Prediction Market Augur’s Latest Trending Bet Is On President Trump’s 2019 Impeachment

You may have already heard about Augur, the blockchain-based prediction market. The people at the market predicted that the Democrats would win in 2018, that Brett Kavanaugh would go to the Supreme Court and now they are betting on whether Trump will be impeached or not.

Curiously, the network is split down the middle at the moment. While some people believe that Trump will be impeached, others don’t think that is likely to happen.

Augur is a free network in which people can bet on anything they want. As the platform is decentralized, governments have a hard time stopping the users (and most likely are not very concerned).

Because of this, someone created a bet asking “Will Donald Trump be impeached by the end of 2019?” At the moment, each side has about 50% of the votes, something that does not happen too often.

There are several other similar questions, too, which have a lower stake. In some, Trump is impeached, in others, he stays. In the centralized prediction platform PredictIt, however, most people believe that Trump will be impeached.

The only major concern which has already raised by some in Augur, is that it isn’t really clear what this means for Trump to be impeached in some cases. If the Congress votes for it, does it count if the Senate disagrees?

If this happens, the network will have to decide how to move forward. If no consensus is reached, both sides will get their money back, as there will be no way to determine the winners.

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Author: Silvia A

Next Bitcoin Halving Is 211 Days Away; With Smaller Miners Pushed Out How Will BTC Price React?

Bitcoin is about to halve its rewards soon and the crypto community is speculating about what will happen. After the two first halvings, which occurred in 2012 and 2016, another one is being expected for 2020. Both times that the rewards were halved before marked the beginning of a bull run that took the network to new highs.

Last week, several miners reunited at the World Digital Mining Summit, which was organized by Bitmain in Frankfurt. During the event, the co-founder of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, seemed pessimistic about the halving.

Wu pointed to Litecoin, which had it’s rewards halved some weeks ago. The price of the asset went down, not up. Litecoin’s price went from $31 to $135 USD during the year and then fell again to $57 USD after the halving. Could something similar happen to Bitcoin?

He also affirmed that people didn’t know what to expect during the first and second halving, but now people are betting that the price will go up. If it does not, there is a big possibility that the market sentiment may turn sour.

Another reason why this might be bad news, is that several ASIC miners will not be profitable to use anymore. The Antminer S9, for instance, was a very popular model, but it is barely able to make a profit now, so after the halving, the situation might become worse.

Marco Streng, the CEO of Genesis Mining, affirmed that only the strongest miners will remain. Retail miners are very likely to be pushed outside of the market and only the major mining companies will still be competitive unless prices go up as expected.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Indexica Reports: Any Factor Can Make Bitcoin Move Just Like Gold or a G-10 Currency

  • In 2019, Bitcoin went as high as $13,900 only to lose about 40 percent of its value. This drop in Bitcoin’s price has been attributed to a number of factors.

Intercontinental Exchange launching the physically delivered Bitcoin futures platform Bakkt’s disappointing performance, recording a meager 72 BTC futures contracts in the first 24 hours, has been seen as the factor that triggered the price’s crash.

While some pointed to the unwinding of long positions as the driving factor behind BTC price nosediving, others pointed to the technical bearish signals that triggered the leading cryptocurrency to take a breather after surging more than 200% in the first half of 2019.

But all these factors might not be what has been behind the 40% drop.

According to Indexica, a Los-Angeles based alternate data provider, this fall has less to do with Bitcoin itself and more to do with the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As per their index built on data from Aug.1 through Oct. 1, the movement in the price of the flagship cryptocurrency is driven by new blockchain technologies and competing for digital currencies.

Actually, the talk around Mastercard’s partnership with R3 to develop a new blockchain payment system, the study stated has been a strong driver of recent returns.

“Now that Bitcoin is a big kid, anything can make it move, just like anything can make gold or a G-10 currency move,”

Zak Selbert, chief executive officer at Indexica told Bloomberg.

“Bitcoin is part of the financial landscape in a very intertwined and mature way.”

Selbert said this sensitivity of Bitcoin to the development of competitors is another sign of a coming of age.

Moreover, Bitcoin’s strongest predictive measure, Indexica found was its “quoteability” that showed the digital asset was most often talked about in concurrence of traditional currencies.

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Author: AnTy

France’s Societe Generale Still in Limbo on $110 Million ETH Bond To Itself After Six Months Pass

About six months have passed since Societe Generale issued a $100 million EUR (around $110 million USD) bond using the blockchain technology. The company issues the asset on the Ethereum blockchain, but it hasn’t used it for a single client yet, as the bond was sold to itself at the time. So, why has the company decided to do it?

According to Jean-Marc Stenger, CEO of SocGen’s subsidiary Forge Digital Capital Markets, the intention was not to resell the asset. Instead, the idea was to experiment with the platform. He affirmed that many large companies are experimenting right now, so they wanted to do it as well.

BBVA, for instance, had a $150 million syndicated loan made on top of the Ethereum network. Last month, Santander issued a $20 million bond using the same platform. SocGen did not want to be left behind. The company is currently monitoring how smart contracts work and will determine how good they are to automate this process.

Stenger affirmed that the company is waiting to see if the technology is actually the future or just a fad. Now, the next step after that trial is to eventually issue a blockchain-based bond that will be offered to external investors.

For now, the executives at Societe Generale don’t believe that most companies will use the blockchain for settlements. Part of the reason why the company is taking a slower approach to this issue is that it believes that the clients will not shift from using traditional ways overnight. It is important to be prepared, not to rush into new technologies, Stenger affirmed.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Coinbase Launches New Coinbase Pro Mobile App for Trading On The Go

Coinbase has officially announced via its blog that Coinbase Pro is about to receive a mobile app. The app will be focused on institutional and professional traders and its main goal is to provide a more smooth experience for the users.

The service was designed to provide the traders with more information and the tools that could enable them to trade at any time without any risk. Crypto markets are generally open 24/7, so the traders need ways to access it wherever they are.

Before now, the retail customers of the company already had access to an app that could be used to track bitcoin prices as well as the bigger crypto market, but this is the first fully optimized mobile experienced launched that caters to professional investors.

Coinbase affirmed that several features have been asked since the launch of the desktop app. Now, traders can check order books, advanced orders, check portfolios and real-time price candles all via their phones.

The post affirmed that users had to choose between usability and mobility until now, the app is a option for them so not to struggle with making this choice anymore. They can simply choose both without any problem and have access to all the necessary features.

This is a huge move from Coinbase. The company is currently the largest crypto exchange based in the United States and the one that attracts more institutional users. With this move, the company is set to make the lives of its clients easier and to acquire more clients, too.

Right now, the app is only available for iOS. However, the Android app was also announced and it will be released


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Author: Gabriel Machado