EOS Finishes First-Ever Blockchain Hard Fork as More Upgrades Coming Soon

EOS, currently the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in the market, has just finished its first hard fork ever today. According to information taken from the ecosystem’s update tracking tool, which was created by EOSNation, one of its block producers, the update happened on September 23, 1 p. m. UTC.

This was the largest update ever to be made on the network. Because of this, it was also the first one to require a hard fork to be made. From the top 30 block producers, 29 of them were already committed to the upgrade at the time of this report, meaning that the process could be considered a success.

Tron Is Also Expected To Have A Major Upgrade Soon

EOS is far from the only company expected to have a major upgrade soon. One of its main competitors, the Tron (TRX) network, is also upgrading this month. The Sun Network, which was launched back on August 11, is set to be the next network for Tron, so the upgrade is set to be made soon.

Right now, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, claims that this upgrade will lead the platform to have an unlimited scaling capacity. He also talked recently about new proof of stake mechanism, which is set to be implemented soon to increase the participation of the users on the network.

NEO is also set for a major upgrade soon. NEO 3.0, which is set to take the platform to the next level, was announced this month and will be made on Q2 2020. The new upgrade will allow smart contracts to be deployed in a cheaper and easier way and the blockchain to become faster.

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Author: Hank Klinger

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