Nvidia Looks to Fire Up Its Crypto Mining GPU Production; If Demand is Good Enough

Nvidia Looks to Fire Up Its Crypto Mining GPU Production; If Demand is Good Enough

While known for its prowess in the gaming industry for its powerful line of graphics cards, the Chipmaking powerhouse Nvidia has hinted at a possible restart in the production of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) specifically for cryptocurrency miners.

During her time attending an event on Jan. 12, Nvidia Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress alluded to the company’s continued interest in providing its famous line of CMPs for the crypto mining community – providing the market picks up to what she refers to as a “meaningful level.”

CMPs, in contrast to GPUs, are effectively the same kind of graphics card. By removing certain features from GPUs – such as video outputs – CMPs could be manufactured at a reduced cost and on a larger scale for the crypto mining community.

While Kress’s comments have picked up considerable traction among crypto mining circles, the entire prospect hinges on a very sizeable ‘but.’ Of course, that is the possibility that the crypto mining market proves a lucrative one for Nvidia; something that Kress doesn’t hold much hope for. During the event, Kress added that “we don’t believe [mining demand is] a big part of our business today.”

To put this response into context, Kress referred to Nvidia’s RTX 30-Series of GPUs and how many interested parties may also be in the mining community. However, that isn’t to say that there is no market for them, especially when considering Ether miners. For example, an RBC analyst found that $175m in GPU sales came from Ether miners, more than $25m above what Nvidia speculated.

Miners of Ethereum appear to be a more lucrative consumer-base of Nvidia’s GPUs, as they rely upon more than ASIC-using Bitcoin miners.

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Author: James Fox

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