Hyperledger Announces It Is Officially Integrating Ethereum as Its First Public Blockchain

Hyperledger has officially announced that it will be integrating its very first-open public client into its list of tech offerings. The technical steering committee unanimously voted to include Pantheon, an Ethereum client developed by PegaSys after engaging in a very vigorous debate.

It is expected that the client will soon be renamed and will take on the name Hyperledger “Besu”. It is a term derived from the Japanese and which is used to refer to a foundation or base. While releasing this statement, PegaSys stated that after all has been said and done, blockchains act as a foundation for data on which various applications are created.

The statement went on to state that for this reason, blockchains should serve modern information technology architectures as a base of trust. Patheon, written in Java is an open-sourced Apache 2.0. It has officially been licensed to Ethereum. The ETH client was designed to make sure that developers could easily deal with all aspects associated with distributed ledgers including storage, networking, and consensus algorithm which many views to be very difficult.

John Wolpert who serves as the global product executive at ConsenSys when commenting on this news stated that PegaSys would now start celebrating its integration into a global consortium after having been out in the wild for close to five years.

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Author: Daniel W

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