New ING Online Survey Reveals Austrians Are The Most Skeptical of Bitcoin and Crypto Assets

A new online pool made by the ING Bank has recently revealed that Austrians are the people who are most skeptical about cryptos, including Bitcoin. According to the new poll, which interviewed people from 15 countries, BTC positivity is actually going down recently, despite the prices going up.

According to the findings, only 13% of the people in the country have a positive view of Bitcoin. Since the survey was done last year, the numbers went down from 17%. The number of people believing in the future of cryptos also went down from 20% to 17% this year. Also, 5% of the population believes that salaries paid in Bitcoin are a good idea, a very small number.

What was the reason for this? Austrians actually know BTC and the crypto world very well and they have high awareness numbers. However, most of them are very conservative investors. Bitcoin is considered very risky, so most people are not properly motivated to invest in such a volatile asset.

The research was conducted with 13 European countries, Australia and the United States. Only Romania, Poland and Turkey actually have more positive numbers right now. Most countries have a more negative view of the crypto world, possibly as a result of last year’s bear market.

Turkey, which is facing U. S. sanctions, has the most positive view of cryptos. 62% of the people who answered the poll would crypto positive. Poland and Romania saw numbers in the 43 to 44% margin.

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Author: Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team

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