Nickel Arbitrage Fund Raises $50M To Profit On Crypto Volatility Using An Automated Trading System

Nickel Asset Management, a licensed fund from the United Kingdom, has recently been able to raise $50 million USD in order to create a fund that will be focused on profiting from the volatility of the crypto market.

The company, which opened up shop two months ago, has already closed the door to new investors for the moment, as many family offices and funds from both Europe and America were quick to enter this new market.

According to the company, so many clients showed up because they wanted to use the company’s strategies to get money from the extreme price swings which are so common to the market. They are hard to use if you are not very well-equipped or talented, so it makes sense to look for a company if you want to exploit the system.

Nickel Asset Management is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the U. K. regulator for this type of business. Because of this, the company has a fully regulated method to explore this niche.

This company has created a set of automated trading tools that can be used by investors. These tools will expose them to the market with low risk and high rewards.

Alex Kloda, the portfolio manager at the company, affirmed that digital assets and derivatives if they are traded with the right tools and enough speed, can generate rewards that will be higher than the ones offered by many other kinds of investments.

The CEO of the company, Anatoly Crachilov, affirmed that the company’s vision is that digital assets will become an important part of portfolios all around the world, so creating a good solution for institutional traders is a way to be open for the future.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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