Ethereum Classic (ETC) Announces Astor Network Testnet Mining is Ready in Response to 51% Attack


Ethereum Classic network faced a double 51% attack on its platform in the month of January which led to a loss of $1 million. The attackers were able to accumulate 51% of the hash power required to manipulate the network and continued the attack for several days. The attackers used their control on the ETC blockchain to manipulate a series of deposits on several cryptocurrency exchanges by reversing them. As a result of the attack, Coinbase had to halt ETC trading on its platform.

The developers on the ETC blockchain has come up with the Astor testnet based on ECIP-1059 in response to the 51% attack on the network. The Astor testnet make use of SHA3 or Keccack256 cryptographic signature, as it is a Proof-of-Work [PoW] method. The official Twitter handle for ETC also released a statement on the release of the testnet.

How Would the New Astor Testenet Help in Avoiding 51% Attack in Future

Astor Testnet which leverages ECIP-1059 can recognize the need of the network to branch out from the similar algorithm used by its forked sibling Ethereum (ETH). The importance of ECIP-1059 was explained by Alex Tsankov, DApp Direct’s operator in the blog post. The blog went on to talk about the transparency in the hashing algorithm of the network and noted that the use of SHA3 protocol would promote equal opportunity to the miners around the globe.

Although Proof-of-work consensus is known to prefer those miners who have better and more powerful mining equipment, the community believes that the latest protocol would promote equality in the mining community. SHA3 has been designed by the Keccak team and being touted as a

“safer block production,”

by many.

Tsankov seems to be a big fan of SHA3 as he tweeted,

“SHA3 Mining on Astor Testnet has begun! My 2 CPU miners are currently putting out a combined 435,000 hashes per second. A remarkable performance from SHA3 – a true mark of quality.”

At the time of writing, the average block time for the ETC network stood at 38.80 seconds, and the average network hashrate was at 434.5 KH/s, with the difficulty at 16.84 MH.

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Tether Tops Bitcoin’s Trading Volume Again as USDT Plays Its Part in ‘2019 is the Year of Stablecoins’ Motto


The speculation that 2019 will be the year for all stablecoins seems to have begun already as Tether (USDT) recorded transaction volumes matching the ‘King Coin’ Bitcoin (BTC).

On the 28th of May 2019, the cryptosphere witnessed USDT’s 24hr transaction volume surpass that of Bitcoin (BTC) by about $1 billion, USDT recorded a volume of $27.2 billion, while BTC saw a volume of $26.7 billion.

Factors Of The Fall And Rise Of USDT

This hike in Tether trading volume came as a surprise to most as the stablecoin struggled out of the crypto winter. The main cause of this was the recent scandalous Bitfinex and Tether legal issues, which caused a drop in USDT user confidence and investor trust.

The present Tether surge is possibly linked to their announcement of the printing USDT worth about $300 million and also an improved effort to introduce new ICO listings as well as new trading pairs to attract potential new cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

‘whale trading’ could also be a factor to this Tether surge, which could also lead to a huge drop in the future.

Notably, a Twitter user, @lawmaster, a crypto researcher tweeted :

“Something really interesting is happening – there is now a 0.6% discount on Tether, which means that Tether is actually more expensive than USD on all the major exchanges. This started happening late at night yesterday and the discount has been sustained since”

USDT May Surpass BNB

Although Tether has not given any official statement about the stablecoins trading predictions, there is obviously a rise in the stablecoin market.

If the stablecoin keeps on the current rising path, there is a possibility of USDT taking the position of the Binance Coin (BNB) as the 7th largest digital currency on Coinmarketcap.

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Bitcoin Continues to Show Strong Signals, Bullish Flag Pattern Emerging for BTC/USD Price

  • Bitcoin to blast through $10k
  • Everyone eyeing mid $9ks for a pullback so be ready for a retrace to come sooner

Bitcoin hasn’t been able to touch the $9,000 mark yet as it makes a retreat yet again. However, it is at the level which was last seen a year back. The world’s top cryptocurrency is currently trading at $8,605 with 24 hours loss of 1.18 percent. Still, BTC/USD is up over 132 percent till date in 2019.

