Seed CX Settles on Corvil Analytics for Performance and Infrastructure Tracking in Crypto Markets

Seed CX Settles on Corvil Analytics for Performance and Infrastructure Tracking in Crypto Markets

Seed CX, a cryptocurrency exchange targeting institutions recently announced a partnership with Corvil Analytics. The move is set to enhance Seed CX ecosystem especially in performance and infrastructure tracking for clients.

Corvil Analytics offers services to financial institutions which include solutions to regulation inefficiencies and on-spot data analysis for crypto market information.

Ideally, the firm targets clients who want to secure better positions by avoiding the risks involved in regulation and price movements. Furthermore, the company has a simplified way of responding to regulatory questions.

Seed CX will leverage the services provided by Corvil to gain real-time insights on how their clients behave and what products would suit their needs. The move is in turn expected to boost performance given the availability of better analytical tools.

Corvil’s analytic services aim at identifying potential risks through its VPN access, AWS that allows web access and the collocated cross-connects.

Seed CX Strategic Partners and the Impact!

Generally, the working relationship with Corvil will place Seed CX at a better position technologically. This crypto exchange ecosystem is set to have a more transparent and efficient execution pattern as clients carry out trades.

At the beginning of 2019, Seed CX made known its intention to bring into the market a spot trade option for institutions leveraging its services. In addition, the firm recently joined forces with TradAir which would allow more clients to use its OTC settlement supported by Zero Hash.

Edward Woodford, the CEO & co-founder of Seed CX, noted that Corvil indeed places the firm at a better position with its advanced tech. He added that Seed CX can now use the tools to keep track and prepare for the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

“Through this enhanced analysis of orders, execution, infrastructure, and market data, Corvil helps us deliver the performance, responsiveness, and reliability standards our clients now expect.”

Seed CX Head of Market Operations, Adam Leaman, supported the positive sentiments shared on the prospects of their partnership with Corvil Analytics. He particularly praised the technology as a de facto within the cryptocurrency space stating that Corvil would allow Seed CX;

“focus on delivering new features, stability, and a better quality product instead of developing bespoke internal tools,”

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Author: Lujan Odera

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