Gominer: Effective GT Token Cloud Crypto Mining and Staking System?

What Is Gominer?

Gominer is a pioneer group in crypto mining since 2017. The company is offering advanced mining and token staking with enterprise level support and delivering maximum amount of profit to miners.

How Gominer Works

Users can get started on the Gominer platform in the following manner:

Buy Gotoken (GT)

Users can register and Buy Gotoken from the platform’s Pre-sale and have a chance to save up to 100% and recieve the big discount from each succeeding rounds.

Start Mining using your GT token

Purchase a hash power using your Gotokens and earn GT and Bitcoins Daily. All-new mining contracts have one year validity and with a FREE 14 days electricity fee.

Pay as You Go System

Pay only for what you use, and compare to other cloud mining platforms. The platform also offers a very short 2 week contract. You can pre-pay or add money days later, if you think your mining is profitable.

Stake or Withdraw your profits

Mining starts immediately after you buy the mining contract. Once done, you can stake or withdraw your earnings at no fee.

Multi Mining Simulator Strategy

The platform uses a multi mining simulator strategy, which delivers more profits, saves energy, and comes with adjustable hash rate and volatility protection.

Gominer Features

  • Token Based Cloud Mining: Gominer is the First Cloud Mining Service powered by Gotokens (GT). Users can purchase Hashpower Contracts and Maintenance Contracts using Gotoken.
  • Smart Mining System: To earn and secure profits, Gominer system operates on Private Neural Network to predict and select the list of profitable crypto in terms of network difficulty and value.
  • Rapid TX: With Gominer RAPIDTX System, it uses the platform’s Fully Advanced Blockchain API, which processes all Transactions almost instantly.
  • Multiminer Asic: Gominer Invented the NEXT generation Mining ASIC, which uses the New Multi-Mining Technology—Multiple and Simultaneously Mining Algorithm (MSMA).

Why choose Gominer?

  • Fast Support
  • Live Dashboard
  • Reward System
  • Maximize Profits

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

Crypto Pros: Safe Cryptocurrency Advertising Product Opportunity?

What Is Crypto Pros?

Crypto Pros is an advertising and marketing tools company that provides users with the ability to earn commissions in the system by referring others to the platform.

After carefully reviewing its operations and what it claims to do, it turns out that the platform is simply a scam. Therefore, before you invest in any of their programs, be warned that your investment could go down the drain.

When you start purchasing at Crypto Pros, you’re introduced to three levels of packages starting from Bronze to Platinum level. A Bronze purchase provides members with a 14-day banner and text ad, while the Platinum subscription delivers unlimited view Text and Banner ads with no expiry date as long as the subscription remains active. Besides, with each subscription renewal, a member receives a new banner and text ad.

Crypto Pros Referrals

Members on Crypto Pros platform can earn without referrals, the platform claims. While they encourage members to make referrals, this is one red flag to watch. The platform claims there are many benefits to making referrals including a faster growth or income and the possibility of earning 100% direct referral matrix matching bonus in the Bronze Matrix and a one-time $25 Sponsor Bonus in the Platinum Matrix.

At Bronze level, users earn a 100% match of the matrix income generated by each of their direct referrals. For instance, if your referral earns $100 in matrix income, you also earn the same amount, and that is what they refer to as Bronze direct referral matching bonus.

For the Platinum subscription, the platform pays a one-time sponsor bonus if the direct sponsor also has a position in the Platinum Matrix.

Crypto Pros Payment Methods

Currently, Crypto Pros only accepts payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Above all, it’s important to note that activities on the platform are only meant to lure unsuspecting customers to their trap. Before you invest, please warned.

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Clicxads: Legit Paid to Click (PTC) Crypto Ads Network?

What Is Clicxads?

Clicxads is a crypto ads network that provides the global opportunity for motivated publishers and influencers by shared poll rewards. The platform believes that support is the key for longevity, which is why users can count on them to resolve the issue within 24 hours.

However, amidst all the promises, the platform is a scam. As much as they claim to have the capability to power up the dreams of their users through advertising and earning revenue as influencers and publishers, the platform has no verified owner or manager. The figure displayed on their website says it has 780 members but no one can verify this.

Clicxads Services

The platform claims to offer the following services.