After the brutal winter of 2018, Bitcoin and crypto market is recovering at a great pace as experts are calling it to be the start of the bull market. The market started seeing the greens just as we entered into 2019 however, it was in April when Bitcoin reached $5k and then the monster rally in May that saw $7k, $8 and further climbing just inches away from $9k.

Despite having the pullbacks, Bitcoin is still following a bull trend as crypto trader and investor Josh Rager says he will continue to be bullish on the leading cryptocurrency until it hits the area between $9400 to $9700, even if it retraces to $8,400.

“Being that’s the 0.382 fib from Bitcoin ATH to cycle bottom & some major horizontal resistance areas. This could be a place where some “larger players” take profit,” says Rager.

As for the bearish perspective, a pullback prior to $9400 – $9700 level could be expected as it is the most expected place. However, Rager cautions that crypto market moves at its own pace and it wouldn’t be a crypto market if it doesn’t throw a few surprises as

“price action rarely goes as expected.”

However, a scenario could also be expected sooner as everyone is eyeing mid $9ks for a pullback.

Bitcoin Price to Heat Up

As the temperature is heating up, despite a mild downward shift, so is the Bitcoin price as Naeem Aslam of Think Markets’ chief financial analyst calls for a fresh bull run for BTC that would see us blasting through $10k.

“If you are not ready then get ready, because the bitcoin price is about to blast past the level of $10K, recovering half of its losses from its all-time high, a real embarrassing moment for those who said that the currency will never recover from its losses,”

predicted Aslam in a note to his clients.

He is expecting the $10,000 breach to happen either this week or the next as he notes that Bitcoin is trading above its 50,100, and 200-day simple moving averages.

“The moving averages are very important because they define the trend; if the price stays above them, it shows that the uptrend is strong and when it starts to trade below them, then it means a downtrend.”

While talking about the strong momentum the leading cryptocurrency is experiencing because of the institutional investor’s involvement, the reason behind the rising volume for Bitcoin futures contracts, he also said,

“Never doubt the resilience of the currency and the support it has among the community.”

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Author: AnTy

XCrypt: An exciting future-proof crypto exchange taking the IEO route

XCrypt, a full-fledged hybrid crypto exchange platform, is gearing up for its highly anticipated token sale on the 24th of May. The platform is aspiring to be at the forefront of the fintech revolution by combining the traditional world of finance with the vast array of innovations made possible by blockchain technology.

The XCrypt platform is currently in its launch phase, which is good news for investors as the native token that powers the exchange ecosystem can still be purchased. For the token sale, the XCrypt team decided to take the Initial Exchange Offering route in collaboration with IDAX. With the platform’s support for cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and securities and its impressive list of strategic partnerships, an integrated debit card and innovative social media trading features, the XCrypt IEO is a token sale to get excited about.

About XCrypt

The XCrypt platform is establishing an end-to-end crypto-asset exchange ecosystem catering to every need of the crypto investor. Given that the exchange industry is highly competitive, any new exchange entering this space has to include features that make it stick out from competition, and XCrypt does just that.

For starters, users of XCrypt enjoy 0% transaction fees for using the platform. The multi-language exchange is developed to operate on any device and has a highly intuitive interface.

Additionally, the platform has ensured legal compliance that goes a few steps further than the majority of existing exchanges and allows for the listing of a large variety of tokens, including securities, security token offerings (STOs) and ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. The STO marketplace is scheduled to be released during the fourth quarter of 2019 and XCrypt will also support a decentralized marketplace for crypto assets, which can be either based on the Ethereum blockchain or other blockchains that allow for assets to be built on top of it.

You can check out a demo of the MVP of the XCrypto exchange platform right here.

