SBI Ripple Asia Announces Shareholder Benefits Campaign

Ripple is constantly trying to increase the adoption of its XRP tokens. Because of this, the company has started a new partnership with the Japanese company SBI Holdings this year. The two companies have united to create SBI Ripple Asia, which will promote the RippleNet and XRP in the region.

Now, SBI Ripple Asia has decided to start a new campaign, which will be called Shareholder Benefits Campaign. The idea is to grant the shareholders of SBI with 30 XRP each. This would be useful because it would allow them to enter the crypto world and promote this technology.

Another goal of the campaign is to offer returns to shareholders. SBI has increased its dividends for 10 years straight, so this is also a commemorative campaign. Shareholders interested in receiving the tokens can use the company’s My Virtual Currency app to get them.

Recently, the company has also made other campaigns to give free XRP to people. The latest one was aimed at the clients of the company, who could receive free tokens worth 1,000 JPY (around $9,42 USD).

In related news, SBI is set to start using Ripple as the intermediary to pay the dividends to the company’s shareholders. The CEO of SBI, Yoshitaka Kitao, has also been invited to be an executive at Ripple, making the two companies become even closer.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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