Clicxads claims to offer different revenue streams through advertising, which makes the business module extremely profitable with the best advertising ROI to cater for online traffic demands.

Earning with Facebook:

Clicxads taps into the power of Social Media, which has become a major source of traffic for many online businesses. For that reason, they claim to leverage Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networks with social-related online traffic.


The platform ventures into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, supporting purchases and earnings through cryptocurrencies.


Clicxads engages in Paid-To-Click adverts with focus on Geo-targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, inside/outside advertising, advanced settings and stats.

CPA/GPT Networks:

The company claims to use the most advanced CPA/GPT system, which delivers instant crediting and approval, Submissions control, reversal handlers, fraud protection, and adds offers manually or automatically.

Publishers and Influencers:

They claim to enable their customers to make their websites a money making machine by sending traffic through their banners and affiliate links. The more traffic they send, the more they can earn.

Watching for Clickads’ Red Flags

Before investing in any online project, it’s advisable to watch for potential red flags that could send your investment down the drain. BEG cannot vouch for Clicxads as a genuine platform. Therefore, all users are advised to stay away to avoid this scam.

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Ethereum’s Blockchain is Growing, Rising Amount of Crypto Held in Decentralized Finance Apps

Decentralized finance (DeFi) apps are getting pretty popular these days and you can see that from the amount of Ethereum these apps are using. This week, the amount of ETH used reached an all-time high of $2.36 million ETH, around USD 420 million.

With the use of DeFi apps, you can lend money, borrow it or make several investments. Most of the time, for this to happen securely, the money needs to be locked up as collateral and this is why the number of ETH being locked in these apps is so high at the moment.

Smart contracts are generally used to only release the money at an appropriate time, so this means that nobody will lose out unfairly. The only issue is that by locking up that much ETH, the supply is considerably reduced. This means that the success of the app affects the network.

The effect is not 100% clear, however. Some people argue that reducing the supplies can push prices up, but others disagree with this and believe that volatility can go up and down.

From all these apps, MakerDAO is possibly the most famous. The stablecoin locks ETH to keep its price stable and this has worked out so far, despite how the ecosystem had to hike several fees at the beginning of the year, due to issues.

In MakerDAO alone, the amount of ETH locked went from $14 million only two months ago to around USD 25 million now. It seems that the DeFi segment is about to grow even more, especially if it depends on popular projects such as MakerDAO.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Paxos Gold Opens Up for Trading on HitBTC and Bithumb Exchanges, Holders Can Earn Interest

The New York-based crypto exchange Paxos has recently revealed that its gold-backed asset Paxos Gold will be listed in two additional exchanges. According to the company, HitBTC and Bithumb will receive the token. Also, holders will be able to redeem their tokens for physical gold if they wish to.

All Paxos tokens are backed with gold bars, so people basically own the gold already when they own a digital token. This option, however, would make it easier to use these products as people could redeem as much gold as they wanted, which would increase the versatility of the asset. According to the company, every 430 PAXG tokens can be redeemed for a gold bar.

The gold is fully audited and verified periodically, which improves the security of the asset. There is also a way to gain interest on holdings via third-parties, the company affirmed. By using the holding services of Celsius, Genesis Lending or Nexo, people can get more money from their tokens.

PAXG To Hit Two New Exchanges

The most important part of the announcement is that HitBTC and Bithumb Global will list the asset. It was even hinted that other exchanges could also jump on board, but no other names were announced at this point.

This is part of Paxos’ strategy to popularize digital holdings of gold and to increase its customer base. The company is focused on the creation of ways that people can basically participate in the industry without having to participate in all the bureaucratic parts that may complicate their lives.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

Former Chongqing Mayor: Facebook is “Delusional” About Libra and Will Never Succeed

Central bankers and regulators fear that Libra could threaten the security of the global financial system.

Huang Qifan stated that the chaos created by Libra would be on par with “returning to the primitive society.”

Facebook announced the upcoming launch of their Libra token months ago, but the release of the whitepaper caused a lot of disruption around the world. With concerns over how Libra can be used and the way it could impact the whole of the crypto industry, there have already been many countries who have refused to even allow it. Central bank leaders and regulators around the world expressed fear that the global financial system would be undermined, leading to data privacy abuse and the potential for capital flight.

