BitMEX’s Operator HDR Global Grants $100k Towards Bitcoin Core Development

BitMEX’s parent company HDR Global Trading Limited has awarded $100k to the Bitcoin core developer Michael Ford. This will be the second grant towards Ford, last year in May the firm awarded a similar grant of $60,000 for the same 12-month period and the current grant will replace the old arrangement and support his work for another 12-month period. It is also important to note that HDR has made no conditions for the grant and is only doing so to support his work as a Bitcoin core maintainer.

Ford started contributing to the Bitcoin Core in 2012 and became a Bitcoin Core maintainer last year in June. Bitcoin Core is the only open source community which enjoys diverse support from all corners of the crypto community, both in terms of funding and development. Not so long ago, BitMEX Research released a report on the diversity of development on the different crypto communities where Bitcoin emerged as a clear winner.

The Recent Donation From HDR Suggests Their Commitment Towards Bitcoin Development

HDR Global’s continuous support for the Bitcoin core development and maintainer reflects their commitment towards keeping Bitcoin network moving and making it better with each passing year. The fact they have not put any pre-conditions towards the grant shows their confidence and their long term goals. Not only Bitcoin Core maintainer Ford, HDR also made a donation towards MIT Digital Currency Initiative in 2019 as well to assist their development work. The firm said,

“We would like to emphasize that our commitment to open source Bitcoin development is for the long term and we look many years ahead when making these funding decisions.”

Along with the grant, HDR also released a template grant contract to ensure transparency of the process and a promise to continue their support for such development work.

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Author: James W

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