BCH Supporter, Roger Ver Insists Bitcoin (BTC) is Not Censorship Resistant, Citing Fiat Conversion

On Friday, November 8, 2019, Roger Ver, who’s popularly known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ and who is a prominent supporter of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], has recently made a tweet that bashes Bitcoin’s censorship-resistant nature reports U.Today.

The following is the tweet itself:

As per the news outlet, one of the main problems that Ver has with Bitcoin [BTC], which at this point everyone is aware of, is its lack of scalability. Given its volatility and the time it takes to complete a transaction, the giant isn’t always viewed as a preferred payment method. However, this hasn’t stopped anyone from using BTC.

One particular Twitter user, @SEgbuhuzor commented:

“I have checked all the news about businesses accepting bitcoin, almost all use a payment processor that immediately converts the bitcoin paid by the customer and pays the business fiat currency?”

It was further noted that if the aforementioned did not hold, it is simply because they do not accept Bitcoin. On the whole, it seems like people are taking Ver’s comment lightly given that BCH too has concerns that need to be dealt with.

Besides the scalability concern, the driving force that left Ver pursuing BCH is BTC’s block size. BCH’s fast and cheaper transactions was what he preferred, which is also supported by merchants.

This isn’t the first time that Ver made a comment regarding whether or not Bitcoin is censorship-resistant.

At the time, he said:

“If Bitcoin is about censorship resistance, then BTC has already failed by censoring its community.”

This is made in reference to how the r/bitcoin platform works. Once again, no one took note, stressing that this shouldn’t have made it to Twitter given that the notion of ‘censorship resistance’ only applies to transactions.

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Author: Nirmala Velupillai

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