Liquidity Provider B2Broker Expands Its Crypto CFD Service, Now Offering 100 Pairs

A liquidity provider platform called B2Broker has recently expanded its liquidity offerings. Now, the platform will offer 61 new crypto pairs of contracts for difference (CFDs). These new CFDs will be offered for both crypto exchanges and companies that work in the forex industry.

The new products are set to include most of the major cryptos in the market and they will be paired against popular fiat currencies. They include USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, and NZD. Some unlikely pairs were also added, too, by pairing prominent cryptos such as Bitcoin and Litecoin with precious metals like Gold (XAG) and Silver (XAU).

According to the press release, B2Broker was also the first company of its kind to launch 39 cryptocurrency-based CFD pairs, using the leverage of 1:5. Now, the company has over 100 different pairs that can be acquired by its clients.

Arthur Azizov, the CEO of the liquidity company, has affirmed B2Broker has constantly tried to improve its liquidity over the years and that now they are in an admirable position to offer additional pairs and let the clients have an even larger set of options. This will help the company in becoming a global leader in the industry.

He explained that the company can provide liquidity via most of the major providers in the industry, such as PrimeXM xCore, MT4 and MT5, OneZero Liquidity Hub and others. This enables brokers to access the platform and use these services independently on the kind of platform that they use to work.

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Author: Gabriel Machado

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