According to an article with South China Morning Post, a major political figure in China has voiced his own disbelief that the Facebook-developed coin could even succeed, calling the project “delusional.” The former mayor of Chongqing in southwest China, Huang Qifan, remarked that the competition of a decentralized currency on a blockchain ledger with the sovereign fiat currency with the present era. Instead, Qifan states that the more likely digital coin to succeed would be one from a central bank.

On Monday, during a keynote speech at the Bund Summit, Qifan said,

“Some companies are trying to challenge sovereign currencies by issuing bitcoin and Libra – this is delusional to me.”

The Bund Summit is a financial conference, which is hosted in Shanghai.

The former mayor added,

“If commercial companies can issue various currencies, this world will be in chaos. That is equivalent to returning to the primitive society. This is ridiculous, so I personally believe that Facebook’s Libra would never be a success.”

Qifan has been an architect in the city since 2013, and his work between 2014 and 2016 led the gross domestic product (GDP) growth to exceed any other city in China. Though working with now-disgraced Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai at the time, Xilai was arrested and jailed for corruption. However, Qifan has continued on to become the vice-chairman at the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges think tank.

Libra has been faced with the withdrawal of many backers since the whitepaper came out, including Mastercard, Visa, eBay, and PayPal.

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Author: Krystle M

Binance CEO: Massive “Gains in Stock Markets will Spill Over to Crypto Soon”

Last week, China’s President Xi Jinping said China should hasten the development of blockchain technology and take a leading position in this nascent field. This drove blockchain-related stocks upwards on Monday.

Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies is one of the companies, that sells cloud downloading services and is heavily invested in blockchain, which saw it’s stock market cap doubling over the night. This huge surge was the highest daily rise since the company’s listing on Nasdaq in 2014.

Dozens of Chinese blockchain-related companies listed on the A-share market maxed out their 10 percent daily limit on Monday. It has been expected that more capital flowing into the sector is to follow.

More Gains Coming Soon

Bitcoin price, meanwhile soared 42% last week, going as high as $10,600. At the time of writing, BTC has been trading at $9,383 with a 24 hours loss of 2.78%, as per Coincodex.

An explosion of interest in blockchain and bitcoin is also seen in search data on Baidu and WeChat, with investors correlating the price rise in the flagship cryptocurrency with this surge in interest.

This hike in stock market prices is also expected to be seen in cryptos in the coming days, projects Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

“Those gains in stock markets will spill over to crypto soon… Told ours guys to scale up system capacity, waiting,”

said Zhao.

Chinese altcoins like NEO, Tron, Qtum, and Ontology among others have been recording as much as 50% gains but have today dropped drastically, as much as 12%.

But as CZ and Wan have noted, if the capital flow moves in the crypto market in the coming days, we might see a new 2019 high for BTC and a movement in altcoins.

Today, Wan also reported another development, China Merchant Bank investing in BitPie, a Bitcoin wallet with “longest history and most users back in China.”

“All I can say is this to me it’s a sign of beginning of the nationalization of Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency related infra in mainland,”

she added.

In other news, the head of the technology department at the People’s Bank of China, Li Wei urged commercial banks to ramp up their application of blockchain and embrace digital finance.

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AT&T Caught Up In Another SIM Swap Hack As Three Crypto Execs Lose $1.8 Million

  • The three executives impacted were all in attendance at Consensus 2018.
  • Seth Shapiro knew something was wrong with his phone when he lost reception at the event.

The cryptocurrency industry is no stranger to hacking, but many hackers choose a hands-off approach, infiltrating systems remotely. However, Seth Sharpiro of VideoCoin recently became the subject of a SIM swapping hack, which he is suing AT&T to resolve. Shapiro alleges that the hack cost him $1.7 million in digital assets and that three executives were targeted in the attack.

Filed on October 17th, the lawsuit states that the hackers were granted repeated access to the SIM card by the cell carrier last May. In the process, the hackers stole over $1.8 million as they cleared out his wallets that he held on 11 exchanges. The complaint elaborates for a total of 58 pages, in which Shapiro lays out the massive web of conspiracies, insiders, and back-to-back SIM swaps. His evidence must be clear because at least two employees at AT&T have already ended up in criminal court.

