Ripple Hires Former Amazon Exec As SVP Of Engineering to Strengthen Cross Border Payments

Ripple Hires Former Amazon Executive As SVP Of Engineering to Strengthen Cross Border Payments

Ripple Inc. hires former Amazon executives in its ever-growing list of top executives. The company looks to be back on track as it fights its lawsuit by the SEC.

Recently-troubled blockchain company, Ripple Inc. welcomed former Amazon executive Devraj Varadhan as the new senior vice president of engineering at the firm. The new hire aims to have a “profoundly positive impact on humanity and improve people’s lives” in Ripple’s new role. Varadhan replaces veteran Ripple employee Christopher Kanaan as the lead in Ripple’s engineering department.

Varadhan served as the vice president at Amazon’s delivery experience department for the past three years, ending his firm’s role in December 2020.

He aims at enhancing Ripple’s overall transfer of value across the internet in a bid to make it practically costless, reliable, and instant to send money across borders. Varadhan wrote in his welcoming note,

“[..]Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change our current financial system and bring billions of unbanked people into the financial ecosystem.”

Counting on his time at Amazon, Varadhan aims to improve the overall customer experience and provide the “highest standards in an ever-changing world.” The new hire will lead the Ripple engineering team to greater heights targeting to build innovative solutions for the consumers.

“I believe in delivering complete solutions for customers; teams must have customer obsession, engineering strength, invention strength, and operational rigor.”

Despite the steps made in having a supercluster of executives working on Ripple’s visions, the company was recently charged by the U.S Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), down-spiraling the price XRP. However, the company seems to be back on track – awaiting the Feb pre-trial conference – with the price of XRP skyrocketing by 50% in the past week despite the SEC lawsuit.

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Author: Lujan Odera

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