Kate Winslett Addresses Bitcoin Code Scam Claiming Her Endorsement

Being famous has its advantages, but it certainly has its own problems as well. The famous actress Kate Winslett, for instance, has been suffering from one of these problems. She was recently impersonated in a crypto scam to lead people to believe that she got money from buying BTC from them.

A crypto trading program called Bitcoin Code, which is said to always trade with 99.4% accuracy, used her image for marketing.

The actress categorically denies this and affirmed that she has no relationship at all with the fake platform. According to her recent interview with The Mirror, the whole thing was “categorically false”.

The scammers used her face to prompt people into investing at least $250 USD in the scam that promised to let them become rich quickly. While the site is a clear scam, it is possible that it could fool people who are not savvy about how the crypto market works. Winslett affirmed that she would deal with the criminals “via the appropriate channels”.

Other people are also featured on the page. Some of them are also famous people while others are fake people such as “Steve McKey”, which is said to be a CEO who made millions quickly. His image, however, belongs to a person with another name.

Unfortunately, this kind of scam continues to proliferate despite all the effort from the authorities that they are shut down. It is easy to create a fake site and go to Twitter to tell people that Elon Musk or a famous actress wants to give them money and, unfortunately, it works sometimes.

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Author: John Isige

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