The complaint states,

“By utilizing their control over Mr. Shapiro’s AT&T cell phone number—and the control of additional accounts (such as his email) secured through that number by utilizing two factor authentication—these third-party hackers were able to access Mr. Shapiro’s accounts on various cryptocurrency exchange platforms, including the accounts he controlled on behalf of his business venture. The hackers then transferred Mr. Shapiro’s currency from Mr. Shapiro’s accounts into accounts that they controlled. In all, they stole more than $1.8 million from Mr. Shapiro in the two consecutive SIM swap attacks on May 16, 2018.”

Two former employees of AT&T in Tucson, Arizona – Jarrett White and Robert Jack – are accused of being the key to the whole operation. From the hackers, the duo received $4,300 and $585.25, individually, from “The Community,” which is a name used for the hackers. These payments were meant to provide the hackers with insider information, which gave them access to Shapiro’s cell phone.

According to Shapiro, $1 million of the $1.757 million belonged to him, while the remaining amount came from other’s who had invested in cryptocurrency projects alongside him. Along with Shapiro, the hackers also took control of the SIM cards of two other executives at the Consensus 2018 event, who were not mentioned in the recent filing.

The three executives impacted are actually partners in several investment funds and crypto PR companies. All three are speaking at a conference with Michael Terpin, the most notable victim of the crypto swapping. Terpin is also suing AT&T for a SIM hacking, with his being  more costly at $23.8 million. He is seeking an additional $200 million to cover punitive damages.

Shapiro, Terpin, and Kitze are all part of Pro Top Company Services, which advertises crypto investment funds. The company, made up of nine members, is much like the Alphabit Fund with seven members. When the theft actually occurred, VideoCoin had just announced the end of a $50 million ICO, done through private investments instead of public sales. Some of the investors included Galaxy Investment Partners, Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio, Akamai Co-Founder Randall Kaplan, Science Blockchain and Alphabit Fund.

When speaking with investigators, Shapiro stated that he was specifically targeted on May 16th, 2018, when he visited an AT&T store in Manhattan to help him after losing cell reception. At the store, salespersons confirmed that a SIM swapping hack occurred, which prompted him to purchase a new phone and SIM card out of fear that his cryptocurrency accounts were in danger. However, “The Community” and their insiders managed to stay ahead, pulling his funds from a Bittrex account.

Though AT&T received requests for comment by CoinDesk, they had not replied by press time.

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BCH Hash Rate Taken Over by Unknown Miner with 50% Control for Full 24 Hours

  • It is unclear if the 50% control was the result of the work of one or multiple miners.
  • Some proponents believe that this ability points to an issue with security and liability with Bitcoin Cash.

In the cryptocurrency industry, every platform thrives on a lack of majority control. Decentralization relies on this idea, as it allows the industry to remain free and unregulated. However, a recent article by Cointelegraph points out an issue with the Bitcoin Cash hash rate, which was in control of 50% of the hash rate for a total of 24 hours.

From 10:00am on October 24th to 10:00am on October 25th, the miner appeared to mine 73 blocks. Notgrubles, a crypto Twitter user, stated that this action is proof that “BCH is a security risk and liability,” and that the coin should be delisted.

With this level of control, the miner, or miners, cannot be far from having control of the entire network. One of the crypto proponents on Reddit suggested that this type of control would lead the miner to do “nefarious things.” Another Redditor – Bitmeister – stated that it is more likely that Bitcoin miners are trying to experiment with their BTC hash power by directing their attention to BCH.

Bitcoin’s network hash rate recently had a major dip of 40% at the end of September, which is still unexplained at this point. Considering the massive highs that Bitcoin experienced in their hash rates over the summer, this drop was even more surprising. Cointelegraph even reported that the hash rate passed 102 quintillion hashes, which was a major milestone for the digital asset.

With a higher hash rate comes greater competition to mine new blocks. At the same time, it increases the resources that would be required for a 51% attack, which secures the network.

Along with the sudden rise in Bitcoin’s price, Bitcoin Cash is also seeing some success, though the value of the token has declined since then. At the time of writing, the token was down by 2.45% with a value of $250.12 per BCH.

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