Cielo Connects 1.4 Million POS Devices To Start Accepting Crypto Payments

Cielo is a Brazil-based company that provides services related to credit cards and other payment methods. In fact, they are the largest providers of such services in the country. So, when they confirmed that users in Brazil could pay in cryptos, it was one of the best news for adoption in the country in recent times.

POS terminals is an excellent way for smaller businesses to enter the cryptocurrency space. It is easy to use them, and it is very practical when it comes to bookkeeping. When mobile first really took off, and smartphones have become an everyday tool that we rely on, QR codes started becoming an everyday thing. With an integrated POS system, crafting a seamless customer experience is incredibly easy.

The president of the company Paulo Caffarelli said that partner banks such as Bradesco are helping his organization in this venture. Moreover, Cielo has the possibility for supporting crypto payments that do not require QR code this October.

Caffarelli said:

“Cielo is a technology company and has to use its expertise in an overview of the payment chain. We are improving the life of the retailer and the consumer. We have full support of partner banks (of Brazil and Bradesco) because they know that the competition is fierce.”

The founder of Panda Group, Arley Lozano recently took it upon himself to to spread crypto adoption through Columbia and Venezuela. They have deployed 10 hybrid cryptocurrency point-of-sale (PoS) terminals that also act as automated teller machines (ATM). To help the Venezuelan refugees, 4 of those are located near the border. Latin America is an “orange economy” filled with cultural and creative entrepreneurs.

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Author: Sritanshu Sinha

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