth of the community is around 43%, a very high number.

This company was chosen as one of the winning startups from the 360 Lab accelerator this year and it shows, as it seems to be completely ready for success.

According to the team that develops for the company, the main idea is to create a platform in which users who are not very experienced with cryptos can easily bet and have a good time. The adoption of the blockchain may be rising now but trust and confidence in the technology are far from mainstream.

This means that the platform has to be attracting people who are still not hooked on the blockchain tech in order to grow fast. To do it, the user experience is created to be as seamless as possible and users are constantly being educated on how to participate in the community.

Hero affirms that the users are educated on how to keep their money always safe and avoid scammers, as well a being comfortable with using crypto wallets. The effort is a combination of making an intuitive design and having an open conversation with the community.

In order to make the product even more popular, the company has been focused on offering stuff that people can buy with HEROcoin, the official token of the company. People can use the token to buy skins for Counter Strike and Dota 2 and to get vouchers for Steam and Blizzard.

Esports Fantasy Set To Be the Next Big Update

Hero is not deciding to slow down now that its business is doing fine. After the initial success of the platform, the next goal is to start a live fantasy section on the blockchain. According to the team, people will be able to see the performance of the players in real-time and to get several new features.

This way, the goal of the company is to create a product that can be considered fun and thrilling and that will be more decentralized than traditional services of this type.

The company has also recently started a collaboration with Coinfinity in order to let clients buy HEROcoin from several different places. This way, clients will be able to quickly acquire the company’s assets even when they are outside of the internet.

Another important integration was with Dash, allowing the players to convert Dash into HEROcoin and vice versa. Transactions are pretty quick and safe, according to the company.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Defunct Mt Gox CEO Karpeles Launches Tristan Technologies to Create a Blockchain-Based OS

Defunct Mt Gox CEO Karpeles Launches Tristan Technologies to Create a Blockchain-Based OS

Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of the former largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, Mt Gox, has affirmed that now he has decided to “start from zero with a new company and a project that will be based on the blockchain technology. Karpeles will be the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company, which is registered as Tristan Technologies Co.

He just recently escaped from the case in which he was accused of being involved with the fall of Mt Gox, so he seems ready to start fresh now. Now, as reported by The Mainichi, Karpeles was in Japan when he affirmed that this new startup will have a very ambitious goal: to create a new secure operating system using the blockchain technology.

The idea is really very bold. This new blockchain-based system would be more secure and faster than the OSs we already use.

During the announcement, he said that he acknowledges that his reputation in the country may be somewhat tarnished, so he hopes to create some work which will be very important for Japan to take back its place as a tech leader, something which has been lost to the United States in the last two decades with companies like Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

He said that Japan used to be one of the major countries before when it came to computers. However, the days have changed and today the U. S. dominates cloud technology, for instance, as well as the internet as a whole. He did affirm that he believed in Japan’s potential, though, so he was ready to fight in order to improve the country.

Karpeles also affirmed that the blockchain could change the world by creating cashless payments and cloud solutions, as well as smart contracts, which could improve our lives significantly.

During the announcement, he also talked about cryptos. He deems them as “highly risky” and said that he does not hold any crypto and also that he’s not really rich today, despite having an early career in crypto.

Karpeles Is Surrounded By Controversies

Despite the announcement and all the positivity surrounding it, Karpeles is far from a very beloved figure in the crypto space.

He is often associated with incompetence during his time as the CEO of Mt Gox, the crypto exchange which was hacked in the first half of the decade and had to shut down after 850,000 BTC were stolen from the company. At the time, Bitcoin was not really so valuable, so the 850,000 BTC was worth “only” $450 million USD.

Also, he was only recently cleared of charges of embezzlement and breach of trust because of the company. He was found guilty of manipulating the data from the exchange, though, for which he should be in prison for two and a half years, a sentence that was recently suspended for four years. He is going to appeal the conviction, though, but he’s going to jail if he doesn’t win.

Back in March, he affirmed that he was innocent of all charges and that he will prove it in court. So far, he has not been able of doing it.

Would You Trust Karpeles?

The main question now is: should we trust this man? The blockchain technology is only as trustworthy as the communities building it. If you create several backdoors or have malicious intent, the technology will not be safe at all. So, should we put our trust in a man that is convicted of fooling investors by adultering data?

Many Mt Gox victims are still struggling to get their money back, so it is hard to simply put our trust in this man again, which was described by The Mainichi as a genius who has come


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Author: Gabriel M