Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Rolls Out EEA TestNet to Standardize ETH Based Builds

The standard group which controls how finance-based firms as well as other industries can explore the ethereum technology, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), is now introducing a testnet platform as it aims to introduce certification.

According to CoinDesk, the TestNet is poised to be a pre-certification sandbox. It will help in standardization of Ethereum forks to various specifications that were previously introduced by the EEA. the new measures are meant to help the forks to easily interoperate with one other.

The standardization has been necessitated by the fact that there are lots of firms exploring different private types of technology in the enterprise type of Ethereum. The number is also expected to rise as hundreds of firms are expected to join using Besu, the Ethereum hyperledger member, which makes standardization a necessity.

Currently, ethereum-based members as well as protocols are mostly unable to communicate with each other. For instance, Quorum,an Ethereum-based dapp developed by JPMorgan for privacy purposes, is unable to interoperate with Besu.

According to Paul DiMarzio, EEA’s director of community, people during the early days of technology mostly assume the importance of interoperability but later find out that the apps created with such assumptions may not work as expected. DiMarzio explained that the introduction of the testing ground which was developed by Whiteblock Genesis will make the EEA standard program move to the ‘middle stage’.

DiMarzio stated that the new standards will help in certification against the set specifications. This will help in stamping various aspects as EEA certified as well as branded which will serve as a guarantee of interoperability which will get rid of the assumptions. He said,

“We are providing a place where clients can start to get their feet wet in a testing environment and then, towards the end of the year, will provide the actual ability to certify against those specifications. Then we can actually stamp things as being EEA certified and branded and have that guarantee of interoperability as opposed to an assumption.”

Whiteblock CEO, Zack Cole, is set to become the EEA Testing & Certification Working Group chair. Cole explained that the TestNet is expected to exist indefinitely so long as businesses will keep on becoming members of the Ethereum community.

DiMarzio stated that EEA will work closely with the Ethereum Foundation to iron out some of the issues that have delayed the introduction of ethereum 2.0. Which is a public blockchain.

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Author: Daniel W

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