Ripple-Focused XRPL Testnet Gets Reset Citing It Was Time for a Fresh Start

The developer behind prominent products such as XRP Text and the XRPTipBot, Wietse Wind, has recently affirmed that the XRPL Testnet has just been reset. According to him, this is normal and happens “every now and then”.

Despite the developer affirming that this was a normal occurrence, the community quickly started to speculate more about what happened. For instance, several people on Twitter commented that Cobalt could have been behind the reset.

In case you are not aware of Cobalt, you should know that it is a consensus algorithm created by Ethan MacBrough. This new technology could be used to speed transactions, which are already quite fast. If the new technology was applied to the XRP Ledger, transactions could be verified in under 2 seconds, a new record of speed. At the time, the process takes up to 7 seconds.

Because of this, the community started to speculate that the technology was about to be implemented and that the main reason for the reset was to implement it in the Ripple Ledger testnet.

Unfortunately, the speculation was stopped quite quickly by Nik Bougalis, a lead developer at Ripple. According to Bougalis, there was no new code at all and the reset was normal. Once more, the community was too quick to jump to conclusions without any evidence.

At the moment, Cobalt is still under development and there is no official timeframe for its official launch and integration into the XRP Ledger.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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