Security and compliance

The XCrypt ecosystem is also geared to support both the traditional and digital financial systems by enabling both fiat and crypto transactions, while being fully regulatory compliant. The platform has obtained an official license to support fiat-crypto and vice versa exchanges and to provide virtual currency wallet services, through Estonia services. Due to this license, users of the platform can be assured of both the legal compliance and security of their new cryptocurrency exchange.

Unfortunately, the existing cryptocurrency exchange industry is still haunted by security threats, with exchange hacks occurring on a near-weekly basis. In order to ensure that the XCrypt platform doesn’t run into these problems, it has adopted the highest security standards, which includes the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and multiple strategic partnerships.

To aid in the security of the exchange platform, XCrypt has partnered up with Stratus Cyber, a company specializing in cybersecurity solution for blockchain projects, and is in the finalizing stages of closing partnerships with Threely Wallet, an innovative solution aiming to simplify cryptocurrency wallets and addresses, Ledger Vault, an established crypto-custody solution for the safekeeping of assets and Legacy Trust, an organization specialized in providing safekeeping, asset servicing and custodial services.

Unique features

The XCrypt ecosystem will also include a debit card, both physical and virtual, that allows for storing and spending the most popular cryptocurrencies. This service is powered by the project’s deal with WirexApp, a company providing cryptocurrency payment solutions through their Wirex Visa card. XCrypt is also aiming to establish a future partnership with WirexApp to expand the debit card utility.

Additionally, XCrypt also introduces the innovative concept of Social Media Trading, which is an advanced investment solution that enables seasoned traders and investors to set up and manage joint funds in which other investors can buy into. SMT has rapidly been gaining popularity in recent years as it allows for elaborate tools for information and skill sharing, allowing more novice investors to select traders of their choosing and profit from the experience of these professionals. For more information on the Social Media Trading feature and the platform as a whole, check out the whitepaper.


As for now, the XCrypt token sale is still in its private stage, however, once the private sale ends on the 24th of May, the token will be publicly for sale in the XCrypt Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on IDAX. During the first phase of the IEO on IDAX, investors will receive a 20% bonus on their token purchase. XCT tokens for sale in the IEO can be bought with Ethereum.

In total, there will be 200 million XCT tokens, of which 120 million (60%) are sold during the token sale. The XCT tokens are the lifeblood of the XCrypt ecosystem and have a myriad of utilities on the platform, including membership payments, participation in XCrypt-based ICOs, payment for debit card fees, payment for the fees of both the centralized and decentralized exchange and eligibility for the airdrop ranking system. The latter is a unique system that lets ICOs that partner with XCrypt airdrop their tokens to the exchange’s users to spread awareness and solicit investors from the community. Details can be found here. At present, XCrypt has already closed multiple listing agreements with projects to list their tokens on the exchange platform, and as a part of the deal these project will participate in airdropping their tokens to the XCrypt community through the airdrop ranking system!

Once the IEO is finalized, the XCrypt project has also secured multiple XCT token listings for  on the following exchange platforms;

  • Bancor
  • com
  • pro
  • Extradecoin
  • com
  • Mycryptobank
  • IDAX
  • Bitforex
  • Digifinex
  • More to come

An IEO to look forward to

Initial Exchange Offering are a brand new concept and XCrypt is leveraging this opportunity to get the most out of its exciting token offering on the 24th of may. The strategically sound partnerships ensure that the XCrypt exchange platform is on top of its game in the different challenges it faces, such as compliance, security and liquidity. The team has ensured that at every stage of the coming months, the platform is prepared and future-proof, with its XCT having already closed multiple post-token sale listing and over a dozen ICO projects preparing to launch on XCrypt. Add to that the 0% transaction fees on the platform, a variety of valuable utilities for the XCT token, a crypto-debit card and Social Media Trading functionalities, and it becomes clear why this IEO is one to look forward to.

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